Master Closet Makeover (Part 1)

Want to see my favorite spot in the house? Come check it out: Now it would be really difficult to appreciate this master closet makeover without seeing how it started out. Take a look:       Had enough? Me too! Gross, huh? My husband and I both shared this closet and there was a lot of wasted space.  That's when I dug out my graph paper and pencil and got to work measuring, creating the perfect space. This closet is pretty dinky for a master … [Read more...]

Free Pillow!

How about: I made this pillow for free! I was looking for a pretty white cotton pillow as the finishing piece for my bed but I had a hard time finding  just what I wanted.  Bed  Bath and Beyond wanted $49.99 for one I sort of liked.  Not in this lifetime! Then I remembered, "Oh yeah, I can sew!" I have mad sewing skills y'all.  I found a twin flat sheet that I wasn't using anymore and got to work. Here's what I came up with: Cute right?  It's not what I had in mind when I started … [Read more...]

Top 10 Project Wish List for 2013

They say if you want to accomplish a goal, you need to write it down. With the new year just getting underway, I thought I would share the projects I hope to cross off my list in the coming year. If publishing said list to the world isn't enough to light a fire, nothing is, right? Here order of  "This would be nice to have done" to "I really really really really really REALLY want this done!!"   Top 10  Project Wish List for 2013: 10. I would like to replace this … [Read more...]

Fun and Inexpensive Bathroom Art

When our master bathroom redo was nearly complete, I started shopping around for something to hang on the walls.  I had a difficult time finding just what I wanted so I decided to create something more personal to adorn our walls.  My baby boy was the inspiration. We had newborn photos taken at our home and the photographer captured all sorts of body parts that were so cute on film.  I thought it would be fun to take photos of different parts of all of our bodies to frame (rated G, of course).  … [Read more...]