Thrift Store Boxes Reloved

Who’s up for a thrifty makeover today? I’m always up for transforming forgotten treasures into brand new functional decor!

Beautiful friends, today I am sharing how I reloved two such pieces:

They might be showing their age, but they still have a lot of life left to live! I’ve included a few affiliate links so you can find the products I love. 

Let’s start with the recipe box that I scored for 99¢:

Personally I prefer hand-written recipes or recipes that I have printed out rather than trying to follow them on my phone or iPad, but sadly these little boxes just aren’t the kitchen staple they once were.

I decided to change it up so it could be used anywhere:

Recipe Box makeover

I cut out a piece of luan with my miter saw and covered right over the word Recipes. Now it can hold just about anything that can fit inside!

Recipe Box makeover

The box is painted in Bit of Sugar by Behr, made into DIY chalk paint. (Recipe with video on how to mix HERE.) I sprayed the sign with primer first, then Robin’s Egg Blue.

I used my Silhouette machine and dollar store contact paper to add the word to Stuff. I figured that could cover a lot of bases.

I brushed in the letters with DIY chalk paint using a small brush…

I removed the contact paper as soon as the second coat of paint went on.

The box and the tag were sealed with Behr’s clear wax.  I glued the sign onto the front using wood glue and that was that!

Recipe Box makeover

It’s perfect for clothespins…

Recipe Box makeover

Not that I’ll be hanging our laundry out to dry anytime soon or ever, but they were perfect for the photo!

You could use this to store medication bottles, hair accessories, whatever you can think of that would fit inside!

Not bad for only 99¢, right?

Recipe Box makeover from

Next up is this beauty:

I loved the ornate handle on the top and for $2.98, I knew I could make it feel loved again!

Thrift store box makeover

I used Bit of Sugar here as well and then added subtle stripes on the top in my wall color, Campfire Ash, also by Behr.

Thrift store box makeover

I love the softness the stripes add to this box.

I removed the handles from both boxes prior to painting. They each got two coats of the Bit of Sugar.

When they were barely dry, I used my nail to scratch the paint off…

Thrift store box makeover

I lined the bottom of this one with fabric left over from my desk

Thrift store box makeover

I attached it the same way I add fabric to drawers which you can see a video of in this post.

Thrift store box makeover


Thrift store box makeover

This one is actually the perfect size for hiding the remotes!

Thrift store box makeover


Thrift store box makeover

There ya have it…two sad boxes that were no longer of service to their owners made fresh and new again!

That’s my favorite! 🙂

And that’s two more crossed off the list!

If you missed any or want to revisit one, you can find them all here:

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$24 Estate Sale Cabinet Makeover

I’ll be back on Thursday with my Furniture flippin friends sharing what I did with this very short desk:

UPDATE: See how I remedied the height issue and gave this desk a fresh new look HERE now!

See ya then!



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  1. Little boxes are so handy and make lovely gifts. I love what you’ve done with your two ????

  2. Mary Kaiser says

    I love them, so cute now! I am now on the lookout for some old boxes to redo, I hope I can find one the same size for our remotes. Thanks for always being so inspirational!

    • Thanks, Mary! That one is the perfect size for remotes…it may not make it to my shop lol! Good luck in your search and thank you for always saying the nicest things!! XOXO

  3. Christina in SW FL says

    Christy, these are cute. cute, cute!!! What wonderful gifts they would make. I admit I imagined opening the former recipe box to find jelly beans. It’s how my mind works. lol
    The ornate box looks so cool with its new crisp white, pretty interior and stripes.
    Way to go always Christy!!
    Love finding your emails in my inbox on Tuesdays and Thursdays! 🙂
    Here’s to a wonderful week!

    • Thank you, Christina! These sure would make fantastic gifts…and fill them with goodies! Ha ha…no jelly beans, but now I want some lol! So glad you enjoy what I share, my friend! XOXO

  4. Janice Holt says

    Both of these boxes are so cute and useful. You make me want to go thrifting (which is my favorite thing to do) and get back to painting. Love them and looking forward to the desk Thursday.

    • Thanks, Janice! I love thrifting too as you know, and I’m really forward to yard saling now that the warm weather is here. I hope you are inspired to pick up a paintbrush again. It is so good for the soul! See ya Thursday! XOXO

  5. Oh how I Love your box makeovers ????????. Off to find me some now????

  6. Both are thanking you! So beautiful. Love that you found the same recipe box I did too. Great minds!

  7. Cheryl Atkinson says

    Christy, because of you i now thrift shop boxes and totes. I love how you make them look so sweet. I don’t have a booth to sell them at so i give them to my friends and family and they love them.

  8. Sandi Wagner says

    Adorable! Love them both! PS….I like written recipes the best too…! Thanks Christy for sharing so much and bringing a little joy with each post….and inspiration!

  9. sharon austin says

    Both super cute. Can’t wait to see the desk makeover!

  10. Emma Burch says

    Can’t wait for Tuesday!!! Get my dose of Christy❤️❤️ You inspire me with the ideas, creativity, even the way you format your blog…. LUV it all!! LUV U❤️

  11. Hi Christy,

    I just love to watch every week to see what you do with all your finds. I was curious, when you said you scratched off the paint with you finger nail, does the paint come off that easily on all the painted surfaces? Just wondering how it would hold up on kitchen cabinets?

    • Thanks, Barb!! Chalk paint is great for pieces that you want to distress because it does come off pretty easily when sanding, etc. However, the wax or topcoat is what makes it super durable. I would not use chalk paint on kitchen cabinets, but rather take the time to to do proper prep, sand, prime, then paint with a latex enamel in a satin finish. No topcoat or sealer required. They will be so easy to keep clean! Here is my post for how to paint kitchen cabinets the right way: Hope this helps! XO

  12. Desiree M Clark says

    All your stuff is yummy, and it has nothing to do with cooking! I am just in love with everything you do! I have a small place that I rent, but I have a lot of small things and I am looking to do more of the things that you do. I am reading everything and love how you make sure you post all your details, thank you, I live in Texas, so no competition here! I just love your blog it is always bright and cheerfully, keep up the good work! To say I love everything and I am just now posting on your sight, LOL, don’t know what took me so long!

  13. Marcie Lovett says

    Very pretty redos. I’m thinkin’ that striped box isn’t going to make it out of the house to your booth!

  14. I love the boxes. If I saw them in your booth, I would buy them.

  15. Linda C Johnston says

    This is a real hoot! I made a “STUFF” box too! Here I thought I was so original…..should have known brilliant minds think alike! LOL LOL!! Good job!

    • Oh too funny! Great minds lol. Do you know that when I was a kid in the ’70s, my fake name, if I needed when we were playing, was always Linda Johnson? I don’t know why really, but I loved to write a big old cursive “L” ha ha! Thank you! XOXO

  16. Brenda Johnson says

    The Stuff box is a cute idea…as usual you knocked it out of the park with these projects!

  17. Cecilia from Georgia says

    Do you dream in “Chalk Paint colors”? I love the boxes and especially the stripes (my new best technique…thanks to YOU!) The soft tan and white with the metal handle gives a big wow of texture in this little box. Love your ‘STUFF” too! XOXO

    • Ha ha thanks, Cecilia! Stripes add so much to a simple piece and I love that you love them as much as I do! XOXO

  18. They both are so nice! I saw the desk, too… Very pretty!

  19. Sandra Camp says

    Christy, I just love you to pieces, BUT, the advertisements are so distracting it drives me crazy. Just now I am looking at one video and two large ads which are covering up most of the text. You aren’t the only one , I’m seeing it on most all the blogs that I follow. :>( Its so frustrating and not a pleasant experience so I am not visiting my usual ladies anywhere near as often as I used to. I will check in on you though every now and again!

    • I am with you, Sandra! Our ad network was trying out a new video ad placement on mobile, but we had to keep it for at least seven days. I just requested today to have it removed. I couldn’t stand it! I don’t ever want ya’ll to feel like you’re being attacked with ads. Hope you’ll visit again soon! XOXO

  20. I love what you do, so creative, but would love to see something other than white or light blue…. You have a real eye for make over.

    • Christy says

      Thank you, Linda…I have a hard time sometimes imagining that pieces will look better in any other colors. To be fair, my past few projects were taupe, gray, and then white with royal blue pattern. I know I don’t change up much in the color department because these are colors I personally love and I know they will sell. What color could you see these boxes in? Help me to see your vision. 🙂

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