Top 12 Non-Furniture Makeovers & Projects of 2018

Hello lovelies!! On Tuesday I counted down my top 12 furniture makeovers from 2018. See them all HERE if you missed them! I had almost as many non-furniture makeovers last year, so today I’m sharing those favorites!

Spoiler alert: Our kitchen reveal was hands down the number one post of 2018. I shared several posts, detailing all the projects that led up to the final reveal and ya’ll were so encouraging every step of the way! I’m not going to include our kitchen in today’s countdown however, since I’ve shared that enough, but you can revisit the final reveal HERE if you like or if you just joined the fun and missed it. 🙂

It’s hard to believe some of these pieces made it into my top 12 posts:

Enjoy this look back!


Starting at number 12 in this year’s non-furniture countdown is this old clock:

I turned it into a sweet shadow box for the holidays:

Holiday shadow box made from an old clock.

I love any project where I can incorporate my babies!

Holiday shadow box made from an old clock.

See more of how I created this holiday shadow box from an old clock HERE.


At number eleven is this crazy DIY tote I found for the bargain basement price of 99¢:

The nurse in me just had to bring it home and save it. After dismantling it to remove a warped piece, it came back together like this:

Tote rebuilt from a 99¢ thrift store find from

The new handle was a former table leg.

Tote rebuilt from a 99¢ thrift store find from

See how this came back together HERE.


Next up in the countdown is what I made with these fabrics…

It was only August and I was joining some friends in sharing Fall ideas, so I turned these very non-Fall fabrics into pumpkins!

How to make a fabric pumpkin from

This chenille one was my favorite:

How to make a fabric pumpkin from

Many of you were inspired to make some too and shared photos of them with me! I LOVE when ya’ll are inspired to create…that is the BEST!!

See the tutorial for making these sweet pumpkins HERE


Next up is this pretty bread box I scored for $4:

Those pretty curves painted up so pretty:

Breadbox with French Graphics

Adding a French graphic is never a bad idea:

How to add graphics to a project.

See more of this pretty breadbox HERE.


At number eight is this thrifted frame I picked up for $4:

I used looking glass spray to turn it into a faux mirror:

aux Etched Mirror from

Adding tissue paper behind the glass gave it dimension, and using frosted glass spray to add a graphic to the front made it a little more special:

Faux Etched Mirror from

See more of how I created this faux mirror HERE.


Up next is this very sad cabinet I picked up at the thrift store to create a Mother’s Day gift for my Mom:

She had requested something to organize her necklaces and I knew this could be perfect!

I turned it into this necklace cabinet, just what she was looking for:

Necklace Organizer from a thrift store wall cabinet.

The toile matches her bedroom, and you can see I added words to the glass doors here too:

Necklace Organizer from a thrift store wall cabinet.


See how this makeover came together HERE.


At number six is this inbox I picked up at the thrift store for $2:

Right away I knew it could be a cute tray!

Wooden thrift store inbox turned cute shiplap tray from

Right? The addition of poplar slats to the bottom gave it the feel of shiplap!

Wooden thrift store inbox turned cute shiplap tray from

See more details of this cute tray HERE.


Up next is what I made with these scraps from our old coffee table:

I cut them down and used them as the sides for this pretty tote:

This simple tote was made with scraps from

A spindle handle and shabby knob on the front gave it more personality.

This simple tote was made with scraps!

See more of how I built this little tote from scraps HERE.


Number four on the list was a surprising favorite made from these wood scraps my Hubby was going to trash:

I used them to add much-needed shade to our back yard in the form of a mobile umbrella base:

DIY Rolling Umbrella Base from

Filling it with concrete made it stand up to the heaviest of winds, and the addition of wheels made it easy to move it to wherever we needed…

DIY Rolling Umbrella Base from

See the full how-to for this DIY rolling umbrella base HERE. 


Coming in at number three on the countdown was another simple makeover… this $6 thrift store Christmas village:

It seems we all love an easy project! Spray paint and a little glitter gave these houses a sweet new look:

Painted mini Christmas Village from

I was planning to take them to my booth, but just couldn’t part with them!

Painted mini Christmas Village from

See more of them HERE


And at number two on the countdown is my DIY kitchen range cover that started out like this:

My Hubby removed the two cabinet doors above the range hood and removed the stainless plate warmer thingy from the backsplash, and I built a custom cover for it:

How to install a backsplash

What a difference! I hadn’t planned to do this project, but when I shared our kitchen makeover plans, a few of you suggested it. Thank you!

DIY stove vent hood cover from

See step-by-step how I built our new range hood cover HERE


And the number one most popular non-furniture makeover post of 2018 (besides our kitchen!) was…

Painting the Smalls, Part 1!

These were several small items I was giving quick makeovers to for my booth. I normally don’t share these smaller simple makeovers, but decided to group several together and share them!

They started out like this:

I feel like I need to share super detailed, creative projects all the time, and I forget these smaller projects are just as fun to see transformed sometimes! Even though they were all really simple, ya’ll really enjoyed them!

Here is how these simple pieces turned out:

Painting the smalls for my booth!

You can revisit this post HERE

I told ya’ll they were simple makeovers, but sometimes they are the ones that are the most fun to do!

That was the first Painting the Smalls post I shared, but I have since shared two more.

In Part 2 I shared how I redid these items:

See how these turned out HERE.

And these are the items I shared in the third post in this series:

See how these came out HERE!

I hope you enjoyed revisiting these projects and makeovers!

Top 12 Non-Furniture Makeovers from

Surprisingly ya’ll also really got a kick out of our Halloween dining room! I didn’t include it since it isn’t a makeover, but you can revisit it HERE if you like.

You also enjoyed seeing our Boys’ Bathroom Redo which you can find HERE!

I spent the day thrifting yesterday. What better way to start off the new year? Here’s one of the carts I filled:

I’m thinking that cabinet with the lattice doors looks like a great Trash-to-Treasure project for Tuesday!

UPDATE! See what I did with that lattice cabinet HERE now! 🙂

Have a fantastic weekend, my friends!!



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  1. Mary Kaiser says

    I LOVE looking back on all your projects with you, 2018 was sure a busy year for you! I am so looking forward to seeing all your great inspiration projects with you for 2019. Thanks for all you do to help me along the way with all the amazing things you do!
    On a side note: when you made the quilt for your niece from the flannel receiving blankets did you sew the top down the top with the quilt backing under it, or did you just sew the lines down both ways to help it lay down better just through the flannel top? I am working on making one and had that question!! Any help would be appreciated!

    • Thank you, sweet Mary!! I am so excited to get started on this fresh new year! For the blanket, I just sewed along the seams on the top layer to help the seams lay nicely. The first one I made for my neighbor, I added a little knot through all layers about every foot, but the blanket isn’t very large, so it isn’t really necessary. ????

  2. Mrs. Kelley Dibble says

    Where’s Number 9?

    Happy New Year!

    • Ha ha oopsie! I switched a couple and must have cut that one out by accident! Thanks for keeping me in check! Happy New Year! ????

  3. Christina in SW FL says

    Happy New Year and nice trip down memory lane Christy! I always enjoy the small totes. 🙂
    How’s the booth holding up?
    Here’s to a completely marvelous New Year!

    • Happy New Year, sweet friend! Glad you enjoyed the look back! I’m a sucker for a cute tote as well. I haven’t visited my booth since the week before Christmas… Probably should do that LOL! Looking forward to seeing what we get into in the year ahead! XOXO

  4. Kathy Bowles says

    I can’t wait to see what you do with the drawers you have in the cart! I saved some from a cabinet I got rid of. I love them but not quite sure what to do with them! Hurry and repurpose those for us!

    • It was funny to see just drawers for sale, but I grabbed them! I found several things the other day, so I think I’m going to work through all the things I found, one right after the other, including the drawers. Hope to get to those soon! XO

  5. Debbie in TX says

    Yep, there were some really good projects this past year. My favorites are the holiday shadow box and the umbrella base. Can’t wait to see how the cabinet with the lattice doors turns out. Happy New Year!!

    • Thank you, Debbie! The umbrella be served us so well over the summer. I started on that cabinet today…we’ll see where it goes! Happy new year to you too, my friend! XOXO

  6. Linda C Johnston says

    We all love the “smalls” because they are so much more doable for many of us. Many no longer have the facility or space to be able to do the furniture upcycles. The smalls are also less expensive to redo. Please offer up more! Thank you for the inspiration, motivation and know-how! I look forward to seeing lots more in 2019!

  7. Marcie Lovett says

    All great projects, Christy. Your imagination is incredible! Couldn’t resist re-visiting the smalls posts again and looking forward to seeing what becomes of the pieces in the cart.

    • Thank you, Marcie! Who knew the smalls would be so well received? I’ll definitely continue to share those in the year ahead. I had a nice haul the other day and I think I’m going to work through all of those one right after the other. I’ll share everything I got on Tuesday! See ya then! XOXO

  8. Hi sweetie! Love your blog…but are you aware that something is really slowing your blog page down? It’s become really hard to have the patience to take the time to see it all…because it’s become slow slow???

    • Thank you, Cindy! I’m so sorry…are you by chance viewing from a laptop?

      • Hi Christy, I am viewing from a laptop…can you share why that would make such a huge difference? Thank you!

        • I’m not completely sure, but the only complaints I get are usually from those viewing on laptops. Wish I had an easy answer? Thank you for your response, and again I apologize for any issues you are having. If you do have access to a tablet, desktop, or mobile device, you shouldn’t have any issues viewing from those. XO

  9. Super fun post… of course, I can’t choose my fave. And, this was ONE of the baskets you filled??? You go, girl!

    • Thanks, Julie, and happy new year, my friend! Yeah girl I found several items the other day! Can’t wait to share! XOXO

  10. All of your posts are so inspiring! I would love to have any of those pieces, furniture and non-furniture. You are blessed with creativity!

    I am looking forward to your 2019 makeovers. Just love seeing how you transform something plain or ugly into something beautiful! Thank you for sharing your talent with us,

  11. Robyn Wright says

    #12 and #3 are my favorites from this list.

    • I loved those too, and the houses were so easy to do. I almost hated packing my new Christmas goodies away! XO

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