Farmhouse Hutch Makeover

I’ve got a pretty makeover to share with you today!

You might remember me posting about a desk with French graphics that I redid this Fall. I purchased it at an estate sale at this lovely little beach cottage (if you’re visiting from a mobile device, this picture is sideways and I don’t know why sorry!):


About six houses from the ocean…yes please!

I bought several pieces from that sale including this pretty beat-up hutch. I found it in the shed being used for tools! What a crime against quaint little farmhouse hutches!

Farmhouse Hutch Before

The top had some serious issues…

Farmhouse Hutch Before

And don’t even get me started on the drawers…



So, I decided to buy her and bring her home where she sat in my already-too-full garage for nearly four months.  Honestly, it was so dirty and beat up, I was NOT looking forward to this project at all.

But alas she is done…

Farmhouse Hutch Makeover

And she’s a beauty!

Farmhouse Hutch Makeover

I originally painted the top, but ended up sanding it back down and staining it instead.  It was the right choice. I love the result.

Farmhouse Hutch Makeover

This is after sanding the top:

Farmhouse Hutch Makeover

I used a wood conditioner first:

Farmhouse Hutch Makeover

Then I added three coats of Minwax Dark Walnut stain with a foam brush, letting it soak in for a minute or so, and wiping the excess with a clean cloth after each application.

Farmhouse Hutch Makeover

I sealed with two coats of wipe-on poly, sanding lightly with 220 grit sandpaper between coats.

And those nasty drawers? They lost their velvet lining and got a fresh new clean look:

Farmhouse Hutch Makeover

So much better! I lined the drawers with scrapbook paper, applied with Mod Podge. (Coat of MP on bottom, apply paper, smooth out wrinkles, apply  MP over top. May still have a few wrinkles that will be hard to smooth out.)

The knobs came from Hobby Lobby:

Farmhouse Hutch Makeover

Perfectly subtle.

Farmhouse Hutch Makeover

I used DIY Chalk paint although this piece required a coat of primer as well. I sealed it with Annie Sloan Clear Soft Wax.

A little sanding in just the right places…

Farmhouse Hutch Makeover

I dressed it up with some of my thrift store ironstone, mixed with a few beachy aqua pieces I purchased at Homegoods a few years ago. They look right at home!

Farmhouse Hutch Makeover


Farmhouse Hutch Makeover

The ironstone bowls and plates were part of a thrift store score…35 pieces for $6.25 for the set. Um yes, I’ll have THEM ALL. Seriously, the sticker is still on the inside one of the bowls:

Farmhouse Hutch Makeover

The Beach Cottage Sign is one I made using pickets from our old gate.

Farmhouse Hutch Makeover

This little lady was so lucky I came along and rescued her.

Farmhouse Hutch Makeover / Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer

My hubby and I loaded her into my booth on Sunday and when I stopped by on Saturday, she was sold. That always makes me happy…and sad. Cash in the pockets, but all that hard work and I’ll never see her again. It’s funny how you become attached to some pieces you redo.

As always, I’m so glad you stopped by! 🙂



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  1. Fonda Rush says

    This hurts my heart. We were talking to a man on Craigslist about an item similar to this and made a date to see it. He sold it out from under us. It would have been my first piece to paint. Yours is lovely. It turned out so well.

    • Oh that is terrible, Fonda! I’ve had that happen to me too and it is so frustrating. Maybe it just wasn’t the one, and you’ll find one even lovelier just around the corner!

  2. That’s a fabulous makeover Christy! I would have had a really hard time parting with it too! And I also get a little attached to pieces after spending so much time with them. Beautiful!!

  3. Lucky she was indeed! It doesn’t even look like the original piece. How beautiful, but glad you sold it! Speaking of sale, I’m going to visit your space at antique mall this weekend. My son and husband are going to a car show down there so me and my little peanut are tagging along just to go to the antique mall. Can’t wait!

    • Thanks…I almost didn’t think it was worth dragging home when I started because it was so dirty. So glad it came out pretty! And Yay! I have a couple new pieces heading to my booth hopefully tomorrow!

  4. As always, you did a beautiful job! Lucky you found “her” and did a Furniture Rescue. Tools? wow, that is a shame. And, that bed in the top photo, with the solid headboard but with a spindle footboard? I have the Matching Spindle Headboard!, and now know that the footboard they gave me is the wrong one. Now that’s another shame! Wish we lived closer so I could get that spindle footboard. Oh well. Again, great job on the hutch. I have one awaiting me as well and I bare the same sentiment. By the way – how do you know when a piece that you’re going to Chalk Paint needs a primer coat? Thought that C P would always suffice and not need a primer?

    • Thanks so much, JoAnn! Ha isn’t that funny? Perhaps the bed in my photo is mismatched? I remember he had it priced really high, but it was solid. As for the CP not needing a primer, I have had a lot of pieces give me issues lately, but it usually only happens when using white paint over dark stain. Also if the original sealer is worn away, the paint picks up the stain somehow. If it’s a newer piece, or in really great condition, I usually don’t have issues. Sometimes I will give the piece a coat of shellac first and let it dry thoroughly and that works too. XO

  5. Sue Farmer says

    Gorgeous job!! Don’t you wish you could have kept her? I would have snapped her up!!!

  6. Beautiful job! I love the knobs you used. What a gorgeous piece!! So glad you loved it back to its beautiful self!

  7. Fantastic makeover! My best friend’s mom has had a piece like that in her living room my entire life! She has books on the shelves. Just goes to show that with an open mind you can really turn an old piece around.

  8. That is one of your best! Love the top and the ironstone and beachy pieces look great too! I’m planning a visit to your booth when I vacation in VA Beach in June. I look forward to reading your blog – you are my favorite!

    • Kathe, you just MADE MY DAY! It’s fun to make over these old pieces, but it’s the best when you guys show up and cheer me on…thank you!! And yes, please come visit. The antique mall is about 15-20 minutes from the oceanfront. XO

  9. Another beautiful piece Christy!! I have a booth as well and always feel both happy when an item sells and sad to see it go!

  10. Lovely! What primer did you use? Thanks!

  11. Hi Christy,
    I can see why it sold so fast. You re loved this piece so beautifully. It is funny how you get attached to these pieces. Love that they have history too. Someone loved that hutch and then you re loved it into a beautiful piece and now someone else will love it in their home.
    Really wonderful.

    • Thank you, Kris and you are so right. That’s the beauty of giving these pieces with a history new life. They will be cherished for many years to come. It was totally worth digging it out of that old shed. XO

  12. Hi, Its lovely but I’m curious why it needed a coat of primer. I thought one of the major bonuses of chalk paint is no need for priming or sanding prior to painting? I’m thinking about making your DIY chalk paint for my first project but am a bit worried about whether primer is really needed and what type of paint to mix with the calcium carbonate?

    • Hi Claire, Chalk paint is awesome for its adhesion to just about any surface without sanding or priming. However, if you come across an older piece, especially one in which the original finish has started to wear off or one with a dark pigment such as cherry or mahogany, there is the possibility of bleed through as you start painting. I have really only experienced this with white paint on dark surfaces. If you are painting a newer piece or a piece that is still very much in tact as far as the finish goes, there should be no need to prime. I usually test by starting somewhere inconspicuous like the side or back of one of the doors to test it. If you have bleed through, you can give it a coat of shellac and let it dry thoroughly, and then paint, or you can prime first. Some pieces I will even just use a spray sealer first, something to seal the surface so the stain cannot penetrate through. Anything other than white usually does perfectly fine. I mix the calcium carbonate with flat paint. Sorry for the long answer, but hope it helps!

  13. Absolutely lovely work!!

  14. Kathleen Freund says

    You are very talented ! You makeover really rescued this piece and turned it into a winner for someone . Also love the ironstone you found for bargain prices. Many of my treasures are from good will too!

  15. No surprise that gorgeous hutch sold so quickly and lucky for it that you rescued it and gave it a whole new life. Love it Christy! As for those dishes…yes please 🙂

  16. jeannie panza says

    This piece is beautiful. I just had to call the ladies in my office to my desk so I could show you off. Love this piece and the other piece with the fabric drawers. You are so talented!!!! I need to catch up with you to ask a piece Melanie needs painted. Miss you my friend.

    • Hi Jeannie!!! My long lost friend who left me for the North end. 🙂 Ha ha a poem! Thank you! I loved this one too, but I have no room for it! Yes, please call me so we can do lunch and you can fill me in on your fabulous life! Miss you too! XOXO

  17. Gorgeous makeover! I love all of your pretty dishes on there too!

  18. Beautiful job Christy!!! I love how it turned out. And how fabulous it sold so quickly!

  19. Christy, you are amazing! I SO wish I lived near you and could “shop” your shop! Jeanne

  20. She is gorgeous Christy. Like a Cinderella! !

  21. You sure did give her a new life. Gorgeous!! I bet someone will snatch her up soon! I am too far away to do so! Those dishes look so perfect in it!

  22. Another gorgeous make-over. I can’t wait to see what you have been working on each time I enter your blog. I really don’t know where you get the time to do all you do. You are definitely my favorite blogger and I wish I could make the trip down to see your booth sometime. I live in Michigan so it would be a trek.

  23. OMG I would have purchased this from you in a second and you could have named your price.I can not believe how you transformed this diamond in the rough wow If I buy a piece this bad could you refinish one for me Seriously? Susie

  24. Hi, Just found your blog through Stonegable. What perfect timing. I have an old hutch that my sister saved for me from a hoarder clean up situation. It was beyond disgusting… I swear there were 50 year old food spills down the side. One of the doors had literally been duct taped together. We ripped off the back and will replace it with something…but it had to go. But I have added insult to injury…it’s been sitting on my patio for over a year…partially exposed to the elements. Seeing the beautiful job you did has given me the jolt I need to get going. I’m sure I won’t have the same beautiful results , but I will give it a try. I love the way you stained the top…what a good idea…really makes it look great!
    Thanks for the inspiration and tips on how you went about it.

    • It is amazing what a little paint can do! I wouldn’t be surprised if yours turns out lovely, even given its current condition. You probably felt the same way I did with mine…it was so gross, I had no urge to get started on it. But it turned out fantastic as I know yours will too! XO

  25. So, the dishes are still for sale?

  26. What a transformation!!!! It now looks so lovely and perfect. You’ve done a wonderful job and given the poor thing a new life.

  27. What a beautiful make-over Christy. I’m not surprised she sold so quick. Your Goodwill china looked amazing in her too. Can’t believe the price on that china – wow!!
    I’m excited to feature your farmhouse hutch at Shabbilicious Friday tomorrow.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

    • Thanks so much, Kerryanne! Wasn’t that a steal?? That’s about the cost of a Big Mac meal at McDonalds…crazy, but I’ll take it. Have a great rest of the week! XO

  28. Beautiful job! Love what you had done with the piece! A whole new life! Thank you for sharing it with us at Outside The Box Link party. We love it so much that we are featuring it this week during out link post.

  29. Love it Christy- so beautiful!! I just redid a dresser and added an old headboard piece on top to attempt to create a hutch like this (for my craft room). I have been searching for over a year for a piece like you found, to no avail. Featuring this tomorrow on WIW – thanks for sharing it:)

    • Thanks so much, Krista! I’m sure what you created looks great. I hated to see this hutch stuck at the back of a shed covered in tools. I had to rescue it! Thanks again for the feature!! XOXO

  30. LOVE this one. So glad you sanded down the top and stained it. That’s my favorite. 🙂 And those dishes. Holy cow.



  32. You must have posted this on facebook today just for me. I recently picked up a hutch (a little smaller than yours) and I am working on it now. I removed the doors and backing from the top portion and replaced the backing with beadboard and filled in the holes from the door hinges. I was planning to paint the entire piece white, except stain the counter part. Yours is exactly what I had in mind to do to mine. Thank you for the visual “after” picture. I love how yours turned out and the dishes look perfect on it.

  33. Love her new makeover! I think staining g the top was definite the right choice and I love the knobs!

  34. Tina Matteson says

    An amazing makeover, once again. I’m not at all surprised it sold immediately! I would have pounced on it. And… those DISHES! The square ones and the starfish ones… wow, just beautiful.


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