Front Door Updated and Ready for Fall!

Hello amazing friends!! It’s hard to believe tomorrow is the first day of Fall, but our front door and I are ready!

I am so ready for some cooler days to head our way, and not only did our front door get an update, I also added a little Fall flair!

First here is our front door before:

We strive so hard to get that “weathered” look for furniture pieces and such, but this authentic weathered finish just wasn’t doing this door any favors.

Any guesses what color I decided to paint it before you scroll down to see??



Well were you expecting…


Behr's Exterior Satin Enamel in Black

I bet you guessed blue, right? White?

I love a classic black door and it works well with the darker colored bricks.

I didn’t go all crazy with Fall décor, just a few things to welcome the season.

Front door using Behr's Exterior Satin Enamel in Black

And to let people see that we are still going to be great neighbors even though we did this to our grass:

Yeah my hubby had to kill off all the weeds that had taken over the entire lawn to get it ready to seed. Still need to bring in some topsoil but he is almost there. You can see our competition across the street there. #Goals

So back to the pretty porch…

The door looks so much better now. This paint is Behr’s Exterior Satin Enamel in Black that I had mixed for our railings on the porch off the master at our old house, so for this project it was free!

It took two coats.

You can see I busted out some traditional Fall colors this year for a change. This wreath was one I shared the tutorial for back in 2013 and I still love it…

Fall wreath

I thought the vibrant orange really popped against the black door. I hung my more neutral Fall wreath (see that tutorial HERE) on the door at our old house since it is still on the market.

Fall wreath from

I picked up a huge mum at our local garden center for $16 but needed a planter for it that would match my new front porch.

I wanted something like this but I did not want to pay$49!

Then I remembered I had left a couple of these that I found at Walmart a couple of years ago at our old house:

Spray paint to the rescue:

That worked out perfectly and I already had the spray paint! (Rustoleum in satin black)

The mum will bloom yellow so that will be pretty against the black.

I found the stool at a yard sale a couple of weeks ago already painted and ready to go…

Cute, huh?

So there’s my updated front door and a touch of Fall!

Fall front porch from Confessions of a Serial DIYer

I still have all of this area to play with:

I’m keeping my eye out for a bench for under the window. We have a side porch also that could use some love. All in good time.

If you’d like to make a similar Fall wreath, you can find the tutorial for this one here:

Fall Wreath Tutorial

Fall Wreath Tutorial

Now if the weather would just take the hint!

I got all of the trim in my kitchen and hallway finished and today I am painting the walls. I am so excited to have fresh clean walls in these spaces!

I’ll meet you back here Tuesday to see what I did with these baskets!

UPDATE: Check out how cute these baskets are now HERE!

Wishing you a fantastic weekend, my friends!



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  1. ColleenB.~ Tx. says

    See some of the darker colored brick; black was my first guess on your door. Not only does it go with the dark brick but also your railing as well.
    My opinion; your entrance really looks much better; black with the white trim work. Great job.
    With your Fall wreath, pumpkins and the mum really gives a nice Pop of color to the door

  2. Love the new door color…..what were they thinking with the old one???
    The door looks a lot prettier then the lawn does 😉
    When you spray paint planters does the paint stay on? or chip away?
    Keep up the good work…Little Miss Busy Bee!!!!
    God Bless, Addie

    • Thanks, Addie! I think the old door just hadn’t been painted in 10 years and looked it! And yes…our poor lawn! Hoping the new seed all grows in quickly! About the planters, spray paint is super tough, almost like an oil-based paint and I have not had any issues with it chipping off. 🙂

  3. I thought for sure that it was going to be blue. I LOVE the black with the color of your brick, it looks beautiful with all the black specks in the brick. It is a beautiful choice. I love watching the changes your making and can’t wait to see more.

    • Thank you, Mary! My hubby wondered why I didn’t choose blue, but I figured the black would look nice with the brick…glad it worked out! XOXO

  4. Christina in FL says

    Beautiful transformation Christy! Love the black door and the painted urn with flowers also. 🙂
    Do you sit on your porch? I could see a couple of chairs with a small bench for sitting out and enjoying a beverage. 🙂

    • Thanks, Christina! We haven’t sat out there so far, but maybe we would if we had a bench. I’m going to keep my eyes open for one! XOXO

  5. Ha! I TOTALLY picked black woohoo! It looks amazing. 🙂


  6. I am super curious about how you hung your wreath…it is a mystery to me! 🙂 I would love to know! Your front porch looks wonderful – very elegant. 🙂

  7. I love the black front door! I was planning on doing the same thing but I couldn’t figure out if I should paint the garage door black also? I need your help. Thank you so much!

    • Thanks, Debbie! I would just do the front door…I think painting the garage door also might be too much? It will also put the focus on your front door. 🙂

  8. Woo-hoo, progress, haha! : ) The door/entry looks GREAT! It’s starting to look like ‘Christy lives here’! : )

  9. Hi Christy! Love your new front door together with the vibrant orange of the pumpkins and touch of black. It’s really amazing how the color manages to bring out the whole entrance way! I am so enjoying this journey you’re taking us all on and each week I look forward to sitting down and seeing what you’ve been up to and what’s been accomplished in such a short space of time! Well done again! You never fail to bring something new and exciting to us followers! Wishing you a wonderful weekend too! Sonja

    • Thank you so much, Sonja! I’m so happy to hear you are enjoying what I’m sharing, especially since I’m completely off my regular routine of sharing mostly makeovers since buying the house. Your sweet words are much appreciated! Happy weekend to you too! XOXO

  10. I love the black door. Something I’ve been wanting to do to mine. What do you use for a hanger on the glass door? Command Strip? Looks invisible – very nice!

  11. Marcie Lovett says

    Yes, I guessed blue. The black is striking with everything else that’s going on there. Excellent choice!

    • Thanks, Marcie! Ha ha I did think about blue! In the end the black won out. I thought it would make a nice classic neutral backdrop for my seasonal wreaths. 🙂

  12. Kira M Sayler says

    Yep. I thought you’d go blue on the front door. BUT, I love it in black. Thanks for always inspiring me!

    • Thank you, Kira! It is totally MY pleasure! I did consider blue, but black won out…classic and timeless! XOXO

  13. Black is the perfect color for your front door! Any outdoor goodies you put on your porch will really pop. Looking at the beautiful wreath reminds me to dig mine out and remake it. Have a splendid day! It’s supposed to be 91 here…ugh…where is fall?

    • Thanks, Donna! I think so too! You have it a bit worse than us…it was 85 here today. That’s way warmer than I’d like! Have a great weekend! XOXO

  14. Your work and ideas are always spot on. It drives me insane to see houses that with a bit of paint in the right areas can be transformed. Keep up the good work…I enjoy it every week.

  15. Beautiful make-over of your new porch. I love simple.

  16. Love your door painted black, is there a secret to keep the paint from sticking and peeling when you paint the door, then have to shut it at night to lock it.

    • Thank you, Jeri! I just kept the door slightly ajar most of the afternoon after I painted it and it was fine. 🙂

  17. LeAnn Hileman says

    You are doing great! I love the black door, that color is just right! I love to see your progress in your new home. Good job!

  18. Tina Matteson says

    it looks great, Christy! And you gave me a great idea for my own porch with your little stool… I have one very similar to yours! Love it.

  19. That black pops, it looks fantastic. You totally nailed it!

  20. Julie Briones says

    LOVE the black door! I’m loving black accents (especially outside) more and more. 🙂 Love the mums, too. I have a white ironstone pot and a white enamel pot on my porch just itching for some mums. Only $10 at Walmart. I think I may need to splurge!

    Looking forward to seeing you new walls!

  21. You are rocking the DIY, Christy! Your home is looking beautiful and…your grass looks like ours though we aren’t starting fresh…yet. ahem.

    • Thanks, Larissa! Oh our grass is just so sad at the moment…especially when our neighbor’s across the street is pristine! Hoping the seed comes in quickly! XOXO

  22. Looks so pretty Christy! Love the classic black! 🙂 xoxo

    ~ CHERYL

    • Thank you, Cheryl! Good for you for going for it with the turquoise!! I bet it looks beautiful! XOXO

  24. Love your door and all the fall decor thank you for sharing

  25. Hello Christy, I love the door in black. Yes, it does look great against the brick. I’m anxious to see what you do with the rest of the front because your front space is about the same width as mine, not as long though. I’m always wondering what to do there. I do have a bench under the window already.
    Needs your thoughts on something else, I have a dresser about the same size as the one you had with the 3 blue drawers that you painted. I’m trying to decide if I want to stain it dark cherry like my Thomasville secretary and tall dresser or paint it white. I’m thinking of upholstering the headboard of my bed (haven’t decided on color or pattern yet) and the room, although I haven’t painted yet, will be blue and brown. The walls will be blue and I have a comforter that is mostly brown with hints of blue and a small blue throw pillow and a blue and brown throw pillow. I’m kinda lending towards painting the dresser, but don’t want it to look out of place in the room. What would you do? The room is not large. it’s only 12′ x 13′.

    • Thanks, MaryJean! It is hard to give my thoughts when I cannot see the space, but if you are considering painting the dresser, why not leave the top stained to match the other two pieces, and just paint the bottom. I love that look! Like I did on this piece: You can always go back and paint the top later if you decide you want to go all painted. Hope I was helpful! 🙂

      • That’s a great idea! I love it. I knew you would know what to do. I’ll send you a pic when it’s done, although it may be awhile, I have a lot of projects in line before that one. Thanks!

  26. Your door in black looks so good and especially with your Fall decorations!

  27. Your door and porch looks beautiful.

  28. A fabulous transformation!

  29. Looking good in black! My jaw dropped at your grass situation. Tough having competition like that across the street. As for your porch – girl, you could so make a stunning headboard bench for that space!

    • Thanks, Marie! Isn’t our grass just lovely? The new seed should come in in just a few weeks and then by Spring hopefully we’ll have a thick luscious lawn too! Here’s hoping anyway! I never thought about doing a headboard bench! You are the smartest!! XOXO

  30. Very handsome outcome. If I may comment with a caveat, I think the new door looks smaller because the border isn’t continuous with the door jambs. Maybe paint them, too. Or perhaps paint the row of bricks forming the arch. Either paint the jambs and moon transom frames black to match the door and the single brick layer white, or the reverse. Just my take.

    • Thanks Nette! I do love the white trim, with the black door, but I like the idea of painting the transom window! 🙂

  31. I l like the black door. Great choice!

  32. Nancy Walden says

    I love the black door!

  33. I love all of your ‘before and after’ projects! Thank you for sharing such wonderful ideas.

  34. Hi, I was just wondering what you did while the door paint was wet. Did you just leave the door open? Hum…thanks!

  35. I think the dark door color really looks nice on your home!

  36. Your door looks great in black. Good luck with your grass seeding. That’s always a chore!

    • Thanks, Paula! I think my husband underestimated how much work this larger yard would be compared to our tiny yard at the last house! Hopefully it will be ready to seed this weekend! XOXO

  37. The black on the door is perfect with the brick. In that area you have to play with, one of your headboard benches would look perfect there. (The neighbors should just be happy the weeds are gone.) 😉

    • Thanks, Alicia! I just might have to make a bench for the porch…haven’t made one in a while. And our neighbors are wonderful! They are very grateful we bought the house instead of it being rented out again! 🙂

  38. This is wonderful!