Simple Shabby Shelf

Hey there, awesome Friends! Welcome to one of my favorite days of the month: Trash-to-Treasure Tuesday! Pretty much everything I share is a makeover of some sort, but today I get to do it with four of my favorite treasure maker friends. You’ll find links to their posts at the bottom. 🙂

Today I am bringing you a redo of a redo. I started with this very Poohesque shelf I found at the thrift store for two whole dollars:


You may remember this one from last Fall. The contact paper was very easily removed (sorry, Pooh fans), and I made it over last year to look like this:

A little more sophisticated and I thought it was a great improvement, but apparently not good enough…it just sat in my booth. In person the color had an almost green tint to it, so maybe that’s it.

When I brought home the vintage coffee table I shared a couple of weeks ago from the shop to redo, I brought this home for a redo as well.

If at first you don’t succeed…

paint it white…

Thrift store shelf gets a simple white makeover from

Ah yessss. This is Casement by Fusion Mineral Paint.

Adding hooks also added function…

Thrift store shelf gets a simple white makeover from

I think that’s what was missing from the first makeover.

I already had these cast iron hangers from Hobby Lobby, I just spray painted them white and shabbied them up a bit…

Thrift store shelf gets a simple white makeover from

My mercury glass ornaments look so pretty against the white.

Thrift store shelf gets a simple white makeover from


Thrift store shelf gets a simple white makeover from


Thrift store shelf gets a simple white makeover from


Thrift store shelf gets a simple white makeover from


Thrift store shelf gets a simple white makeover from confessionsofaserialdiyer.comBetter, no? Maybe someone will want to take it home now!

And here are four more fabulous trash-to-treasure makeovers from my friends! Click the links below the image to see what these became!

t2t-12-131. Artsy Chicks Rule     2. Girl in the Garage

3. Prodigal Pieces     4. Bless’er House

You can see all my previous Trash-to-Treasure makeovers HERE.

I’ll see ya’ll Thursday with a piece that is dear to my heart, my boys’ baby changing table:


Only it doesn’t look very boyish anymore!

UPDATE: Check out how I changed it up HERE.



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  1. I love your makeover of the shelf, it is absolutely stunning and the item for me that made the whole thing POP was your Boxwood wreath. Where would I find a wreath like that or did you make it ?
    Thank you.

  2. You’ve got a winner for sure this time, Christy! I love the shabby white and the hooks give it a purpose. Much better than Pooh!

  3. I love it painted white with the hooks! What a great restyle of that shelf. Isn’t it amazing how painting something white just breathes new life into it?

    Well done.


  4. Marcie Lovett says:

    Oh, yeah, that won’t last long. Beautiful job, Christy!

  5. Yep!!! The added hooks are perfect! Love this cute little, functional shelf! 😉 xoxo

  6. Christy, it’s just too pretty to sell now. As you can attest, white paint makes everything fresh and beautiful but those knobs take this shelf to a new level! If you plan on taking this back to your booth, I’m sure it’ll be gone within hours.

  7. chris aka monkey says:

    wow the shelf is freaking awesome now xx merry Christmas

  8. Sandra powell says:

    I like it better white, looks really pretty with those hooks as well. Nicely done should sell quickl I know I’d buy it👍

  9. Annie (Canada) says:

    Love it!! I’m sure it will sell now although I’m not sure why it didn’t with the previous makeover, I thought it looked really pretty…I guess you just never know! 🙂

  10. You do such wonderful work. I love the new look for the shelf. Adore those ornaments.

  11. Christy, it’s absolutely gorgeous now! I don’t believe I’ve ever said that about a shelf before, haha. Is the middle piece/knob screwed on from the front also, or from the back? Thanks 🙂

    • Aww thanks, Jen! That is a regular knob in the middle. I drilled a hole on the back just a bit wider than the screw, and just deep enough so that the screw didn’t stick out in the back. 🙂

  12. Stunning… I thought the first before was good when you originally did that, but THIS? STUNNING!!! Your styling is SO beautiful!!!

  13. Love it, Christy! I would have never seen the ‘green’ tint, until you mentioned it here. I actually really like both redos… but, definitely prefer the additional functionality and brighter color of the second redo. 🙂 Very nice! (the mercury glass does, indeed, look pretty against the white!)

    • Thanks, Julie! I liked the original as well, but I guess it was meant to be white! I picked up those mercury glass ornaments at Home Goods last year and just love them! XOXO