Our Next Big Project: Operation Kitchen Update

Hello sweet friends! Today I am talking about what I hope to be our next big house project.

I really have to psych myself up for this one since it is such an undertaking…the kitchen!! I am finally starting to think about this space, so I thought I would share my initial thoughts and get some feedback from you guys! I want to say also that I know we are blessed to have a nice kitchen to start with, and I am extremely grateful for that. It is just time to make it feel more like us. 🙂

First, here is how our kitchen looks now:

Our kitchen is at the back of the house and that is the view entering from the front of the house. The only thing I have done in this space so far is painted the walls and trim. I used the same color I used throughout the rest of the downstairs: Campfire Ash by Behr.

This is looking in from the living room:

I haven’t added any decor at all really since I have been waiting until its big makeover to add my own personality.

I did buy this sugar crock from the booth next to mine for only $12 though:

It is perfect for holding a ton of kitchen utensils! I keep it turned it around so “sugar” faces the back. And you can see in that photo that our cabinets are not in the best shape, and the undersides have all yellowed.

To left of the island is the fridge and more cabinets:

Just past the fridge through that doorway on the left is a small butler’s pantry:

The dining room is through that doorway.

Our kitchen has great bones so we are going work with what we already have for the most part. The cabinets seem to be nice quality so they will be painted white to match the trimwork. (I won’t miss this dark red color AT ALL.) The black granite counters are in good shape so they will also stay, and the appliances are all updated so we are all set there. However there are a few things I might be willing to part with and hopefully you guys can offer some input..

Before I can start on anything, I need to decide what to do, if anything, to our existing tile floor.

Do we keep the existing tile floor or replace it with the same wood we used in the rest of our downstairs?

Currently we have these 16″ tiles:

I’ve never been a big fan of this tile floor, and had originally wanted to replace them as soon as we moved in in the same wood flooring we used in our front two rooms and living room. You can see a peek of them and how they transition into the tile floor below:

We decided to live with them for a while and then see we feel about them. So now it’s decision time. Do we replace the tile with matching wood flooring? OR option #2: Do I give the grout a good cleaning (I have put this task off since there was a chance the tile would be going.) like I did in our downstairs bath and keep them?

The tile looked so much better in there after the grout got a good cleaning:

See how I cleaned the grout with no harsh chemicals HERE.

Here is a better look at the wood flooring we already have downstairs:

Feature wall using AirStone from confessionsofaserialdiyer.com

I know I will love the floors flowing continuously throughout most of the downstairs like we had in our last house, but I feel like the tile might be more durable in the kitchen for the long haul? I would love your thoughts!

Also I have resisted buying any rugs for this space until our big makeover, so I know they will add a lot to the space as well. Currently we have nothing on the floors in here:

We still have some of Brennan’s balloons up from his birthday lol.

I already know the cabinets will be painted white.

However for the island…

I was thinking of adding beadboard like I did to our last island and painting it in my favorite blue, Sunken Pool by Behr. It is similar to the color of the curtains in our living room in the background:

You can see a dresser I painted in that color HERE. Just to add a pop of color, and it is easily paintable if we decide to sell down the road. What are your thoughts?

The next item on the agenda that I could use your help with is this narrow cabinet to the right of the window:

Can I remove the cabinet to the right of the window without it looking unbalanced?

It really bugs me for some reason. It is so skinny and honestly doesn’t hold very much. But would it look unbalance if I removed it?

Maybe I need to remove both on either side? I will be adding some sort of tile backsplash and I thought I could add it all the way to the top where those cabinets are. Maybe I could add a few small floating shelves instead? They would have to be super short though.

Or do I just keep them and live with them? Maybe ya’ll don’t think they are that bad?

I haven’t chosen what I want to use for the backsplash yet, but I’m pretty sure it is going to involve tile.

Should I remove that existing piece along the back and take the tile all the way to the counter? 

Also do I remove this stainless steel thing behind the stove:

I’m not a huge fan of it and the racks that hang from it just gather dust. What do ya’ll think? Do you like it?

I am also planning to add glass to the doors of one of the existing cabinets…probably this one to the right of the stove:

Just like I did in our old kitchen. See how I did that HERE.

I will change out the drawer and cabinet pulls and replace them with ones similar to what I used in my boys’ bathroom.

I also want to replace the faucet:

This one is very functional, but I’m leaning towards more shiny nickel finishes instead.

I am also hoping to add some sort of window treatment to this big window above the sink:

Maybe a roman shade?

These barstools will be staying:

I like how they tuck under the counter, but I will probably look for something to replace the material on the top since they are starting to show some wear.

And finally, I would love to do something different with the pendant lights:

These don’t have a whole lot of personality.

And just so you can see what is on the opposite side:

That door opens to our pantry. We added a French door to our pantry in my first house…that might be fun here too, but I am in no rush to replace this one.

And that is a very in-depth look at our kitchen!

I’ll be following the exact same painting method I used in our last kitchen. I shared a complete step-by-step tutorial HERE.

Here is a before and after of our last kitchen:

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets the Right Way!

I also shared a three-year follow-up that you can read about HERE.

I am SO ready to get this kitchen started!! I would love to hear any and all suggestions ya’ll have! 

UPDATE: Operation Kitchen Update is under way! See my first progress post HERE!



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  1. Mary Kaiser says

    Wow do you ever have a big project ahead of you! I just painted my kitchen this past winter and I know how much work it is. I see why your painting those cabinets, the color is so not you or your beautiful style. The floors are a tough call, I would compare how easy or hard they both clean up, which ever one is easier I would go with that one. The cabinet to right of the sink, I would take the door off the cabinet, fill the holes in and leave the door off. I would paint the inside white with a different color on the back walls and use it to display pretty things on. That would prevent it from looking un balanced but still make a spot to display a few great pieces. I know what ever you decide it will be beautiful, like every thing else you do!!

    • This is a big project for sure, Mary! I love all of your suggestions especially leaving the door off and creating an open shelving unit…that could really work. Thank you so much, my friend! XOXO

  2. Katrina Symonds says

    Hi Christy
    If the wood floor was functional in your previous kitchen then I would have that in this kitchen. It would provide a contrast to the painted units and create a better flow through the house. The cabinet to the right of the sink I would remove, at the moment it looks a bit ‘boxy ‘ if you know what I mean. Lots of work to do but I am sure it will look great when finished.

    • Thank you for your input, Katrina! I really would love to see wood flowing all the way through that space! And I have to agree about that cabinet! XO

  3. Cabinets white. Drawer puls, 2 cabinets down would balance that wall. Bead board in blue. My favorite. I would keep the floors. Much better in the kitchen than wood. Think it would be lovely. I am going to paint my cabinets dark blue. White floor and haven’t decided wall color yet. Very exciting though isn’t it.

    • Thank you, Jody! Great suggestions…and as much as I would love to see wood flowing through the space, I too feel like the tile might be more practical. Definitely something to consider! And yes it is so exciting! I bet your cabinets and in blue will look amazing! XO

  4. ColleenB.~ Tx. says

    I agree on painting your cabinets white and changing out the hardware.
    Yes, on removing the floor tile and have the wood flooring flow from one room right into the kitchen.
    If you plan on removing that small cabinet by your window, I would remove both and then replace your window and put in a Bay window. I think a bay window would look great there.
    A nice, pretty backsplash would look great in adding color being your walls are white and planning on painting your cabinets white.

    • Thank you for weighing in, Colleen! A bay window would be gorgeous above the sink! XOXO

  5. Jeannette Drenner says

    My suggestions: keep the floor tile;Remove the metal backsplash and replace it with a different pattern tile from the rest of the backsplash you are going to put up, (a focal point); Remove the skinny cabinet and rebalance it with a decorative wall piece,if it bothers you,(It looks fine on the photo); paint the island blue and put up the bead board or tile the backside of the island, ( for easier cleaning). Do you have room for a barn door to replace the pantry door? The wood barn door might add some warmth.

    • Ooh I never even considered creating a focal point above the stove with tile! I like that idea! I’m not sure a barn door would fit on the wall if the pantry, but that would be cool if it did! Thanks, Jeannette!

  6. Sharon McDavid says

    Good morning, love all the ideas for your kitchen. My only suggestion pertains to the two skinny cabinets. What if you removed the doors completely and used those cabinets for display of pretty tchakies like old bowls or pitchers or replace with glass doors and maybe some lighting in each . Just a thought….love all of your creations. You are represented all over my home with items painted with bit of sugar. My go to white, thanks! Have fun with your kichen project.

    • I really like the idea of using those two cabinets for display without the doors! Thank you, Sharon! And I’m so happy to hear you like Bit of Sugar…my favorite! XOXO

  7. Good Morning from Canada! I love reading your posts in the morning while drinking my coffee! You do have a big job ahead, but it will look beautiful when done. For myself, I would leave the tile (way more durable), leave the small cabinet by the window (it won’t be as noticeable when painted), glass doors would be great on the cabinet, the island painted in your blue, no tile for backsplash (they are permanent, paint can always be added for more interest, lol), small schoolhouse lights over island, new shiny fawcett and handles, and voila, your done, lol! Oh yes, and a Roman blind! It’s going to look amazing, can’t wait for the reveal!

    • Hi Julie from Canada! Thank you so much for your suggestions… I certainly have a lot to think about! You may be right with those cabinets, once they are painted, they may blend in much better! Thank you for following along with me! XOXO

  8. Robin Stephens says

    Wowzers…. you definitely have a lot of decisions to make. Yikes! But, it’s your area of expertise and you never fail to pull off a miracle transformation. I do have two cents to add. I’d ditch the island. I have a feeling they are soon to be an antiquated kitchen staple. Maybe not…but, even if not, they are such a roadblock, and massive intrusion to a free flowing room. Seems to me they create an unnecessary spot to drop stuff, clutter the central part of a room, and duplicate what’s already there (i.e. kitchen and/or dining room table). All that said….you can purchase a light and airy island (like a stainless steel one) on wheels (easily moved around) for a hundred dollars or so…..and use it to transition your way out. I know all this may sound like kitchen blasphemy…..but, it is something that I’ve felt. Anyway, that’s it from me. It’s personal. And, again, you will rock it no matter what you do! Love everything you do!!

    • Thank you so much Robin! You are so sweet! And wow are you ever right…that island collects everything!! That being said it is wired for electricity and we do use it a lot, so I’m afraid it will probably be staying. I do love the idea of having one that is mobile though! Thanks for your suggestion…I appreciate it! XOXO

  9. Mother Deer says

    Regarding the skinny cabinet, I don’t think that it will bother you anymore after the cabinets are painted a lighter color. I love your idea of adding your living room color to the kitchen island. That will look fabulous. As for the flooring, I think that the cabinet color change will draw the eye upward and the current flooring will be fine. Adding a rug under the dining table will help too 🙂

    • You are a girl after my own heart… I just want to save everything ha ha. I do like the idea of painting the cabinets and then deciding whether or not I want to keep the small cabinets, and same with the floor. maybe just painting the cabinets will make both of those work better! Thank you so much for your suggestions, Mother Deer! XOXL

  10. Hi Christy,
    Your kitchen makeover will be beautiful no matter what you do! You have a great eye for makeovers and I love all of your projects. Since you asked for ideas, I would replace the right side skinny cabinet by the sink with open shelves. Also, I have seen some tutorials online about painting and stenciling tile floors and it looks awesome. It would be a lot of work and I have not heard any followups of durability. Just a thought… Thanks for all your posts!

    • Thank you so much, Micki! I do love the idea of replacing that cabinet with shelving! I too love the posts I’ve seen on painting tile floors… My tiles have a funky edge to them, so I’m not sure that would work, but I really do love what others have done with stencils! Thanks for weighing in! XO

  11. I think you should definitely remove the tile floor. The dark wood against the white cabinets will look sharp. Also, would look nice with shelves instead of skinny cabinet. Not sure about accent color on island. Might be too much.

  12. I would leave the floor until the cabinets are done, then see how you feel about it. I like it. It’s ok to have contrast that coordinates. I would remove the thing over the stove. What would even hang there?

    • I love the suggestion of painting the cabinets before touching the floors, Donna! I think I’m going to do that. That thing over the stove has racks that are meant to hold oils and such, but who wants to keep those out? Oh well…that’s definitely going lol! XO

  13. Dorothy Loose says

    Hi Christy – Here are my thoughts. You have a great space and I am with you that I don’t like the red in the cabinetry but painting them our in the white color will be great. I like the idea of the blue color on the island. I would remove the stainless steel item behind the stove. You could do what you did with the bathroom tile. I am not a fan of tile either but it is very practical in the kitchen and I love wood as well. You may either clean the grout or replace it with the wood, either is a good choice (depends on how much you want to spend. A backsplash would be nice- look at lots of magazines and see what looks good to you. Removing the narrow cabinet from the other side of the window might make it seem unbalanced. Could seeded glass be inserted in both of those doors, to make them seem lighter. I definetely agree on a pretty roman blind or a bamboo blind. Shiny nicol fawcet, maybe black hardware. You have a wonderful space (absolutely love the butlers pantry) and you have great taste.
    Christy the one thing about keeping the tile is there would be less wear and tear when pulling up chairs at the table or the barstools which I like. These are just my thoughts. Hope they help- I know this will look absolutely fabulous when you are done – it looks good now but it will be more like your style when you put your signature on this.

    • Thank you so much for your suggestions, Dorothy! I really appreciate it! I feel like the tile might be a much more durable option as well, although the wood would be beautiful. Lots to think about! XO

  14. Cheryl Broy says

    I think all your ideas are great for your kitchen…it’s going to be beautiful…I would replace the floor with same wood, take the two small cabinets out, the rack out over the stove, tile it. The island will be perfect in the blue…Go for it..can’t wait to see it done…the house will all flow together….just gorgeous…exciting…

  15. My 2c – Might consider painting that skinny cabinet white and replacing the door with glass. Could give it a whole new look altogether and make it less prominent. The red color and odd shape just make it stand out in an unusual way. Also think you should go all the way to the hood with the subway backsplash behind the stove. Too much metal behind there now. Good luck, I’ll be watching because we are also doing a similar refresh in our kitchen.

    • Thank you, Mike! I like the idea of adding glass to those cabinets…might make them look lighter for sure. Appreciate you weighing in! Lots of decisions to make! XO

  16. Sheila DelCharco says

    You are right that your kitchen has great bones! Here’s my feedback on your questions:
    Floors: keep the tile. My parents had wood in their last house and it wore BAD over time, despite my mom’s diligence over wiping up spills. Your tile is a nice neutral color that plays well with your wood. The transition area is small and it looks good.

    Cabinet: do you use the space? I think once it’s painted white it won’t pop so much and look like it’s dangling out there. However if you have enough storage some floating shelves would look nice there and you could put some plants right by those lovely windows and decorate them with seasonal items.

    Yes to the glass additions! And to removing that stainless thing. What is it? A vent? You want something that is easy to clean oil splatters, no dust collectors! Yes, also to painting the island and to adding beadboard! Can’t wait to see your makeover! I sure hope you share your “in progress” pix!

    • Thank you so much, Sheila! See that is why I asked you guys…good information to know about the wood floors in your parent’s house! As for that stainless steel thing, I have no idea what its purpose is, I think it just needs to go! Thanks so much for your suggestions! I cannot wait to get this room started! XOXO

      • The stainless steel thing is a warmer. It should drop down and hold dishes you want to keep warm. There are 2 warming lights in the vent area. Just thought you should know what you are removing. Can’t wait to see the finished kitchen.

        • You are the winner, Barbara! Ha ha honestly I really wish I had a prize for you… No one else knew what that thing was for ha ha! Thank you! XO

  17. victoria says

    Hi my sweet frind, My opinion is that the makeover will be wonderful , you have a strong personality and good taste capable of inspire all your followers as me … Nevertheless here my thoughts..
    Do we keep the existing tile floor or replace it with the same wood we used in the rest of our downstairs? I will replace it , depending on the hardness and water resistanceof them
    Can I remove the cabinet to the right of the window without it looking unbalanced? I think it wont be unbalanced if you remove it , I dont like it at all and I think is a stain there… you could replace it with one of your beautiful vertical signs
    perhaps you should remove also the left one and adding floating shelves in there…
    Should I remove that existing piece along the back and take the tile all the way to the counter? yes it would uodate and refresh for sure…

    Have fun while you work and I am looking forward to see the final makeover¡¡
    Kisses from warm and sunny Madrid

    • Hi Victoria!! Great suggestions, my friend! I think we have the same ideas about this space… I can’t wait to start on this room! XOXO

  18. Becky Dickinson says

    The single cabinet to the right of the window does stand out, but once painted your new light color with the light walls, bet it would blend right in and look balanced.

    • That’s something I never thought about, Becky! I may go ahead and paint it and see how it looks once it’s painted. Thanks for weighing in! XO

  19. I am in no way a decorator but glad you will be painting the cabinets because I lean toward lighter cabinets. Also like an island painted a different color than cabinets. I think wood floors would be a great contrast to the lighter cabinets. Not sure about the tall lean cabinet but maybe you could either have open shelving there or take the door off and leave it open. Good luck on your renovation. You will make the right decisions I’m sure. It will be beautiful.

  20. So many fun projects! I would leave the slim cabinet to the right of the sink. I think the short floating shelves would look funny and I really do think the cabinet looks fine. I loooove the idea of the blue island! That will be so pretty. For tha back splash I would definitely remove that existing piece, as well as the stainless steel piece behind the stove. It would be fun to do an accent tile behind the stove and then something simple like a subway tile for the rest of the back splash. Then maybe some nickle finish lights like these to go over the island, which would tie into your new faucet. http://pldhomes.com/gallery?section=Kitchens
    Good luck! We just did our kitchen – it’s fun but a little overwhelming with all of the choices out there! 🙂

    • Thank you for your thoughts, Becky! I love the idea of doing a focal point with tile behind the stove and keeping the rest simple, and I absolutely love the pendant lights! That is exactly what I envision for above the island! Also in the background of that photo is the faucet I love as well LOL! Thank you so much for sharing! XOXO

  21. Bonnie Roux says

    Hi Christy. Okay, here are my thoughts! You might be sorry you asked! Haha. I agree with you, I am not a huge fan of those tiles in the kitchen. We continued our Brazilian cherry hardwood floors throughout the entire area, especially if you have an open floor plan. I think it just adds a nice continuity. Also, I did have an episode where my KitchenAid stand mixer walked itself off the counter. It put a good dent in my wood floor, but had it been tile it would have been broken completely, and that’s a pain to try and replace tiles like that. As for the cabinet to the right of the sink, if you do remove it you need something there to balance the feel, whether it’s shelves or some kind of wall art. My other thought is you could add glass to that door and just put decorative things in there, to lighten up the heaviness of it. On to the backsplash! We did a glass subway tile, and I love the light and reflection that I get from it. It almost looks like beach glass, which I think would fit in well with your theme. For the island, I like the idea of a different color, and whether you put beadboard or not is up to you. I do think the blue that matches the curtains might be a little bit light, you might go a little bit more gray or sandlike, but that’s absolutely a personal preference to you. Thanks for letting me put my 2 cents in!! I was going to send a picture of the backsplash but couldn’t attach.
    I actually have an antique piece I just picked up that I was thinking of painting with white chalk paint that I would love to get your advice on as well. Please let me know if I can send a picture and get your thoughts.

    • Thank you so much for your suggestions, Bonnie! I would love to see our wood floors flow all the way through out. A couple people suggested painting the cabinets first to see how I like the cabinets with the tile, and I may do that. But having wood all the way through in my last home, I know I already love that look! I bet your backsplash is gorgeous! I can envision what you are talking about. If you’d like to send me a message through my Facebook page with a photo of your antique piece, you are welcome to. There is also a contact me tab in my blog’s header which reaches me directly through email that you can use as well. XOXO

  22. Oh Wow! How exciting!! Oh how I wish I could redo mine! I don’t blame you not missing those dark cabinets! Nothing like brightening up a room with lighter paint! Especially a kitchen! It just feels cleaner! I would lose the smaller cabinet for sure! Take it down and live with it for awhile. Once you paint and backsplash you may not even notice. You could always do some cool open shelves of some sort.
    The floors? As talented as you are you should try a stencil on those tiles. ????. I know that may sound crazy but some of these bloggers I follow have created the most beautiful floors! You could start with painting a rug. If you don’t like it, rip it up and match your other floors. And certainly paint the island. It will be gorgeous no matter what! I saw some really pretty window treatments on Wayfair! Can’t wait to see the updates! ????????????????????❤️

    • Thank you, Jamie! Oh wow would I love one of those beautiful stenciled tile floors! Unfortunately our tiles aren’t completely flat, so I would probably make a hot mess out of them ha ha. I do love the look of them from what I’ve seen though! I appreciate your thoughts! XOXO

  23. Hi Christy, from a personal standpoint tile is much durable in a kitchen. However, that tile is blah. Maybe you could stencil it or replace with an updated tile?

    • Thanks, Lisa! I do feel like the tile will be more durable. If I do decide to keep it maybe the kitchen will be turn out so fabulous that no one will notice the blah tile ha ha! And yes I agree it is very boring! XO

  24. I’m not a fan of wood in the kitchen…one water accident and you’re “cooked”. I would opt to clean the grout instead and if it works, perhaps add wood to the eating area only. As for the skinny cabinet, I would replace with floating shelves. You have so many treasures, it won’t be hard to style. Also when the cabinets are white, I don’t think that wall will feel unbalanced. IMHO, I would not paint your island a different color to your cabinets…it is not big enough. Try some light and airy (no glass) latern style of light fixture over the island. You asked so many Q’s, hence the lengthy comment. Good luck.

    • I really appreciate your feedback, Heidi, thank you! I definitely understand what you’re saying about wood in the kitchen. I definitely have some thinking to do about that one. Love your suggestion for the lantern pendants! XO

  25. Brigitte says

    I love your ideas! Now my 2 cents. 😉 I would keep the floor tiles, since they look great in the bathrooms after the grout cleaning, mainly for durability. Love your idea of painting the island too, because then your colours will flow into the living room. You could swap out the glass shades on the pendants for a new look. As for the skinny cabinets, why not replace the door panels with glass and then use them to show off some of your ironstone? It looked lovely in your last kitchen. Have fun and I can’t wait to see the results.

    • Thank you, Brigitte!! I totally get what you’re saying about the tile floor. Some suggested painting the cabinets before addressing the floor to see how the tile flows, and I may just do that. I really like the idea of swapping out the doors for glass on those two cabinets. Y’all have really given me some ideas to consider and I appreciate that so much! XO

  26. Forgot one more item…a fixed faux Roman would look amazing in the window. I found instructions for the one I made on Pinterest.

  27. Kimberly LaCrone says

    You have a very nice kitchen and I love all of your ideas for it!
    Kitchen tile: Clean it, Leave it-durable and easy maintenance, goes nicely with wall color, change it later if you’re not loving it.
    Little cabinets: Remove them both: replace with tile for a cleaner look.
    Metal thing over stove: Remove it and tile it to give it a cleaner look too. I love the blue island idea for a pop of color and roman shades are always a favorite! New Fawcett: yes Lighting: Choose after everything else is finished. Whatever choices you make I know your kitchen will look beautiful, can’t wait to see it!

    • Thank you so much, Kimberly! Your suggestions are right in line with what I am thinking!! XOXO

  28. Laura Werley says

    No matter what you do to your kitchen, I know it will be beautiful when you finish. Your theme is light, bright and beach and that dark kitchen is not what fits into your vibe. First, yes, remove that skinny cabinet to the right of the window. It looks like an afterthought. If you want to leave the one on the left it will blend into the bank of cabinets you have there. On the backsplash, honestly I would put in the white subway tiles to give the eyes a rest. That way, with the cabinets white and backsplash white, your decorative pieces you use in the room will show beautifully. And yes, the island would be beautiful in your blue. Bead boards would definitely create a casual look, add that, too. Now for the floor – the wood will absolutely give you the flow you are looking for. However, I have wood in the kitchen and I know it’s never really clean. I use a small steam floor cleaner and the spray wood cleaner with a microfiber mop, but it’s not really clean. One thing I would suggest there is to paint the tiles white and stencil the floor in either a gray or blue. Cutting edge stencils have a number of stencils designed just for that. It’s a lot of work and it may not be completely immune to scuffing or scraping, but it will lighten the look of the room. Or completely dig up the old tile and replace with the beautiful concrete tile that is so popular right now. Still a lot of choices and work but it will be ‘your’ house when you are done. Oh and the light fixtures over the island, replace with the bleached wood, driftwood looking fixtures, they’ll fit your home better. And get rid of the stainless steel backsplash, it’s not pretty!

    • Awesome suggestions, Laura, thank you so much! I hear what you’re saying about wood in the kitchen… My heart really wants it, but my head knows that tile is a smarter choice! Love your suggestion for a Driftwood pendant! XOXO

  29. Don’t change the tile to wood – at least wait until you see the results of the lightened cabinets which will be beautiful. The window wall would look way wider without those incredibly tiny cabinets but may just take the doors off to get an idea. Thank you so much for your grout cleaner info – just getting ready to do mine and your bathroom looks SO clean and fresh! My husband made Christmas presents each year and once it was a wooden thing like yours. He loved wood and only stained it but I really like your idea to paint and stencil. The old one is out in the garden with plants inside but will soon be inside with a fresh new look. Gotta love wood!

    • I love the suggestion to paint my cabinets first, Mary, and that is what I might just do! Who knows, maybe I will like it once the cabinets are painted. That grout cleaning trick works wonders! And I’m glad you found inspiration for your husband’s creation! Have fun with it! XOXO

  30. Yep, still a beautiful kitchen, but not you and SOOOO red! : ) Have you even come across Maria (http://www.mariakillam.com) in all your decorating adventures? I think on the floor issue she’d say “is it going to look like new kitchen, old floor?” She kind of boils it down to the basics very quickly.
    I don’t believe I’ve seen a metal gizmo/back splash dealy like that, or a cabinet that narrow before in my life, haha! If you’re happier without, I say your kitchen will be too! If balance ended up an issue with the cabinet, would some wall art of some sort fix it?
    You’ve got a lovely starting point to work with here, and with your impeccable taste, it will only get better! Can’t wait to see you work your magic!

    • I have not heard of her before…but sounds like she is good at helping people make design decisions! I know in my heart I would love wood going all the way through my kitchen, however my head knows that the tile is more practical. It will look new once I clean that disgusting grout, which I have put off for almost a year ha ha. Might just paint the cabinets first and see how the tile looks before making a final decision. And yes I think both that metal thing behind the stove and that skinny cabinet are gone for sure! I am so excited to get started on this space! Thanks so much for weighing in, my friend! XOXO

  31. Linda D. says

    Wow! Nice light, good bones, big window – the kitchen already has alot going for it. I love the paint color you chose. I think it looks great with the crisp white trim.

    There are a few big items that will really change the look of the kitchen that you already mentioned. I agree that the red has to go. I’d also ditch whatever that stainless thing is behind the cook top. Unless the fan above the cooktop is vented to the outside with ductwork, it’s likely that the filter does little if anything to cleanse the air. If your budget allows, I’d spend the bucks to add a real cooktop vent. If you know your cabinet maker, most have compatible hoods that are more attractive and blend in with the cabinetry. Even if you don’t, a good carpenter can often build something. Since that area is front and center, it can either detract or add to the beauty of the view from the living room/den.

    As for the cabinets on either side of the window, if you don’t need the storage I’d ditch them both and open the wall. I think that that, along with adding glass to that upper cabinet will make the space feel much more open. I love the idea of tiling that wall. I don’t think you will need any open shelving – the tile and the big window are enough of a design statement for me. I also love the idea of cladding and painting the island with your happy color. Color is really important to me and I know I have a big smile on my face when I come down on a cloudy winter morning to make coffee and see my favorite colors greet me. And, as you say, it’s just paint. It’s a relatively easy change.

    Finally, the floor. I had this same debate with myself when we moved into our house. My decision was easier since my kitchen floor was filled with cracked tiles – they had to go. We installed hardwood oak floors since we loved the look BUT over the years the floor has taken a bit of a beating. When the kids are gone we’ll likely have them refinished. The one tip I can share if you do decide on wood is to make sure all your furniture legs have FELT guards glued on them with contact cement. Plastic guards scratch the floor, and felt self stick pads seem to come off on a weekly basis. I only learned this AFTER our oak was scratched up. If I were still on the fence, I’d live with the floor and see how it looks after you make the other changes. It might give you a clearer idea of what you love.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing what you do. You always do such glorious transformations!

    • Thank you, Linda! So many smart suggestions! I never even considered changing out the vent hood for one that matches our cabinetry, but I love that idea! As for the floor I know in my heart that I would really love to see the word flow all the way through, but I also know that the tile is much more practical. Some suggested painting the cabinets first and see how the tile looks, which I just might do. I really appreciate your suggestions! XOXO

  32. I think once you paint the skinny cabinets white they
    won’t bug you near as much. Love the idea of a blue island and some fun fabric with blue in pattern for the bar stools.
    Perhaps you could even make curtains out of the same fabric. Maybe pick out your fabric first and then pick the blue paint to go with the blue in the fabric. I know you love sunken pool but if you found a blue that is close but would match the. blue in the fabric it would make you even happier. Ask me how I know?:):):):):):) Personally I would
    just clean the grout and keep the tile floors for now.
    You could then splurge on some really decorative tile for the backsplash. I went with standard white subway tile
    with a very light gray grout last year but wish now I had
    spent a little extra on the tile and gotten a hexagon or fish scale fan pattern. I was worried about resale at the time but I think either would have stood the rest of time provided the color was neutral. Just going from those dark cabinets to white cabinets will make such a difference….but you already know that. Bigger pendant lights will make
    things look different too. Check out the lights John and Sherry at Young House Love used in their kitchen renovation. Whatever you decide….I know it will look

    • Thank you, Deb! I do want something a bit prettier than a standard subway tile so I’m glad you shared your experience on that. I may paint the cabinets first and then decide on the floor. I think cleaning the grout will make a big difference. And John and Sherry have some Pendant lights in their own line that are in my favorite blue! That will be one of the more fun decisions! XOXO

  33. Yes I think you should take the tile all the way to the counter, I think it would look fine to remove that one skinny cabinet and add some cute shelves, and although I think the tile looks good in the kitchen, I love the look of one kind of flooring throughout, and I think the dark wood floor would look beautiful with the white cabinets when you paint them. I really shouldn’t be giving opinions since my kitchen also needs a major upgrade, ha ha. I have the same dark cabinets in my kitchen that I need to paint white also. Can’t wait to see what you do, it always looks great when you are done.

    • Thank you so much, Kellie! It really is hard to find the motivation to tackle such a big job, isn’t it? Getting suggestions from all of you guys is really helping me and I am starting to get excited! Thank you so much for your suggestions! XOXO

  34. Love all your plans and cant wait to see it finished! I’m not sure on the floor! I love the look of wood with the white cabinets but the cleaned grout looks lght and bright! Either way, will look great! xoxo

    • Thanks, Nancy! I actually thought about ditching these cabinets all together and buying brand new eek! But in the end, I just couldn’t do it LOL. Cabinet painting marathon here I come LOL! I am really on the fence with the floor. Some suggested painting the cabinets first and seeing how it looks, and I think I’m going to do that. Plus cleaning the grout will make it look much cleaner and brighter! If you weren’t going out of town, I’d make you come over here and help me LOL XOXO

  35. If you are painting the cabinets white, then I say the wood floors would be a good choice. I also think you can get rid of the cabinet on there right and it will be fine. Can’t wait to see the results!

  36. Gina Keysor says

    I have only a few opinions, first yes remove the metal rack from behind the stove! I would also remove the lone skinny cabinet and perhaps you could put a long sign you do so well. I also cleaned up some grout in a project and it made a huge difference, you could always start there and see how you like the tile floor when kitchen is done. New pendant lights for sure! Can’t wait to see the results, don’t envy the process!

    • Thank you so much, Gina! I appreciate your suggestions! And I think we are right on the same page. I’m going to paint the cabinets first I think and then see how the tile looks. I know it will look much better cleaned up for sure! XOXO

  37. I love your posts! I think you should change the floor. Once you paint the cabinets white you will need something to anchor them. The tiles will be too light. Plus it sounds to me like you won’t be happy unless you change the floor so go for it! 🙂 As for the cabinet on the right of your sink, maybe you should paint it first and then reassess. It might not look as out of place once it is a lighter colour. Have fun. I can’t wait to see the final results!

    • Thank you so much, Tracy!! I appreciate your feedback! My heart is totally on board with the wood floors…my head is thinking about the practicality of the tile…might be painting the cabinets first as some suggested and see how it looks. Can’t wait to get started! XOXO

  38. Carol Parrish says

    Instead of removing the skinny cabinet to the right of the sink, what about taking the door off and making open shelving out of it. Of course painted to match the rest of the cabinetry. I love your blog, Thanks Carol

    • Thank you so much, Carol! I like the idea to remove the door and see how it looks. I hadn’t considered that option! XO

  39. Kim from MI ???? says

    A good cleaning of the tile and Painting your cupboards will give the tile a whole new look! Cozy it up with rugs.
    The money you save on the floor you can put elsewhere in the kitchen! Whatever you decide it will be beautiful, I am sure of that, just like all your other projects! ????

    • Aww thank you so much, Kim! I have a feeling you are right, and saving $$ is always a good thing! XOXO

  40. Sherry Stuifbergen says

    First, I would keep the tile for your busy family. A wood floor in a kitchen with all kinds of activities and traffic…mopping messes…how would a wood floor hold up? I like your existing floor!

    I would add glass fronts to ALOT of your cabinets or etched glass fronts to places like spices, and places you want hidden. (I am NOT a fan of upper kitchen cabinets. I feel they are boring. I hate a kitchen “lined” with cabinetry. Boring) I love open shelves too to show off “treasures.” I see you don’t collect except ironstone and you put that in the dining room. Alot of hard work ahead of you, painting those cupboards but you do good work. I like the island color you will add too. Your ideas are good. I like vintage.

    • Thanks, Sherry! I appreciate your suggestions! The practical side of my knows you are right about the floors and my boys can be tough on them! I do really need the uppers or I would love to see them go as well! I am excited to get to work! XOXO

  41. Hi Christy,
    The outcome will be beautiful regardless of what the final decisions are! IMO:
    Replace tile? Check! (it will be a beautiful contrast with the dark floors). Beadboard on island? Check! Skinny cabinet? I would paint first then see how it looks…what’s 2 more cabinets right? lol. Remove back part of countertop? Unsure… Remove SS on back of wall? Check, check!
    Wishing you lots of luck and looking forward to you sharing the journey with us!

  42. Mary Smart says

    Hi Christy,
    I have been following you for awhile and love your style. Here are my suggestions:
    Replace the tile with the wood floors, the Blue island would be great with your house, I would remove both of the skinny kitchen cabinets and put up floating shelves, yes, remove that stainless steel behind the stove and I like the idea of big clear glass pendants so you can see through them. I look forward to seeing what you do.

    • Thank you so much, Mary! Love the idea of clear glass pendants…thank you for weighing in! XOXO

  43. I would probably replace the tile floor because it will make it look for elegant and the single cabinet can go next to the window…..just pit something else there like a tall wire rack of sorts perhaps to hold some onions or potatoes or fruit even. Good idea replacing the faucet and the covering on bar stools….looking forward to the improvements….good luck!!!!!

    • Thank you for your suggestions, Lyn! Removing that cabinet would definitely allow me to put something taller there! I like that! XOXO

  44. I am not an interior decorator by any means, this is why I love your stuff! But I like the tile; if it was me, I’d just clean it, and add rugs for color & warmth. As for the skinny cupboard, I don’t think it would be off balance to remove it, if you hang something there that mimics the other one–something long & thin. I love your island idea!! I also love the big, open window. I wouldn’t add anything to it, myself. I love natural light!! Just my thoughts, hope they help somehow. Excited to see the new kitchen; the cupboard color is just too dark & gloomy.

    • Thank you, Sharon! I’m no designer either ha ha I just know what I like! Thank you so much for your suggestions…you might be right about the window not needing any treatments…I do like it as it is! XOXO

  45. Wow, that’s a lot to take in! Let’s see if I can hit on everything you mentioned. I agree with you about painting the cabinets. My mom always liked light colored things and now I know why. It’s just so bright and happy and I am so glad I painted my kitchen cabinets, even though my kitchen is very sunny it just looks so much better. The island, I agree with you to paint it blue. I think it will really look great with table and chairs and the white cabinets and of course the stools. The narrow cabinets I think you should take down both. Once you do that you can see whether or not you like it without the cabinets. If you think you still need the cabinets you can put them back up. I think because you want to do a window treatment you going to want to remove the side cabinets. Now the floor. I like the tile floor, but that’s just me. I think it’s easier to maintain and I like the color. If I had a larger home I would definitely put in tile, but because my house is smaller and not of a higher scale it is foolish to put in tile. Vinyl flooring suits my house better. I do have hardwood in the rest of the house and I did think about putting it in the kitchen, but it would be difficult to match the existing flooring because my house was built in the 50s and I think it would look odd with any flooring that didn’t match. Anyway, I don’t know if I would like the dark flooring if you paint the cabinets white. I can’t visualize that as looking good together, but that’s me. Maybe you can see that it will look go with your cabinets. Yes, the thing by the range top needs to go. What is that for? I think that’s everything you mentioned. Oh yeah, the lights, I’m not good with picking pendant lights. I agree that the ones you have need to be replaced, but with what I’m not sure. I’m looking forward to seeing what others have to say and what you decide to do. I would love a huge home like yours, but being that I’m alone now, my house suits me fine. I have almost 2 acres so that is plenty for me to handle. I know that whatever you decide will look fantastic!

  46. mary dorval says

    Hi Christy

    Updating your kitchen sounds like a fantastic idea!
    I noted the following regarding your questions:
    1. Keep tile floor option in kitchen, looks great when cleaned up and will be more durable with kids in the busiest room of your home-you can always change out when they move out!
    2. The island will look more connected,(painted Behr Pool blue to rest of your home and more beach feel when you paint cabinets white. I love the bead board for island base as well.
    3. By removing cabinets on both sides of the sink-it will really open up your kitchen and improve light!
    4. Removing the metal rack from back of stove will look less cluttered and cleaner
    5. Light fixtures over island: how about hanging clear or beach glass bubbles? light and airy!
    I look forward to seeing your updated kitchen!

    • Thank you for sharing your ideas, Mary! I think my thoughts are right where yours are for now. Can’t wait to get started! XOXO

  47. Karen Kelly says

    I pit ceramic in my kitchen when we renovated as they recommended that since we had a pool that chlorinated water would ruin the hardwood, not that wet people would be rude enough to enter the kitchen soaking wet, I regret it, I wish we had put hardwood right through, mind you I have had a few ‘spills’ that made me grateful for the ceramic floor. I was grateful that I asked for the smallest grout lines possible, or looks better and easier to clean

    • That is a concern for us as well with the pool out back, although there is a door that leads right into the bathroom from the back as well. Such a tough decision! XO

  48. Hi Christy! Love all your kitchen ideas, we just finished a full gut/remodel of our kitchen…its nice to be on the other side of that!
    IMHO – bring the wood flooring into the kitchen, it will be warmer with all the white paint
    – remove the little cabinet, I think it just draws attention to how little the space is and I don’t think the other side needs to go. Shelves would accentuate the narrow too…just add a cute vertical sign or something decorative.
    – yes, remove the metal contraption and take the tile to the counter…simple and clean!
    – a Roman share would be super cute
    – love the pop of color idea for the island (we did all white cabinets with black island)
    Enjoy the journey!!

    • Thanks, Marilyn! I bet you are so happy to be done with your redo! Great suggestions! Thank you! Xo

  49. Hi Christy,
    I have been enjoying your blog for several months now and am very impressed with your talents!
    In response to wether you should take down that skinny cabinet in the kitchen, I say no! It would definitely look unbalanced. As for the stainless steel behind the stove, I say remove it and tile it to match your backsplash.
    I am an interior decorator and congratulate you on all of your successful decorating to date!
    Good luck with your kitchen project, it will be beautiful!

    • Thanks you so much, Barbara! I appreciate that! I may paint the skinny cabinet and see if it “disappears” a bit. XOXO

  50. I would clean the grout, add a rug under the table and see how that looks. Remove the one skinny cabinet and replace with floating shelves or some kitchen signs to balance. Love the idea of painting the cupboards and the island a different color. Wooden blinds would be great.

    • Thank you for your suggestions, Linda! I might just do as you suggested with the floors!

  51. Wendy Somerville says

    Well for me Christy I would not pai t those cherry wood color cabinets. I have had white cabs for 19 years and am really really sick of white. It is stark and they have no personality. I love the color yours are now, but I do understand if that is not yours. So I would paint them if you must a very light grey. This is the new alternative color to white. I wish I could paint mine but they are melamine and do not think they will take to a paint. Going to make new wood cab doors only and have them a light grey. As for the flooring. That is a huge undertaking removing ceramic tiles. Opening a huge can of worms I think. But, you might be able to level it and add a vinyl plank click floating floor. Might I suggest, Armstong Prysm waterfront blue? It has all the greys, whites,blues, beiges etc. In all the planks. I think you will love the cottage/beach effect you love. It is also the only floor that is water proof and can even go into a bathroom with no worries of water damage. Psst… I just put that flooring in my pop up camper. Lol. Take a look on their website and let me know what you think. Hope this helps.

    • Hi Wendy! The cabinets will definitely be going white, but I can certainly understand that you may be tired of yours after having them so long… you are probably ready for a change! As for the flooring, it is beautiful!! I wish I would have known about these options when laying our other floors so they all could match. I appreciate your suggestions! XOXO

  52. Lorrie Royce says

    Hi Christie
    Definitely get rid of that little kitchen cabinet beside the big window. I won’t look unbalanced, it’ll look better. The tile; your call. I like it but I do see why you want the wood floors like the rest of the main floor. Definitely paint the cupboards – it transformed your previous kitchen and I think you should do the same here. I like the metal thing above the stove, but if it’s not useful and just a dust collector, let it go……..
    Everything else you do with the space will look incredible, as it always does when you get your hands on it. You go girl?

    • Thank you, Lorrie!! I think I’m going to have my hubby remove that little cabinet so I can see what it looks like with out it and go from there. The tile may be staying if it looks ok once the paint goes on the cabinets, but I know the wood would look so pretty in there. Lot’s to decide lol! XOXO

  53. Are the cabinets by the
    window useful?I think your idea to remove them and use shelving is better.The steel thing under the hood ,I think should be gone as well. My. think you are right to remove it. Does it serve a purpose? I would keep the tile in kitchen.I have bambo flooring in mine from previous owner,,absolutely hate it. Kitchens are magnets for spills, Trust you own instincts. Possibly use tile in kitchen. that matches the wall in dining room. Keep up the great work.

    • Smart choices, Charlene…thank you for weighing in. I think I feel the same way as you do on just about everything! XO

    • Dang it..CHARLEEN…sorry about that! 🙂

  54. Penny Rose says

    Hi Christy,

    First off let me tell you I LOVE your blog. You are amazing…one truly talented lady. You truly inspire me to try new paint projects. I’ve even used your chalk paint recipe. I absolutely love to see what you’re working on. Wish I lived near you so I could visit your shop.

    I too painted my kitchen cabinets 2 years ago so I understand the magnitude of the project. My thoughts: Yes replace the floor. Yes replace the skinny cabinet with shelves as wide as you can but leave the left one as is. Remove the SS piece behind the stove & yes remove the granite strip on the wall. Definitely glass doors. Maybe you could find different shades for the pendants, something more in keeping with your style. Otherwise I would replace them. l would paint the island a different color for sure. I did my island in Annie Sloan Napoleonic Blue….gorgeous not too navy but gave a punch of color (my cabinets were white with light gray walls). Lastly, there is a fabulous paint called Heirloom Traditions All in One paint, you still have to clean & prime but NO sanding or waxing and the stuff hardens like you would not believe. Wish I’d known about this before I painted & waxed my cabinets.

    Good Luck and thanks for the continued inspiration!

    • Aww thank you so much, Penny! I am so thrilled to hear you have found inspiration here!! Thank you for your suggestions as well. Your kitchen sounds gorgeous! XOXO

  55. teresa bragg says

    1. Ditch the tile floors. Either your wood floors or wood look tile would be better.
    2. As far as the island goes, I think you should paint it the sunken pool color. Love that color!
    3. Leave the left cabinet and ditch the right cabinet by the sink. Decorate that area with something beachy.
    4. Remove the Stainless Steel backsplash and the S.S thingy behind the stove. So not your décor!
    5. Glass in cabinet door-yes
    Cabinet and drawer pulls like bathroom-yes
    Replace faucet-yes
    Pendent lights-YES, so not your décor at all!
    I can’t wait to see the final project!!!

  56. Monique Buchanan says

    I like your ideas , I would be inclined to continue the wood flooring thruout the kitchen, However I would not keep the dark counter tops. I know this is a big expense but I would put something much lighter, (I am not crazy about granite). Your such a light color fan and I love everything you do. I am looking forward seing the progress you make in your kitchen. From hot Texas, via France Monique

    • Thanks, Monique! If I could afford to replace the counters, I probably would. However, I don’t hate the black granite, and it is also on our fireplace so that kind of ties the two spaces together. I am hoping the painted cabinets will play well with the counters…here’s hoping anyway! Thank you for your suggestions!! XOXO

  57. I am super excited to see what you end up choosing for the kitchen reno. My 2 cents worth…For that isolated skinny cabinet – I would definitely take it down. I like the idea of tiling all the way up the wall there, and I think it would look good with a couple ope shelves or maybe a wall mounted hanging planter with herbs in pots….I would ditch that stainless steel what-ever-it-is behind the stone (can you get a pot filler in there?!) and tile back there too. I like the idea of the island being blue, for sure. and…maybe do the lower cabinets blue as well? Good luck culling through all the suggestions that are bound to come your way! lol

    • Thank you, Claudine! Ya’ll have been so super helpful! A pot-filler would be awesome, and I would love to take the blue to the bottom cabinets as well! XOXO

  58. Rena Swan says

    Hey there,

    Thank you for being open about your spacious kitchen. You spend sooo much time in there, so you just want it reflect who you are, and your design style!!!
    Everywhere else in your lovely home is light, bright, and beachy.
    That changes the moment you enter this room. Painting the cabinets, as you well know, will transform the room amazingly. ????
    Having hardwood floors throughout my home, including the kitchen, I vote for wood flooring.
    It makes the rooms flow from one to another easily.
    There aren’t any interruptions (if that makes sense) to distract your eye when looking from room to room.

    I don’t know if your upper main cabinet (above the cooktop) has a finished end, but it would be interesting to see how the window wall would look without the two towering cabinets. ????
    It couldn’t hurt to try, if it looks too weird, paint them white and rehang them.

    Glass in the cabinet doors will be pretty, maybe you could choose a different style of glass than what you used before, since this is a new home.
    Same goes with the island. use a different material or color if you’re wanting a new look. The pendant lights are pretty, but I don’t think they’re your style.
    Are you looking for different shades for them, or are you wanting to replace them completely?

    I like you choice for a window treatment, it’s simple and allows the beautiful natural light to brighten the space.
    That weird metal thing behind your stovetop, I would remove it, especially if you’re going to tile.
    It was the first thing I noticed in your photos, not in a bad way, more of a “ what would you need that for” kind of way.
    I think having your backsplash rest against the countertop looks nicer than if it rests against the existing premare piece that is glued to the countertop.
    I hope that made sense. To me It just looks like the tile basksplash was installed from the beginning, not an after thought.
    It looks really nice when the tile goes all the way up the wall, but that is dependent upon your preference and pocketbook.
    Hmmm, I wonder how tile would look on either side of the window?!?!

    Well, I’ve rambled on long enough, so I will end with this,
    I have every confidence that your kitchen will become another one of your many masterpieces!!!

    God bless, and keep sharing.
    Rena 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your suggestions, Rena!! Yes this room does not reflect who we are at all, and I cannot wait to get started! Luckily the end cabinet to the right of the stove goes all the way the wall where the window is, so I think it would be fine to lose that skinny cabinet on that side as well…and definitely yes on the tile all the way up the window. As for the pendants, if I could find replacement shades that might be an option, but I think something much more fun is in order! Thank you again for your thoughts! XOXO

  59. Great ideas. I know I will love your kitchen update. I definitely vote to remove the skinny cabinet and probably would rebalance with some chunky floating shelves. I also vote to remove the stainless steel behind the stove (it’s distracting) and to use a roman shade with loose draping (as opposed to the more tailored if that makes sense) on the big window. I think they call these casual Roman shades where they are a little less structured. Good luck! 🙂

  60. Robyn Wright says

    I say take down the 2 skinny cabinets so you can do something else with the space. I’m so glad you are going to paint over these dark cabinets. Definitely take down the racks behind the stove. (I’m not a fan of stainless steel anything) I think new backsplash would be good. If you add glass to the cabinets next to the stove, won’t they get grease splashed on them from cooking? Love the idea of a french pantry door. I don’t know what to say about the flooring and am not good at window treatments either. Can’t wait to see what you end up doing. Whatever you choose, it will be beautiful!

    • Thank you, Robyn! I appreciate you weighing in! It will be exciting to see how it unfolds! XOXO

  61. Rebecca - Knoxville,TN says

    Oooh, I can’t wait to see what all you do with this kitchen! Agree it has good bones but is so dark … and kind of stodgy 🙂 The skinny cabinet to right of sink needs to Go. It doesn’t fit aesthetically. That space transitions to an open area and the cabinet is blocking the flow. Some fun wall decor or artwork would actually, imo, give it a more balanced feel.

    • Thanks, Rebecca! Stodgy…ha ha! Definitely not us at all that is for sure! Thanks for your input! XO

  62. Hi Christie, I really like your blog and appreciate your sharing your talents with us! Congrats on your new house, isn’t it wonderful to be able to go thru and make it your own and not have to work around life’s inevitable clutter.

    You’ve asked what we your readers think about changing up your kitchen, so here are my suggestions for what they’re worth! I hope they are helpful, but they only reflect my own tastes LOL! I’ll try to address the issues in the same order in which you wrote them.

    > The current cabinet color is rich, but that is a LOT of red! I think they’ll look great once they’re painted. Until then, I’d give the floor tile a thorough cleaning and see how it works once the cabinets are painted. Tile is a lot more durable in a kitchen than the wood you’re contemplating.
    > I think the bar stools could be reupholstered in a darker shade of the blue you’ll be painting the island. Send ’em to me, I’ll have them done in no time at all!
    > I too dislike that skinny cabinet to the right of the sink, shelving would work well there. Once it’s down, then you can decide if it’s necessary to remove the one on the left as well for balance Are you contemplating open shelving there too?
    > If you’re going to tile the backsplash all the way up, I’d remove the existing backsplash and make it all the same. Leaving that 4 inches of granite would look kinda tacky IMHO.
    > The stainless backsplash behind the stove is super easy to clean relative to tile and grout, I’d consider keeping it (unless you have a housecleaner? LOL). But is that rack removable? It’s probably a great grease collector.
    > If you are lucky enough to keep an organized and attractive cabinet interior, for sure glass fronts would be great! I couldn’t dare go there, unless the glass was quite opaque!
    > Those little drop pendant lights look pretty wimpy and boring in such a largish kitchen. No glam or personality. Definitely switch those out.
    > I like the faucet, you can throw it my way when you replace it with one you love!

    Best of luck with your challenge, it’s going to look fabulous!

    • Thank you so much, PC! Great suggestions, and I wish I had a house cleaner ha ha ha, no that would be me lol! We once got a post card in the mail that read, “The wrong people are cleaning your house!” I showed it to my husband and said, “See, I told you I shouldn’t be cleaning our house!” Ha ha. I appreciate all of your thoughts…we are one the same page! XOXO

      • Hi Christy, If you removed the cabinet on the left above the sink, is the cabinet it is mounted to finished (probably not)? How would you access that dead corner? How do you do that now?
        ?It would be great to create a focal point behind your stove, but unless your DH is a neater cook than mine, cleaning grout splashed with spaghetti sauce is no fun! The stainless backsplash is easy to clean although it certainly isn’t pretty. Could there be a happy solution? What about hanging a removable and washable product on top of the stove backsplash just during food prep, which would be taken down when cooking is finished? It would protect whatever beautiful new tile work you install from cooking spatters.
        Silly idea?

        • Hi Patty! Thanks for weighing in! The cabinet in the corner is finished, but we have decided to keep that small one, and replace the right one with chunky shelves…hoping it looks balanced when it’s done! Still deciding on backsplash solutions. 🙂

  63. Have you thought about seeing if there is a porcelain floor tile that looks like you wood floors to use in the kitchen? More durable and easier to clean. Visually I think it would open up your window wall to take down both cabinets and put open shelves on the left and a long decor piece on the right. I think it would add visual interest to the back of the stove to put tile all the way up with some kind of inset to add interest to that area. Good luck with the remodel and look forward to seeing it when it is done.

    • Thank you, Linda! No I hadn’t thought of the wood-look tile…something to consider! Thanks for weighing in! XO

  64. burbmomoftwo says

    Just my opinion, but I had cherry wood cabinetry in my last house and while I loved it, but after 20 years starting to look dated and showing its age. I was too nervous to paint my cabinetry, so I can’t wait to see the paint job you do on your kitchen! I had tile from my front door leading to my kitchen, eat in kitchen, laundry and 1/2 bath. I too fought the dirty grout issue, but I feel like it’s a small price to pay for the benefits of tile. Several neighbors of mine, choose the honey oak. Most have either replaced it totally or had to strip the floors and had a darker more “current” stain option. I felt like the tile held up really well, two dogs, two kids and lots of parties and accidents along the way. I’ve had dishwaters and kitchen faucets leak and a busted water line in my laundry room that flooded my entire tile area. If it had been wood, it would have had to be replaced. I was able to suck up the 2″ of water sitting in my kitchen and my tile was fine. The only reason I would consider doing wood, is if you had lots of broken/cracked tiles (from settling, etc.).

    • Thank you so much for your thoughts and sharing your experience! I didn’t really share many close-ups, but our cherry wood is wearing really badly in many places as well. I already painted two of the bathroom cabinets that were the same color and they did really well, so hoping the same goes for the kitchen cabinets! I hear ya on the tile…sounds like you made the best choice. I think I am going to paint my cabinets and see how I like them with the tile before making any decisions! Thanks again! XO

  65. Hi Christy – My thoughts on your kitchen renovation: I would keep the floor tile and just clean the grout. It definitely looks better in the bathroom after it was cleaned. I would keep both the cupboards around the window. I think when they are painted they will blend in much better. A shade on the window sounds perfect. I would tile from the countertops to the ceiling if possible. The elephant in the room (to me) is the dark countertops. I would replace them with something lighter that has the tones of your flooring to pull it all together. I would also remove that stainless piece above your stove. I think I would paint the island a color that picks up the colors in your backsplash, countertop and flooring (some kind of greige maybe?). Sorry for my long winded answer! You can tell I prefer a lighter more neutral look! I know that whatever you decide, it will be beautiful! You have great taste and everything you do is perfect! Can’t wait to see your finished kitchen!

    • Thank you so much, Mary! I appreciate you sharing your thoughts! All good points. The counters aren’t really in the budget and since they are in good shape and we have the same ones on our fireplace, I am hoping the white paint will work well them. If not they can always be changed out down the road. (Which I would love!) XOXO

  66. How fun to have a peek into your designing thought process. I love the idea of white cabinets. Try keeping the narrow cabinet without a door and using it for items you want to display. Yes to the glass doors on the other cabinets. While your wood floors are beautiful the tile will make the room lighter and is more practical. Rugs will soften the look. I vote to lose the rack above the stove and include that space in the backsplash that goes all the way to the countertop. Can’t wait to see what you do.

    • I’m glad to hear you enjoy seeing the process…this is how I am psyching myself up for this big job…if I talk about it, it will happen ha ha. Thank you for your suggestions, Jeanie…ya’ll hav been a huge help! XO

  67. Yes, paint those cabinets white, remove the skinny cabinet (I think it looks awkward and unbalanced now- you could put a skinny piece of art there), and do the wood floors! Take the metal thing down behind the stove too! Love the idea of beadboard painted your pretty blue. Great ideas that will really transform your space. Can’t wait to see the transformation. The black granite will look great with the cabinets painted white. I’m excited for you!

  68. Linda Southworth says

    OH I see those beautiful white cabinets already! As you pointed out, your family has lived with the kitchen for a while to see what is reallly needed. The best way if you can do it! With the white and the painted island I think continuing the wood floor would give so much warmth and contrast, especially when you add a rug here and there!
    As for the cabinets, is the left one needed storage at the sink? Is it a blind wall cabinet with the hidden space in the corner? I looked again. NO. So take them both down. Shelving on both sides, yes! The one on the right looks a little lonely hanging out there by its little self so good call.
    I have a roman shade at my kitchen sink and really enjoy. I made it and will change it out when the time comes to a different fabric. So my vote is for the roman shade.
    Lastly the SS backsplash and flip down shelving? is a lot of stainless. If it functions well and in good shape I could live with it. Since you are tiling though, now is the time to take it down and let the tile protect and tie the spaces together.
    So looking forward to the transformation!

  69. Rachel Di Fonzo says

    Regarding the flooring: I hate tile floors because they are hard on the back and legs.They can also look dated more quickly than other options. I have had hardwood in my kitchen for 20 years and love the comfort of it. However, it does wear.( I have seven children and spend a lot of time in the kitchen!) If you choose it, you should have a floor covering of some sort in your high traffic areas, in front of the sink and stove for example. As for the skinny cabinet on the right side of the sink, I have the same deal. We had open shelves put in on that side and it works for our space nicely. A good place to display some of my Butterprint pyrex.

    • Thank you, Rachel! I appreciate you sharing your experience! Love the idea of having a place to display pretty things! XOXO

  70. Catherine says

    Hi Christy: My, you have a lot of work ahead, but it’s wonderful!
    I like the idea of a WHITE kitchen. Personally, I think that having a very dark floor in a room that’s pretty much white is imbalanced, and would stick out like a sore thumb. So I vote to really clean the grout of the existing floor. A friend changed her kitchen to what you are doing, added a dark floor instead of the white she had, and hated it later!

    I wonder if once you painted that cabinet on the right side and put in a glass door for “pretties”, it would bother you as much. If it still would, then I suggest to remove it but please don’t put the backsplash material up the wall. Just paint it to match the rest of the walls and put up some floating shelving either in acrylic or to match the cabinets. I don’t think that removing it will make it look unbalanced at all, but leaving it up and in white with a glass door might also be the answer.

    While I love your coastal colors I really don’t “see” the island in that color. Again, I like white. Perhaps if there’s any chance of the doors having a beveled front, you might artistically paint the inside of the bevel in a coastal color and then change the upholstery on the bar stools to match that. Having pretty coastal accents on the shelves would tie it all together, as well as having some kitchen toweling, placemats, etc. in your fav color.

    Maybe some lighting that’s a touch more intricate and in a muted verdigris or your coastal blue would look pretty.

    Love your idea of the nickel faucets, Christy. That will look super. But as for a Roman shade I’m not so sure. Guess it depends on the fabric you choose, but to me unless they are in something other than woven fabric, they look “clunky”. A woman I know fairly well took the idea of blinds of wood, painted them a color she liked, and then painted a scene on them that tied in with her kitchen décor. It looks great and is something I would never have thought of.

    Love your idea of getting rid of the stainless behind the stove, and that silver “thing” that you don’t like. Go for it! Will your backsplash have hints of your coastal colors?

    Well, there you have it. Now aren’t you sorry you asked?? You have super ideas Christy, and I’m sure whatever you decide to do it will look just as great as everything else you do.



    • Thank you so much for your input, Catherine! I’m not sorry at all…I appreciate your opposing view…it is a huge help to hear suggestions that I hadn’t thought of! XOXO

  71. Perhaps you might consider some open shelving in place of narrow cabinet to right of sink. If you really wanted the cabinet, the doors of cabinets on either side of sink might be altered.

  72. Here’s my votes: Out with the tile…LOL! The skinny cabinet might look more at home painted white…with a window treatment to connect it to the other side? Remove the stainless piece from the back of the stove.

    Everything sounds so perfect! Can’t wait to see!

    • Thank you for your thoughts, Cindy!! You could be right about the window treatment tying that weird cabinet to the rest of the space! XO

  73. White cabinets, and the island in Sunken Pool sounds beautiful. Definitely get rid of the stainless backsplash behind the stove. Tile backsplash from the counter top all the way up to the bottom of the cabinets and completely covering the area behind the stove. I just remodeled my kitchen and went with all neutrals and am now regretting it a bit. Wish I had gone with a more interesting tile for the backsplash. Found a pale blue, cream and sand Mediterranean print which still haunts me, and now wish I had gone with, oh well! Agree I don’t care for the tile floor, but wood is a difficult and risky option for a kitchen. So I say stick with the tile. Change out the pendants for something more fitting your style and aesthetic. A new fabric on the stools, a light print to pick up the Sunken Pool tone would be pretty. Good luck! You’re in for an adventure!

    • Thank you, Tammie! I haven’t looked at tile much yet…hoping I find something interesting to use! Thanks for your suggestions! XO

  74. I would wait until the cabinets are painted before deciding on the flooring. It will look SO different without all that red around it, you may decide the look works, considering the durability and the fact that it’s basically free! Also, that tiny cabinet will probably not be such a sore thumb to you once it’s painted and you have a window treatment. The window treatment will help tie the cabinet to the window. Love the blue island plan. A question for you: I have a peninsula, rather than an island. Do you think I could paint the peninsula a different color (blue, similar to your plan) than my cream cabinets? The way it’s situated, it has rather an island “look” but is clearly attached to the cabinetry. Would that be crazy?

    • You had me at FREE, Judy ha ha! Yes I will likely paint the cabinets first and see how it looks. I like that idea! As for your peninsula, my MIL totally gutted her kitchen and redid it, with the cabinets being a light ivary color, and just the peninsula, black. It totally works! XO

  75. Hello friend. WOW, you have a huge project ahead of you, but I know It will be beautiful when you’re done. Since you asked-I would replace the tile with the same wood flooring you have in the rest of the house. It will flo nicely from one room to the next. It’s great that the counter tops are in good shape. I ❤️ the dark counter tops with light cabinets. Very classy and timeless. Maybe even do cream/white subway tiles for back splash. Looking forward to reading all about your next DIY adventure.

    • Thank you for your thoughts, Ange! I appreciate it! I am hoping you are right about the cabinets and the counters…I think the contrast will be pretty! Can’t wait to get started! XOXO

  76. Joan Ness says

    Oh Christy, I’m so excited for your kitchen makeover!! Because I know it will be beautiful and you will have so many neat ideas and also because I’m not the one who has to do all the work!
    Cupboards – I know you know but you are going to have to prime the heck out of them to keep that red from bleeding through!
    I would remove both cupboards on the side of the sink an take the backsplash tile all the way up to the soffit around the sink and put open shelving over the tile on the right side or both sides? if it would look better? Maybe with the open shelves you would want not to put the glass in the cupboard door?? Also remove the stainless thing behind the stove and bring the tile backsplash all the way up there too. I think the beadboard on the island and painting it blue would add the perfect pap of color and love your counter stools.
    Floor – If you don’t HATE your tile (and I don’t think it looks bad or out of place) I would keep it. I have real wood floors in my kitchen/dining area and they do take quite a beating and it is just my husband and I. You just tend to drop more stuff in this area and my floors show it.
    Window – a Roman shade would look beautiful to match the blue of the island maybe? It wouldn’t even have to be functional if you don’t need it to be. Pretty easy to do.
    I’m so jealous you get to pick new light fixtures! I am having light fixture envy lately. There are so many neat ones out there.
    Just my thoughts, Christy, and I am going to sit back and enjoy your makeover!!


    • Thank you, Joan! So my Mom and I were having the same conversation about priming the heck out of the cabinets to avoid the bleed-through. I was feeling a little apprehensive about seeing how it went, but then I had a “duh” moment. I already painted the same cabinets that were in two of our bathrooms and they did great! I had completely forgotten that they were the same ha ha! Crossing my fingers that the kitchen cabinets do equally as well! I love the idea of removing both cabinets and taking the tile all the way up around the window. Picking light fixtures will definitely be the fun part! Thank your for your suggestions!! XOXO

  77. LeAnn Hileman says

    Yes, replace the tile floor in the kitchen with matching wood flooring. I did that in our house ten years ago and the wood flooring (engineered bamboo) is holding up just fine and I love it. It will be a great contrast with your white cabinets. I would take out that long skinny cabinet to the right of the sink and not replace it with any shelves or cabinetry. That will cause the eye to include it in the window, making the window look bigger and allowing more light to flow from the window. Will be great!

    • Thank you, LeAnn! We have engineered hardwoods too and I feel like they may do okay in there. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! XO

  78. Keep the cabinets on either side of the sink and add glass doors. Display some of your unique pieces of white ironstone in them or something sparkling, pool blue. Add glass doors to the cabinet next to the stove as well. It will wrap around and brighten up that corner. Definitely remove that piece behind the stove and the granite trim above your countertops. Keep the tile floor. The cabinets will be beautiful in white. Love the idea of the blue island. I’m always stumped on light fixtures and widow treatments but pick something that says you. Did I answer everything-so many questions! I’m Not an interior designer but I try to act like one. 🙂 (My daughter is however – she had to get the gene from someone) ????
    You have been such an inspiration for me. I have used all the paint colors you have suggested and made them into chalk paint. Using yours as inspiration, I painted a cabinet very similar to the bath cabinet you painted awhile back. Mine sold easily but the lady that bought it didn’t like the blue inside. What?? She wanted all white. When I find a piece of furniture to paint I always look to your blog for inspiration.
    So thank you Christy. Can’t wait to see your project in action. If yours turns out as good as all of your previous projects, I might take your advice and some of my own and paint my only 12 years old and already gone orangy maple cabinets. I have a lot of them! Blessings from Texas.

    • Thank you so much, Margie! I am thrilled to hear that you have been inspired in some way by what I share!! Love your suggestions! Lots to think about! XOXO

  79. Hi there! I love your idea with the cabinets being painted white..it was my first thought as soon as I saw what you had. I also would keep the counter tops, rip out the stainless steel on the wall around your stove and replace that tile floor with the beautiful wood floor in your dining room. We are on the same wave length as I also would take down both of those skinny cabinets around your sink area and replace them with floating shelves. The lights over your soon to be gorgeous bead board dreamy blue island are a little ho hum…why not find something al bit more you. What you’ve done already in your home is beautiful…why stop now? You have wonderful decorating insight.
    Go for it!

    • Thank you so much, Yvette! I appreciate your thoughts!! Ya’ll have been such a great help! XOXO

  80. S. Hansen says

    I have a white kitchen with light colored tile floors (similar to yours) black granite countertops and wood floors throughout the rest of the house. We have dog, kids (older now who bring their dogs and kids when they come to visit). The tile holds up a lot better than the wood. Especially if you drop something during food prep and don’t get it up that second. It happens. The dogs also love the cool tile against their bellies and their toenails don’t scratch the tile like they do wood. Also no high heel marks on tile (can’t say the same for my wood floors). It would definitely keep the cost down too if you kept the tile floors. If you REALLY love the wood floors and you cook a lot, you will be doing a lot more mopping. The older I get the less work I want to do, so I do appreciate no water/food stains/pet stains, etc. The grout can get dirty so that’s a con, but its the only thing I have a strong opinion about. I like the rest of your ideas. Can’t wait to see how it goes.

    • Great thoughts on the tile floors! Lots to consider for sure, and I am with you on the “less work” thing! XO

  81. Your kitchen is beautiful Christy. 🙂 I don’t mind the tile at all and the way you cleaned the grout in your other post – what a difference! As for the skinny cabinet on the right side, my thoughts are if you paint/lighten up the cabinet and then remove it, it won’t look unbalanced at all. Just my 2¢. Can’t wait to see what you do with it all. Whatever you do – it will be gorgeous. 🙂

    • Thank you so much, my friend! Others suggested painting the cabinets before deciding on the floor and I think I am going to do that. I might have my Hubby take down the two cabinets before I start painting just to see how it feels in there as well. We can always put them back up! Can’t wait to get started! XOXO

  82. I can certainly appreciate your dilemma with the floors. The wood is gorgeous and you would never regret changing it but the tile is attractive too and I would keep it if money is an issue.
    Those two cabinets on either side of the sink are horrible. Just think of the fun stuff you could put up on either side of that window if they were not there.

    That kitchen is going to be gorgeous after you get going on it!

  83. Hanna Quana says

    wow! How exciting! I think you should make all the changes you mentioned, wood floor, remove 2 cabinets, backsplash all the way, remove metal piece on stove. The only thing I think might look out of place is the island in the bluish color. Not so sure it will look good with the color of the wood. Keep same color as cabinets. (In my humble opinion! ????)

  84. susan russell says

    You’re right, the as is cabinets are awful! Have you thought of painting all of them blue, same blue as your Sunken Pool but maybe a shade or 2 darker? Leave your cabinets beside the sink, but put glass doors on these also. Use them for your glasses. Get rid of the dustrack. Tile your backsplash with molded tin ceiling tiles, and leave them metally. Keep your beautiful tile floor, and find a matching blue rug for under the table/chairs. And find some sconces with character, some meant for outside use are very pretty.

    Can you tell I’m ready to re-do my kitchen too? I enjoy your posts every week!

    • You have great ideas, Susan!! I would LOVE to paint all the cabinets in my beloved blue, but for resale I thought I should stick with the white and just bring it in on the island. How gorgeous would it all be in blue, though?? Love the idea of a tin backsplash! We actually saw something like that intended for backsplash at the Home Depot today. Love the idea of adding sconces as well! You do sound ready for a re-do yourself ha ha! XOXO

  85. Nancy Walden says

    I love the idea of white cabinets and a blue island. The white stools would look great against a contrasting color. I’d take down both the small cabinets and take the backsplash up at least as far as the other walls and maybe to the ceiling. I would also remove the small lack backsplash so the new one can be cabinet to counter top. Love the idea of glass doors. I’d probably replace the faucet with a taller one. A roman shade would be a good solution for that big window. I’d also look for different lights for over the island. The ones you have are nice but blah!

  86. Love your kitchen, Christy, and the cabinets will look amazing painted white! Here are my two cents regarding your questions. Hardwood all the way baby! And before I read your island plans I thought, she should paint it that pretty coastal blue. lol I agree that the metal panel & rack should be removed behind the stove. As for the little cabinet flanking the window – I’d paint it white and see how you feel. You could always add floating shelves to balance it out. I know you’ll find the perfect pendant lights for the island. I see something wicker-esque. Good luck with your huge cabinet makeover undertaking and I can’t wait to see the room reveal!

  87. Mary Sue Lewis says

    I think you should put wood floors in your kitchen to match the rest of the house. I love white cabinets and like the idea of taking out both of the thin cabinets on each side of sink and replacing with floating shelves. A beautiful valence would be pretty on the window. I like sunshine in my kitchen! The vent would look great, if replaced by a wooden vent. I like scallops, so I would scallop the bottom edges. (Maybe scallop the valence, too!). The center bar would look good painted your blue color, but the stool tops need to change. Maybe the same print used on the valence. Definitely use glass inyour cabinet! If you don’t use French doors on your pantry, an old fashioned door with shaded glass on top (maybe with a pattern or word etched on it.) would look good. The pendants definitely need to change. Maybe chandeliers or large French pendants. A rug under the table (great look, but bad withyou g kids.) and the sink, too. I can’t wait to see it!

    • OOH chandeliers?? I wonder if my hubby would go for that…I hadn’t even though of that but I LOVE that idea!! Great suggestions, Mary Sue…thank you!! XOXO

  88. I would clean grout & keep tile…….with two boys & their friends yep. Paint island,remove skinny cabinets ,then when everything else is done decide shelves or not.New lights but wait till all is done to pick new. That’s a lot of advice ????????. Whatever you decide will look terrific.

    • Thank you for your thoughts, Margie! You are about where I am in my thinking! XOXO

  89. Julianna Hodulick says

    Hi Christy,
    Greetings from Long Island, NY! I have been following your blog for several years now, but have never left a comment before. The first comment I must make is that I love the name of your blog. It’s the best! You are very talented, creative and I admire many of your projects and innovative ideas when it comes to up-cycling furniture and decor.

    Since all you do is beautiful and tasteful, I’m humbled that you would even want our (my) opinion on your kitchen remodel. Starting with the floor…definitely follow through with the same wood. Your round kitchen table and chairs would look amazing on the wood floor! I also think you should give the island the same driftwood-like finish you used on your kitchen and coffee table. As for the narrow cabinet, I think it should stay for symmetry sake. (if you take down the one on the left it would leave the attached cabinet looking off) I think once you paint them, it will blend in more and won’t be so obviously narrow. I like how tile looks all the way to the counter, but taking the back plate off might damage the existing counter and open up a can of worms, so investigate first. I would remove the stainless steel behind the stove and replace it with tile. I love the idea of shiny nickel and the glass doors too. Love your stools and I could see you recovering them (with double welting, of course!)to tie into the roman shade. Lastly, I would use some striking black pendants over the island to tie in to the counter tops!

    Whew, that was more like five cents than my two cents! Anyway, can’t wait to see what amazing changes await. Be blessed!

    • Wow thank you SO much, Julianna! I’m so happy to hear you like my blog name since I’m stuck with it ha ha! Love the idea of doing the island in a driftwood look…hadn’t thought of that. SO many great ideas! XOXO

  90. Hi Christy. First of all I don’t know where you find the time and energy to tackle these projects!
    I would keep the floor tiles, as they already have a beachy look. Wood flooring in the kitchen is too high maintenance. We have wood, and it’s heartbreaking when somebody drops something on it and makes a big dent! a tile is easier to replace than T&G wood floor. Kids and spills are inevitable, and teenage boys and spills are usually serious stuff. Tile is better!
    That skinny cabinet on the right side – definitely must go..it looks funny. Maybe put some open shelving there to balance out.

    • Ha ha I do stay busy! And yes, boys are not the neatest creatures, so I can see where the tile might hold up to them better. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! XOXO

  91. I think I would keep the tile for a while. You can always change your mind later, and just I’ve with it for a while longer. You really haven’t been in your new house that long. Maybe once you do the grout, you’ll be happier. As far as the tall, thin cabinet, if it were me, I would take it down. You can always put some kind of decor there if you need balance, right? Your house is beautiful.

    • Great suggestion with the floors, Sally, thank you! And yes we can always replace them later if we decide to do so. I am so happy that most are on board with removing that skinny cabinet…I think it is definitely going! Thank you so much! XOXO

  92. Sheryl Anderson says

    I like bright, cheery kitchens, and so say NO to the dark wood floors. The tile looks nice and is more practical.
    Once the cabinets are painted, the skinny cabinet by window will probably “disappear” so won’t bug you. Since you don’t really need it, I’d rather have art hanging there instead.
    Yes, I personally hate stainless steel, so say get rid of it behind the stove. It shows fingerprints and EVERYTHING, so needs constant cleaning. It doesn’t go with your room theme, either.

    Good luck with the remodel. HUGE job!!

    • Thank you, Sheryl! I will probably paint the cabinets first and see how the tile floor looks then…and yes stainless shows every smudge! XOXO

  93. Marcie Lovett says

    That’s a lot of projects, Christy! I vote for taking down both the tiny cabinets above the sink if it doesn’t leave a strange hole in the corner. Otherwise, get rid of the lone cabinet to the right of the sink. The wood floors are beautiful, but not terribly practical in the kitchen. A good compromise might be to take wood flooring up to the island, and have tile in the “business” part of the kitchen. I’ve seen a few blogs post from people who painted their tile and it looked really good. Certainly easier than replacing it all. Whatever you do will be a reflection of your good taste.

    • You always have great feedback, Marcie! Others suggested painting the cabinets first and seeing how I like them with the tile, so I am going to start there. As much as I would love to carry the wood throughout, I do fear it is not as practical. Thank you for your suggestions, my friend! XOXO

  94. I think you are very unhappy with the tile in the kitchen and the faucet, and the thing behind the stove so I would replace all that. You can add beadbord on the wall behind the butlers pantry and corbels and perhaps paint this cabinet a different color to make it look like a piece of furniture. You could paint this to match the blue island. I hope this is helpful. ( See Miss Mustard Seed)

  95. The cabinets will look great white. It will really brighten things up. some type of subway tile for a back splash. You didn’t mention it but I think a farmhouse sink would look awesome. I agree that the skinny cabinets need to go.
    I vote for wood floors in the kitchen. Maybe some open shelves.
    I am sure that whatever you do will be gorgeous.

    • Thanks, Lyn! I appreciate your input! I would love to change out the sink, but maybe that will be for round two lol. XOXO

  96. I vote to keep the tile. It looks like sand and your color scheme has a fresh, coastal vibe and it’s more durable. Everything shows on dark kitchen floors and it seems like you’re taking out the reddish wood tone so you’d be adding it back in with wood flooring. I agree that skinny cabinet to the right of the sink looks wonky so maybe replace it with a kitchen towel hook with cute artwork or hanging plant above or remove them both next to sink and put in curtains flanking the windows, then it would look like a huge window. If you replace the lighting with clear glass to match the glass fronted cabinets you plan to do that would like nice. And a beefier faucet always upgrades the kitchen.Perhaps consider black faucet to match the beautiful countertops. Lastly, if you put the crown up at ceiling height and paint the soffit to match the cabinets it might look light you have extra tall cupboards. . Whew! what an undertaking! Best of luck. You’re quite the worker.

    • Thank you for your suggestions, Pamela! I like the idea of something cute hanging on that wall where the skinny cabinet is right now. Now to take all ya’lls great ideas and make a plan! XO

  97. Sandy Long says

    Hi Christy, your kitchen is a great space. I can’t wait to see the transformation ! My advice would be to replace the tile floor with wood, It will give the house a beautiful flow. I would keep that little cabinet on the other side of the sink. It will balance the sink and window. Take the back splash tile to the counter, remove that stainless steel rack thing. Painting the island blue will look amazing along with new faucet and cabinet hardware. A roman shade would be perfect, and match the stool cushions in the same fabric (blue print to pick up color of the island). Open basket type or open sphere pendant lights will provide more light to the island and give the room an airy feel. Keep us posted on the progress 🙂

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Sandy! I will be sure to share my progress! XOXO

  98. Michelle says

    So many decisions! What a fun project. You have such great taste, I’m sure it will turn out great. I’m not a fan of tile flooring, and it’s hard on your back as you age. If the flooring you want holds up to water, etc., I would run that flooring all the way through your home. I think a pop of color would be great on the island. Can’t wait to watch your progress!

  99. RACK over stove: personally I love it & would use it but if you don’t use it, loose it. It has a very professional, gourmet look though.

    Are you considering a WOOD fan cover over the stove? that might visually distract the shelf you do not care for! I’d remove the tiny cabinet by the ceiling and make the cover go all the way up to add visual height as well.

    SKINNY cabinet by window: Personally I would wait to remove until window curtain goes up. Might need the balance for the large window. Have you considered removing the skinny door inner panel to replace with wire or glass to open it up visually? Paint the interior a color from your window fabric maybe. A light inside.

    TILE FLOOR: Consider removing a few tiles by sink and around the island to replace them with decorative tile to look like rugs perhaps. Or under the table. This can be stunning using mosaic tiles that pick up the colors in your curtain fabric. It is unusual and gets lots of comments from friends, mostly why did I not think of that.

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with! Guessing you will get hundreds of ideas. Whatever you do, have fun doing it.

    • Thank you, Mimsie! I do like the idea of adding lights to the inside of those small cabinets and replacing the doors with glass panels. Great ideas! XOXO

  100. Bonnie Hipps says

    Christy, I love the idea of white( never did like the dark) The silver thing over the stove is not attractive in my opinion and the glass in the cabinets next to the stove will look awesome. The other cabinet by itself to me looks out of place. Maybe take off and put shelves or paint white, take doors off and display some of your stoneware. Love the idea of the wood floor going all the way through as it helps the eye to move freely, that goes for the beadboard on the island and painting it blue, it keeps the eye going into the living room. Love the stools but your magic needs to be done on the covers. So that is my opinion for what it is worth, I am sure it will be gorgeous when you are done. Hugs!

  101. Kristi Leach says

    Your ideas and vision for this space has been obviously well thought out. I really like your kitchen! It will look beautiful in white, as your other kitchen did.

    Here are my thoughts, since you asked:

    The tile is beautiful and I like the way it contrasts with the wood floor. If it were me, I would keep the tile and splurge a little on whatever rug you and the family like for under the table, if that is where you were thinking about a rug.

    I kind of like the little skinny cabinets on either side of the sink, but if they won’t cause a lot of wall damage to remove, your idea about floating shelves could be very pretty. Would you rather paint them or remove them and replace with shelves? For me, that decision would be my guide. If they are equally pleasant tasks, then you can decide if you want a little more “change” in that area, or a little less.

    The backsplash would be okay with me to leave as is, since the eye will be drawn to whatever your tile will be. Again, do you want to bother with demo on that? You did a beautiful job on your last house, and I was shocked that you didn’t remove the tile on the walls under the cabinets. But they looked so different when paired with the white cabinets and your decor.

    Above your range, what might you see as a use for that space if you removed the stainless steel? A mirror, artwork, pretty storage for mugs or pots and lids or a combination of these? If you have something creative in mind and don’t really like the look as is, then it might be a great place to have some fun with a new little vignette. I don’t have a shop or a booth (yet) but I love to have little places here and there that I can decorate as if it were a little section in a shop. You’ll just have to gauge how greasy it might get there or whether there are any other things to consider.

    Your bluish aqua paint choice for the island will be wonderful!

    No idea about the window treatment. It depends on what is going on in other areas on that level of the house. Do you want to sort of blend in or coordinate, or would you rather have something that feels very different and special?

    I really like your idea about glass door fronts for some of the cabinets.

    You have a great project ahead! God bless you and your family!

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Kristi! I like how you asked questions to get me thinking!! XOXO

  102. Arlie Murphy says

    Christy, keep the tile and do the grout I think its beautiful tile and neutral so win win, Have you looked at replacement pendant globes or what ever they would be called they have some beautiful ones for replacement..

    Open shelving is so fixer upper and stick with your cabinets there is a reason why when people cold afford cabinets they got rid of open shelves. You are so clever you will make it yours and don’t have to add to the landfills..You will make it show worthy. Good luck with what ever you choose xo

    • Thank you, Arlie! I like the idea of replacing the globes…I will look into my options there…would be cheaper too! XOXO

  103. Hello!!! Here is my 2 cents!!!!
    1. When I first saw the kitchen the first thing thought was: Ouch!! to the cabinet color…and it was not “you”. So, Yes to painting them.
    2. Then what stuck out was that crazy skinny cabinet….gotta go!!! I think it looks like a hang on and will look much better gone.
    3. I like the tile floor…it’s light and airy and has a beachy feel to it. I think it will look great once those cupboards are white and everything is filled out with “your” colors. It will wear nicely and after years of living there you can change it up. It is also nice to have the “light” because you have the dark black counter tops. Looking at the last picture, I like the tile separating the rooms and it appears it will end up too dark. I vote it stays!!!
    4. Yes. Paint the island. That is always a sharp finishing contrast.
    5. mmmm yes, what is that hanging rack above the stove??? I say it has to go! ….but you might want to contact the maker of your stove to see if it is some special “upgrade” or if it has a purpose.
    6. Yep…those pendent lights gotta go! Maybe something like, a scroll type in wrought iron that you paint and distress a bit….mmmmm
    7. Yes, I would upgrade the faucet and the cabinet pulls.
    8. Yes, the stainless behind the stove has to go….while your at it. Adding your own of backsplash is much more you.
    Well, I think I hit it all….and I gave my 8 cents instead of 2!!!! Gear up!!! Dive in!!! We know you can do it!!!! AND we know it will be wonderful when it’s all done!!!
    Good luck!!! Addie xoxo
    ………get busy

  104. Stephanie says

    It’s a nice kitchen. I would change the floor for sure. Remove the skinny cabinet and hang some kind of pictures there. That silver rack behind the stove needs to go too. i think the island would look really nice painted that blue color. As for the window treatment, maybe a half curtain. Good luck and I can’t wait to see what you do to it

  105. Hi Christy,
    I’ve read your blog for several years and really enjoy seeing your “reinventions”.
    You’re right, you’re starting with good bones and that’s always good!

    I would suggest painting your cabinets a grey hue rather than white. That will create a nice transition between the wall color and the counter-tops while showing off things like the “sugar’ vase.

    I would also keep the tile until you’re sure about the floors in the rest of the house I think the dark wood looks nice.

    I’ll leave the over the sink thoughts to more creative fans.

    Thank you for sharing!!

    • Hi Sandra! Thank you for following along with me and thank you for your suggestions!! Lots to think about! XOXO

  106. Patti Bonewell says

    Just redid my kitchen too. Put the wood floor in, makes it look so much bigger. Loose those two little cabinets and move the left over door to the empty corner cabinet, I also did this. I agree with tile up the walls above the sink and stove. The island will stand out with your blue color. My home is now all white and ivory with dark hand scraped bamboo floors. Your home pictures look amazing and very close to what I’ve done. Great minds think alike !

    • Thank you for sharing your experience, Patti! I appreciate that from someone who has just been through it! XOXO

  107. Saysee Rizental says

    Hi Christy,

    I love the size of your kitchen and all the light you have. In order to make the best decision on the title versus wood you need to think how long you intend to live there. If this is your forever home, I would say clean the grout like you did (amazing job) in your bathrooms and do paint your island it will give a jolt of color to the room. One more thing I would remove that rack under the fan.
    Your kitchen will look wonderful.
    Thank you for sharing

    • Thank you, Saysee! We do plan to be here for a long time so you might be right! XOXO

  108. Mary Loveland says

    Christy, Wow, that tile versus wood floor is a tough one! I love the wood in the rest of the house, adds an elegant touch but wood in the kitchen for me would not work; it’d be warped and scratched in a heartbeat.
    Agree about the overhead lighting, needs to change. What is with all the soffit stuff above the cabinets? I think the back splash will need your special touch to help transition the black counter tops and white cabinets. Go girl, can’t wait to see it!

    • Yes Mary, that is what I am afraid of with the wood floor in the kitchen. The soffits don’t bother me too much since we have tall ceilings, but I agree the tile needs to be special! Thank you! XOXO

  109. Once you paint your cabinets white, I doubt that the slim cabinet will stand out all that much. You might try that before doing something more drastic. (I don’t think that the stainless steel “thingy” hanging over the range adds anything to the decor!)

  110. Trina Price says

    Okay girlie, here is my two cents worth…
    86 that weird narrow cabinet. It serves no purpose, so you should tell it to go bye-bye. Open shelving, or an awesome piece of artwork would look great there. Also, 86 the tile floor. It screams early 90’s, and that just isn’t you. I love the wood floors you guys put in elsewhere, and you will never go wrong putting that in your kitchen. Unlike tile, wood floors just seem to get better with time, you know? The stainless steel backsplash has got to join the tall narrow cabinet at the bon-voyage party. If you need a backsplash, subway tile would look great and be inexpensive. And I agree, the pendant lights don’t cut it. Something more funky and in line with your vibe would definitely be better. Once you paint those cabinets and make the other changes, that kitchen is going to look amazing!

    Best wishes on all this!

  111. I love your cherry colored cabinets! I also like the tile. I used a similar method to clean my grout lines, but instead of baking soda, I used borax. I sprayed it with a mixture of water, white vinegar, and a few drops of Dawn dish soap. I have a brush on a long handle like a mop, and scrub with that.

  112. I would never take out a cabinet in a kitchen. Probably because I don’t have a lot of storage space myself in my kitchen. I have a really small cupboard that I use strictly for my spices. If you don’t already have a spot to keep all of your spices together, that could be an idea for you. I agree with the other ladies that it will not be as noticeable after being painted white. Yeah, the silver thingy above your stove needs to go. Because of the durability of tile and the cost of replacing it, I, personally, would just keep the tile. The blue on the island would look very pretty! The new colors of your kitchen will keep the continuity and flow about your home and the tile flooring will define the space. Just my two cents! Whatever you do will be awesome!

    • Thank you so much, Teresa! I would normally never consider removing a cabinet either…these are just so small it is difficult to even get things in and out. I do like the idea of painting first though. May try that. 🙂

  113. Kathy S. says

    I’ve read all the suggestions so far, and I agree that you should wait on the floor decision until you’ve done the rest and lived with it for a while. IF you decide to remove one or both of the skinny cabinets near the sink, I’d recommend NOT tiling that part of the wall because then you won’t have the option of hanging any of your signs, art, shelves, etc. If you’re a plant person, small healthy plants on small shelves near that window might look great! Tile is too permanent higher on a wall where you may want to change things around once in a while! Tile backsplashes under cabinets are good, though, and a decorative/artistic tile arrangement behind the stove, as a couple of folks have suggested, would look great… something that won’t look dated 10 years from now. I know you’ll end up with a gorgeous kitchen that works for you and your family for years to come!

    • I do think it is a smart idea to paint first then decide on the floor. I may like them together better then. And lots to think about with those cabinets ha ha and the tile! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Kathy! XOXO

  114. Kate Lehman says

    Hi Christy, what a great project, no doubt it will end up being one of your greater gifts to us all when you share the finished product. I had a quick read of some of suggestions and my comments to your questions are based upon my personal preferences, what I know of your exceedingly gifted and already talented self, plus my studies of visual art and design – here I go…:
    Tiles being durable and for the ‘long haul’? – yes they are, however I guess you chose the wooden floor for the same attributes? From a safety aspect, I can’t abide tiles in the kitchen where there is a 100% no bounce factor for china and glass versus some breakage leeway/ forgiveness on wooden floor covering. The overall look of white furniture on a dark floor creates a more striking space and personally I agree with you and love the continuity and flowing appearance of the same flooring. That said, there are the black marble cupboard tops to consider and the light /dark contrast value that the white tiles currently offer versus the black cupboard tops on a dark floor space and I question would that provide the harmony/ the textural balance you want to create???
    I loved your previous white kitchen makeover, especially loved the glass doors – the addition of the same – in this kitchen would be perfect to showcase your lovely china. I also love your choice of the sea glass blue, an addition of that colour on the island bench is a stroke of brilliance, which will have the effect of linking all parts of each of the room images and make them work together as a unified whole.
    The funny upside down thingo cupboards either side of the window? What to say? I would have had them down day one- once the last carton had come inside! A space like yours does not have to have funny little fillers to create a rhythm, continuity or balance. I am certain once you have taken them down, repaired the walls, stand back and look at the space you have to work with – your imagination will take over – maybe one of your lovely signs? Perhaps link either side of window with some glass shelving above the tile line[ the sink and the window is central to the area – so balance will still be present]. Take them both down. Re purpose them the other way up and use them for an umbrella stand – far more useful…
    The stainless steel stove hanging helper thing? take it down and get rid of it – there are so many other choices that can be sourced unless you are keen on an indoor barbecue look? I think the overall look of your existing kitchen, while functional, comes across to me as very heavy, chunky and masculine; which means those racks do not add anything to where you are headed in your design process which I believe is feminine, functional, chic and pretty. The tiles? Once you decide what ones to get – I am sure it will become apparent what level you will tile to – however I question right up to the ceiling either side of the window ? Is it going to look like another attempt at a funny little filler? Unless there are other parts to the kitchen that similarly reach a greater height than under the cupboard space? I would put that one on the wait and see list….
    The pendant lights? The designer/ decorator rule is ‘odd numbers’ add one more fitting if you like the length of the existing lights or get a pre racked trio of lights or one beautiful one that can give your new kitchen new light, some soul plus compliment your new decor.
    Lastly, do a lot of standing back and looking as the process unfolds – that seems to be the key, a bit of ‘sleeping on it’ and thinking about things. Lots of work, lots of decisions, trust yourself – I wish you well. Best regards Kate – Tasmania

    • Thank you so much for your kind words and suggestions, Kate! My Mom suggested the same about the dark counters providing that contrast that I think I was looking for from the wood floor. Thanks for guiding me through your thoughts as a professional…I appreciate that very much! You’ve given me lots to consider! XOXO

  115. Hello! I like very much your ideas and you are always an inspiration to me!
    -I love white cupboards of the kitchen!
    -I agree with you for tiles in kitchen being more durable. Also when the cupboards will be white the tiles will be more matching than now.
    -Also love beadboard on island back. Blue or white, whatever will be lovely 
    -For the window right of the window again I would say paint it to see if your feeling changes and then decide..or may be replace it with open shelves and decorate?
    -Stainless steel back – personally I would prefer it to be replaced…
    -Love roman shade for kitchen window
    enjoy the changes!
    Elena xxxx

  116. Hi Christy! I think you have wonderful ideas and can’t wait to see your Kitchen Makeover finished. Maybe I will get motivated and start on mine. lol
    Anyway, Flooring: I like your tile and with the white cabinets, I think it would make it look lighter and airy so I would keep the floors. I would much rather have tile in the kitchen than wood.
    As far as your skinny cabinet, I would paint it and leave it, it will be less noticeable when it’s lighter and one can never have enough storage space. Removing it would make it look unbalanced and if you remove the other one, it would leave an awkward space. Replacing with floating shelves would also look awkward and too much since you also have a bit of glass already there on another are. IF you want to replace the door with glass/plexiglass, I feel you would have to match the one that’s already there next to the fridge so I don’t know how that would look or if it would be too busy.
    I would like to see the bead on the island or some wood décor to make it stand out.
    Can’t wait to see what you do so I will be anxiously waiting!! 🙂

    • Thank you for your thoughts, Lilly! I have a lot of decisions to make ha ha…will keep ya’ll posted! XOXO

  117. I forgot to add a range hood idea! I am hoping change my microwave from above the stove and replace it with a wood rage hood. I think that would look awesome on your makeover instead of having your stainless steel vent. 🙂

  118. Christy, you have a beautiful home, but I’m like you with the floors. I have tile in my kitchen and I hate them, but maybe keep them till you feel better about taking them out…I would take that small cabinet out; I don’t think it would look unbalanced at all. I’ve not seen anything like the racks at the back of your stove before; I would take it down…Cristy, I don’t usually give any opinions on any site, so if you think I am too opinionated, by all means just ignore me…

    • Thank you for weighing in, Alice! I really appreciate it! It is so helpful to hear everyone’s thoughts! XO

  119. Lois Keffer says

    Hi, Christy,
    Hope this thought will be helpful. We had a casualty in our kitchen that caused us to go from wood to tile. Our dishwasher malfunctioned and dumped gallons of water during the night. By the time we found it in the morning, a good portion of our hardwood had buckled beyond hope of repair. We tore it out and used a tile quite similar to yours for a nice happily ever after. It seems a wee bit strange to me to take the dark off the wall, then put it right down on the floor. By the time you add all your lovely little accents and a rug or two, I think you’ll love your gently contrasting tile. God bless you and give you a joyful kitchen!

    • Thank you for sharing your experience, Lois! That was a good lesson learned, I bet. I think I am going to paint first, and I may just like the tile then! XOXO

  120. Hi Christy!
    I can see I am in the minority here but I think your kitchen is gorgeous just the way it is. However, I realize that you are into the color white ????… so the end result will be more fitting to your coastal style. I am looking forward to the big reveal.
    Just a note though…. I would have KILLED to have cherry wood cabinets in my kitchen when I got married!

    • Aww thank you, Marci! I actually chose beautiful cherry cabinets for our last master bath when we remodeled it several years ago. Unfortunately they collect dust like crazy. I didn’t show many close-ups of our current kitchen, but it has worn very poorly in many places. And as you know, I do love white ha ha. I feel like this…at least I am choosing keep them and make them work with paint rather than removing them and tossing them, right? I appreciate your honest feedback! XOXO

  121. Donna Katzfey says

    Hi Christy,

    Love your posts and inspiring ideas. Your kitchen layout is similar to mine. In my opinion, you should remove your tiny cabinet to the right of your sink and replace it with open shelving. Also, I would replace all of the cabinet doors on the left of the sink with the windows pane instead of just the one that you were thinking of. Can’t wait to see your kitchen makeover!

    • Thank you, Donna! My hubby already took down that cabinet today yay! It does look a little naked there now, but I’m sure it will be great with the shelves there! I like the idea of adding glass to all on the left…thanks for sharing your thoughts! XO

  122. Hi Christy!
    Wow. I thought I would read all of the comments first so I wouldn’t give you “repeat advice”. I only made it half way. Whew! Kudos to you for keeping up with all the comments! Now, I love, love, love wood. However…does your kitchen provide access to the pool? If so, imagine your kids and their friends drip, drip, dripping all over your hard wood. You would have to be there drying your floor every time they came in for snacks, bathroom, etc… The tile will be lovely once the grout is cleanded and your white cabinets aren’t such a high contrast to the floor. I hope I was helpful.

    • Thank you so much for your input, Linda! Yes you were very helpful! We do have access from our pool to the bathroom, however you know kids… Half the time they will be coming in through the kitchen door! Great point! XOXO

  123. Lora Daniels says

    Hi Christy,
    I’m a little behind and just seeing this. I love that you open this up for advice/opinions.
    1. My initial response to the tile floor was to get rid of it…. however, after I saw how it looked after grout cleaning I changed my mind. You did a fantastic job of cleaning it up and making it look so much better!
    2. Definitely remove the tiny cabinet! Once you lighten up all the cabinets it won’t look quite so “unbalanced.” You could fill the space with open shelving? Or a cool piece of art that is also useful… like something for holding bottles of wine or cookbooks?
    3. Get rid of the stainless steel racks behind the cooktop and replace with decorative tile.
    4. Replace the faucet with more of a “statement piece faucet.” I’m a huge fan of the polished nickel, goose neck styles and there’s a huge variety to choose from….the sleek to the utilitarian styles.
    Looking forward to watching the transformation!

    • Thank you so much for your suggestions, Lora! Your thoughts are exactly where mine are right now! So excited that our kitchen makeover is under way finally! XO

  124. Glynace Kloock says

    Hi, Christy,
    I am in the middle of the kitchen/knock down walls redo. We did put in wood throughout and I do love it, but when the fridge had to be moved for repairs, we weren’t careful enough. Now I choose to look it as character! We bought a Bohemian multi-colored rug for the dining room that is now open to the kitchen. I didn’t do an island, but a peninsula since I could get more storage. We built it ourselves with unfinished cabinets. I got clearanced, thin wood paneling from Lowes about 3″X3′ (remember Grandpa’s lake house?). Before putting this on, I got out my craft paints in many of the colors of the rug and blended, blended, blended, using black to look more used. The front of the cabinets are glossy black. Originally I was going to do some antique ceiling tiles, but they got sold out from under me! The new fabricated ceiling tile look went on the backsplash and looks great when the under-cabinet lights are on. It’s very easy to wipe off!
    Just a thought–could you do just a shade darker than Sunken Blue, so it isn’t all the same? The back drop will be white cabinets, so check a color in your tile selection? I’m glad the cabinet is out. I love succulents, so with the brightness, so do some great displays. I’m anxious to see the glass doors.
    Now may I borrow some of your energy. It is a long haul and hubby is getting tired of “slight” incompletions and a messy storage room
    Keep inspiring us all!

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas, Glynace! I bet the black cabinets look amazing…I’ve always loved the look of black cabinets! Good luck with getting yours done too! XO

  125. I have hardwood flooring in my kitchen, and I love it. I think continuing the wood floor into your kitchen would look great. I agree with you about removing the 2 small cabinets. And, I love your idea of painting the island blue and adding bead board. Everything you have done so far looks great!

  126. Katrina Symonds says

    Hi Christy Katrina
    Hello from Leamington Spa in England.
    OMG! How did you find time to read and reply to all those emails in such a short space of time!!!
    Are you now ready to put down your laptop and pick up your paintbrush? I am sure it will look fab cannot wait to see the photos…….
    Kind regards

    • Ha ha! I know… I was so surprised at how many people chimed in to offer suggestions! It really motivated me to get the project started! XO

  127. Hi Christy, love your site! You always do beautiful work so I’m sure your kitchen will be beautiful… my thoughts on your kitchen remodel.. I would replace the tile with the wood. Simply it would create a more even flow throughout instead of breaking up the flow.
    On the metal over the stove I would remove and do a very nice tile for that area and then I would probably do shiplap over the rest of the counter areas. The cabinets by the sink I would remove them both and do open shelving on one side and then one of the farmhouse type coffe mug wall hangers. ( I’m sure you know those metal ones that hang on the wall.. but I’m sure what ever you decide will be beautiful and I look forward to seeing your finish design.

    • Aww thank you, Caroly! Great suggestions…I never thought about hanging one of those mug racks on the left. I have decided to leave the cabinet on that side for now, but I like your idea! XO

  128. Wow… there are a lot of LOOOONG comments! 😉 I didn’t read them, but I agree with you on all your plans (Sunken Pool island with bead board, roman shade on window, new fabric on stools). I’m wondering if that skinny cabinet will not be such a ‘sore thumb’ once it’s painted white? Just a thought. And, I would go with the same floors throughout. 🙂 Lots of good ideas, and fun!

    • I know, right? It has been a big help reading evetyone’s ideas! We already remove that cabinet on the right and it just feels so much lighter in the space already. As for the floors we decided to clean the tile and see how it looks with the white cabinets. We can always swap out for the wood in the future. Thanks for your thoughts! It’s coming along quickly! XOXO

  129. Hey Christy,
    Thoughts from the old broad, here.
    1. Keep tile, clean grout. Wood in kitchen is horrendous. Tracking grease & food on wood flooring is just yucky.
    2. If that is your everyday kitchen table then NO rugs. See a#1. To vacuum and or spot clean on a daily basis after all meals the drips and spills is not worth it.
    3. Bead board on island is a great idea.
    4. Please consider another color for cabinets. There is no contrast & your home becomes ho-hum boring with no depth. It is predictable.
    5. Take out both narrow cabinets. Short floating shelves would look ridiculous -(consider artwork or hanging pottery).
    6. Remove stainless steel & rack – it is a grease catcher & terrible to clean (always wipe with the grain of stainless steel).
    7. Shiny nickel clashes with the stainless sink & appliances.
    8. No window treatments needed in a kitchen (have you ever washed greasy curtains?) Blocks the sunbeams.
    9. Sunbrella material for the stools – is washable & durable.
    10. Frosted glass for pantry door.

    • Thanks for weighing in, Robin! We are on the same page for at least half ha ha…I do appreciate your point of view! XOXO

  130. Hi Lauren – check the design ideas of this lady’s youtube weblink on how she solved similar problem on the right side of her kitchen to balance it (almost at the end).