Duck Tape Mini Christmas Village

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Duck® Brand. All opinions of this fun creative tool are 100% mine.

You read that right, Friends! I made a mini Christmas village out of Duck Tape®! I was recently offered the opportunity to try out Duck Glitter® tape from the makers of the original Duck Tape®, and decided what better way to have a little fun with them than to create a sweet little Christmas village?

Here is what I was sent to work with:


And here’s how my little village turned out:

DIY Christmas Village using Duct Tape



DIY Christmas Village using Duct Tape

I had too much fun making these. Seriously.

Even the wreaths…Duck Tape®!

DIY Christmas Village using Duct Tape

To create these, I found this awesome site that shares the free patterns for how to make these little houses. I simply printed the pattern pieces out on cardstock:

DIY Christmas Village using Duct Tape

Then I added Duck Tape® in the color I wanted over the front:

How to make duct tape houses

This is the Duck Glitter® tape in white. I also covered the back…

How to make duct tape houses

So that the printed lines wouldn’t show, I used the back side of the cardstock as the front my house. Adding a coat of white tape over the printed side (the inside of the house) helped to minimize the printed lines when looking in the windows.

Then I carefully cut the pieces out and folded where instructed:

How to make duct tape houses

I used the glitter gold for the roof and chimney pieces:

How to make duct tape houses

These tiny sewing scissors were perfect for cutting out the small details. Hot glue holds everything together…

How to make duct tape houses

I love how the gold shimmers!

Next I wanted to deck the halls, so I decided to make mini wreaths, also out of Duck Tape®: Miniature Wreath using Duck Tape I folded the tape over on itself , then used my rotary cutter and straight edge to cut it into three tiny strips. Then I braided the pieces. I cut them to the size I wanted my wreath to be and hot glued the ends together.

I originally used Duck Tape® for the bow as well, but decided real ribbon worked better.

How to make duct tape houses

So cute! This would be a great project for older kids to help with.

The gold house was my first attempt, but then I tried one in red and white:

DIY Christmas Village using Duck Tape

I went looking on the site to see what else they had and also found this cutie I did in the silver and white glitter tape. It is much more simple, and I would have tried this one first had I seen it first:

DIY Christmas Village using Duck Tape

The red one next door is another variation… DIY Christmas Village using Duck Tape

The template I used for the silver one can easily become a church with a couple of changes and additions:

DIY Christmas Village using Duck Tape

The Duck Tape® makes it so simple…no messy painting required!

DIY Christmas Village using Duck Tape

Cardboard was recommended to make them strong, and would work great if you planned on painting them, but I liked that I could print the pattern right onto the cardstock. They are more delicate, however.

DIY Christmas Village using Duck Tape

DIY Christmas Village using Duct Tape

The possibilities are endless! I used both the regular style duct tape and the glitter duck tape for this project. The glitter variety is so pretty, and it comes in a ton of fun colors! Visit Duck Tape®’s Holiday Pinterest Board for more ideas on how to add a little glitz to your Holiday home this season!

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I hope you enjoyed this whimsical project. I enjoyed the challenge of making something out of duct tape! What would you make with it??

I’ll be back on Thursday sharing a round up of my top 25 furniture makeovers from 2016. It’s always fun to look back!

See ya then!

UPDATE: Take a look back with me now…

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  1. How adorable is that!!! Great job. And what fun it is. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Mary Kaiser says

    I Love it! That is creativity at its finest. You continue to amaze me with your talent!

  3. Once again AMAZING!!!

  4. Judith Nykiel says

    You are the best! I have looked at a number of bloggers and you are the best by far. I love your work and look forward to seeing what you come up with. Thanks for sharing;

  5. How cute is this!!!

  6. OMG those are adorable. Your creative brain was on over time. Very clever use of duct tape. If this is a contest you’d win first place. ????????????

  7. Hot gluing a house made of duct tape? #irony! 🙂 Seriously, though, Christy, these are wicked cute! I also have a trick that I think you would really like on these houses. I take some cotton wool (like from a cotton ball) and stretch it and pull it out and insert into the chimney. It makes realistic looking “smoke” if you fiddle with it enough.
    Merry Christmas!

    • Oh my gosh that is too funny… I never even realized that lol! Love the idea to add “smoke” with cotton…so smart!! Merry Christmas to you too!!! XO

  8. Every time I come to your blog (without fail) I am blown away by your creativity, talent, impeccable execution, attention to detail, beautiful styling, and gorgeous photography. Girl, you got IT!!! Love love love this adorable village…with duct tape no less.

  9. How cute,what a fun project.If not a whole village maybe 1 or 2 in a lantern.Thanks????

  10. Very cute, Christy! Looking forward to when I can do projects like these with my grandkids!

    • Thanks, Julie! Yes fun for the whole family! How is your console coming along??

      • It’s coming… I am going to do the last coat on the drawers with a brush, then I’ll start the body. I’m hoping for a spray paint set for my birthday or Christmas, so I may wait for that! >.< It's so busy these days with the season, my job, and volunteer work for my daughter's dance studio's Christmas performance… I may have to put my painting on hold. Thanks for asking!

  11. So cute! I never would have thought of duct tape decor, haha! GLITTER duct tape? So cool! It looks like you had so much fun!!!

    • I know, right?? When I was asked if I would be interested, I was a bit leary but I do love a good challenge, and I really did have fun with it! 😀

  12. Candy Walsh says

    Now that is the coolest thing ever~and looks so real!!! Kudos to you and to Duck Tape~A-mazing!!

    • Thanks so much, Candy!! I really loved working with their glitter tape, it wasn’t thick and super sticky like regular duct tape…so many fun possibilities! 🙂

  13. Amazing Christy, you’d never say it was made from duck tape. Everyone of the little houses is unique and so special. I want some of that duct tape

  14. Your village is adorable. How about a little bit of cotton on the rooftops for snow. 🙂

    • Thank you, Geri Ann! Someone else mentioned using wisps of cotton at the tops of the chimneys for smoke…love both ideas! 🙂

  15. Christy, this is so creative and just adorable. You are just so talented and you just keep amazing me with your ideas and creativity.

  16. Cutest little village ever!! Who would ever guess tape! Perfect!!!

    • Thanks, Girlie! I know, right? I really wanted to keep making them…it was a really fun project! 😀

  17. Sherry Stuifbergen says

    I would have been “blank” using duct tape as a project. You came up with a great idea! These houses are “copies” of the original Putz houses they used in olden days. They are highly sought after, especially this time of year.

    • Ha ha I’ll admit that it took me a little bit to think of something! I’m glad they worked out. Love the Putz style houses! 🙂

  18. Your blog is beautiful, merry christmas, thanks for the tips.