Fun and Inexpensive Bathroom Art

When our master bathroom redo was nearly complete, I started shopping around for something to hang on the walls.  I had a difficult time finding just what I wanted so I decided to create something more personal to adorn our walls.  My baby boy was the inspiration. We had newborn photos taken at our home and the photographer captured all sorts of body parts that were so cute on film.  I thought it would be fun to take photos of different parts of all of our bodies to frame (rated G, of course).  But in the end I went with feet.  

Now feet might not be the first choice for some people. However, if you’ve got fat little piggies in your house like the one’s in the first picture, I definitely think you should go with feet too:)

Brennan's sweet little baby feet...I could just eat them up!

Brennan’s sweet little baby feet…I could just eat them up!


My big baby's feet, still sweet:)

My big baby’s feet, still sweet:)


My husband's and my feet. Okay, maybe not so sweet but fun just the same.

My husband’s and my feet. Ok, maybe not so sweet but fun just the same.

My husband is such a good sport, he didn’t even ask why I was taking pictures of his feet! 

I purchased the frames from Michaels for around $10 each using a coupon  and printed the pictures from my computer so the end cost was pretty reasonable for what I got.

This would be a really cute idea for a kid’s bathroom especially if you have lots of little feet in your house:)

And ladies, if you ever need an excuse to get a pedicure…just sayin’!



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  1. I need help coming up with art ideas for our bedroom walls. I want to go buy frames like you did but don’t know what to put in them! Owen’s feet are not an option! lol