Master Closet Makeover (Part 1)

Want to see my favorite spot in the house?

Come check it out:

Master closet makeover

Now it would be really difficult to appreciate this master closet makeover without seeing how it started out.

Take a look:

master closet before






Had enough? Me too! Gross, huh? My husband and I both shared this closet and there was a lot of wasted space.  That’s when I dug out my graph paper and pencil and got to work measuring, creating the perfect space.

This closet is pretty dinky for a master closet in a house that was built in the 80’s.  It was crucial that I lay it out just right to maximize it’s potential.

I added a lot of shelves to help divide the space as well as create a place to store socks, undergarments, etc. I love that I can get completely dressed from my closet without having to dig through my dresser.

Master closet makeover


Baskets in closet


I’ll admit I do not own a ton of beautiful shoes. I am a nurse currently staying home with two boys. There aren’t a whole lot of places I go that require beautiful shoes but I still need shoe storage for my not-so-beautiful shoes, right?

Master closet makeover


Baskets to hold my belts…

Basket for belts


This hook that holds my scarves is actually part of a leftover towel rack from the master bath redo. The hole that normally holds the towel bar is on the other side.



This wall paper was also left over from the master bath renovation. I pieced it together to cover the back wall.



We put bead board on the ceiling. This is the click-in type but honestly I think we could have gotten away with a sheet of bead board paneling here.

Lot’s of bins to hold things make the closet appear neat and organized.

Master closet makeover


This shelf was made tall enough to accommodate tall boots.



More bins along the top to maximize storage while keeping it neat.



Side-by-side before and afters:


Ah…so lovely and organized!

Master closet makeover


I was originally planning to install french doors but it looks so pretty, I decided to leave it open!

This ended up being the perfect home for my new ($5) table!

Love table Finds a Home

(You can check out the before and how to here.)  It’s perfect for sitting on to put on socks and shoes!


Are you wondering what happened to all my husband’s clothes?  You can check out our Master Closet Makeover (Part2) where I’ll show you!

You can also check out my Top 10 Tips to a Better Closet:

10 Tips to a Better Closet

UPDATE: You can see updated photos and how I built my closet too!

How to Build a Closet without Breaking the Bank

Hope you enjoyed my tour. I ‘d love to know what you think!





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  1. LOVE it! Looks Beautiful!! LOVE the bead-board ceiling.

  2. Looks fabulous! I have got to get going on my own closets!

  3. Lovely closet ! All seem organized and so beautiful !
    Have a nice week !

  4. can clearly see why it’s your favorite- super cool and super organized, love it!! Huge pat on the back for you dear for a great job!

  5. Found this link via I Heart Naptime — beautiful plus you really made maximum use of the space!!

  6. Love your closet all organized! thanks for linking up.

  7. What are your closet dimensions? The size looks similar to mine. I’m wanting to redo mine but I’m having trouble with proportions for clothing and shoes.

    • Hi Rebekah, my closet is 6′ wide by 4 1/2’deep. I used graph paper to draw it out first. One block = one square foot. I found my longest pair of pants to get a measurement for my pants area. I used my tallest boots for the boot area, etc. I found my baskets first so I could make the shelving to fit. Hope this helps! I’d be glad to answer any more questions you might have:)

      • Thanks! Mine is 66″Wx40″D, so it’s a little smaller. I have already done a little bit to increase storage. I took down the single bar stretching the width and the row of shelves behind it and replaced them with temporary 1×2’s for hanging rods going the depth. I’m looking for a more finished look, like yours. I just got so overwhelmed with figuring out where/how to put stuff and had to take a break. Thanks for the inspiration!

        • You are so welcome! Believe me, I am no carpenter…drawing up my plan on graph paper helped me get a better vision. That way I could see exactly what I would need to build it. Take a trip to Home Depot or Lowes and see what is available to work with. They will make your cuts for you too if you know what you need. Good luck! 😉

  8. How did u do it though? As in, you bought what? You installed it how? They have kits at lowes and home depot and I was thinking of just having a handy man install some of those.

    • After I drew it out to scale (one block=one square foot), I made a list of what I needed. The shelves are pine. They were 1’x 8’to start and I cut them to length based on my sketch. The shelf supports are also pine. I screwed them into the studs. The shoe shelves were put together with a nail gun. You might be able to see more of that detail in my husband’s closet makeover. There’s a link from mine. The kits are great, too. I’ve used several of those. They are easy to install, you could probably do it yourself:)

      • I LOVE how you organized your closet! Ours has the exact same dimensions and was thinking of doing something similar. What did you use for the base of your shoe rack? It looks so elegant and I would like to try something like that for all of my shoes.

        • Thanks, Whitney! I used the same pine that I used for the shelving. I just made the very bottom shelf the same height as the molding. Good luck with yours:)

  9. Can you give me the dimensions of the shelving with the long wicker baskets and your shoe shelving? Also, where did you find the baskets?

    • The shoe shelving is 12″ deep X 30″ wide. I put three pairs of shoes side by side to come up with those dimentions. The basket shelves I measured to fit the baskets. I found them first at Michaels. I would suggest finding baskets you like first and build the shelving to fit. Target also had a nice selection that looked similar. I’d be glad to answer any other questions you might have 🙂

  10. Test comment

  11. Your Husband says

    Why do you get the bigger closet??

  12. Liz Blumberg says

    Hi Christy! You have an amazing closet. Where did you get the storage baskets?


  13. I want to rip my closet apart and re-do and you are giving me ideas. lol

    Thanks for sharing at Throwback Thursday.


  14. I have a walk-in closet which was already built when we bought the house but it’s lacking major organization. I’ve been searching for frugal ways to make it more functional and came across your blog on Pinterest. I love what you did to your closet and intend to take a couple of ideas like the shelving for shoes and baskets. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Love your closet! Are those huggable hangers from Walmart? How do you like? Does the velvet rub off on your clothes? I’m in the midst of re organizing my closet!

  16. Love the closet! I’m in the middle of reorganizing mine and I’m stuck on the clothing order, I constantly go back and forth. Do you put all the same color together and then style? Or do you do style and then color? Lastly what color format do you follow? Thank you!!!

    • Hi Krystal! I like to organize by category first, then color within the category. So I have tanks, then short sleeved Ts, then long sleeved Ts etc. I arrange each from light to dark, so start with white and work your way to black. Hope this helps! XO

  17. Thank you! What about patterns, stripes, etc? Do you keep them separate or with the most dominant color in the top?

  18. Linda Mintey says

    Love the use of space can you tell me what is the distance from the clostes to the edge of the shelving unit?


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