Front Yard Garden Tour

Hello lovely Friends! Did anyone bust out the mixer and make cupcakes after Tuesday’s post ha ha! 😀

I’m back today with my Décor Enthusiast girls sharing all things outdoors for this month’s décor challenge! I am sharing my outdoor space in the front of my house, since I needed to get it in gear for Spring anyway! I’ve included a few affiliate links so you can find the products I use.

About five years ago, we totally redid our front yard space.

You can see the full makeover HERE, but here is what it once looked like:

You can use that Holly bush and hanging plant hanger on the outside wall of our portico for reference…

Here is how our front garden looks now:

Front Yard Garden Tour from
Much different! Better, no?

Not much is blooming yet. These daylilies are a really pretty pinkish purple color when they bloom:

Front Yard Garden Tour from

These yellow daylilies are just started to bloom yesterday:

Front Yard Garden Tour from


Front Yard Garden Tour from


Front Yard Garden Tour from

Nothing like freshly mulched beds!

Front Yard Garden Tour from

Remember this teapot garden feature?

Teapot garden feature

I shared how to make one HERE. It would make a perfect Mother’s Day gift!

Front Yard Garden Tour from

The one I made for that tutorial fell out of my hands and broke on my porch as I was carrying it inside to clean it:

I was so upset.

Front Yard Garden Tour from

When I was creating my outdoor spaces, I didn’t want just landscaping, I wanted a garden. It can be a lot of work to keep it up, but very rewarding too.  I love when it all starts to come to life in the Spring.

Looking to design a landscape of your own? Check out my post, How to Create a Landscape from Scratch HERE.

Just behind the tree is a pathway that leads to the back yard.

Front Yard Garden Tour from


Front Yard Garden Tour from

Along the way is this spot to sit and rest for a bit, along with all my hydrangeas! You can see the one lone first bloomer on the bottom left. 🙂

Front Yard Garden Tour from

That circular patio area was made out of old granite blocks I recycled from the old landscaping. See how I made it HERE.

This space once looked like this:

Those were the old granite blocks I reused for the circular patio above, and we just had a gumball tree removed that was blocking the gate.

SO much better now!

Front Yard Garden Tour from

Isn’t that iron insert in the gate pretty??  See how I built this gate to accommodate the insert HERE. You can find the iron insert HERE.

Back around to the front…

Front Yard Garden Tour from


Front Yard Garden Tour from


Front Yard Garden Tour from


Front Yard Garden Tour from

Just through the portico to the left is my glider bench I painted and recovered the cushions for last year:

Front Yard Garden Tour from


Front Yard Garden Tour from

See the makeover of this glider including the link to how to cover those cushions super easily HERE.

These are the doors in my dining room that I take most of my furniture photos in front of on the inside. 🙂

Front Yard Garden Tour from

To the left is our front door. I found this wreath at Michaels on sale for 50% off. I figured at $25, I couldn’t buy the materials to make it for that.

Front Yard Garden Tour from

I don’t usually find wreaths I like at Michaels and I like making my own anyway, but I love how colorful and fun this one is.

I just gave our window boxes a redo:

Front Yard Garden Tour from

They were looking like this…

A wire brush to remove all the flaking rusty pieces, and Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint revived them perfectly!

And remember my hanging plant stand I made last year?

Front Yard Garden Tour from

It was really simple! See the how-to HERE. It would also be great with hangers on all four sides to use for wet towels if you had a pool!

DIY Hanging plant stand


Front Yard Garden Tour from

I hope you enjoyed this peek at my outdoor space! My Décor Enthusiast friends are sharing outdoor inspiration today as well!

Faux Aged Concrete Planters from Our Southern Home

    Outdoor Kitchen Build from Refresh Restyle

Front Yard Garden Tour from ME! 🙂

Creating a Duck Pond from Duke Manor Farm

      Spring Floral Wreath from Restoration Redoux

      Outdoor Decorating Ideas from Artsy Chicks Rule

Here  are a few more of my outdoor posts you might like:

I’ll be back on Tuesday sharing what  I did with this drawer:

See ya then!

UPDATE: No need to wait! See what I did with this drawer HERE now. It may or may not have involved sawing the drawer in two. 🙂



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  1. ColleenB. says

    Your garden is breath taking. Absolutely Beautiful

  2. Mary Kaiser says

    Ok, let me be the first to say how lovely and peaceful your garden is. I want to take my morning coffee out there!! Don’t mind me though, I won’t bother you as I get up early, but feel free to join me! Ha! Seriously, it is Beautiful, thanks for sharing it with me!

    • Thank you so much, Mary! I do love it in the early Summer mornings the most…perfect spot for morning coffee, or in my case, tea! XOXO

  3. Wow! So beautiful! Y’all did a great job! I love it!! I didn’t see the crepe Myrtle in the before picture, was it on a different location? I love crape Myrtles and have several in my yard, but they don’t grow as fast as I’d like, and I need the shade!!

    • Thank you, Sue!! We added the Crepe Myrtle when we redid everything, and it has grown really large in just a few short years! XOXO

  4. Sherry Schillaci says

    Christy, you never cease to amaze me! What a beautiful, peaceful garden you’ve created. I LOVE the tea pot and cup idea. Now I think you’ve earned a day at the spa!! Thanks, as always, for your inspiration. I look forward to your posts!!

    • Aww thanks, Sherry! I love seeing everything come alive in the Spring. The tea pot is fun addition for sure, and yes…a spa day would be perfect right about now!! XOXO

  5. Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Your garden is just beautiful……so, when are you coming to my house to do the same thing here? ;o) Have a great weekend. Enjoy your posts! Liz

    • Thank you, Liz! So glad you enjoy what I share. And ha ha I’ll be right over! XO

  7. So enjoyed the pictures of your outdoor spaces. Just beautiful. Gorgeous house also. You talk about going from drab to fab, you nailed it.

  8. OMG I just love your home – and I just love coming to see what your newest project is. I only have a little townhouse but I try to incorporate some of your ideas to my own gardens and home. LOL Unfortunately, I’m running out of room. P.S. So sorry about the bunny teapot – he was adorable!

    • Thank you SO much, Nancy! I’m glad you’ve found some inspiration for your own space here! I always love to hear that. And yes, poor bunny teapot. I was so sad about that. Oh well, maybe its a great excuse to go on the hunt for another teapot! XOXO

  9. Oh man, your landscaping is still THE BEST. I look up those posts whenever I need inspiration. GORGEOUS.

    • Thank you!!! I don’t share much of my landscaping posts these days, but I know you remember when I did…you’ve been with me a long time, girl! Always appreciate your kind thoughts!! XOXO

  10. What a lovely garden!

  11. Marcie Lovett says

    What a beautiful yard, Christy! As a fellow gardener, I admire all the work you’ve done.

    • Thank you, Marcie! You know there is nothing better than standing back and looking at what you were able to grow, you know? I’m sure you have a lovely outdoor space as well! XO

  12. What a beautiful garden!!! I would love to sit in the glider with my favorite book and drink! Great job!!

  13. Debbie in TX says

    Christy, your yard is absolutely stunning, and I am loving all of these photos. Everything looks so inviting and makes you want to spend time there. It would be very difficult to have a large number of potted plants here in Texas since the summer is so blazing hot and you have to water them every single day. You’ve put a ton of work into your yard and should be very proud.

    • Thank you, Debbie!! I can imagine how the sun might blaze your potted plants. You probably have a much longer Summer than we do. As it gets closer to Summer, I will be watering mine daily, but I do love the excuse to hang out in the garden early in the morning! XOXO

  14. Your home is really lovely. I love your garden in the front. This blog is one of my favorites because you are able to envision how to make something old or dated into useful and pretty. I don’t have that ability, but I feel inspired to be creative and give myself permission to change things up in my own home. Best of all, your projects always look professional and are executed so well. Keep up the awesome work!

    • Thank you so much, Marty! What a lovely compliment. I appreciate that! Yes, a little effort can go a long way to make something fresh and new again! XOXO

  15. Julie Briones says

    This was a very fun post! Enjoyed seeing a ‘different’ side of your home. 🙂 It’s just beautiful, Christy… and so peaceful! Where did you get the bird pillow from? It’s adorable. And that wreath was a VERY good price! Good for you!

    • Thanks, Julie! I used to share more outdoor posts back in the day, so I thought it would be fun to revisit that outdoor space. I just picked that pillow up at Lowes…couldn’t resist since it matched perfectly. And I thought that was an excellent price for that wreath as well! XOXO

  16. Oh, Christy, thank you for sharing your beautiful yard with us! It is gorgeous!!! From the front door to the back gate, there is so much inspiration, and hard work that went into all of it. I love it!! Plus it has given me lots of ideas for my own yard and house. Thank you!!!

    • Thank you, Sue!! My outdoor space is my happy place when everything is coming back to life! 🙂

  17. Christy, you front yard is stunning. Love looking at all of your projects sprinkled about. i really need to follow your cushion tutorial! Thanks for sharing with us!

    • Aww thanks, Christy!! I might need do an outdoor project round up. I forgot about some of them! And yes…that cushion cover tutorial would be super easy for you with your skills! XOXO

  18. Now you have curb appeal! Definitely an improvement and i bet you enjoy relaxing out there now.

  19. ????. I have yard envy!! It is simply beautiful. Now I have to go make cupcakes AND work in my yard! ????

  20. Katie McKown says

    Your make over of your yard is just beautiful. You guys did a beautiful job!

  21. Your garden is beautiful. Just goes to show what a bit of know how and elbow grease can do. Love your blog.

  22. Although I have been reading about your projects for quite a while now,I have never made a comment before. It’s time to for me to say how inspired I am by every little thing you do! ( I have the Jungle Book song running though my head, I wanna be like you! ) 😉 I would love to be able to create and sell items full time, if my income would allow for it, I would be for sure. You have talent, girlfriend and I’m glad you share it with us.

    • I am SO glad you took a minute to leave such a nice comment, Kathy, thank you!! I do enjoy making and selling, but it sure does keep a girl busy! 🙂 XO

  23. It’s a good thing you came along and saved that poor yard!! It’s a stunner now! And I’m so sorry about your poor bunny teapot! 🙁 Looks like you’ve done some exterior painting…and with that yard, your house looks ready to go!! 😉 xo

    • Thanks, Nancy!! I know, right?? It really was so sad…almost as sad as your laundry room was before ha ha. Yep we painted the exterior last year. I think it ties in better with the stone now. Now we need to finish off a few more things and get this house listed!! XOXO

  24. Annie (Canada) says

    Your landscape gardens are lovely Christy :)It’s like night and day the difference from the before and after pictures! I especially love the teapot garden feature!

    • Thank you, Annie!! I really enjoy my outdoor space when it all starts to come back to life! XOXO

  25. Karen L Moore says

    I am a gardener so I can appreciate all the work that space takes. It is just beautiful. I hate your precious little teapot broke. That was the first project I copied.

    • Thank you, Karen! Yes it can definitely be a lot to keep up with as you know, but rewarding as well. Doesn’t that really stink about my little teapot? I was so bummed about that. I’ll be keeping my eye out for another sweet teapot to transform. I love that you made one for yourself too!! XOXO

  26. Ummm, serious house and yard envy over here. 🙂
    Stone walls, iron details (oh those perfect window boxes!) AND stunning landscaping? The teapot is adorable and placed just right.

    It’s dreamy.

    • Aww ha ha thank you! It was a lot of hard work, but I really do enjoy it! XO

  27. I love your landscaping posts. Your yard is so beautiful. I have read your post on how you started many times. I love to garden as well. It is work but so rewarding. I love to see the freshly mulched beds in the spring. Great job!

    • Thank you, Julie! I hope you’ve found that post helpful. It really is a lot of work, but it doesn’t feel that way when you really enjoy taking care of it, right? And yes, nothing like freshly mulched beds! 🙂 XO

  28. Absolutely gorgeous. You did a great job.
    Just found your blog and I will be following for sure.

  29. Mary Beth H. says

    Oh Christy, what a beautiful and serene place to relax and get rejuvenated! Thanks so much. And I do love the color of your front door. What color is that and what type to paint?

    • Thank you, Mary Beth! Our door paint is from Lowes. It is Cedar Elite Exterior Latex Solid by Olympic. 🙂

  30. Hi Christy, I am a fairly new follower of yours & look forward to your posts. Your yard “remodel” has inspired me to get my front bed reworked. It’s been sad & bare for two years now due to my indecisiveness about what plants to use! When you can’t make a decision you just leave it alone! I love everything about your garden & little courtyard! Can you tell me what the tree is that is trimmed up high, & have some white flowers at the top? Thanks for all your inspired posts, but I think this garden is my favorite!

    • I’m so glad you like my garden, Kathryn, thank you! I know exactly what you mean about not doing anything when you don’t know what to do. That happens to me with projects all the time. That tree started as a bush, and I trimmed it up as soon as I bought it and to turn it into a little tree. It is called a Wax Leaf Privet. It is very easy to care for and stays green all year. You might find this post helpful: Good luck! XOXO

  31. Hi Christy!!!
    Your yard is gorgeous!!! As is everything you do!!!
    I haven’t been commenting because the comments had been coming back “undeliverable”…..hope this one makes it!!!
    God Bless,

    • Thank you so much, Addie, I’ve missed you!! I wonder why your comments didn’t go through? Well, I’m glad I got this one! XOXO

  32. Jan Schouw says

    Thank you for your garden makeover. I’m in the process of redoing mine. I love flowers and green plants, but I’m trying to learn what works in Albuquerque and in particular my area of ABQ. Your pictures are beautiful.

    • Thank you, Jan! You are on the right track…it is important to look for plants that work in your zone, an pay attention when they say something will grow to be three feet wide ha ha…I have had to move a few things over the years. Good luck with your makeover! 🙂


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