Outdoor Halloween Tour 2018

Hello freaktastic friends and Happy Hallow’s Eve!

Welcome to my Outdoor Halloween Tour mwah ha ha!

This year’s Halloween decor is inspired by my Dead and Breakfast Inn sign:

Dead and Breakfast Inn sign from a mailbox stand

(See how I made that HERE.)

It’s all about the dead…as in Skeletons!

Outdoor Halloween Decor Ideas

They are living it up at the Inn this year!

I ended up not adding a bunch of webbing this time because pretty much as soon as I got everything out, we had hurricane warnings and everything had to be brought back inside.

Outdoor Halloween Decor Ideas

Then a week later we had another hurricane trying to make it’s way through, and this past weekend, another super windy storm came our way, so the cobwebs weren’t meant to be. But I kind of like it because it is as if these skeletons are alive and enjoying life at the Dead and Breakfast Inn, in which case they wouldn’t be collecting cobwebs now would they? I’m sure they’ll make their way back next year though.

When you walk up our path, you’ll find this guy trying to get inside…

Outdoor Halloween Decor Ideas

And a friend below that didn’t quite make it.

Outdoor Halloween Decor Ideas

You’ll then come upon this happy couple enjoying some fresh air…

Outdoor Halloween Decor Ideas


Outdoor Halloween Decor Ideas

You can barely see the skeleton dinner party going on inside:

Outdoor Halloween Decor Ideas

That really comes alive at night! Imagine the light going in and out real creepy-like…

See more of our Skeleton dinner party dining room HERE if you missed it! That is really my favorite thing this year!

This guy either didn’t quite make it or has had way too much to drink…

Outdoor Halloween Decor Ideas

He’s one of our very first skeletons. We still have a few and they are starting to get very brittle and fragile, but they make the best props.

Here’s another reaching for you from the graveyard:

Outdoor Halloween Decor Ideas

Then you’ll come to our front steps:

Outdoor Halloween Decor Ideas

Where this guy is waiting to greet you:

Outdoor Halloween Decor Ideas

And just beyond is one of our very first Halloween purchases when we started our love for all things Halloween:

Outdoor Halloween Decor Ideas

That’s the Butler, and he says all kinds of spooky phrases.

To the right on the porch is my girl making herself fancy…

Outdoor Halloween Decor Ideas

Trick or treat…

Outdoor Halloween Decor Ideas


Outdoor Halloween Decor Ideas

Remember this lamp turned candle holder I shared not too long ago?

It was the only one of the three that I trusted to be safe our here with the wind. See how I made it HERE if you missed it!

Outdoor Halloween Decor Ideas

More porch decor…

Outdoor Halloween Decor Ideas


Outdoor Halloween Decor Ideas


Outdoor Halloween Decor Ideas

This guy with his pet snake…

Outdoor Halloween Decor Ideas

This rocking chair catches the breeze since it’s on the end so it often rocks all by itself. Pretty creepy!

Last year we set up an intimate dinner party for two behind him on our side porch, but it was hard to see from the street and we really don’t need it with our dining room inside now decorated.

Outdoor Halloween Decor Ideas

Down in front of the porch is the graveyard…

Outdoor Halloween Decor Ideas


Outdoor Halloween Decor Ideas


Outdoor Halloween Decor Ideas


Outdoor Halloween Decor Ideas

Outdoor Halloween Decor Ideas

Another guy trying to get in…maybe he should have just rang the doorbell.Outdoor Halloween Decor Ideas

It’s fun during the day, but it really comes alive at night. I only snapped a few nighttime photos…

Outdoor Halloween Decor Ideas

The porch lights were swapped out for the creepy ones that seem like they have a short in them, just the same as the dining room.

Outdoor Halloween Decor Ideas

You can see two of our carved pumpkins we just did on Sunday here…

Outdoor Halloween Decor Ideas

Tomorrow night there will be candles everywhere and there will be spooky music playing which adds so much.

Outdoor Halloween Decor Ideas

We still have several more things to finish putting up today and tomorrow like our tent we added last year that will hold my Trick or Treat sign:

Outdoor Halloween Display 2017 confessionsofaserialdiyer.com

See how I made that sign HERE.

It will also hold this guy among others:

We turn the tent into a tunnel of sorts that the kids have to walk through.

I have lights to hang that I was afraid the storms would damage and like I mentioned, many candles to add for the big night. It’s really difficult to capture how fun it all is in photos, but our neighbors get a kick out of it and it is a blast to do! I hope you enjoyed the tour!

If you missed our tour last year, you can take it HERE!

Have a safe and happy Halloween, my friends, and I’ll see ya’ll back on here on Thursday with one of my favorite projects that I wish I had kept, made from this window:

UPDATE: See what I did with this old window HERE now! 😀



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  1. Mary Kaiser says

    Its all so spooky and fun! I bet the kids in your neighborhood will LOVE it. Your so fun! Have a spooky good time!!

    • Aww thanks, Mary!! Halloween is a blast for me, and it so fun to see the kids’ reactions! Happy Halloween! XOXO

  2. A girl after my own heart! I love Halloween and am so stealing the skeletons in the dining room for next year. Hope you get tons of trick or treaters!

  3. Debbie Sellers says

    Christy, Just wanted to tell you how I look forward to your posts each week!! You are so creative!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Your decorations are better than any I’ve ever seen. Will have to show my granddaughter; showed her the dining room last week. She loved it. Received my package Sat and loved it and my granddaughter claimed the little bird. Thanks again.

    • Aww thank you, Janice!! I really enjoy putting it all together! So glad you received your box. The little Christmas ornament kit will be fun to make with your granddaughter too! Enjoy and Happy Halloween! XOXO

  5. Christina in SW FL says

    Christy this is high on the creative and creepy side! Very well done!

  6. Just gorgeous! Luv the daytime look, but @nightit really comes alive…erhmm, I mean undeadly! Where do you store all the stuff?

    • Thank you!! Ha ha! Everything lives in our attic…kind of creepy to head up there in April and there are skeletons looking looking at you lol. XO

  7. Absolutely love it! You are so creative, Christy. I am now a scrambling to do something on a much smaller scale by tomorrow. Thx for the inspiration!!

  8. Christy –
    Loved the outdoor tour – it’s GRAND!
    I only have one question:

    Ha ha,
    Chef Alli

    • Thank you, Chef Alli! Ha ha we sleep like babies lol. Now walking through the dining room before bed to turn out the lamp with the freaky bulb…that’s a bit creepy sometimes. 😀 XO

  9. I look forward to your Halloween tour every year…it is like a holiday tradition for me! I was curious to see how you would decorate your new house and you nailed it! The skeleton dinner party is great–I may want to try that next year at my house. Thank you for always sharing and inspiring me to do more!

    • Oh yay!! I love hearing that, Kristi, thank you so much! It was so fun having a new house to decorate, but the dining room has to be my favorite! Happy Halloween! XOXO

  10. JANET SALMON says

    Awesome!!! I love to decorate for Halloween but getting too old to do all the fun stuff. Where did you find all the poseable skeletons?? You have got to be the coolest family on the block. Fun but not trashy!!!

    Happy haunting!!

    • Thank you, Janet! I do wonder if we’ll keep this up when the kids are grown…we’ll see! I found my skeletons in a few places, but the most recent ones I found at Target this year. Happy Halloween! XOXO

  11. Love you climbing skeletons.. LOL

  12. What fun! I like everything but the creepy doll….eeeek! Lol. You get the award of perseverance since you had to keep putting things back for three storms! I think after the second one, I would have given up.

    • Ha ha that doll is creepy for sure! She talks and her eyes light up…super creepy! And yes the storms were crazy this year! XO

  13. sharon austin says

    Totally love it! It’s so awesome, you did a great job on it. Very spooky cool!! We don’t get trick or treaters cause we’re rural, no sidewalks or street lights, so I really miss doing stuff like this!

    • Thank you so much, Sharon! I’m sure there are so many perks to living the rural life…small price to pay, right? I wish I could invite you to hang out at my house…those trick-or-treaters are so cute! XO

  14. Oh my gosh Christie, that’s quite the spread you got going on there! Oddly it’s the baby doll that creeps me out the most ???? Happy Halloween my friend!

  15. Wow what an amazing job Christy. I think this is the best Halloween display I’ve ever seen. You certainly are creative. Have fun on Halloween night. Your blog is by far my most favourite one I read. Thanks for all the great inspiration!

    • You totally made my night, Carolyn, thank you!! I’m so glad you enjoyed my Halloween tour this year and I appreciate you following along with me! Happy Halloween! XOXO


  17. So kewl Christy. I would love to decorate for Halloween but we have 3 dogs that bark at every door bell ring with the kids and want to go out and lick them to death. LOL Sooo unfortunately we have to crate them and leave the house dark so no one comes to the door so the dogs do not get excited. Such a pain!!! We end up going out for the evening. This year I found a kewl T-Rex at Home Depot and so wanted to buy him as a halloween decoration. But alas… not to be this year again!

  18. Truly amazing ????????????????????????

  19. Oh, my this is the best outdoor Halloween decorating I’ve seen – so creative and fun! Bet your house is the most popular on the block this time of year!

  20. You always do Halloween so good!! Perfectly scary!! If I was a kid, I’d be afraid to come up there!! haha

    • Thank you, Nancy!! You know how much I love me some Halloween! It’s funny because little tiny things will march right up to the door without thinking twice, but some 10-year-olds won’t even walk up the driveway LOL! Can’t wait for tomorrow night! Happy Halloween, my friend! XOXO

  21. It all looks so cool, Christy! My kids would LOVE if I did a fraction of this to our house – they always tell me our house looks lame : ( ! I bet your house is the favorite place to visit in the neighborhood on Halloween!

    • Thank you, Bonnie! The little boy across the street told his mom she needed to step up her game LOL. We really have a blast putting it all together! Happy Halloween! XO

  22. Debra A Wise says

    So spooktacular! Love your Halloween decor. Looks like such fun!!

    • Thank you, Debra! You know I love me some Halloween Decor! Had a blast putting it together and can’t wait for tomorrow night! Happy Halloween! XOXO

  23. I LOVE this!
    I bet the kids will love coming to your house.
    Where do you store it all after Halloween?

    • Thsnk you, Lyn! The kids get a kick out of it for sure. Everything is stored in the attic. It can be kind of creepy to head up there in the middle of the summer and skeletons are staring at you LOL! Happy Halloween! XO

  24. Your Skellies are lots of fun and the night shots are Fab!

  25. Creepy! Not sure I would have the courage to ask for any treats. Well done.

    • Ha ha thank you, Heidi! Usually kids have passed by our house a dozen times before Halloween, so they’re pretty excited to be able to come all the way up on Halloween night! XO

  26. Christy, you guys are so creative – I am always in awe of what you do!!:) I think I might be a little frightened myself walking up to your door in the dark!! Love the dining room addition this year! It must be so much fun watching the reactions of the kiddos! 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Patty!! Halloween was a blast and so worth the effort! Kids and parents alike really enjoyed it! XOX0

  27. You hit it out of the park! Everything looks terrific! Love the dining area and will have to do something similar next year. My husband’s favorite holiday is Halloween so we go all out too. Even indoors where we have a life size Freddy, Jason, Chucky and zombie girl (those are creepy to pass by at night.) I was wondering how you were able to attach the photos/pictures to the brick on the porch area. I wasn’t sure if you had a trick to do it (can’t imagine you drilled holes and screws to hang them all.) Also, just curious too…what kind of candy do you give out?

    • Thank you, Imelda! I love coming across people who get a kick out of Halloween like we do! Sounds like you have some awesome pieces. I did actually drill into the brick to put a screw in to hold the larger photos, but the smaller photos are hung with command strips since they are the in super lightweight dollar store frames. As for the candy, we give out mostly chocolate bars but also sour patch kids since those are my son’s favorite and also suckers and smarties for the little ones. 🙂

  28. Cecilia from Georgia says

    This is the best Spooky house I’ve ever seen! I know you guys had a blast decorating. And the details are amazing! If you do this for Halloween, I can’t wait to see Christmas!

    • Aww ha ha thank you, Cecilia! Halloween was a blast this year! Seeing the kids’ reactions makes all the work we put into it so worth it! XOXO

  29. Debbie in TX says

    Once again, this is awesome!! We were out of town over Halloween week, so I did not get you see your photos until now. What a fun house for the kiddos to trick or treat at!! I especially love the skeleton climbing the roof! And your costumes were fantastic. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you, Debbie! It was so much fun, and seeing the kids’ faces and reactions made it so worth the effort! XOXO