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  1. Hi, I was wondering if you have considered posting a “house tour” this feature is present on many personal DIY blogs and thought it might be a great addition to yours. Thanks!

    • I’d love to add a house tour, Joni. Right now I have four different types of flooring in my downstairs alone and it’s as open concept as it gets. That’s what stopping me. We’re planning to replace it all with hardwood floors hopefully after the holidays. Then I’ll be excited and proud to put together a tour 🙂

  2. I can’t wait to start receiving your blog. I love all the projects in your gallery.

  3. paulette vint says

    I have to tell u that I love all your ideas..they are fantastic..especially the lamp with the blackboard frame

  4. Dear Christy,
    It is so generous of you to take the time to share your amazing ideas!! I just had my 1st Market in Sept. I am new to selling my furniture. I was wondering if you have any tips on keeping your work area organized. I mean your home looks spotless and I am struggling to manage the upkeep. My studio is in one half of my front room which is thankfully a very large room. Where do you do your projects and store your items? My goal is to keep a clean house in the process. I absolutely love being able to make my projects but I was hoping for helpful ideas to stay tidy. Any tips or like rules..etc. would be Greatly Appreciated!! Keep up the great job and many thanks!!

    • You are so sweet, Dawn thank you for the very kind words! My house is NOT spotless all the time, I promise. I do work on my projects in the garage as much as possible though. I try not to work on anything indoors since we put in our hardwood floors. That helps keep the work clutter contained, but I am a messy creative person…my garage gets so disorganized so fast. But one trick I found that really helps is to set my timer for 15 minutes, and do as much picking up and putting back as possible and I am always amazed at how much I can tidy up in 15 minutes! I bring my finished pieces into my dining room until I can drop them off at my shop. It’s a bit harder when you are saving up enough inventory for a show. Good luck! XO

      • That’s perfect! I shall use that 15 minute rule. I often set the timer on chores when I am pressed for time and am surprised what can be done in a short time especially because I am focused on a particular chore. Can’t thank you enough for taking the time to respond! Your work is Fabulous! Check out a few of my pieces of furniture if you would like . I’m on facebook at The Untamed Country. Thanks a bunch Christy!

        • Wow your pieces are so beautifully detailed! You an tell you put a lot of love into each one. We did shows for years long before my blogging days and it is a lot of work, but also so rewarding. You really do meet the nicest people! Good luck in December! 🙂

  5. I just went through your gallery looking for a past post (so happy you put all of your projects in one place because I often go back to check certain details and it makes it so much easier). I can’t believe how much you have accomplished over the years. I know you have two children and a husband, a beautiful home and big yard and still you find time for all your make-overs. You remind me of myself so many years ago (that is why you are my favorite blogger) and I don’t know what I did with my time before coming across your blog. THANK YOU for entertaining me all these years.

    • Oh you have totally made my day, Carole!! I am so glad you enjoy my thrifty adventures. It wasn’t always easy to balance it all, but having my youngest in school all day now really helps. Thanks so much for always leaving such sweet comments. I truly appreciate each and every one! XOXO

  6. Ruth Kelley says

    Just came across your blog while searching Pinterest for closet makeover ideas, WOW! Now I’m hooked. Love your projects and detailed instructions (with photos!!) – Thanks so much for sharing. I was about to close out and noticed your shop is in Va. Beach near the house we are moving into. Coincidence?! Maybe I’ll drop by one day. 🙂

  7. Kathleen Kutz says

    Love your blog!

  8. Francisca Turner says

    Hi there! I am so excited to have found you. I have been looking for some appliances covers and saw the one for the toaster. Unfortunately, I don’t own a sewing machine and I also need covers for my blender, a small standing mixer, crock pot and few other things 🙂 can you help me with a no-sew pattern ? I grew up in Brazil and these things are very common there with many embellishments but not so much here in the hills of Virginia and East Tennessee 🙂 Thank you

    • Hi Francisca! Because I can sew, I am absolutely clueless when it comes to no-sew options. However, this is so simple that you could easily hand-sew this. If that seems too daunting, I would take an image of my cover to your local fabric store and see what they can recommend with no-sew products. Best of luck to you! 🙂

  9. Christy, Your blog is extremely well done. Your color combo’s are so beautiful and chic looking, I just find them all so delicious. I am 67 and my husband and I just bought our first home together, I’m so excited to decorate and paint,but now I have planned all this for so long, I am frozen and don’t know where to start or what colors to use. I love most all colors and that is where I am stuck. When you show your home tour, maybe I will get some ideas from you. Keep up the good work and have fun most of all.

    • Thank you so much, Pam!! Knowing where to start is difficult when you have a blank canvas. Keep your main pieces neutral and add your color with accessories and smaller pieces! Best of luck to you and your hubby in your new home! XOXO

  10. YOU have ruined my life. I now want to redo my entire house just like this and all in blue and white.

    You do GORGEOUS work and how wonderful for you and your family. I could lose my entire life just on your blog.

  11. Love your blog. I look forward to seeing all your projects and the end results make me smile.

  12. Vee Muller says

    New to your blog. Looks like you have lots to share!

  13. Judy Anbro says

    So excited to subscribe to your blog! I have a feeling I will be spending many hours on your site looking at projects and getting ideas!! I am in LOVE!

    • Aww Thank you, Judy! I’m so glad you’re here! I post every Tuesday and Thursday, and hopefully you’ll find some inspiration here! Lots of luck to you on this fun giveaway! XO

  14. fantabulous page: all your artworks in just one sight? straight to my google favourites !!!

  15. I found a desk where the outside of it was a wood color & the drawers were grey. I was wandering what colors & product was used. Now I am having a hard time finding the picture again!

    • I’m so sorry you are unable to find that desk now, Betty, but I don’t believe that was one of my furniture pieces.

  16. Wow. girl – you are talented!
    Thank you for all of the ideas – I may try that chalk paint recipe someday!

  17. everything is perfect- i am a brand new at this and already messed up my second piece and had to sand it down-and repaint. But – wondering where you are able to order the stencils or transfers that you have applied to some of the furniture?
    and if my piece is not dark enough- can i paint over the wax after it dries?
    for your advice in advance , Joann

    • Hi Joann! Thank you! That is the beauty of paint in that you can always sand it down, paint over it, etc. I order my stencils from a couple of places: and You can absolutely paint right over wax as long as you are using chalk paint, which I assume you are since you are using wax. I’ll admit, I often don’t like my results until I sand and distress to bring out the details and character. Good luck and have fun! XO

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