Grandma’s Footboard Repurposed

Who’s ready for some trashy makeovers?? It’s Trash-to-Treasure Tuesday and my friends and I have FIVE fun before and afters in all for you today!

Amazing friends, I am so excited because I also have a brand spanking new haul of goodies to unveil today! I’m calling this one my Fall Haul:

SO many goodies, right?? Many of these pieces are new and I was still able to pull several things from my storage room! I actually still have a basket left from my last group and I will be back with that on Thursday, plus I’ll have a simple Fall craft a few of you have asked about.

Today I wanted something a little more trashy to redo and I think this fit the bill perfectly:

This footboard belonged to my Hubby’s Grandma. We acquired several of her pieces a few years ago. I painted the headboard in a simple white, but never shared it on the blog. It sold long ago in my booth, but this footboard has always stumped me, mostly because it had broken at one time and had been glued back together. Although it’s hard to see here, it didn’t sit nice and flush like the other side:

No worries though because I finally came up with a plan! I’ve included a few affiliate links so you can find the products I love.

Look what else was in my new Fall Haul:

I picked this shelf up off the curb years ago when I was taking Jack to a friend’s house. He would have been mortified if his friends saw my picking this up off their street ha ha!

Are you thinking what I’m thinking??

Let’s see…

I cut the ends of the bed right off with my table saw to create a backing for this shelf!

It was still too long though so I got out my mini circular saw to trim the ends a bit more:

circular saw

This is a nice saw to have. It is very petite and all you have to do is use a straight edge, held in place with clamps, to guide your saw to get nice straight cuts. You can see where I lined that groove up with my pencil mark and voila…a perfectly straight cut!

A mini circular saw is so easy to handle

A little sanding on either end and that’s all it needed.

Another thing that stumped me about the headboard was the curvy routed part on the inside, but turning it over gave me more options.

Before painting, the shelf had some boos boo areas that needed fixing. I pulled out my Dixie Belle Mud in brown for that:

Dixie Belle Mud in brown

I applied it with a spatula and let it dry for about an hour before sanding it smooth with 220 grit sandpaper. (I buy my sandpaper in sheets and cut them in four, then wrap them around an old sanding block.)

Then because I didn’t want the original color of the headboard to show through when I painted, I gave it two quick coats of Dixie Belle’s Coffee Bean:

Dixie Belle Coffee Bean

The hurricane came right by us on Friday so you can see in that picture I have our umbrellas and pool toys in the garage. Luckily we had no damage, just lost power for about 18 hours on Friday.

I decided it was easier to do all the painting with these pieces separated, so I continued with two coats of Dixie Belle’s Fluff on each, including the hooks that started out black:

Dixie Belle's Fluff

I found these at Hobby Lobby. They are 50% off every other week. I gave them two coats and used my fingernail to scratch off the paint here and there to distress them.

I sanded everything lightly with 220 grit sandpaper and sealed with Dixie Belle’s Clear Coat in a Satin finish using their blue applicator sponge:

Dixie Belle Clear Coat in Satin

It’s still wet in that photo, but it will dry to look like a nicely buffed finish, not too shiny at all.

To attach the shelf to the new backing, I used clamps to hold it in place on either end…

Shelf made from a footboard and a roadside shelf from

Then I flipped it over and measured where the center of the shelf was and marked that on the back. Then I used a drill bit slightly more narrow than my screws in my favorite drill to drill pilot holes.

This stops the wood from splitting and makes it much easier to drive the screws in.

I used 2″ wood screws to attach the shelf to the backing:

Then I painted the back in one quick coat of Fluff, sealed it, and added D-ring hanging hardware to either side:

Shelf made from a footboard and a roadside shelf from

And now instead of having two blah pieces, I have one really cute new shelf!

Shelf made from a footboard and a roadside shelf from


Shelf made from a footboard and a roadside shelf from


Shelf made from a footboard and a roadside shelf from

I sealed the hooks with the clear coat and sponge too…

Shelf made from a footboard and a roadside shelf from

These are my Walmart sunflowers! I had a few leftover from my new Fall Arrangement that I shared last week…

I sealed the hooks with the clear coat and sponge too...

Adding them to my Simple $7 Greenery Wreath, made it sweet for Fall…

Sweet and simple sunflower and greenery wreath for fall

That window panel behind it was a $2 estate find several years ago. You can see that post and how it started HERE.

Shelf made from a footboard and a roadside shelf from

See how we did our stone feature wall HERE.

Shelf made from a footboard and a roadside shelf from


Repurposed Footboard Shelf from

There are four more fun makeovers to see from my friends below!!

1. Prodigal Pieces

2. Artsy Chicks Rule

3. Bless’er House

4. Girl in the Garage

And that’s two projects crossed off already!!

If you missed the rest of my Hubby’s Grandma’s pieces, you can see them here:

Grandma’s Vintage Dresser Makeover

Cottage-Inspired Dresser Redo

Simple Tote Update

Grandma’s Antique Side Table

Vintage Dresser Makeover

I’ll be back with this drawer front that I salvaged from an old dresser:

UPDATE: See what I made out of this drawer front HERE now!

Have a great day!



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  1. Its like BEAUTIFUL! I love how you take two trashy pieces and marry them together to become one beautiful lovely relationship! I would say those two pieces are married for life!! You are AMAZING!!

  2. The perfect junky marriage! 😃 You know I love when function and style meet. Beautiful!

  3. Good job on the shelf. The footboard was perfect for a backing. Love the white pitcher with the arrangement also.

  4. Christina in SW FL says

    Wow, Christy, this is a great makeover I didn’t see that coming! Youknow I love the white and the hooks are brilliant. 🙂 Way to go!!

  5. Hi Christy, I am wondering how you stage items temporarily on your beautiful stone wall.
    You really had me guessing what this outcome would be. As usual, you nailed it!

    • Thanks so much, Diane! I screwed two screws right in between the stone pieces to hang the shelf. There’s so much texture there that you can’t even see where I added them after removing them! XOXO

  6. It is beautiful. I showed my son. Mom, it’s a shelf. Men!
    I am inheriting all my future husbands furniture as mine got sold by accident. Mom’s china. Makes my stomach drop. Anyway I am hoping something will need to be painted or made over. If not never fear. I bought a house in Broadview Hts. Second hand stores galore. Yippee!

  7. Cheryl Atkinson says

    Hi christy! Cute shelf and I am so envious that you know how to work all of those handy dandy tools. you lost me when you were making pilot holes because i don’t know what that is. I need to invest in some tools. I have a drill, a sander and a hand saw. 🙂 So glad you are safe from Dorian. This Fall haul looks to be a good one. Thank you for all your ideas.

    • Thanks, Cheryl! I used to have my Hubby do all the cutting for me, but I got tired of waiting for him ha ha! Just gotta be safe, but you can do it! XOXO

  8. What a cute shelf,love your vision to marry these 2 pieces. Soooo happy to see your new haul,fun to see what you’re going to do with it all.

  9. Such a pretty shelf… and two for one? You’re a double winner! Nice job!!!

  10. Robin Gruber says

    Is the old window sash that the wreath is hanging on one of your pieces too? I love that! It all looks amazing together.

    • Yep! I found that window bedazzled in clamshells and chicken wire at an estate sale for $2. I removed the clamshells and replaced the chicken wire with a piece of that metal mesh you see there that my hubby had leftover from another project! Thank you! XOXO

  11. I love it! And I love the frame/wreath above it!

  12. Nice save, Christy! That long curbside shelf and your husband’s grandma’s footboard were meant for each other 🙂

    • Thanks, Marie! When I was going through my storage room to see what else I could pull out, I leaned those two pieces against the wall to add to the pile and I had an aha moment! Love when that happens! XOXO

  13. Debbie in TX says

    Way to go! That shelf is so useful now, especially with the hooks. I can see it hanging in a laundry room or entryway. Really love the look of the framed mesh hanging above with the greenery, too. Glad you guys made it past the hurricane okay.

    • Thanks, Debbie! I wish I had room in our entry for it! We are grateful that the hurricane took it easy on us as well! XOXO

  14. That’s an awesome haul! Where’d you find all that stuff?? Iol Love your makeover, it’s perfect use of this piece! xoxo

    • Thanks, Nancy! I enjoyed thrifting a bit last month…just at the DAV and GoodWill that we go to near my house mostly. I picked everything up a piece at a time here and there. It’s definitely getting harder to find stuff these days! XOXO

  15. You are so good! It looks like it’s always been a shelf/coat rack. Amazing.

  16. Love IT!!!!! Love when you save something totally random…..junk!!!
    I would love to see more sewing projects…that is up my alley. I will be waiting for those sweaters redo!!! keep up the good work…..Oh! I let out chuckle when I saw the new haul…
    you just got the old one down….
    Thank goodness the hurricane didn’t get ya!!! xoxo

    • Thank you, Addie!! You know I love random junk! Sewing project on the way, except it is really a no-sew oh well. Looking forward to working through this new haul!! XOXO

  17. It amazes me how you have a way of seeing what something can be and create it! You are so talented!

  18. Hi Christy, you did a great job marrying these two pieces together to make such a pretty shelf! I

  19. I would so buy this if I were walking by your booth!

  20. Cecilia from Georgia says

    I love how you “married” these 2 pieces together for a splendid item that can be so versatile. The old window frame is so cool too. Love your ideas! XOXO

  21. Marcie Lovett says

    Outstanding, Christy! Two pieces gone from the stash and they look like they were meant to be together. I love the subtle curve the old footboard gives it now (and no finicky jigsaw cutting necessary).

  22. This project turned out so pretty- of course! You make it look so easy Christy. 🙂

  23. Robyn Wright says

    That’s an awfully large haul girlfriend. You are going to by BIIIZZZYYYY!!

  24. Jeanne Barrett says

    I enjoy seeing your transformations. They’re inspiring.

  25. Angela Godlove says

    Love the upcycle! Always so creative. 🙂


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