How to Make a Silhouette Ornament

How to make silhouette ornaments

I’ve seen silhouettes popping up all over the place and I thought it would be fun to make silhouette ornaments as gifts!  I made these ornaments as gifts for my nieces. They were pretty simple to do, here’s how…

Gather your supplies:

What you'll need to make a silhouette ornament

Black card stock, white card stock, scissors, frames, ribbon for hanging (or onament frames already made for hanging), side profile images

  • First you’ll need to re size your photos to fit your frames. I also inverted the colors on mine because I thought it made the outline of the faces pop a bit more. Print them on white card stock.

*Note: be sure to capture the back of your subjects’ heads as well so you have the entire silhouette! (This should be obvious but I was so concerned with getting the face profile that I totally cut off the backs of their heads! I had to ad lib the rest of the silhouette!)

  • Next, carefully cut out the outline of your subject.  We will be using the portion that is left behind after you cut, not the portion that is being cut out so keep that in mind when cutting.


I tried several times to use the piece that I cut out. However, the piece that was left behind made a smoother silhouette every time when cutting one this small, so this worked great!

  • Flip the outline over and place it on top of the black card stock.  Then center the glass of your frame over your image, trace around it, and cut.


  •  Put your silhouettes in your frames, add some ribbon to hang and Voila!  Silhouette ornaments!

These would be really cute if you had little ones in pigtails but these little ladies don’t really do pigtails.

How to make silhouette ornaments


This is a sweet way to create a holiday keepsake of your favorite little loved one!

I’ve seen these made in photoshop, but I love the handmade feel of these.

These are super easy, capturing the perfect side profile of a fidgety toddler may be another story 🙂



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  1. Those have to be Kayla and Nikki!

  2. JaneEllen says

    You have so many outstanding projects I get dizzy trying to see them all. Gives me lots to think about making, then to decide which one to start with. Sure am inspired by your blog and you. Your boys are so cute. Reminds me of ours, 16 months apart. Now they’re grown men with families of their own, goes by too fast.
    Better go so I can review your projects to decide which one I’ll do first. Pinning them so don’t forget what I saw. Happy Spring days