Thrift Store Hatbox Makeover

Happy Tuesday, amazing friends! The boys went back to school today…I now have a fourth grader and a Senior! How that even happened is crazy! I know the house it going to be a little too quiet today, so I am always happy to have you guys to keep me company! ( I honestly only feel that way the first day, then I’m good ha ha!)

I’m continuing through the second group of items I pulled from my storage room, and I have two items to share!

The first is this hatbox I found at the thrift store years and years and YEARS ago:

When I bought it, I used it to corall all those little toy parts that toddlers love to carry from place to place. Then it got promoted to holding the boys’ Disney Infinity characters. I cleaned out the room over the garage where the boys hang out when I was preparing for our yard sale, and found a new way to organize the boys’ video game stuff. It’s been so long since I bought it that I don’t recall what I paid for it. I’ve included a few affiliate links so you can find the products I love.

This box has definitely seen better days. It looks like one of those old school hat boxes, but this is definitley a newer knock-off version.

I started by cleaning it well with lysol wipes (actually Walmart’s version). Then I gave it one coat of Dixe Belle’s Vintage Duck Egg Blue:

Dixie Belle Vintage Duck Egg Blue

Then I lightly dry brushed it with Cotton white and a very dry brush all over, going with the paint strokes.

Then I used Frogtape to mark off my stripes:

And filled them in with Dixie Belle’s Cotton. I gave them two coats and immediately removed the tape as soon as I applied the second coat.

I lightly sanded all over with 220 grit sandpaper and sealed with Dixie Belle’s Clear Coat in Satin using their sponge applicator.

Thrift Store Hat Box Makeover from

Luckily the top of the box was about the same size as my Frogtape that I used for the stripes!

Thrift Store Hat Box Makeover from

This could be great for holding so many things.

Thrift Store Hat Box Makeover from

You can see the dry-brushing lightens up the blue quite a bit…

Thrift Store Hat Box Makeover from

I also gave the inside a little love…

Thrift Store Hat Box Makeover from

The top got painted and the inside got a new fabric liner:

Thrift Store Hat Box Makeover from

I found this fabric at Hobby Lobby.

This is the first round box that I’ve lined, and it ened up being pretty easy to do. If you have a similar one to line, I took photos as I went so you could see how I did it:

How to line a hatbox

1. Cut a piece of fabric for the bottom of the box. I traced around the OUTSIDE of the box and cut first. Then, I placed the fabric inside the bottom and used a pencil to outline where the edge was all the way around.

2.  I Then used scissors to make small cuts to the line I marked in pencil, about 3/4 to and inch apart all the way around. This will allow the fabric to flip up on the sides without puckering.

3. I applied Matte Mod Podge to the bottom with a chip brush to adhere the fabric.

4. Then I layed the fabric in the bottom and smoothed it out towards the edges.

How to line a round box with fabric

5. To cover the sides, I first measured the depth of the box, adding about a quarter of an inch or so for the fold at the top.

6. I used my rotary cutter and straight edge/cutting mat kit to cut nice straight pieces for the sides.

7. I folded the top edge over and ironed it flat.

8. I secured the fabric to the sides with Matte Mod Podge, just as I did on the bottom.

How to line a round box with fabric

I love to hang onto cards and vacation memorabilia, and this box would be perfect for that! I actually have one even bigger that I redid a couple of years ago that I use for that purpose HERE.

Thrift Store Hat Box Makeover from


Thrift Store Hat Box Makeover from


Round box makeover with fabric lining from

Piece number two is SUPER simple! It’s this very sophisticated paper towel holder that I have had for several years:

I can’t believe this has been hanging around as long as it has. It was marked down twice to 45¢ and I’m a sucker for spindly things so I just had to have it.

It would be perfect to put on the table at a cook out, right?

Thrift store paper towel holder makeover

I guess the napkins in that photo are a little redundant, huh? I mean if you have a giant roll of paper towels right there…

For this one, I sanded the base that was flaking first, and then I spray primed it white. I wanted a little white to show through. Then, while I had Dixie Belle’s Vintage Duck Egg Blue out from painting the box above, I painted this one too.

Thrift store paper towel holder makeover

This also got a light sanding and a coat of Dixie Belle’s Clear Coat in satin to seal.

Thrift store paper towel holder makeover

I’d say that’s 45¢ well spent!

Thrift store paper towel holder makeover

Now that was a super quickie, but now I can cross off two more items!!

If you missed any of these makeovers, you can visit them here:

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I’ll be back on Thursday with the chair:

See ya then!! 🙂



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  1. Love them both. I’ve always shied away from lining anything as I thought it would be so complicated. You make it look far easier with your photos. Thank you.

  2. Mary Kaiser says

    ADORABLE!!! I love how that hatbox turned out. You could make a pigs ear cute!! I am so going to look for a hat box!

  3. Christy, those are so sweet. You cant go wrong with vintage Duck Egg. I though the fabric was the box with a dry brush. It doesnt look like fabric. I am about to line some boxes with fabric for the first time. Wish me luck. I will definitely be reading your instructions on precious pieces. Thank you for sharing all of of the things. 😊💗

  4. Patricia Wilson says

    Love your hat box, so pretty! You do amazing makeovers. Thanks for sharing your talent with us!

  5. Christina in SW FL says

    Christy these are two wonderful makeovers! Love the basket with its beautiful stripes. I have ideas on what such a basket would do in my house. 🙂 The paper towel spindle is adorable. Great color for your home decor on both. Way to go.
    Here’s to Dorian going out to sea and a great week1

  6. Talk about “from night to day”!!Great transformation.

  7. Love hatboxes and your remake of this one. Stripes for the win! We even did a similar color for today. 🥰

  8. That is SUPER CUTE! Great inspiration on you!

  9. Marcie Lovett says

    I hear you about the kids going back to school! After the first day, it’s much easier to enjoy the quiet. No “Mom, where is…?” or “Mom, there’s nothing to eat!” 😁 That box is so sweet now and the fabric lining is an unexpected treat. I wouldn’t have thought to extend the bottom up the sides a little – great tip! Those details make your projects sing, Christy.

    • Thanks, Marcie!! Yes…the Mom, where is…? is the #1 question. Because Mom always knows where everything is ha ha! It is a little quiet this morning, but kind of nice. XOXO

  10. Janet Filberth says

    I love the paper towel rack …..I used to have one just like it! ( Brown) I bought it at a thrift for $1 and used it for many years…..wish I had it back….I would do a your makeover
    Christy, I really enjoy your site….thank you for sharing your very pretty projects

    • Thank you so much, Janet! And I am thrilled that you enjoy what I share! This little holder definitely does the job! XOXO

  11. The hat box turned out great. You showered it with much ❤️

  12. Another winner. I love your coastal flair (especially that I live on the NC coast) and the stripes. I’m in love with stripes and your inspiration! Keep’em comin’. TFS.

  13. I LOVE both of these. Is it the blue? Or is it the piece? Who knows. Love them. I have a pile of random pics that I don’t know what to do with. Am looking for a basket to redo in the “Christy Way”.

    • Thank you, Roberta! It really could be the blue…I am drawn to just about anything if it’s the right color ha ha! Happy basket hunting! XOXO

  14. Boy you have talent! Just absolutely love everything you do; you are such a fabulous artist/crafter. Wish I had all your visions in MY head.
    Would you be able to share your technique on “antiquing” the base of the paper towel holder? What grit sandpaper and how to get those perfect little marks. When I try and sand edges on chalk paint, I get a cloudy haze next to the mark I’m trying to make.

    • Aww you are the sweetest, Gail, thank you!! This had two layers…the spray primer and then the paint. I used 220 grit and just scuffed it with a little force to get down to the wood. You might just need to apply a little more pressure or move up in grit to a 150. Good sandpaper makes a difference too! Hope this helps! XOXO

  15. Cecilia from Georgia says

    Of course I love the stripes but the lining is the bomb! This gives me a great idea for an ugly little treasure chest😉. Pinning for later! Thanks 💕

  16. Julie Briones says

    Always lovely, Christy. The dry-brushed white is super effective! Smart thinking!

  17. Oh my gosh, You used the same fabric for your hat box that I used for a window covering in my laundry room!

  18. I have never seen a hat box like that. I’ve purchased 2 cardboard ones at rummage sales (for my straw hats/visors/cowboy hat) but they’re not worth refurbishing. I like the paper towel holder – great idea for BBQ’s. So cute…

  19. So cute. You have such a knack for choosing the right colors and designs. So talented.

  20. Sue Mellette says

    Christy, I love, love what you did with the hat box. How fun and functional it is serving another purpose! Great idea for the color combination and I, too, am so fond of stripes. Painting the paper towel holder has given my an idea to redo a 50 year old wooden paper towel holder that belongs to my mom! Thanks as always for sharing. I so look forward to your posts!!

    • Thank you so much, Sue!! I do love some stripes as well, and I love that you are feeling inspired to revamp your Mom’s PT holder! XOXO

  21. Love the hatbox! It matches my colors!!

  22. Elizabeth Sintes says

    I have enjoyed your gifted talent and wish I had some talent. God has blessed me in other ways. May God bless you. Liz

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