Mini Kitchen Island Update

Hello lovely Friends! I hope everyone in the southeast stayed safe during the hurricane. It turned out to sea just before reaching us here on the coast of Virginia, but we still got a ton of rainfall and high winds, resulting in many areas of flooding and a ton of downed trees. Luckily we were spared both!

It’s one of my favorite days of the month, Trash-to-Treasure Tuesday!! (See all of my previous T2T Tuedsay posts HERE.)

Today I’m sharing my neighbor’s trash that I turned into treasure. I spied this island sitting in her driveway near the garage as I was leaving our neighborhood last week:


The next day it was raining and it was still there, so I figured she was getting rid of it. That afternoon at the bus stop, she asked me if I wanted it and of course I said yes. It looks very IKEA-ish. Aside from it needing a good cleaning since it had been stored in her shed, it functioned perfectly.

I decided to give this cookie cutter mini island a little personality with paint:

Give a cookie cutter island some personality with paint!
This was such a quick and easy update and it looks so much prettier now.

Give a cookie cutter island some personality with paint!

I started by sanding the butcher block. It had a ton of knife marks and a big ring on the top. I used 150 grit first with my orbital sander, then switched to 220. I probably would have gone even grittier, like 80-100 if I had it on hand, but what I had did the trick. It didn’t come up perfectly new, but pretty close. This is the worst of it:

Give a cookie cutter island some personality with paint!

Not bad at all. I still need to seal it with mineral oil. This was with only sanding, so the faint marks that are there may even lessen once I add the mineral oil.

Next I painted the base in ultra pure white DIY chalk paint, one coat. Then I topped that off with a mix of 70/30 Behr’s Gray Morning/Ultra Pure White DIY chalk paint, one coat.

A quick sanding and I was done!

Give a cookie cutter island some personality with paint!

I sealed it with Annie Sloan’s Clear Soft Wax. (See my complete how-to for painting with chalk paint HERE.)

Give a cookie cutter island some personality with paint!

This piece actually stores quite a bit!

Give a cookie cutter island some personality with paint!

The shelves and drawer are nice and deep.

Give a cookie cutter island some personality with paint!

They both came up good as new after wiping them down, so I left them as is.

You can tell I added a back to this piece as well. I used interlocking bead board strips for that that I already had, but forgot to get a photo of the back when it was done, so imagine bead board on the back. 🙂

Give a cookie cutter island some personality with paint!

I staged it with a few things from my kitchen. This would be a great extra surface for a party!

Give a cookie cutter island some personality with paint!

And just so you know, that menu never changes ha ha. We will not be having chicken and noodles tonight and I couldn’t tell you that last time we had lasagna!

I bet if my neighbor saw this cart now, she might be sad she gave it away!

Give a cookie cutter island some personality with paint!

This was a quick update…I love those kinds of projects!

Don’t go anywhere, my trash-to-treasure friends are sharing trashy makeovers of their own today! That’s five for the price of one. 🙂


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Are you on Instagram? Have a favorite makeover you want to share? Add the hashtag #trashtotreasuretransformation and be sure to follow all five of us, and you will be entered to win one of three prize packages from Dixie Belle Paint! How cool is that? Look for me on Instagram HERE this morning for more info!

Dixie Belle Paint Instagram Giveaway

Hope you enjoyed this visit today…as you know trash-to-treasures are my favorite!

I’ll be back next week sharing how I updated this vintage dresser:


See ya then!

UPDATE: BAM! See it HERE now! 🙂



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  1. You are right, Christy. Such a cute piece that just needed an update. Love the fresh, new look!

  2. Gorgeous makeover as usual! Glad you came through the hurricane ok!!

  3. Beautiful job – I love that colour!!

  4. Martha Rekni says

    This makes me want to go out and find me a kitchen island now. And lord knows I don’t need one!

    • Ha ha! This would also be great in a corner just for extra storage and counter surface! 🙂

  5. Great transformation! I love butcher block top pieces. This wold make a great coffee station with room for all the pods in the drawer and space for the cups on the shelf. Great job!

  6. Love this piece! I have been using your recioe for chalk paint and I just love it! I was wondering though can I use the sample jars of Behr paint. The quart cans are way too much paint for me to use.

  7. If I were your neighbor, I would be clamoring to buy it back from you! Haha! Looks great (as usual)! 🙂

  8. I love it Christy!! So much better and I’m sure she’d wish she could have it back!! 😉 And I love your menu…haha xo

    • Thanks, Nancy!! I’m almost afraid to show her lol…just need to sneak it to the shop ha ha! XO

  9. Marcie Lovett says

    Lovely, as usual and I envision it flying out of the shop. So many fabulous uses, I’m guessing you’re right – the neighbor would be sad, indeed! For some reason, I was envisioning it in navy blue, which is not a color you normally do. Something about those bright metal strips, I think.

  10. This is cute, and I have seen some things here that are adorable, but as with everyone else’s blogs there are far more ads than there is substance or content. I really do like what you do, but I am unsubscribing.

  11. This is a very simple fix for a piece with good bones, not too mention utilitarian. Who doesn’t need more storage and an extra space for serving. Really like this, Sandi

    • Thanks, Sandi! Sure…this was a great piece, and offered tons of storage…just needed a little help. 🙂

  12. Mary Kaiser says

    LOVE IT. I could use that in my house. Now I just have to find one exactly like it and give it the cute Christy treatment. So I also have a question. The Lavendar that you have in a lot of your pictures, is that real or fake? I would love to know where you purchased it if it is fake, because it sure looks very real. PLEASE let me know as I need one very badly in a spot in my house.

    • Thanks, Mary! That lavender is fakey fake fake. 🙂 I purchased it at Hobby Lobby when they were 50% off. This is about $20 worth. XO

  13. Ok, Christy, need your thoughts on this. I have read in quite a few places that the wax used for sealing pieces is not durable over the years. That it will need to be re-waxed after multiple times of cleaning. Have you found that to be true? Btw, adorable TTT this today!☺️

    • Thanks, Julie! I can honestly tell you that I have never gone back and rewaxed a piece of furniture. I haven’t found the need. I use pledge furniture polish once a week and my waxed pieces have lasted beautifully. For additional protection on high traffic pieces, add two coats of wax after painting if you like instead of one. For super high traffic like a kitchen table, I would opt for the old fashioned way with sanding, primer, latex, poly. Hope this answers your question. 🙂

  14. Nice! You are so creative!

  15. You really gave this piece new life, Christy! Even the original hardware looks so much better with the new paint color.

  16. “Might be sad she gave it away”? How about giving herself a swift kick in the butt! What a difference some paint made to this piece – beautiful and I bet it doesn’t last long in your booth.

  17. Well I’m sure your neighbor would be regretting her decision, does she read your blog?! lol! It looks so nice now :o)


    • Thanks, Tania! And I’m pretty sure she doesn’t follow my blog, so she may never see what became of it! 🙂

  18. It is amazing how you can see hidden potential in pieces.
    I think you missed something when you proofread your post…
    I at least don’t understand this:

    They both drawer came up good as new after wiping them down, so I left them as is.
    The only reason I say anything is I’d want my readers to do the same if they didn’t understand my writing.

  19. Oh how I love how this turned out, you could use it in the kitchen or bathroom or even the bedroom. If I lived closer I would buy it. great little piece and another great job.
    I’m so glad you didn’t have any damage from the hurricane. I have been thru a few and know what it is like.

    • Thanks, Patty! Oh yes, this could function in just about any space. We were very fortunate with this hurricane as it was headed straight for us and made a sharp right just before the brunt of it got to us! XO

  20. This turned out so beautiful, Christy! I love how you styled it.

  21. Great update! It is surprising how much this small piece can hold. I think I might be tempted to use it in a closet for extra storage or perhaps a craft room.

    • Thanks, Paula! I agree…this thing can hold a lot! I love the idea to use it in a craft space! XO

  22. Love your blog ! You have a great imagination! Thank you for sharing!

  23. Oh wow! This went from plain and blah to fabulous! Well done!

  24. What a difference in the island and I love the color!

  25. Little kitchen Islands are one of my favorite makeovers. You made it beautiful again!

  26. Love this piece! I have a question. I use your recioe for chalk oaint and absolutely love it. However, the other day the man at Hime Depot said that all the Behr paints now have primer in them. Originally I thought you said to use flat paint without primer in it?

    • Thanks, Mari! That is just fine…the one with primer built in was more expensive, and I just felt it wasn’t necessary to spend more. It’s no problem to have it built in though. SO glad you like the recipe! 🙂

  27. Donna Childress says

    I absolutely love this little stand. I also live in VA and we did get the rain didn’t we? I just had to comment on this re do it turned out great you would never know it sat in a garage and then the rain. Wonderful make over!

    • Thanks, Donna! The rainfall this season has been crazy! I hated to see that little stand sitting in the rain…glad I rescued it. 🙂


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