White-Washed Stool and I Hired an Assistant!

Hi Friends!! I've got a quick little makeover for you today, and some fun news as well. First up is the makeover. I picked up this little stool at the Goodwill a few weeks back: It was in perfect condition, just not my favorite color. I've shown you how I paint something distressed without the original paint color showing through, using petroleum jelly, in this recent post. For this little stool a different method was used so the red wouldn't show through. First it got a couple of … [Read more...]

Numbered Farmhouse Stool

I found a new thrift store about 20 minutes from my house last week and it was like Christmas morning! It benefits Disabled American Vets like one of my favorite thrift stores, and it was amazing! I left with a full cart, ya'll. One of the items I found was this sweet $6 farmhouse stool and it is thrifty makeover #25! (Only six more left yikes!) Everyone can use a little step stool, right? I decided to stick with gray and white like my Farmhouse Headboard Bench I shared … [Read more...]

$1 Yard Sale Step Stool Makeover

I was looking for a little step stool to replace the plastic stool in the boys' bathroom and luckily, I didn't have to look further than my garage! I found the perfect stool for $1 last summer at a yard sale. I am so ready for yard sale season! Even though I still have several ahemm...projects awaiting me in the garage from last season, it's fun to find new treasures! This stool was perfect because it is chunky and super sturdy: I love it even more because someone hand-made it. :) It … [Read more...]