Shabby Chic Dressing Table

Hello, lovelies!! I am so glad to be home from my trip, but it was a lot of fun and I learned a ton! This conference was geared more towards all the no-fun back-end aspects of the blog that ya’ll won’t ever see, but it was super informative. The best part of all though was getting to hang out with two of my Furniture Fixer Upper pals, Kathy from Petticoat JUNKtion and Denise from Salvaged Inspirations:

AdThrive Summit 2019

I met Kathy years ago at one of the Haven conferences we attended and she is such a hoot! Denise lives in Canada and it was so nice to finally hug her in person. She is just as delightful in person as she is on her blog.

The conference was in Austin. What a cool city!

I had THE BEST tacos I’ve ever eaten in my life! Shout out to Torchy’s Tacos!

My blogging bestie, Nancy from Artsy Chicks Rule, was supposed to go too…she is always my roomie on these trips, but she came down with a fever and chills just hours before we were set to leave. She was SO bummed and so was I. She was dearly missed for sure!

Okay so let’s get to it!

I had planned to come home and finish the shelf I teased on Thursday, but I slacked off instead and didn’t get it done. I decided I’d rather hang out with my boys who missed their Mama and recharge.

So today I’m bringing out an old favorite; this dressing table that I found at Habitat Restore several years ago:

It was originally $150 dollars, but all furniture was 50% off that day, so I got it for $75.

I love this makeover because I was able to marry it to this mirror I found at Goodwill for only $4.25:

It wasn’t exactly living its best life covered in that awful brown paint, and it had been taking up space in our garage for months, so I was so happy to get it out of there!

Anyone remember this one so far?

The finish on the dressing table was horrendous up close. It looked like it had been painted to look like stain:Antique-Dressing-Table-11

I had planned to leave the top stained, but after I sanded it down, conditioned it, and a coat of stain, it looked awful:


It looked like maybe this piece had once had a veneer top that had been removed because this was not the gorgeous wood top I was expecting. It looked like a pieced-together version that you would find under the veneer. It made more sense why this piece had a faux stained paint job before.

So I went ahead and painted the whole shebang:

White painted dressing table with mirror, distressed with a shabby chic finish.

Ahh… I love the shabby all-white look of it. If it looks familiar, this pretty piece is one of my header images! I’ve included a few affiliate links so you can find the products I love.

This mirror looks like it was always here right?

Thrift Store Mirror painted white to match a dressing table.

When I found the mirror, I thought that I could take the mirror off the harp and use the frame for a chalkboard, but luckily it made a perfect mate for this dressing table!

Close up of thrift store dressing table painted white and distressed

For this piece, I used Behr’s Ultra Pure White made into chalk paint using this recipe. That was my go-to bright white before I found Dixie Belle’s Cotton.

I distressed this one a bit more than usual using my orbital sander. I really like this look for this piece. I sealed it with Annie Sloan’s clear wax. I am so glad I found an alternative to wax. Waxing is a lot of work! I love DB’s Clear Coat in Satin now. Applying it with a sponge is such a breeze!

Close up of thrift store dressing table painted white and distressed

I kept the original hardware, just sprayed it with Rustoleum’s Blossom White. The drawers were really marked up on the bottom and up the sides, so I lined them using scrapbook paper and matte Mod Podge.

Antique Dressing Table Makeover in Pure White DIY Chalk Paint from Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer


Thrift Store Dressing table painted white and distressed.


Close up of thrift store dressing table painted white and distressed


Dressing table and mirror painted white in a shabby chic distressed finish

This sweet piece didn’t last long in my shop at all. I think it sold for around $250.

Antique Dressing Table Makeover using DIY Chalk Paint from

You can visit my furniture chalk painting tutorial HERE.

I hope you enjoyed this makeover, even though it’s a replay! I have over 500 makeovers and it’s a shame most of them only get seen once!

If you’re in the mood for even more furniture inspiration, you can visit lots of my oldies here:

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I’m getting together with my furniture fixer upper girls on Thursday, and I’ll be sharing what I did with these twin headboards:

UPDATE! See how I gave these headboards a whole new look HERE now!! 

Then I’ll be back with that shelf next week! 🙂





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  1. Mary Kaiser says

    So glad your back and had fun! Good for you to spend time with your boys, they are not little forever! I never mind seeing replays of the old things you have done because they are all so great!!

  2. I had SO much fun in Austin and it was such a pleasure finally meeting you in person Christy!!! I hope we can do it again next year! I’ll bet your boys (including hubby) 😉 are so happy to have you back home. Love your desk/vanity makeover. The added thrift mirror is brilliant. Hugs XO

    • Me too!!! It was so awesome to get to finally meet you for real too!! I already told my Hubby I’m going again next year ha ha…and yes they did miss me. That’s why I need to go away every once in a while, right? Thank you, my beautiful friend! XOXO

  3. Christina in SW FL says

    I am so glad you had a great time at the conference! I’m betting you share with Nancy! 🙂
    Cute dressing table makeover. Clearly I could lose a day just going through your makeovers. 🙂
    I trust Lyla is doing very well also.

    • Thank you, Christina!! Yep, Nancy and I are already planning to get together so I can fill her in. Lyla is doing great…thanks for asking! XOXO

  4. Priorities! I am sure your family missed you! I love how you take unloved pieces and make them beautiful. You have inspired me to make a few changes to furniture I have and not to overlook those “ugly ducklings” at the thrift store. Thank you for sharing your talents with us!

    • Thank you, JoAnn! My family did miss me, and it is always so nice to get back to them! I love that you have been inspired to take in some of those ugly ducklings!! XOXO

  5. Lorena Dalimonte says

    Your vision is amazing…love seeing what you can do what would be considered done with!!! I have to say your visions have help me transform all my parents old pieces when they downsized. One day will show you. Till then keep doing what you do! #myfaveblogger

    • Aww you are the sweetest, Lorena, thank you so much!! I am so thrilled that you were inspired to transform your parent’s pieces!! XOXO

  6. Cheryl Atkinson says

    Aww my 2 favorite ladies in one place. I bet you had a blast and Texas is the best place to find Mexican food. I’m a Texan who just moved to Florida last year. there is no good Mexican food in Florida. 🙁
    I love this dresser and mirror.

    • It was so fun and SO informative! You’re not kidding about the food…THE BEST tacos I have ever eaten!!! I know you miss that! Thanks, Cheryl! XOXO

  7. What what, how fun to hang out with two of our Furniture Fixer Upper friends, I’m so jealous. LOL So fun to see the photo of the three of you together! I remember this gorgeous dressing table and the mirror looks like it was part of it all along.

  8. You did a great makeover. It reminds me of a piece my grandmother had years ago. Hers was a too dark wood one.

  9. Marian Romano says

    Hi Christy, I am new to your blog. I feel like a lost wanna be DIYer in the desert thirsting for knowledge. I love every drop of wonderfulness you put forth. You are fantastic!

  10. Dressing tables always look lovely in white! Looking forward to seeing what you do with the headboards!

  11. Sue Mellette says

    I never get tired of seeing your inspiring work. I am curious, do you teach your painting techniques in person? It would be awesome to work with you! I would love to know how you determine (the thought process) as to what you will do with a piece that you have salvaged and transformed into a masterpiece! I wish I were closer; I live in South Carolina, but it would not be impossible to visit your shop, and have a chance to work with you! Just asking. Thanks as always for sharing. I always get inspired by your work!

    • Aww thank you, Sue!! I do not teach classes, although I would love that! There just aren’t enough hours in the day! My brother lives in Anderson near Clemson. As for my thought process when making over pieces…I usually have sort of an idea of what I want to do, but the ideas almost always evolve as I am working on something. When I am stumped, I usually just start painting and the ideas usually start to flow! XOXO

  12. Glad you love TEXAS, where everything is BIG including our ♥️ Love your emails. Thank you! Love ve me Torchy’s Tacos too! Green Chili Pork is wonderful. What did you get?

    • Thank you, Sandra! Oh yes…loved what small part I got to see! I tried both the brisket taco and the shrimp taco…delicious!!! XOXO

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