10 Tips to a Better Closet

Last January I shared a post on how I built my closet, in response to numerous questions I received when I shared the makeover. It was my number one post in 2014. (You can see the top 10 here.)

After doing a ton of planning for my closet, I learned a lot about what would make my closet very functional, while making it pretty as well. So, I shared ten tips to improve your closet.

Today I am bringing this one out of the archives for this months Get Your DIY On theme: Organization.


10 Tips to a Better Closet

When I was laying out the plan for my Master Closet Makeover and looking to create a new closet space for my husband, I did a lot of homework. That’s the fun kind where you get to dream about all the possibilities of a new space by looking through tons of pictures. I made notes of what I liked about some of the closets that I saw so I could incorporate those ideas into my own.

After completing both new spaces, I thought it might be helpful to share what I learned along the way as well my own ideas about how to make your closet work better for you. This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

Here is my totally transformed Master Closet:

Closet redo using every available inch

Seeing the before will really help you appreciate this makeover! You can see the before and how I built my closet here.

As you can see, I did my best to maximize this small space.

Now for those tips I promised…


Closet redo using every available inch

Keep a container in your closet to hold a sewing kit, a small pair of scissors, and all those extra buttons and doodads that come with your clothes. You’ll be more likely to fix that loose button or cut new tags off without using your teeth if you have these things close by.


Closet redo using every available inch

Use bins and baskets to hide all those loose items. Bins are a no-brainer but for a more cohesive, organized feel, try to use them in groups of three or more. Too many different styles can add to a closet’s cluttered feel. I used two different kinds but several of each.

They don’t have to be expensive to look great.


Closet redo using every available inch

You can maximize your closet’s storage potential by taking storage all the way to the ceiling with bins to hold items you don’t need everyday.

Keep a stool or small chair close by to reach those out-of-the-way items. That will make it easier for you to stick to putting things away properly.



Store shoes in clear plastic containers like these clear plastic shoe storage boxes with lids. I did not follow this one myself and that is the main reason I am sharing this one. (So just a pic of my favorite Summer shoes here.) My shoes are displayed out in the open and get terribly dusty! Like I said in my closet reveal, I don’t own a lot of beautiful shoes, but if I did that might be an investment I’d be likely to make.


Decorate your closet with things you love also!

Add personal touches. Add some personality to your closet like photos of your kids, a fun sign, or a cherished doll from your childhood. Something that makes you smile when you open your closet.


10 Tips to a Better Closet

Make it pretty! I see homes that are gorgeous until you open a closet and see builder grade flat white paint with a million scuff marks. Paint it! Wallpaper it! Give it new life. I used leftover wallpaper remnants from my master bath redo that I pieced together. I could only come up with enough to cover a small area so I used it on the back wall on either side of the shoe shelving.

10 Tips to a Better Closet

The rest of the closet I painted with leftover paint from the master bath redo (mostly because I’m cheap). This would be a great place to be a little bold or use really girly colors (especially if you have a house full of boys like me) because most closets can be closed off and only you know it’s there. 🙂



10 Tips to a Better Closet

Find a way to incorporate everything you need to get dressed in the morning into one space. I moved all my undergarments to the closet and now I can jump out of the shower and the only stop I have to make is my closet for everything I need. I found these baskets at Michaels, but if they no longer have these in stock, these lined baskets are another great option.

10 Tips to a Better Closet

It kills me now to have to get my PJs from the dresser! (Maybe I could add just one more bin…)


10 Tips to a Better Closet

Hang your pants on top. Nothing looks messier than the bottoms of all the shirts right in your face. Pants can be hung uniformly and all fall at about the same height which is more pleasing to the eye.

10 Tips to a Better Closet

You can also consider lowering the hanging bar in part of your closet and adding additional shelving above it. The tops of the hangers all hanging at the same height (just below eye level) gives a much cleaner appearance. (Plus now you’ll have a place for those undergarments. 🙂


10 Tips to a Better Closet

Use all the same hangers! I used to jump at the chance to keep my hangers when the sales woman offered them because, hey, free hangers, right? I also used to be sucked in by beautiful colored hangers. I had three shades of pink, coral, white, all such pretty colors. However, they looked sloppy and mismatched. I finally changed them out for new Velvet Hangers and now they are all the same and make a huge difference!

These ones are super slim so I can pack a lot more into my closet and the velvety coating prevents garments from slipping off!

10 Tips to a Better Closet

You don’t even have to spend that much. I replaced all my husband’s hangers with these plastic ones from Target. At $2.99 for a pack of 18, it’s was really inexpensive. Using all the same color looks so neat and orderly.


Finally, kick your honey out! I mean keep your man, just kick him out of your closet. BUT make sure he has somewhere else to go first! (And you might want to do it when he’s out of town ask his permission first!) After all, how can you make it the girly closet of your dreams if Prince Charming is taking up half of it?


Now wasn’t that worth a replay?

Not all of these suggestions may work in your situation, but hopefully there’s something in there you can use! 🙂

You can see where my hubby’s clothes ended up here.

Love you guys like sunshine!





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  1. Hi Christy! Beautifully done. I enjoyed the tips, especially having the pants on top, that makes so much sense. We live in a 1960, and even though we have his and hers they are tiny! I’ve redone it several ways and I’ve determined I have to much. Maybe its time for another overhaul. Here’s to 2015. Thanks for the tips again.

    • Thanks, Heather! I prefer the pants on top because it looks so much neater. I have too much too, and I don’t wear have of it. I just can’t seem to get rid of any of it! XO

  2. Where does your hubby now put his clothes? There is no where else in my house for his to go so we do share. Just wondering. Our master is on the opposite end from the other bedrooms, and they each have a child.

  3. Love your closet Christy! I just made over my much smaller closet (haven’t posted it on my blog just yet though…soon). I love the little dish with scissors and sewing kit, that’s a great idea and I think I’ll add something like that to my new closet!

    You advise to paint or wallpaper and add some personal touches is great! I also love to paint or wallpaper inside the closet. I figure it’s something you get into every day, it should be as pretty as our regular living spaces! =)


    • Thanks, Tania! Doesn’t it feel good to have an organized closet? Mine actually stays neat since I redid it. Glad you found a couple of tips helpful too. That little pair of scissors is used all the time! 🙂

  4. I imagine your last hint is tongue and cheek about kicking your honey out of your closet, so forgive me if I take it too literally. One of the reasons I re-did the master bedroom closet was specifically to make sure sure that we both had room for our clothes. In our first apartment, my husband kept his clothes in the spare room. I felt like a heel every time he’d pad out of the shower and into the other room to get dressed in the morning, but honestly, the closet in our first bedroom was barely three feet long with only a single rack and shelf. When we went house hunting, we knew we wanted a walk in master closet.
    Our closets look to be of similar size – not as big as some of the newer homes, but big enough to be able to customize. I have a ton of shoes and purses, so it was a bit of a design challenge. But we did it.
    We didn’t split the space half and half. To be honest, I got about two thirds of the space, BUT he’s got all his clothes and shoes in there. We compromise by putting all our underwear, socks and scarves in the chest of drawers. Works for us. And he loves being able to get dressed in the same room he sleeps in!
    So, bottom line? Do what works for your both. Husband exile is not the only space solution.

  5. Mea Culpa! After posting my previous comment I saw the link to your husband’s closet project. (same room, different closet) All’s well that ends well! And the two closets with the walk space between is beautiful.

    • I would have kept him in there had I not had a space for him. Your previous comment made me realize I hadn’t included a link to his closet in the updated post, so I just did. Thanks! 🙂

  6. Great tips girlie!! I am really disappointed you didn’t have “Go out to Arizona”- Thanks for sharing!!

  7. Love these tips, Christy! Our current closet is minuscule, but a walk-in is definitely on my “must have” list whenever we decide to move. Yours looks gorgeous! Have a wonderful weekend!

    ~Abby =)

  8. AWESOME closet makeover Christy!! Our master walk-in is on my to-do-list for this year!

    • I was just visiting your beautiful blog and saw that you installed gorgeous new hardwood floors this year. You come help me do mine and I’ll come help you with your closets ha ha! XO

  9. Kendra @ www.joyinourhome.com says

    Wow, Christy! How awesome is your closet! I need to tackle ours after seeing yours! Looks amazing!

  10. So very nice Christy! Your closet is beautiful. Jo

  11. That’s one organized closet! I love your idea of a sewing kit jar…doing it! I’m with you on using the same hangers and clear plastic totes for shoes. Same with using matching baskets. Being an organization junkie a functional and visually pleasing closet makes me happy.

  12. Your closet is Ah-MAZE-ing!! I love it so much…and drool every time I see it Christy! Ours needs serious work but think it will likely be 2016 before we get to that project… The pics of your little guys are the perfect finishing touch:)

  13. Do u have a hanging area for longer items like dresses?

    • Hi Melanie,
      I did not include a space for long hanging items, but that’s because I have very few of them. I made the right side of the closet’s hanging bar high enough to hang shorter/knee-length dresses and anything longer than that, I just pull the hem up and attach it to the top of the hanger with clips. It has worked perfectly!

  14. My closet is still completely open and unused….but I want to be you when I grow up!! Maybe I’ll have a closet sometime in 2016…. Yours looks amazing. 🙂



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