Top 10 Project Wish List for 2013

They say if you want to accomplish a goal, you need to write it down. With the new year just getting underway, I thought I would share the projects I hope to cross off my list in the coming year. If publishing said list to the world isn’t enough to light a fire, nothing is, right?

Here goes…in order of  “This would be nice to have done” to “I really really really really really REALLY want this done!!”


Top 10  Project Wish List for 2013:



I would like to replace this table. Our house is the ultimate in open concept which means downstairs we have almost no walls. That means very little in terms of storage or places to put storage pieces so something that will also serve as storage is on the list. Maybe an antique dresser painted out all cute? We’ll see!




I wonder how a built-in or at least some sort of shelving  would look in this corner of the living room? Give that corner a “library” feel. It’s really wasted space and I think a missed opportunity to add a bit more storage! The other side  of our living room as you can see below has a large fireplace so I think it would be more balanced if there were something in that corner!





This little niche in our laundry room really could be put to use.  I’d love to add shelves here with baskets to hold everyday things. (The lighting in here is terrible like a dungeon; might have to remedy that as well.)

(Are you sensing a theme here? Storage!)



There are three different finishes on the moulding throughout our downstairs. Because it’s really one big room, I’d like to paint it all one color to tie it all together. Easy enough, right?



  Brennan's play area

I’d like to transition this play area upstairs to Brennan’s room.  He is still in his crib but as soon as he moves to his big boy bed, which is already in his room, we’ll be able to move the crib out and make room for all these toys. That will be a fun project:)



Get rid of this desk area! It serves no function for us. The area below is open so its another wasted opportunity. More cabinets would be awesome because you know what that means? More storage!

(I’m about to get more passionate now…watch out!)



Ugly popcorn ceiling

I really want to gouge out the eyes of the nice gentleman that installed this god-awful popcorn ceiling. But seeing as how I am a lady and ladies do not engage in such behavior…and I would never track him down anyway. I need to be grateful we have a ceiling. Yes, I am very grateful we have a ceiling!

See the pretty patch job we did right smack dab in the middle? Very sophisticated, huh? That was from some trouble we had renovating our master bath..oops! I have very special plans for this ceiling and if all goes according to my evil plan, muhahaha…well you’ll just have to wait for this one!




I really really would love to add an island to our kitchen. I feel like this space is so wasted. It may be redundant as we do already have what some may call an island (see below) but because its on the outskirts of the kitchen and has that funny angle to it, I think this space could handle it. We’ll see…plus you know what it will add, right?




Kitchen before

I really really really want to paint our kitchen cabinets.  This space doesn’t feel outdated or anything, just too dark.  We don’t get a lot of sunshine in here so it’s needs some brightening up!



Finally, the number one project I want to cross off my list this year is…install hardwood floors!! 

This house has four different types of flooring downstairs alone! (Not pictured is the travertine in our downstairs bath and laundry room which will stay.)  I installed beautiful cherry floors in my last house and I just loved them.  I’d love to unify the space by installing beautiful hardwood floors throughout the downstairs.  I’m sure it will make a huge impact and I can’t wait to get started on this project!


Unfortunately we have a list just about as long of things that are “must be done”s boo.  Nothing fun enough to write about like painting the exterior of the house snooze…They will have to be done before any of my “wants” can be done…maybe. We’ll see 😉

What projects are you hoping to tackle this year?


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  1. Jeannie Panza says

    Well Missy….I think when I return from Ohio I might just have to stop over on my way home from work….get a full before glance because Lord knows….. you will get it all done. I am jealous of your talent and energy. Come to my house and give me decorating advice, please!

    • I’ve seen your house… Lord knows you do not need advice from me! But you may stop over anytime at all ( just as long as its on a Monday-cleaning day lol:)

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  3. Betty819 says

    Did you post the home improvement projects you wanted to tackle at the beginning of the year to remind yourselves of those goals? Sometimes I think it helps to post them somewhere that you have to see these goals every week. I recall pinning a print out for a goal list. I should do that myself. I’m the kind of person that wants to accomplish so much but as my DH always says that my gallon of paint ends up costing hundreds of dollars before I’m finished with a room! He and his Father hated to tackle any home improvements but once they were done, they were glad and liked them (most of the time!) I really think it boiled down to spending money. My dear MIL wanted to change so many things but always got vetoed down, then she would get us involved in her projects to get Dad to join in.