Vintage Travel Case Update

Hello amazing friends! Today I’m sharing a fun find I scored at the thrift store by my Mom’s house a couple of weeks ago.

This cool vintage travel case was only $5:

I was immediately drawn to its charm the minute I spied it, and it was in excellent condition.

I decided to have some fun with pattern for this one…

Vintage Travel Case Train Case

My dresser I shared on Thursday was the perfect prop. 🙂

Vintage Travel Case Train Case

I created the harlequin pattern using a little trick folding paper…


Here are all the steps in this tutorial I shared  a few years ago:See the full tutorial in detail HERE.

I prefer FrogTape to the blue tape I used for that project I did ages ago.

Then I added stripes to the side, with FrogTape of course:

I removed the tape while the paint was still wet.

I love the two patterns together.

Vintage Travel Case Train Case

It seemed like it needed a little something more, so I dug through my stencils and found this PARIS one I purchased HERE

PARIS stencil

I filled in all the breaks in the letters so it would look less like a stencil.

Fill in all the breaks in the letters on a stencil to make it look hand-painted.


Vintage Travel Case Train Case

The inside was in perfect condition, so I left it as is:

Vintage Travel Case Train Case

Now this isn’t going to be able to handle the airlines without coming out a scuffed up mess I’m sure, but I’ll be keeping this to use it to hold all my cards and travel mementos I’ve saved over the years…

Vintage Travel Case Train Case

I’ve mentioned before that I have a hard time parting with birthday and anniversary cards, especially things my kids make for me. I also like to save tickets. etc from special trips we’ve taken. (It’s the hoarder in me!)

This case is perfect for that.

Vintage Travel Case Train Case

I loved  the brass/gold details so I decided to keep them as is.

I used my DIY chalk paint in Bit of Sugar by Behr for the base color, and the patterns were added using Pebble by Fusion Mineral Paint. I was looking through some colors they had sent me a while back to find a color that would blend with the interior of the case and this looked pretty close with just a hint of green in it. As it dried though, it looked more gray.

Vintage Travel Case Train Case

This would also make a fantastic sewing box with all the pockets on the inside. Vintage Travel Case Train Case

This was a fun little piece to work on…much more fun than figuring out a way to refresh these super faded outdoor light fixtures without removing them from the wall:

But I did it! I’ll be back to share those on Thursday in case your outdoor fixtures are in need of some help too. I have a super simple way to update them without even having to take them down!

See ya’ll then!

UPDATE: No need to wait…check out my trick for updating those fixtures in a flash HERE now!



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  1. Mary Kaiser says

    I am totally in LOVE with that, what a great keepsake box. I can’t wait to see how you refreshed your outdoor light fixtures, mine are faded worse than yours. My husband just mentioned he wanted to buy new ones, but maybe now we won’t have to. Just think of all the things from the thrift store I can purchase instead of light fixtures. Hurry up Thursday!!

    • Thank you, Mary! I love this for all those special bits and pieces I save from our trips. Yes, you will not believe how good my light fixtures look now…brand new!! XOXO

  2. How cute. When I first saw it, I thought it was a case for a vintage hair dryer. Remember those? Somebody had taken really good care of this one. Love the two patterns together on it.

    • Thanks, Janice! Oh yeah, it does look like that, and yes it has been very well cared for! I was thrilled to find it! 🙂

  3. Christina in FL says

    Super cute Christy! This little darling case is ready to rumble… with mementos or crafts or…. who knows. Wonderful colors and graphics. You hit it out of the park yet again. 🙂

  4. ELIZABETH says

    Very pretty

  5. Marcie Lovett says

    What a score, Christy! Those hat boxes can go for $100 or more. I see why you can’t let that one go – it’s fabulous now! Love the idea of using it as a sewing box, too.

    • Thanks, Marcie! I just loved it when I first saw it…and I’m thrilled that I have a use for it! XOXO

  6. Sherry Stuifbergen says

    The case looks fantastic. Great design. I was a “blank” with what “I” would do… but you had the vision. Perfect for all your travel mementos. I wish I had your cheap thrift shops in my town. You are a very neat painter and designer. I bet you are buildlng a fan club of your pieces you repurpose.

    • Thank you, Sherry! You are so sweet!! I had to think about this one for a minute…but decided to start with that harlequin pattern and see where it went. We are lucky to have an abundance of thrift stores in my area! XOXO

  7. Oh my goodness, that is SO CUTE!!! What a great way to use your case too!
    Hey, I spent some time last summer spray painting my still-attached-to-the-wall outdoor light fixtures too! : ) Fun, fun! Looking forward to seeing what you did!

    • Thank you, Becky!! I’m so glad I found this for all my mementos! With the lights I was so afraid of getting overspray on the stone, so I had to get creative. 🙂

  8. Annie (Canada) says

    Cute case Christy 🙂 Decorative and useful both things I love <3

  9. Love it! You come up with such great ideas!!

  10. Julie Briones says

    This is so pretty, Christy! How nice that the condition was so good on the inside. Love the patterns you chose, and the stencil was perfect, too. Hope you enjoy it… Glad you are keeping it for yourself. Have a great day!

  11. Debbie in TX says

    Wow, this little case is simply beautiful. If only it could talk to you and tell the stories of where it’s been! Love how you put all your keepsakes in it. I save my tickets and other memorabilia as well — they just go in my photo album along with the pictures. Great job!

    • Thank you, Debbie! I always think that, especially with mirrors…if those older pieces could tell stories! XOXO

  12. Oh gosh, I just love what you did with this travel case by adding mixed patterns and the Paris stencil. So cute!

  13. You are one patient girlie!!!! I would be chucking that down a hill and into the ocean!!!! Came out GREAT!!!!! The inside looks to be very clean too!!!
    Hehehe on my Warriors!!!! They’re baccccccck!!!!!!
    God Bless,

    • Thanks, Addie!! It was super clean inside…bonus, and less work for me!! Go Warriors…they are killin it! XOXO

  14. Rose Arroyo says

    I love the travel bag it looks so good lucky you that it was in great condition.

  15. Love it… but love all your projects!!!!

  16. Bonnie Hipps says

    Great job again Christy look forward to every week for awesome makeovers just like this….I collect Antique hats so the boxes are close to my heart too.
    Working on getting my she shed fixed up to TRY to do some stuff like yours with my own twist. Thanks again for the inspiration!

    • Thank you, Bonnie! This would be a perfect hat box as well. It will be great to have a dedicated creative space…that’s awesome! XOXO

  17. Just gorgeous! You did a lot of work on this little case and it shows! Thank you for sharing!

  18. It turned out great! Love the pattern with the stripes! What a fun piece.

  19. Love what you did with yours! I received a travel case like this a while back, wasn’t sure what I’d use it for until my 6 lb Shorkie made himself at home in it. So I bought a round dog bed that would fit inside of it and now it’s his daytime hangout place. Everyone who sees it comments about what a great idea that was. Of course, I have to give the credit to my dog 🙂

  20. So cute Christy! And smarty pants with the folding paper trick! 😉 I’m also a card hoarder. The entire (and I mean filled to the brim) top drawer in our family room dresser is nothing but cards. I also have some in another spot upstairs. I keep them ALL! 🙂 xo

    • Thanks, Nancy! The first time I did that pattern on something I measured it all out…then I got smart ha ha! And I am the same way…I just cannot seem to part with those cards. Sounds like you got me beat for sure though! 😀 XOXO

  21. ColleenB. says

    How did I miss this cute little travel cake? It’s absolutely stunning and such a great place to keep your traveled treasures in. Luv It.

    • Thank you, Colleen! It was such a cool piece, I was so excited to find it! 🙂