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Hi there!

Can I tell you how glad I am that you are here?? We are going to have lot’s of fun together! Allow me to properly introduce myself…my name is Christy and around here I am the project manager, master painter, creative team, photographer, bargain hunter, post writer…you get the idea. I love this blog of mine and I hope you will someday too!

I am actually a registered nurse, but I am currently enjoying staying home with my two amazing boys. I am married to my best friend who also shares my passion for projects. We like to think we can tackle just about anything!

As you will see, I love to sew, paint, build, and makeover all sorts of treasures I drag home from who knows where. I am especially excited to be able to share with you all the crazy good deals I find and what becomes of those treasures! Like I said, I like to think I can tackle just about anything and I love sharing it all!


You can see a full index of all my projects by visiting my Project Gallery!


If you want to know more about the Serial Do-it-Yourselfer (that’s me!), check out my birthday post.


Maybe I will inspire your creative side!

I hope you’ll stay awhile and check out what I’ve been up to.  I really am thrilled that you are here and I hope you come back and visit often! 🙂

For questions about this blog feel free to contact me at christykjames{at}cox{dot}net.



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  1. Hi Christy,
    Just wanted to tell you I loved looking at your blog. I’ve been a diy’er for almost 30 years, back before it was SO cool – haha. Your master bath is to die for!!! I started to send you a ‘quick note’ that turned into a long ‘how I became a diyer’ so I just figured I’d cut and ‘save it’ and send it to you if it all doesn’t get posted here on your page!!! lol

    Anyway, you are definitely talented, aaand a bit younger than me. I started all this diying about 30 years, back when the ONLY show on tv was Bob Vila’s This Old House. Yes, they booted him off I guess when he wanted more money, but he’s doing ok. And then FINALLY along came my favorite channels . . . . HGTV and then DIY!!

    Well, if you want to email me you can. I am getting a home ready to sell after 11 years here. Feeling a little sad and in hyper mode to ‘get it all done’. Most ‘is’ done but now I’m to ‘freshening up’ what I did before. lol

    Moving to the Charleston, SC area later this year and hoping there are MORE diyers there than there are here. I’m originally from Louisiana and I still can’t figure out why the people who work at Lowes & Home Depot look at me like I’m a nut for even ‘attempting’ what I do. And, have you got any suggestions on how to meet other diyers???

    • Hi Maria! I don’t know how on earth I missed your comment. They usually show up in moderation but I just found this by chance. I’m so glad you took the time to look through my blog and send me a note. I’m 41 but I also remember looking forward to Bob Vila and I was thrilled when HGTV first came out ha ha! I’ve been DIYing as long as I can remember because I watched my mom do it. My dad was in the military and was always gone so she just did it, she had to. So I grew up with the notion that I could do anything! Sometimes I push my limits and things don’t always work out but that won’t stop me from trying:) I know what you mean about trying to find other people who enjoy DIY…I have friends that won’t even attempt to paint a room. That’s probably why I ended up here. I get to hang out with like-minded people with a “can-do” attitude! There, now I’ve responded to you with a book of my own:)

      I’d love to hear from you anyitme!

      • Maria Starkey says

        Just had to chuckle when I went back and reread this message string. My dad was retired military and I’m one of MANY (6) kids. Being one of the last ones (can you say surprise??) I think my parents were just pretty busy. Mom was great but not handy. I don’t remember her EVER with a hammer or screwdriver in her hand. And my Dad wasn’t handy, but tried. But, his attempt to fix the formica countertops that had the front flap that had come unglued was hammering some roofing nails into it. Or the kitchen barstools that had gray duct tape slapped over the separating vinyl. Mom and I made what she called ‘pantry panties’ . . . . yeah. Basically that is a big round circle of fabric with elastic all around the edge. Like an old-timely shower cap but one for your barstool. Quickie fix but with the right fabric it was a dang-site better than the duct tape!!

        Guess you could say I’m a DIYer because of my Dad. My first HUGE project was to redo Mom & Dad’s kitchen/family room. We pulled down early 60’s paneling that Dad never finished the trim work on, put down a new Armstrong vinyl floor, painted/patched/sewed, etc. and then rehung photos on a wall (6 kids – TONS of grandkids) with 8×10’s for the kids, 5×7 for the grands and they ‘shifted’ as the new grands (then great grands) were born. My sister bought the house and lives in it now. The ‘picture wall’ as we all called it is now gone. It chopped the ranch style house up so we opened it up and . . . . come to think of it, I redid a lot of the flooring that we did in ’85, along with bathrooms, stone backsplashes, etc. etc. etc. LOVE to DIY. I’m working on the backsplashes now in our new house. I save that ‘fun’ to do myself. Have a great day!! Love your blog Christy!

  2. hi christy,
    your blog was a huge lifesaver. I have been looking for replacement cushions for my walmart set for months!! any replacement cushions i found on the hundreds of sights i found, were hundreds of dollars! not possible! i was confident i could do it myself, but it seemed overwhelming.
    So now that i read your blog, i have some confidence. however, i do not have a sewing machine. do you think i would be able to tackle this by hand sewing it?
    thanks again!

    • Hi Ellen! I’m so glad you found me. I think it depends on how many cushions you have to make. You could try it and see how it goes. I think it would just be time consuming, but definitely not impossible. Maybe a friend or coworker has a machine you could borrow? If not, go for it! I’d love to know how they turn out! 🙂

      • Christy, on that vain, do you recommend any good YouTube videos on how to use a sewing machine if you are borrowing one? I am sewing machine challenged. I bought the fabric, just need a tutorial 🙂

        • Hi Michelle, I’m sure if you search in You Tube’s search window for the make of your machine, you should find good results. Figuring out how to thread it is usually the hardest part and once you learn that, most machines load the same way. There are only a couple of options to set: the stitch (straight, zig zag, etc),how long you want your stitches, and how wide (important if you were doing anything other than a straight stitch). Play with it and you’ll get the hang of it in no time! Good luck 🙂

    • JANET SCHEN says

      Ellen, I found my favorite sewing machine at the Salvation Army for just $7.50! It’s a Viking and had all the original papers with it saying it was bought in 1971. I found it about 8 years ago. Until then I had been using my old Kenmore that I had put on layaway and paid on every payday for a few months back in 1977 when I was in my early 20’s. I prefer the old machines over the new ones as they are heavier and don’t bounce when you sew fast. So, check out your favorite thrift store often and I’m sure you can find a great machine And anyone, even you, can sew a straight line and that’s mostly all you need for recovering cushions. Good luck. Janet in Utah

  3. Hello Christy, your blog and your works are amazing. I am only doing a little bit of DYI myself, but such works as yours are really humbling! Thank you so much for sharing those great ideas 🙂 Cushions brought me here, but now I have some good ideas on how to make over my old furniture 😀 Not to mention that I’m cleaning my yard after previous owners, so you can only imagine, that I’ve read everything here!

    My web isn’t in English and it’s mostly about shopping on-line, but hand made stuff begins to show more and more often there, I guess I’m addicted to unique 😉 I’ve created a section with interesting blogs especially so I can share link to your blog I hope you don’t mind 🙂

    Keep up good job, you’re very talented.

  4. Christy, I just found your blog through Best of the Weekend Party and absolutely love it… You do wonderful work… I too, am a registered nurse though retired at this time… I have been doing DIY/crafting for many years (when no one else was and looked at you like you were nuts). But, I come from a very creative family and we all enjoy working with our hands in some capacity. I have only been blogging a little over a year and only seriously the last 6-8 weeks. But, I find I enjoy it and with the blog I actually finish those unfinished projects. Am following you on G+ and Pinterest my prefered medias… Love what you do – Cathy….

    • Thanks so much for the thoughtful comments, Cathy! I miss my RN days, but this is so fun! I’ve been a DIYer as long as I can remember, I get it from my mom. Funny though, no one else in our family gets into it like we do! And I am totally with you on having a blog pushes you to finish projects, me too!! I’ll add you to my circles on google+. Great to e-meet you! 🙂

  5. I’ve been following your blog for awhile and I love your creative ideas, but funny thing I never put two and two together and realized that you were local too. We’re in VB as well. Now I’m really going to try to find some of the same steals you do at the thrift stores. 🙂

    • That’s awesome, Amy! If you come to the VB Christmas Market at the Convention Center this weekend, come say hello! I’ll be in booth #641. My fav thrift store is the DAV on VB Blvd. Have you been there? I like them b/c their super cheap! 🙂

  6. Annalise says

    Hi Christy,
    I found a sewing cabinet just like yours. (Even had the missing handle on the right door) My husband has to do some repairs first but when that is complete I would like to try the same effect as your chalk paint. Can you provide the details on how to make chalk paint opposed to buying it.
    Thank you

  7. Christy, I love your site and was just about to give up on finding just the right skull image. May I ask where on the internet did you find your? It’s just the very one I was looking for. Thanks so much. You’re a very talented young woman!

  8. Hi Christy, your work is done with such quality. I have a question, I painted my kitchen cabinets with ASCP in white and waxed them. Not happy with the results! In your latest photo of Table for two, with the light shinning on the surface it looks SO smooth. Do you sand the top lightly and wax? Or do you seal the paint with a different product? Does the Behr paint recipe leave a smoother finish? Thank you for any help.

    • Thanks, Cynthia! I do sand before applying the wax. I use 220-320 grit sand paper to get the surface super smooth first. That allows the wax to go on smoother and leave a nicer sheen. The Behr recipe goes on the same way as ASCP and also requires sanding. Hope this helps!

  9. Tom Stewart says

    I just found your blog and I have to tell you that I really like what you did with the Head Boards!
    And I see that you are not that far away from where I live in Ahoskie, N.C. Not close enough to be in composition for those Head Boards, But close enough that I can visit your booth when I come to Tidewater to sell my EGGS!
    You see I raise Chickens and sell the Eggs. I have a few customers in the Tidewater area and I or my cousin make deliveries there almost every week. I have 30 layers that produced 2900 Eggs last year and I will be building a new Hen House in April or May that will house 100 Layers!
    I will be starting the build with a Car Port as the Bones of the Build and using Recycled wood and wire fencing to give my Girls a safe and comfortable place to live and a big Chicken Yard (also fenced and covered) to run around and do their Chicken thing in.
    That’s why I really like the Head Boards, as I need signs for the “Cackle Berries” I have for sale!
    I also Subscribed for your blog as I hope to get more inspiration from you as time goes on. You have great ideas!

    • Wow, Tom…seems like you have a great business going there! You’re not too far from me at all. Headboards would make great signs for your berries!

      • Tom Stewart says

        HI Christy,
        You sure replayed in a hurry!
        I recycle all the wood I can find and I have a Headboard and Footboad sitting in my work right now. I got them from a lady I work with at the Prison (We are both Corrections Officers), She won a storage unit at action and she gave me all the wood stuff for free! Dressers, a pie safe, Bunk Bed set and the Headboard/Footboard .There was a whole trailer load of wood! In fact I had to I had to store all of it in my work shop and now I can not get in there to work on any thing!
        I have spent the past two days works working on shelf’s to store most of it in the unfinished room on the second floor of my house. There is a lot of wood up there already, But I needed to get it up off the floor. So the shelf’s were recessed back into the area of the studs. I still have a lot to do up there before I can start working on get the shop cleaned out. I will be putting Photo.s up on Facebook page to show the progress later. Pleas go take a look.

  10. I would like to unsubscribe to your blog—–it just doesn’t relate to me.
    I couldn’t find a spot on your blog to unsubscribe.
    Continued success.

  11. I fell in love with all the projects that you have been doing and the pace of them too… you seem to rattle on regardless and the results are stunning… I shall be back to see again, and will be receiving news via my email… all the best and look forward to meeting up again.. all the best from across the pond.. J

  12. What do you do with your projects when you’re finished? Sell them on etsy or craftsy ?

    • Hi Vic! I have a booth where I sell many of the projects I complete. 🙂

      • Hi. Love your ideas. Where is your booth? My friend and I are trying to find venues to bring our items in Northern Virginia. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.

        • Thank you, Karen! My booth is in the Virginia Beach Antique Mall here in Virginia Beach. If you do shows, Occoquan is always a fun one…in the spring and Fall and they have a lot of quaint little shops down there! The Fall show is this Friday and Saturday. If you haven’t been, check it out! XO

  13. Elyse Foley says

    Hi Christy,

    I am working on a China cabinet now. I applied two coats and just began sanding. The color seems to be changing a bit. Is that common? I am using your DIY chalk paint recipe. I matched AS’s Coco. As I sand, it seems to be turning a bit green. I am going put a color wash over, not too worried, just wondered if this is normal.
    Thanks for all your great ideas!

  14. SO happy to find your find blog! Thanks for sharing your experiences 🙂 I look forward to digging through more of your fun posts, but was drawn here by your landscaping image from Pinterest: https://www.confessionsofaserialdiyer.com/how-to-create-a-landscape-from-scratch/ — wish I had dug a little more into creating my landscapes prior to my just digging in. I had also used the method of turning over the grass and covering the rest with newspaper…I also left a trench for edging and making my mowing the smaller yard easier!

    • So glad you found me, Kelly! I’m in the middle of my March Madness series right now where I share a thrifty makeover every day in March. I hope you’ll come back and visit often! XO

  15. Hi Christy,
    I just wanted to let you know that you really inspire me to DIY. Thank you. Do you have any product recommendations for refinishing a cast aluminum patio set? I’m in the process of stripping it (which is a bigger job than I anticipated) and need to know what type of paint will work the best. If you have any suggestions, I would appreciate it (if not, no worries). Thanks again.

  16. Janice Hobbs says

    Love that wooden tote. I have one almost like it but it was already built (not mass produced) when I purchased it at a thrift store for only $3. IT was made of different wood textures and the handle looks to be either a broom or a mop but great thinking on the builder’s part. I was looking for some ideas on what to do with it to beautify it and you gave me some wonderful ideas. I sent you a picture on it on Instagram. Take a look when you get a chance. But great job and great color on the toe and the pumpkins.

    • Thanks again, Janice! I checked out your tote…such a cute find! I love that they used a handle of some sort also! 🙂

  17. how did you get started blogging? always wanted to try but i’m always not so sure :/

    • Hi Realiza! I have always loved DIY projects, and I would seriously tackle one project after another. After subscribing to a few blogs for a while, I decided I wanted to share my own work. Back then, there were no how-to guides on setting up your own blog, so I pretty much winged it, thanks to Google lol. If starting a blog is something you think you might be interested in, my friend Abby’s book is awesome, and takes you step by step. See more about it here: https://www.abbylawson.com/a/3617/WVk2vZuo Good luck! 🙂

  18. Athena Forbes says

    I have visited your site on my PC and really enjoyed it. Today I attempted to visit on my phone and it’s been really difficult. There are so many intrusive ads! They cover the entire screen (and I have an iPhone 6S Plus) and at the bottom it says scroll to continue to site but no amount of scrolling would remove the ad. I refreshed several times and got the same ad. Finally I made Safari force request the desktop site and the ads are still so obtrusive to your site’s content! Even as I attempt to type this comment, I have THREE times been interrupted by a pop up that force scrolls to the bottom of the site. This is really unfortunate! I hate to use ad blockers for content that I enjoy but these sort of hijacking of the user’s control really doesn’t leave much of an option. I hope you can get this fixed!

    • Athena I am SO sorry! There is an issue with the ads on my mobile site and they have been working all day yesterday and today to get the issue fixed. That is not normal! Also I am switching ad networks on April 10th and I cannot wait! I am under contract or I would have quit sooner!

  19. Oh my gosh, Christy, you are just so amazingly creative. Your yard is gorgeous and I especially love the teapot and cup. Loved seeing your photos, so thanks so much for sharing.

  20. Terry Tribble says

    Hi Christy,

    Well, this is my 2nd time writing cause I wend to look at something on your website and then came back and my post was gone. Grrrrrrr LOL Lesson learned. Anyway, this is about and item I saw made on TV, taped it and my dear hubby erased it. Found your website and I thought maybe you could help. an item was being made to hold plants and it could be inside or out. this item was made out of wood, metal, and what they use for gutters. It was rectangle in shape, about 6ft, the metal was thick and was in the middle of the whole piece and they made the gutters to hold the plants. that is the part that I really do not remember. It was very beautiful when it was finished and I so wish I still had it. I wants to make it and put it on etsy. Have you seen anything like that on TV.

    You have helped me out alot with some old furniture pieces I inherited from my sister who got it from our Mother.
    Thank you for your beautiful and wonderful website.


  21. Good evening, Christy!
    My sister-in-law just introduced my to your blog, and I must agree with all previous comments; your site is so enjoyable. I’ve already perused numerous DIYs you’ve featured here and can’t wait to practice them, myself. Wonderful work.
    I am an artist and, after many years of distractions, am finally putting my time to where my heart has always been- in the home. I am just starting a decorating website and blog; what advice could you give to novice blogger, such as myself?
    Have a fabulous evening.

    • Thank you so much, Amber, and welcome! Congratulations on your new venture! The best advice I could give is to not compare your beginning to someone else’s middle. We are all on our own individual journey. Also don’t try to blog what you think readers will like, blog about what you love and feel passionate about. 🙂 Best of luck to you! XO

  22. Hi Christy
    I love your blog and with your slipcover tutorial i feel confident that i can do one for my couch. I do have a question, what is the reason behind washing the fabric before sewing the slipcovers?

    • Thank you, Joan! I wash the fabric first to get all the shrinking out of the way. Then I can just throw the slip covers in the dryer without the worry of them shrinking. 🙂

  23. I just discovered your blog today with the dining table and chairs makeover. As I scanned your and saw ALL the things your offer instructions for, I am blown away.
    I am left with the feeling that you are one talented lady, and more importantly than that, you want to share your expertise with all of us who want an need the instructions. Thank you for all of this. I am amazed.

    • Hi Nancy and welcome! I’m so glad you found me! I am definitely not afraid to get in there and try just about anything, and I am thrilled to be able to share what I know and learn with others! I hope you’ll come back for a visit! XOXO

  24. Hi Christy. I just wanted to shout you a big hello from Toronto Canada. I originally found you by searching for a fun idea for Christmas table place cards, and found your Elf Costumes with heads of the guests attached. So that’s what I’m doing; it should be a good laugh!
    Then I stumbled on your site. I’ve done a few chalk paint projects and discovered that you use the exact same recipe as I’ve been using; except I’ve never used the wax before, I just use a clear poly sealer.
    I look forward to reading about your various projects and getting inspiration for my own home.
    You really have a keen eye and an amazing amount of talent. Great job on all accounts!
    Hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful Christmas!

    • Hi Cindy! Thank you so much! I’m so glad you found me! Aren’t those place card holders so fun?? My family got the biggest kick out of those! Thanks for taking a minute to say hello…I hope you’ll come back and visit often! XOXO

  25. Hi Christy

    Finally started using chalk paint. and have found your calcium carbonate recipe. Can you tell me how long a tin will last for please as I don’t get to paint very often.


    • Hi Joy! The DIY chalk paint will last a long time. You will just want to give it a good stir before you start painting after it has sat for awhile. You can also just mix smaller batches if that works better for you. Four TBSP of Calcium Carbonate for each cup of paint. 🙂

  26. Joan Haresign says

    Hi Christy!
    My name is Joan and I just made the Tea In The Garden Project. It turned out really well. I love it. It was not cheap to make, but worth it, to me anyway. My only suggestion to you is this, please be more specific in the list of materials needed. You say elbow, but not which degree, it is a 45, but not a normal 45, it is a short sleeve 45. I had to go back to Home Depot and return the 90. My hubby said you need a 45 but he was looking at picture of your directions and said you need a sleeve too. I said doesn’t call for one. So when I got to H. D. I kept looking at all the elbows and found the one I needed. They didn’t have the chrystals so had to go to Hobby Lobby for it. Other than that problem all went smooth. I’d post a picture of it, but I don’t see a place to do that.
    Thank you! Keept the projects coming.

    • Yay! I am so thrilled to hear you made one for yourself! Thank you for that additional information on the elbow. I updated the post to include it so others will know exactly what to look for. I would love to see yours. You can email me directly at christykjames@cox.net if you like. 🙂

  27. Paula Schackle says

    Thank you so much!! I finally found a site that tells me exactly what I wanted to do. Your “Sew Easy Outdoor Cushion Covers” were just the thing! Now I can confidently sew-on!! And I am not a seamstress, by any means. Let me know if there is a way to send a pic of the finished product. You’re a life saver 🙂

    • Oh yay!! I am so happy to hear that! I use this same tutorial every year…used it on some cushions for my side porch this Spring and just did a whole set for my MIL! Feel free to email me with your finished photos at christykjames@cox.net or you can message me through my FB page! Good luck! XO

  28. Christy, I just looked at your kitchen redo…beautiful. My kitchen is identical to the cherry cabinets and dark granite. I love the color you chose. My question is did you put a topcoat or a protective wax etc. over the campfire ash? Thank you for your help. Susan

    • Thank you, Susan! I used campfire ash on the walls which has no protective finish on it. But maybe you were referring to the cabinets? I used a satin finish, which requires no sealer. I used the same kind of paint on our last kitchen, and they held up beautifully. Hope this answers your question! XO

  29. Hi Christie. I’ve already left a comment somewhere?. I have the dining room table and chairs that you refinished. It’s pretty old but it’s in good condition except for the table top. I’d like to fix that somehow. I don’t think I could match the color of the rest of the table and I’m wondering what you think about a darker color…maybe walnut? I don’t want it white but that’s all I see on Pinterest. Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks

  30. Sharon Johnson says

    First off I love your blogs that I have seen so far! I’m about to try my hand at chalk paint for the first time and researched it some better buying the paint and was reviewing more information before applying my first coat. Mainly because the piece I’m trying it on first is my “practice piece” and was free because the owner started to strip it and to quote her was “over it” lol. So I figured, might as well finish stripping it (only part left was 4 drawers and I touched up the details). My concern/question is since it doesn’t have a finish I was researching if the prep matters aside from being dry and clean? Also, the main reareason for me commenting ???? is with the DIY chalk paint for different colors do you use the Behr paint in the color you want or add a dye or something?
    Once again I’m REALLY excited I found your blog ????

    • Hi Sharon! Thank you…I’m so glad you found me too!! You are very smart to start with a practice piece and bonus that you got it free! If you are painting raw wood, I would recommend a primer just because the wood will soak up the paint like crazy. If your piece already has a finish, you can paint right over it as long as it is clean and dry. To make chalk paint in different colors, you would just find a Behr (or any brand) color you like and have it mixed in a flat finish. Then you can add your calcium carbonate dissolved in water to that paint. If you haven’t seen my chalk painting tutorial yet, you may find that helpful: https://www.confessionsofaserialdiyer.com/how-to-paint-furniture-using-chalk-paint/. Good luck and have fun with it! XO

  31. Hi Christy,

    I love your blog and am a faithful follower. You gave me the confidence to tackle a large
    Cabinet using your chalk paint recipe. I have done several other pieces and they have turned out beautiful Now to my dilemma.
    I painted the cabinet with three coats of chalk paint and then sanded to distress
    However it has streaked horribly!
    Do you have any suggestions as to what I should do next to get rid of the streaks. Thanks for your help.

    • Hi Vicki! It sounds like you have a case of the dreaded bleed-throughs. In some woods, the tannins will bleed through paint, no matter what kind it is. You have two options. One is to apply a coat of shellac. It can go right over top of the paint, and it will seal in all those tannins. Then give it another coat of paint over that. You should not have any more bleedthrough, but if you do it may need a second coat of shellac. I would test it by just painting one area and making sure it hasn’t bled through again. Another option is to paint the cabinet with a primer that is shellac based. Both are available at The Home Depot. I wrote a post that may be helpful here: https://www.confessionsofaserialdiyer.com/how-to-stop-that-pesky-bleed-through-once-and-for-all-an-antique-desk-makeover/ I hope this helps! Good luck and thank you for following along with me. If you have any more issues, let me know! XOXO

  32. Nancy Dempsey says

    Hi- I need to unsubscribe because I started following you on Instagram. Can you help?

    • Hey Nancy! No problem! Are you using the email address you entered with your comment? I don’t see that you are subscribed. Perhaps you were able to unsubscribe already. Thank you for following on IG! XO

  33. Because of you I actually tried ombre’ painting and i love it! It was a little scary at first but then I really got into it and everything turned out fantastic. My husband was so proud. Thanks for your blog I check it regularly.

  34. Mala Shroff says

    Hi Christy,
    Thank You for sharing your amazing work and ideas.
    Wishing you continued success.
    God Bless !!

  35. Diane Pieton says

    Hi Christy, I have been following you for years and love your style and ideas. You have inspired me to try quite a few of your projects. You are very talented!! I look forward to your news letters every week. Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful projects with us.

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