A Man and His Possessions

That’s right, all two of them. 

When my beloved husband and I married, we both owned homes of our own. We decided to sell mine since his was bigger.  He had actually done a fantastic job of decorating his house…or so I thought.  It soon came to light that his mama was the genius behind the decor. 

Although it was very nice, even impressive  (for a single male), it was a bit too masculine for my taste so when I took over  moved into his castle, he had two requests:

Don’t touch my recliner.

 Exhibit A:


 Don’t touch my (mega-gi-gargantuan) TV(please). 

 Exhibit B:


 Ok ok ok, I can work around that. Right?

Well, I have no choice but you can bet  I’ll  make it look like they don’t exist on my blog

So just a confession that these two items do actually exist in my space but may, by the grace of photos, you never see them again! Amen!

(Ok maybe the TV because it’s so stinkin huge,

but definately not the r-e-c-l-i-n-e-r!)

What’s in your space that you wish you could drop off by the side of the road  have to work your decorating magic around?

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  1. To answer your question…Owen’s red pillows he’s had since college that sit on our couch. When I moved in and wanted new pillows and said I’d be tossing the old red ones he exclaimed “That’s where I draw the line!”. I obliged and kept the pillows but added new ones behind them. The red ones really do look so lovely especially with the dried dog slobber adorning them.

  2. I inherited my husband from his previous marriage. I also inherited a five foot long, three foot high mounted marlin fish that he’d caught during his previous marriage. Did you read those dimensions? It doesn’t show up in *any* photo of my house, either, even though I agreed (after a bottle of wine) to let him hang the thing on my living room wall. Fortunately, that wall can’t be seen from the door and right under the highest part of the vaulted ceiling, so I don’t *really* have to see that fish unless I’m walking down the stairs or rolling my eyes at him.