Vintage Coffee Table Makeover

Hello Awesome Friends! Are ya’ll up for a makeover today? I’m actually sharing a makeover of a makeover ha ha!

This is the second makeover for this rather dated coffee table:


I originally found this at a yard sale for $15. One of our themes for Themed Furniture Thursday at that time was “Pottery Barn Knock-offs”, and this was a bit similar to the Tivoli coffee table by PB, so it got  a sleek black makeover:

Pottery Barn Inspired Coffee Table (Resembles the Tivoli a bit, but not the price tag!)

I had decided that I would share this for TFT then paint it white and send it to the shop, but I liked it in the black and thought someone else might also. I put it in the shop as is, but alas, I was wrong. So wrong.

Honestly if you’ve seen my booth space, you know it stuck out like a sore thumb, and I should have known better.

After several months I brought it home where it sat in my garage for several more months. I have done such a good job at getting through most of the furniture in my to-do pile (notice I haven’t mentioned it at all lately?), so I decided to tackle this.

This time, I went for more of a coastal feel:

Vintage coffee table gets a coastal makeover from

The addition of this fun graphic adds the touch of coastal…

Vintage coffee table gets a coastal makeover from

You might remember this…it is the same graphic I created for this tray I shared over the Summer…

Large oval thrift store tray gets a whole new look using my silhouette. Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer

Coastal Tray Makeover

That tray only lasted a couple of days in my booth, so I thought maybe that same magic would happen for this table too. Poor thing, it really deserves a break!

Vintage coffee table gets a coastal makeover from

The top is painted in a 50/50 mix of Annie Sloan’s French Linen and Behr’s Ultra Pure White (DIY Chalk Paint). I really love this soft neutral tone.

It pairs so nicely with the white base.

Vintage coffee table gets a coastal makeover from

Vintage coffee table gets a coastal makeover from

I love it in front of my DIY slip covered sectional. Unfortunately it would have to be square to work with my sectional. I have the piece that butts up against that right side pushed out of the way for photos. Sometimes I miss having separate pieces.

Vintage coffee table gets a coastal makeover from

I used my silhouette machine and contact paper to add the graphic:

Graphic added using Silhouette Cameo

I have this machine HERE (affiliate) if you want to add it to your Christmas list. 😉

I love how it makes adding words so easy! If you don’t have a machine, you can use the methods shown HERE to add graphics as well.

I used my DIY chalk paint and a smallish brush to paint three coats, then removed the contact paper when the paint was barely dry so it didn’t smudge anywhere.

Vintage coffee table gets a coastal makeover from

I touched up any boo boo areas (there are almost always boo boo areas!), and sanded lightly after the boo boo fixes were dry. A coat of Annie Sloan’s clear wax to seal finishes this table off.

Vintage coffee table gets a coastal makeover from

You can see I still have my Fall mantel up…I am so looking forward to pulling out my Christmas decorations! We are hosting Thanksgiving this year so I don’t feel like I can bust out the jingle bells just yet.

We actually tried out our new oil-less turkey fryer yesterday to give it a test run. I didn’t even know they made such a thing until I went online to search for a turkey fryer. We bought this one from Char-Broil on Amazon because it got great reviews, and it is awesome!! It hooks up to your propane tank, and no oil needed! It was so tender and juicy! And that allows me put my hubby in charge of the turkey, so one less thing for me! (He he)

 I also tried a recipe for creamy mashed potatoes that go in the crockpot, and they turned out pretty good too! Trying to cut down on the stress of it all. 🙂

Back to this vintage cutie of a table…

Vintage coffee table gets a coastal makeover from

I changed out the hardware for some I had left over from other pieces. They got a couple of coats of Rustoleum spray paint in Satin White. I find the easiest way to shabby them up is to drop them on my concrete garage floor and drag them across the floor a bit.

Vintage coffee table gets a coastal makeover from

 And that’s it!

Vintage coffee table gets a coastal makeover from

Much better! Here’s hoping it sells this time! You can see my full tutorial for how to paint furniture using chalk paint HERE.

If you liked this makeover, you might like this one too:

Sofa Table before

Sofa Table Makeover

I’ll be back on Thursday with this dresser that Jack and I worked on together:


Have a great day! 🙂

UPDATE: Bam! See how Jack and I transformed this dresser HERE now!



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  1. Mary Kaiser says

    I LOVE IT! I wouldn’t have bought it from your shop black, but sure would now! I can’t wait to see the dresser you and Jack worked on together, I can bet it will be great!!

    • Thanks, Mary! This is definitely more my taste now also! Can’t wait to share the dresser…I always enjoy collaborating with Jack. 🙂

  2. Christy, I always love you work, but I admit to being sad that the table didn’t sell in its black incarnation. I loved it and wish I lived close enough to welcome it to my own home. Don’t get me wrong. The coastal vibe is nice and I can see how it would fit into your shop, biu I really, REALLY loved the black table. Oh well.
    Thanks for continuing to inspire me!

    • Aww me too, Linda! I was surprised by how much I liked in the black. I wish you lived closer too…I would have loved for you to have it! XO

  3. Tina Matteson says

    My goodness, Christy, I loved it in black but I love it in white too! I have a question for you about the “Virginia Beach Crab Company” design – is the design about as big as a sheet of vinyl? I have a Cameo but I don’t like using designs that need to be pieced together – I have a hard time getting them straight. Any tips would be appreciated! Thank you, as always!

    • Thank you, Tina! Unfortunately I had to piece this one together. That part is definitely not my favorite part either, but I just try to measure the best I can to get it straight. I used a yard stick as a guide by placing it where I want the “stencil” to start and to keep it aligned while I adhere it. I have also had to peel them off and move them, but it sure beats having to hand paint all those letters lol. XO

  4. I bet it sells now! I like it better than the black! Black looks nice but it shows every speck of dust there is (ask me how I know, lol). This is so much better!

    • Thank you, Cecilia! You are so right about the dust factor…I have that issue with my dark TV console! Hoping it sells now too! 🙂

  5. I like it both ways, but you have mentioned before that white (or some form of white) seems to sale faster. Good luck.

  6. Gorgeous table ♥

  7. Annie (Canada) says

    Hi Christy, I love both versions of this coffee table make over 🙂 I hope it sells for you this time, for some reason people really love white! I think most believe that it ‘goes with everything’ which may work with clothing but not necessarily decor.
    BTW, my brother has one of those fryers and he loves it! He says the turkey turns out moist and delicious. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your Family ????

    • Thanks, Annie! People do seem to love white, especially in this coastal region. Hoping for a sale now. 🙂 And yes that fryer is awesome!! Thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes! XOXO

  8. Tracey Martin says

    I really love distressed black, and it sells well in my area, but I have to admit I LOVE the white makeover so much better than your black. And it’s just you! You have a “brand” as the industry says. It’s a gorgeous brand and you probably should stick with it! 🙂 You continue to inspire me (and it’s encouraging to us novices that sometimes even you have something that doesn’t sell). 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Tracey! This is definitely more “me” for sure. I’m so thankful that you feel inspired when you visit…and yes I often have things that I seem to sit on forever ha ha! XOXO

  9. Marcie Lovett says

    That table was a pretty unlovable “before”! I adore the black, but see how it wouldn’t appeal to your buyers. I don’t think it will last long in its new incarnation.

    Dragging hardware across the cement floor? Have to put that tip in my list for future redos!

    • Thanks, Marcie! I hope a buyer will come along soon and scoop it up now that it has a lighter feel to it. And yes…dragging the hardware across the rough cement does wonders to give it a chippy look! 🙂

  10. Karen Baumgardner says

    Love that table makeover, but I also personally loved the black. I guess it will be the best for the market in your area, which is what really matters. Your furniture always looks fabulous!

    • Thank you so much, Karen! I honestly loved it in the black as well, but I think it just didn’t appeal to the buyers in this coastal market. Black can make a piece so sleek and love that! XO

  11. Karen Baumgardner says

    How about sharing the mashed potato crockpot recipe? I made one a few years ago with cream cheese in it that was quite good, too. Thanks.

  12. I liked the table in black but I LOVE it in white, especially with that cute crab graphic. You’ll have to keep us posted because I suspect it’s going to sell quickly now.

    • Thank you, Marie! I liked it in black also, but it is much more my style now. Hoping for a quick sale now! XOXO

  13. I love it both ways. Lovely job.

  14. I think your original ‘knock-off’ was a very good version, however, I *do* like this makeover a bit more. 😉 More your style, too, it seems!
    Your description of distressing your hardware made me giggle!

    • Thanks, Julie! I agree this is definitely more me. Yeah, girl…I accidentally discovered the art of distressing hardware when I dropped some on my rough concrete floor one time lol. It distressed it so authentically ha ha! 🙂

  15. 2 great table make overs! Now just have to see who it appeals to most. Taste is very subjective. But that’s a awesome stenciled coffee table, I would buy it! Thx for always inspiring.

  16. Very nice, although I definitely see why you tried it in black. I really like that too. Those legs are wonderful!
    No way is that the secret to aging your hardware! My son and I have had quite a time of it, and the solution is so easy! Haha!
    We’re hosting Thanksgiving too, so I’m holding the fall look also, and can’t wait to bring in the Christmas! (Especially since it snowed yesterday!?!) Now I’ve got to check out that fryer… oil-less, you say? Whaaaat?!? : )

    • Ha ha I really age my hardware like that all the time! It knicks it in all the right places! Yes, can’t wait to decorate here too…I had my hubby start bringing down the Christmas boxes tonight. They are all stacked in our bedroom! Snow?? It was down in the 30’s here yesterday but not quite cold enough for snow, but I’m ready!! 😀