Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Decor (For less than $2!)

Easy and Inexpensive DIY Valentine's Day Decor

Hi there and welcome! Today I'm sharing how I added a little Valentine's flair to my mantle for less than $2! I don't normally go all out decorating for Valentine's Day. I usually store up all my Holiday decorating mojo for Halloween and what's left, goes to Christmas! But this year, I was in the mood to create a little something for my mantle: A quilled paper heart! Have you ever tried paper quilling?  Much like painting to me, it's very relaxing. I quilled a skull for my Halloween … [Read more...]

A New use for Old Christmas Cards

Recycled Christmas Card Star

Are you like me? Do you hold on to every last Christmas card? They are so pretty, I just can't throw them away! I usually cut the fronts of the pretty ones off and recycle them as gift tags, but this year I chose a few to recycle another way. I made a fun little addition to my mantel... I started with a scrap piece of  bead board... ...which I cut into a star shape. As you can see, it took me a few tries to get a shape that didn't look like my three year old drew it  I was happy … [Read more...]

Christmas House Tour {Part 2}

Christmas Home Tour Part 2

I am so glad you're here, welcome! If you're visiting for the first time, take off your coat and stay a while. We're real casual around here. Today I am sharing Part 2 of my Christmas house tour. If you missed part 1, you can see it here. I am so thrilled to be a part of the Twelve Days of Christmas Tour, 30 blogs in 12 days! It's freezing  out here... Why don't you come inside... Oh my greeter is right on time. (Why yes that is a witches hat, isn't it festive?...and yes, … [Read more...]

Hand Made Gift Idea: Cross-Stitch People

Cross-Stitch People- fun gift idea!

Funny title...cross-stitch people...that is exactly what I'm sharing today. I'm not the creative genius behind this idea. If you don't love this idea, you can blame Martha.  I saw this in her magazine a couple of years ago and thought it would be so cute to make little cross-stitch versions of all my Mother-in-law's grandchildren as a gift for her. I know cross-stitch isn't everyone's thang, but this is really cute, right?  My sons and their cousins are all steps and stairs right now, so … [Read more...]

Monogrammed Twig Wreath Ornament

Monogrammed Mini-Twig Wreath Ornament

Phew, I've been in a decorating frenzy the last three days! My halls are officially decked. Today I'm sharing a fun little ornament project. We are coming up on our 14th Get Your DIY on Challenge: Ornament Tutorials.  After this week, there are only two more challenges left! When I was deciding what kind of ornament I wanted to make, I thought I could make my DIY Twig Wreath on a smaller scale and that's just what I did. Here is what I started with: Don't mind the painted mason jar … [Read more...]

How to Make an Illuminated Holiday Sign

How to make an illuminated holiday sign

I can't believe we are already at week eleven of our sixteen week Get Your DIY on Party Challenge! This week's theme is Holiday signs...fun theme, right? When I was deciding what I wanted to create to share for my holiday sign, I remembered I already had the perfect project all wrapped up and ready to go!  I first shared this last year, but my blog was brand new, so it was probably only seen by a about ten people, thanks to my family and friends :)  Enjoy! The most important component of … [Read more...]

How to Enlarge Letters & a DIY Halloween Sign

DIY Halloween Sign

Hi friends! Are your knees still shaking from my Spooky Outdoor  Halloween Tour? I'm glad you all are such good sports! Today I'm going to share with you how I made my Halloween sign that you saw by my front door, with a little help from paint.NET. You could use this tutorial to make any kind of sign your little DIY heart desires! I purchased a piece of 1'x8' pine unfinished at Home Depot  for around $15. I trimmed about a foot off of the bottom so it would fit beneath my porch light and … [Read more...]

Fall Wreath

fall wreath

Can't get more creative than that for a title, eh? Fall wreath, the end. That's right, today I am sharing my new fall wreath.  Maybe by hanging this on my front door, I can miraculously make this heat wave disappear?  Go away heat, my wreath says it's fall! Okay enough jibber jabber, let's get to the good stuff!  We are coming up on week #2 of our Get Your DIY on Fall Party Challenge and guess what our theme is? Fall wreaths! I really love all the fresh new ideas in wreaths that are … [Read more...]

Sweet Spring Table Setting

Spring place setting

  Today is the first day of Spring, so it's a perfect day to share a Sweet Spring  Table with you.  Actually it's freezing outside and calling for possible snow today,  but we can pretend it's sunny and warm, okay? I found the cutest little unfinished birdcages at Michaels this weekend and although I had no idea what I was going to use them for, I bought some anyway!  Then last night, while I was trying to go to sleep, I got the idea to use them to make napkin rings! Here … [Read more...]

Townsfolk of Christmas Towne are Missing!

Someone quick, call the- oh wait, he's fine...just napping in the phone booth.

I am about to start packing up my Christmas Towne but before I do I thought I would share what the townsfolk have been up to or rather the journey they took to Brennanville.  That would be the town in which my two year-old, Brennan is the Mayor. First, here is a look at the very snowy but peaceful Christmas Towne.         Ok so life is pretty good in Christmas Towne. But quite often the townsfolk mysteriously disappear... ...to … [Read more...]

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