How to Add Glass to Cabinet Doors

How to Add Glass to Cabinet Doors

  Hi friends! I recently shared my kitchen makeover, and I had several requests to share how I replaced the raised panels on my kitchen cabinets with glass. Adding glass to just one set of cabinets had the biggest impact in my kitchen. This project was a lot easier than I expected, but I have to admit that cutting out those panels requires a little bit of guts.  Although I did mine a little differently in the end, I got my courage from Kristin from My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia. … [Read more...]

Chicken Wire Isn’t Just for Chickens

harlequin cabinet

Chicken wire isn't just for chickens, but of course you are so already knew that!  Today I'm sharing a quick little redo on a cabinet I found at the thrift store for five dollars. Here she is... (Why is every furniture piece I redo a "she"? Is it because I'm in a house full of boys??) Okay for real now, here she is: To appreciate it, you really must see the lovely before picture: I snatched this right up and was so excited to show my mom (who was with me at the … [Read more...]

Finally, a Solution to My Messy Spice Cabinet!


What started out as a plan to get my spices in order steamrolled into an entire day of kitchen organization. You see, my husband and I have our own spice cabinets. Sound crazy? Well, yes it is.  When we combined households we just kept them separate for some unknown reason. Something needed to seriously change! I couldn't take digging through these cabinets any longer: Hers:   His:   Trying to find what I needed between these two messy cupboards was so … [Read more...]

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