DIY Burlap Framed Mirror

Hey guys!  Today I'm sharing an easy project, a burlap framed mirror using a yard sale frame and a thrift store mirror. I love this idea and I knew by using burlap, it would be the perfect project for our Get Your DIY on: Burlap Projects. Here is what I started with: And here is the finished product: Pretty, huh? Here's how I got here: First I painted the frames in DIY chalk paint: I found an old piece of quarter-inch plywood in the garage and cut it to fit my … [Read more...]

DIY Fabric Framed Mirror

Hello friends, thanks for stopping by! Today I'm sharing how I made this ho-hum mirror fabulous with just a few easy steps.  This is the mirror as I found it: It was originally $50 from Kirklands according to the tag on the back, but I only paid $3 at the thrift store. (I actually do shop at other places besides the thrift store you know, I promise!) I started by spray painting the frame black:   Then I purchased a piece of plywood and had my own personal wood cutters … [Read more...]

New Life for Outdated Frames

  You see, I have this problem. It's with my car, actually. Every Monday, after my cleaning is done (Monday is my cleaning day), I sit and make a quick menu of what we are going to eat for the week. Then I make a list of what I need to buy and head to the grocery store. But instead of heading right to the grocery store, my doggone car keeps taking a detour into the Food Lion parking lot (this is not the grocery store I am aiming for)...which just happens to have a Good Will next … [Read more...]

This Small Mirror Makes a Big Impact

How do you like my new mirror? Bold, right? I like that it makes a BIG impact. If I'd have seen this at Home Goods, this would have gone straight into my cart. That above pic is from my most recent Summer Home Tour. It was so simple to make. It's actually a smaller mirror mounted onto plywood that's framed out. The title of this post should have been, "From Epic Fail to Awesome".  This project started with a plan to use the mirror below that was removed from the boys' bathroom last summer, … [Read more...]