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  1. Added you 😉 It’s new to me so it’ll be a learning curve. I know some blogs I follow were automatically added, yet others were not. Thanks for the reminder 😉

  2. Just followed you on blogloven, new to it too but think it will be easier soon!

  3. What is this…terrorist sales tactics??? Follow, OR ELSE???

    Haha…just kidding. 😛 Already following on BL, but I did want to tell you that when you comment on my blog now, you’re showing up as a “No-Reply Blogger.” I used to be able to respond to you by e-mail, but now I can’t. 🙁

    -sad andi

    • Oh no, I wonder why? I read a post somewhere in this vast blogosphere about WP users show up that way and it can’t be fixed?? But that can’t be the case if you could reply before? I need to look into it. I just signed up with blog lovin and they sent that out automatically…not sure I like that but oh well! Keep coming to visit…I need the laughs!!