My Christmas Market Booth

Craft Booth Display Ideas

Last year I spent a lot of time talking about the Christmas Market I was participating in Thanksgiving weekend. Remember November? Doesn’t it seem like so long ago? So today I’m sharing my booth set-up!

My parents and I did several crafts shows a year for around 15 years or so. I lose track. I stopped participating when I started nursing school because that really took all my focus. I stilled helped my parents run some of the shows, but they eventually stopped as well.

This spring after visiting the Spring Craft Market at the local Convention Center, I got a wild hair and decided to sign up for their Christmas Craft Market.  I SO forgot how much WORK it is preparing for a show!

My mom tagged along for the ride and for good ole times’ sake, only I was in charge this time. Yay! and Holy Crap!  I had no inventory, no displays, only the fantasy that this would be so much fun he he he.

While it was exhausting preparing for it, we did it! Kudos to those of you that do this on a regular basis and successfully run a blog and a household too!

If you follow me on Facebook, you already got to see my space! If not and I don’t know why you wouldn’t ahem…here it is 🙂

Craft Booth Set-up

That’s my mom to the left. Our space was packed!

Craft Booth Set-up

Remember how I said I had no displays?

I was super lucky to come across these old bi-fold doors at a yard sale this summer for $5 each. I just added a fresh coat of spray paint.  I stabilized doors with metal strips at the back and added hinges to the two side pieces. Perfect!

Crft Booth Display Board from old Bi-Fold Doors

For display surface, I found this old wooden ladder at an estate sale for $10.


My dad had given me a huge piece of 3/4″ plywood leftover from his crafty days that I used to cut shelves. I used old paint I had leftover from an old project to paint everything:

Craft Booth Ladder Display

I had to build the shelves up with scrap wood to make them level. Then I screwed everything securely in place. Does that ENJOY sign look familiar? It’s just like the one I have in my dining room! I sold it to a super sweet high school friend along with a couple of other pieces.

Craft Booth Ladder Display

Craft Booth Set-up

Did you see how my Mom has her hands on her hips? That usually means someone’s in trouble.

This is better, isn’t she cute? She did not want me to take her picture. Bad daughter. The guy in the background had dog treats that looked like mounds of dog poo. Really?! I can’t believe I didn’t take a picture of that. Bad blogger.

Craft Booth  Set-up 5

I made a fitted table cloth from drop cloth. It took me over three hours…and you can’t even see the cute ruffle I added around the bottom 🙁

Craft Booth Set-up 12

Overall it was very successful. Remember this dresser? Not ten minutes after I sold it, a couple came back to buy it for their daughter. I could have sold it several times over!

Burlap Fabric Inlay Dresser

If you follow me, you probably see a lot that looks familiar. You know that I find most of my pieces at yard sales, estate sales and even thrift stores. All our little Christmas arrangements were also created from similar finds.

Craft Booth  Set-up 6

This little snow family was  a thrift store find and the tree and cheese box were yard sale finds. This one didn’t sell, so I used it in my Christmas decor…don’t mind if I do!

Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer Christmas Home Tour 2013 23

Booth Display Ideas

Craft Booth Display Ideas

There are a lot of pieces I made over to sell that I have yet to share with you. I’ll be sharing some of those soon 🙂

Hope your year is off to a good start!






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  1. you do wonderful work. I would buy any and all of it!

  2. That dresser you sold is beautiful and I can see why people would love it. It does look like a lot of work to set up one of these. Your furniture looks great and I love those signs.
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  3. You are killing me with all your talent- so wish I was closer to you, but then again I probably would have bought everything 🙂

  4. Yes, Exciting and Exhausting at the same time. But your booth is lovely, with it’s soft creamy colors. Glad you did well. Thought about doing a show myself. Still thinking. What if I get “creator’s” block? ugh oh. Better think some more…

    • I had a moment of panic and thought that too, JoAnn…but I didn’t and in fact, I had a hard time keeping up. It gave me a lot of material for my blog which is another reason I decided to apply. I would definitely do it again, just not on Thanksgiving weekend. That was tough! Have a fantastic weekend 🙂

  5. I love the booth set up and know from another life how much work it is. The investment in a good presentation means real money in the bank for the further pursuit of the fun things we love to do. Your mom looks like a real sweetie and you are so lucky that she’s still hear for a smile when your good and frown when you may not be quite up to snuff!

  6. now I feel so inadequate, My wife and I have been toying with the idea of renting out a booth at the local antique/consignment warehouse. It sounded like a great idea at the time and with winter upon us I am working to build up some inventory to sell. “now I am frightened!” just kidding, this display really motivated me to do it. Oh yeah and I’m glad I don’t live near you cause I would have gone broke…

    • You’re funny! I say go for it! Renting a space is the best way to go. No pressure with show deadlines and you’re not confined to only two to three days to sell! I’m looking for a space myself for my leftovers 🙂

  7. Hi! I just love your items and booth! So clever. I have been thinking about doing something similar for a while. How do I find shows and do you have any tips for first timers? I need income but with flexible hours. By the way, our church has collected Christmas items from parishioners and tag sales and now sells them at their annual fair. They make so much more money off of this that they stopped doing regular arts and crafts! Blessings for the new year!

    • Hi Holly! Thanks for stopping by! Ask around in your area about shows. Fall shows usually start taking applications in the early spring in many cases. You could try to google craft shows in your town. I know there are a couple of books that my parents used to go through to find shows, but I’m not sure where they got them. I really enjoyed creating and making over pieces for my show, but it was a lot of work. I think if I do it again, I’ll try a smaller show 🙂

  8. Love all your stuff. Can’t believe you neglected to take pics of the dog-poo treats.


  9. Your booth was beautiful! I’m glad it was successful for you! I have just started setting up at craft fairs and I am a bit overwhelmed. This gave me some great motivation!!!

    • Thanks, Amberly! It really can be overwhelming. I’m not sure I would have been able to get right in there and give it a go if I hadn’t helped my parents for so many years! But, I’m glad I did and I would again, but after a nice long break 🙂

  10. Janice Huston says

    Oh, I so wish that I lived closer!!!! I would have loved to come visit your beautiful booth! EVERYTHING looks so wonderful!!!

  11. Beautiful booth and furniture. I hope you share the makeover on the drop leaf table soon…I have my grandmother’s old drop leaf table in the’s a little bigger and rectangular not scalloped but I have been thinking about redoing for a craft table in my office. That piece really inspired me to get it down and start working on it. I love all your projects, such variety and they really get me thinking about projects I could do around the house. Each one you post I think is my favorite until you post a new one.

  12. Wow, your booth was beautiful. Great idea to use the bifold doors. I have no idea how you did all that!

  13. You must have done well – your display looks so inviting! I have a Question: You displayed a bureau with burlap fabric on each drawer – how did you adhere the fabric? Is it coated at all? Would love to try this technique! THX!

  14. Wow! I think I love everything in your booth, especially that dresser. I’m not surprised that several people wanted to buy it.

  15. Wow your space is amazing! I see so many things that I would have brought home with me!

  16. super cute booth – very welcoming….& love that dresser! xoxo

  17. Wow- wish I could have wandered through and shopped!! It looks gorgeous. I am so amazed and impressed that you can balance your job, blog, family, and this job too!

    • Luckily, I am not working at my “real” job right now! Thank goodness, I could not blog and work full time. I am amazed at how you are able to do it all! I would have loved it if you could have come to visit:)

  18. Haha!! Now I know your secret to craftiness….it’s in your genes. 😉 How wonderful that your mom was there to help and encourage you. What a sweet blessing. And your “booth” looks fabulous. I cannot believe that you didn’t sell every single thing in a matter of minutes. Girl….I LOVE your style!!

    Thanks for linking up to Project Inspire{d}!!!

  19. I really want to turn my hobby into a career and start selling my stuff. Do you think the craft fair was a good return on your investment? Also how long did it take you to prepare all the items you had for sale?

    • I definitely had a good return on my investment as far as money. Time, I’m not so sure. I LOVE creating and updating old pieces, but it does take away time spent with my family. So, that is a trade-off. I’m looking into renting a booth at an antiques mall nearby, so I can steadily sell year round and it will still provide plenty to blog about 🙂

  20. Thank you for linking up to the Hit Me With Your Best Shot Link Party Last week. Hope to see you and your Awesome ideas tonight at 7 EST!


  21. Sarah Waters says

    Your display is simply spectacular ! I love it all . A wonderful job . And alot of work . Congratulations on a job well done .

  22. I’ve really enjoyed seeing all your great creations! Love it all! Is this the Christmas Market that’s held in Virginia Beach during the Thanksgiving weekend? Sorry that I missed it! Would love to know if you do decide to have a booth in an antique mall since I live nearby on the peninsula. Your booth and furniture are lovely!! I really enjoy your posts!

    • Thanks so much, Lynn! This is the Thanksgiving show. I’m sorry you missed it, but I have my name on the waiting list for a booth at Barrett Street Antique Mall. It’s not far from Lynnhaven Mall. Hopefully I won’t have to wait too long. Check in with me in a month or so. Stay safe with all this snow!! XO

  23. Stephanie Wilkinson says

    Hey there! Gorgeous space! I just scored myself a set of folding closet doors as well and am totally stumped how to hang my signs from them?! What did you use? Thanks!

    • Hi Stephanie! I used large paper clips, opened up. They hung over the slats and up through the saw-tooth hangers on my signs. There are also “s” hooks that are less curvy like an “s” and more straight that I think would work great and probably be much sturdier, but would cost a lot more. I saw them at Home Depot. Good luck 🙂

  24. Hi Christy, I was reading your recent post today and clicked the link back here. That’s for the craft show info. Wow you do beautiful things!