Beachy Bathroom Makeover

Beachy Bathroom Makeover

  I've got a room makeover to share today! My boys' bathroom was renovated and then decorated in a mad rush before my sister and her family came to visit a few years ago. I've never been happy with it, so I decided to work on it. When I moved in, I painted the walls with an oops paint I used in my last house, hung a new curtain and threw some pictures up on the walls. Here's what it looked like: Pretty fabulous huh? We even had fancy clear plastic towel bars and a matching toilet … [Read more...]

Old Thrift Store Frames Become New Treasures

Old Thrift Store Frames become New Treasures!

One of my favorite spaces to decorate is a bathroom.  It's a small space so even on a tight budget, you can make it great.  You can have fun with it too, and it doesn't even have to match the rest of the house, especially in a kid's bathroom! Our Get Your DIY On party is coming up this Sunday and this month's theme is Room Revamps. We redid our boys' bathroom before I started blogging, and because my sister and her family were coming in town, I quickly threw stuff up on the walls.  I've made … [Read more...]

$600 Vera Bradley Giveaway!!


Happy Monday!! How about we start this week off with an awesome Vera Bradley giveaway?! I think Vera Bradley bags are so feminine, and I particularly love their travel items. My friend Wendi from H2O Bungalow thought her readers would love them and invited a few of her bloggy friends to let their readers in on this fabulous giveaway also! There are 13 pieces in all, ya'll!!! Pssst. There's extra entry points for tweeting about the Vera Bradley giveaway and you can earn them … [Read more...]

Coastal-Inspired Kid’s Table

Coastal Inspired Kid's Table

Well hello! Do you follow me on Facebook? {You really should.} I share all kinds of little fun things on there that don't make it here, like this little kid's table I found at a local online yard sale FB page a little while back. I had been searching and searching for something sturdy to replace a cheaply made table I had purchased for my son a couple of years ago, and this looked perfect! It was $50, which is more than I wanted to spend but it was solid. It had also lasted through the … [Read more...]

Sewing Chair with a {top secret} Drawer

Sewing Chair with a Secret Compartment

Hi friends! How about a fun makeover today? Every month a few blog friends get together to share fun furniture makeovers.  The catch is, there is a theme! Some of our previous themes have been: Metallic, Bold, Flowers, and Travel.  This month's theme is NUMBERS! There are a lot of ways to incorporate numbers into a piece of furniture, and this chair was the perfect candidate for this challenge: I found it this sad little chair at a yard sale for $5. There wasn't anything exciting … [Read more...]

Touring Through Blogland

Touring Through Blogland with Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer

Hello lovely readers!!  My bloggy friend, Karen from Redoux Interiors invited me to participate in a Tour Through Blogland where I tell you a bit about myself, answer four questions, then share three other bloggers that I think you will LOVE. You are in for a treat! This is just one of the many ways our blogging community is so supportive of one another and I am thrilled to join in the fun! Do you know Karen? She is a dumpster diving diva, and so much fun!! Seriously...she has a … [Read more...]

25 Ways to Summer-ify Your Home {Get Your DIY On Features!}


Hi friends! I have got 25 fantastic features to share with you today! Every month my Get Your DIY On co-hostesses and I challenge other bloggers to come up with a project based on some sort of theme. This month's theme was "DIY Summer Fun," and they certainly rose to the challenge! There were so many fantastic projects shared that it was hard to just pick a few to feature, but we managed! Here are some of our favorites (Keep in mind that even if a project was amazing, we only feature those that … [Read more...]

We Don’t Just Sit in our Basements Blogging! {Haven Highlights}

Haven Conference Highlights 2014

A week ago I was packing my bags in preparation for my very first blogging conference, the Haven Conference.   I was nervous, but super excited! Even if you don't blog, I hope you enjoy this fun behind-the-scenes look at the world of DIY blogging. As my roomie, Nancy from Artsy Chicks Rule, and I were heading up to our room in the elevator, a gentleman asked us what we were there for, referring to the tags around our necks. We told him we were there for  a blogging conference. His … [Read more...]

15 Ordinary Items Repurposed

15 Ordinary Items Repurposed 1

Today I'm digging through my archives to bring you 15 ordinary items that I gave an entirely new life to.  You might never look at these ordinary items the same way again! 1. This was the drawer to the awkward "hump" in our babies' changing table. When we cut the hump off, this was left: I turned it into a mini bookcase to hold my son's books: Fun Drawer Upcycle 2. I found this painting at a yard sale for $2: I replaced the painting with chicken wire and added fresh paint to … [Read more...]

25+ Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer Furniture Makeovers

25 Furniture Makeovers/ Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer

Hi friends! Today I am sharing a round up of my own furniture makeovers! Since I am going to my very first blogging conference this week (It's not easy to get away when you have little ones, but I'm finally doing it!), I don't have anything new and fabulous in the works to share.  So, I'm hoping to woo you with some of my past projects! I hope you enjoy! :) Desk Chair Makeover Desk Makeover Step Table Makeover Side Table Goes Provence Dresser with Fabric Inlay Bar Chair … [Read more...]