Front Yard Transformation


I am  really excited to share my outdoor makeover  with you.  I spent a lot of time online looking for inspiration for this project. I was basically starting from scratch. This was before Pinterest came into my life!

I wanted a garden, not just a carefree landscape which is what I kept finding in my searches.  I am sharing this early enough in the season so that someone might find some inspiration for their own yard.  However, because my garden is still a bit sleepy and just waking up, all of my photos are from last year. They were taken just after completion in late May and again in August after things had filled in quite a bit.

I can’t wait to update with fresh photos as soon as everything is wide awake and ready for visitors:)

A few days ago, I shared my side yard transformation which included the little circular patio I created by recycling some old granite blocks that were part of our former landscape.  It was quite an improvement.  Honestly, it had no where to go but up.

Today, I am sharing my front yard. I think you will be equally grossed out by the before of this overhaul, but lets see a pretty picture first.

This is just after everything was planted at the end of May:

 Flagstone Path


And the not-so-pretty before:


You could say we needed a little work done!  You can see all the  granite blocks around the perimeter of the garden in this picture. These went into my seating area patio on the side as well as a couple of other projects I’ll share later.

The next picture was taken in August long after many of the bloomers had lost their blooms. It’s amazing how much everything had filled in:

Front Yard Makeover

The pathway is Carolina Rose flagstone. We purchased it by the pallet in a big wire cage.  It’s laid on a base of crusher run which is crushed stone and available at your local nursery or by the bag at your big box stores.

We used the same irregular shaped pebbles as we used in the patio to fill in between. They moved a tiny bit here and there at first, but after walking on them for a little while, they are solid. They are really beautiful close up. The photos don’t do them justice.

Here is a close up of the front garden (or lack of) before:



And after:


(Pay no attention to the cute toddler with the saggy diaper!) This is a big improvement. However, I’m not so happy with how some of the plants I chose in the front there turned out. That’s the beauty of gardening, though. I can change whatever I want.  I am looking forward to making a few changes this year.


New landscaping

I had to keep it pretty simple with the Liriope along the property line  due to very limited space. I’d love for my neighbors to plant a low growing hedge behind them. (Hint, hint…if you’re listening:)

Here is a view from the street. (While ducking behind a small tree!)

Front Yard makeover

So much better! Even in the heat of August…

My honey did all the stonework on the house  himself, isn’t he amazing??

Brennan was visiting the bird bath (a mother’s day gift from my boys). You can pretty much guess his next move…good thing it was hot and those jammies dry fast!


Vitex Chaste Tree

I love this little tree. It’s a Vitex Chaste tree. Cutting the blooms off once they are done blooming (like many bloomers), brings a repeat bloom and provides beautiful color late into summer in my area.


Landscape makeover

I love the depth that taking it all the way down the side has given the garden. We still need to finish the trellis on the top of the gate.

Here is the mailbox before:



And a view to our neighbors before:



And ahhh…

Front Yard Makeover

As you can see, we are right on top of our neighbors (a trade off for being so close the beach), so it was really important to define our space. Creating a border garden did that perfectly. (The odd wooden box you see  at the bottom right surrounds our water main.  We had to get creative to work that one out.)


Just one more shot of my favorite area before:



And the much imporoved after:

Front Yard Makeover


And that’s the front garden for you!  I hope you enjoyed the tour.  I can’t wait to see my little plant babies come back in full swing.  I love being outside working in my garden in the early summer mornings.  It’s so relaxing and therapeutic.

As I mentioned earlier, I will share updated photos when everything is awake and ready for visitors!

Update: You can see my front yard garden, one year later now!

If you like, you can check out our back yard makeover here. You won’t believe the transformation that took place back there!!

Are we crazy for taking this all on at once or what??!  If you’d like to see what I learned along the way and how I created my garden from scratch, click here.

It’s like a gardening mini series!  (For my non-gardener followers, I’ll be back to creating cool stuff to share soon, so don’t go away:) I appreciate each and every one of you!!!




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  1. There isn’t a garden tour that I don’t come away with some ideas for my own gardens. Your sweeping curves had me at swoop! It all looks so fabulous and made even more precious with the child in the pics.

  2. Your garden make-over is fantastic. Truly a huge change. I enjoyed the tour.

  3. Hi Christy, What a beautiful job you did. I LOVE it. Would you please come & tell me what to do with my yard now?

    Warmly, Michelle

  4. So incredibly beautiful! What a gorgeous yard and home!

  5. It’s so pretty!!!! I’m a wee bit obsessed with diggin’ in the dirt, so garden posts, when we’re just barely starting spring, has my heart going pitter patter. 🙂

  6. Beautiful! It looks really good. I know how much work doing landscaping yourself can be! It is really rewarding though. 🙂

  7. Wow! It is so pretty! What a transformation!

  8. This looks INCREDIBLE! I love the way the bark/mulch makes the plants pop! I feel like I’ve just watched an episode of “Curb Appeal.” Way to go!

  9. Rebecca Burlingham says

    Incredible! I have a long curving front walk that I have been wanting to re-do for a few years. I may have my inspiration. Great work!

  10. Just beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  11. Christy, that’s an amazing transformation! We are working on our front yard now after moving here last summer. We made the flower bed huge…almost the whole front yard. We’ve been planting and still have a good way to go. I love it though. What state are you in?

    • Thanks, Stacey! We are in Southeastern VIrginia. I am seeing all my babies just coming up now… I can’t wait for everything to fill in! I love a big flower bed!!

  12. Thanks so much for sharing it Christy, it’s beautiful and so inspiring!

  13. You have done an amazing job, your garden is beautiful! I would love to have something at least half as beautiful as your garden, but right now I have a plain, boring landscape! You give me great ideas and inspiration!

  14. your curb appeal is fantastic! We changed our front lawn. I should of done it yrs. ago what a difference. I backed my car up the drive way and some way it got out of control and ran over my trees. So after that expensive repair to car, I told hubby lets just redo the front! Do not recommend to your readers to run over trees to do a makeover in the yard:)

  15. This is so beautiful! Pinning these too!

  16. oh please. oh please oh please oh please come and and do mine! i stink at gardening! i hate it, but i want curb appeal. it’s a necessary evil that i waste money on b/c i’m not good at it. i need help.

  17. Great job! Your garden is for everyone who passes by your home’s frontage. I have met so many new people from installing shrubbery and beds to the front lawn. Everybody LOVES a garden. You’ve added some lovely curb appeal, Christy.
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  18. Wanted to come by to say hello…it’s so very exciting to see garden posts again, winter has lasted way too long! Just wanted to let you know Fishtail Cottage’s Garden Party will be starting up again in May (Thursday May 2nd) Would love to have you come over and link up again and again! Hope you have a great weekend! xoxo, tracie

  19. Again, wow! Your backyard looks great and your front yard looks just as great! Talk about curb appeal! Really, you did a wonderful job! Definitely worth showing it off!

  20. It is absolutely gorgeous! You did a wonderful job all the way around- xo Diana

  21. Christy this is a fantastic post! I love all the before and after photos they were so fun to look at. I went through the photos twice. You guys did an amazing job, I don’t know what i liked best. I think it was the adorable toddler in the saggy diaper haha 🙂 Too cute!

  22. Admire your garden, a lot. A lot of work and creativity went into it.

    The stonework is fantastic. I always love a stone facade. Your husband is skilled. Wish I had one of those type of diy husband.

    Oh but your neighbours Are Close. How do you endure the proximity? Regardless of how nice they are, I cannot stand neighbours so near. A nightmare.

  23. Ok this is my list.1. your hub is a keeper,anyone who can do that rock work. I love.I am a rock girl from way back. Don’t ask me about the 60/70’s please. But I love rocks and yours is awsome. 2. The gardens wow. love. 3. Your son watering the yard so to speak I am still laughing, I have 2 sons and 2 grandsons and a hubby with 3 bothers…have fun dear, this to will pass way to fast…when he is 16 and doing that you got a problem( had to make you giggle…..seriously I am complimenting what you do and love all the updates you show

    • Yep, I think I’ll keep my hubby for a while! He’ll do pretty much anything I need him to do, but he’s in his busy season at work right now so not much time for my projects!

  24. Beautifully landscaped !
    Can well imagine what a lot of planning, sweat and effort (and pocket) you all must’ve put in. Kudos!
    Love your mailbox area too.
    I can see that I wasn’t the only one who found the water meter an eyesore. Our yard had no cover (literally no grass) that ours literally jutted out. I took E6000 and covered the metal top with plastic bucket cover. It acted as a planter for sedum.
    The poor guy who came from the water dept had to rummage through to get past to take a read (more of a confirmation to me that he had been around).

  25. Hey Christy!!!

    You do amazing work! I’m so impressed! One question – For your front walkway, did you just dig out the path, lay the stones & then fill-in with landscaping pebbles?

    By the way we have a Brennan & a vitex! Crazy coincidences! 😉

    I hope all is well!

    • Hi Sean!! SO good to hear from you! Those are funny coincidences. Brennan isn’t very common. With the stone, we dug out our path, then laid weed-block fabric, then added a layer of crusher run. It’s just crushed rock really. We bought it from Atlantic Garden Center on London Bridge Rd. That gave us a bed that was forgiving of the uneven stones, and allowed us to level them out. Then we filled in the gaps with landscaping pebbles. Be careful to look for pebbles with more jagged edges rather than the smooth rounded ones, as you can roll on those more round ones and slip on them. The stones took about a week to completely settle and feel solid underfoot. We bought our beautiful Carolina Rose stone by the pallet from the place that has all the cement garden statues, etc across from the Farmer’s Market. Hope this helps! Stay in touch!! 🙂

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