Happy Blogiversary to Me!!

Happy Blogiversary to me!

Hi everyone!

Before I gush about me and my amazing first year, I want to take a minute to thank our armed forces for everything they do to maintain our freedom. I’m humbled by and honored to have several of my immediate family members who have served or are currently serving our amazing nation, including my two sisters, my brother, my father, my nephew, and both of my brothers-in-law. I salute you!

Now, let’s talk about me… ha ha. I don’t have any fancy giveaways for you or elaborate posts prepared to celebrate my first anniversary as the Serial Do-it-Yourselfer. What I do  have to offer is this:

Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, I sincerely thank you. Without you, my faithful readers, I would not be here doing what I never imagined I could.  You make my day with every sweet comment you so kindly write. I appreciate them all!! I have met the most amazing people through this little blog of mine. I hope to continue this fantastic journey for many years to come.

(sniff sniff)

Okay, I thought it would be fun to share my very FIRST blog post!  Hope you enjoy!


There’s a fake-pumpkin-eating

bandit on the loose!

November 11, 2012

Someone has been up to no good around my house!  It’s just before Thanksgiving and since I am hosting it this year,  I don’t feel like I can get out my Christmas flare…just yet. So, I still have my little fake pumpkins here and there.

What you don’t see may surprise you. See these cute little fake pumpkins? 


They have all been assaulted by my two year old, he’s the  fake-pumpkin-eating bandit!

   He just loves apples and he still hasn’t gotten the message that these are NOT apples and they are certainly not edible! (And yes, I’m still using them to decorate but my guests would never know hee hee…it will be our little secret!)

Just thought I’d share a funny:)


Short and sweet! This post got one comment and it was my very first lol,  thanks, return man2 🙂

Love you guys!!




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  1. Happy blogiversary Christy! I’m kind of surprised you’ve only been doing this for a year, you seem like such a pro! Keep the amazing projects coming 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday Christy!! Mine is coming up in January. We have a little girl in the neighborhood that took a bite out of one of my apples one time. Nothing like a green foam apple-yum!! LOL

  3. Oh how cute…the fake pumpkin eating bandit! lol

    Congrats on your bloggerversary! When I saw this post I realized that my bloggerversary passed me right on by without a thought! lol My first post was November 5th last year. Happy bloggerversary to me too! 😉 (didn’t realize we started at basically the exact same time!)


    • Happy Blogiversary to you too!! 🙂 I didn’t realize we started close to the same time either! I totally thought my start date was November 22nd, but checked it this weekend to be sure and realized it was today!! No fancy giveaways or anything, just a heartfelt thanks was all I wanted to share. It’s been an amazing year and I’ve found so many awesome people through blogging, including you 🙂

  4. Christy, happy, happy Blogiversary to you, my friend! Your first post was so sweet and adorable, kinda just like you! 🙂 Well, I’m so happy that I met you through our little corner of the blogging world and totally enjoy everything you do! Wishing you many more years of blogging happiness, fun, creativity and most of all, friendship! Have a wonderful day!!!

    • Aww, thanks Cindy! My favorite part of blogging is the amazing people I’ve met from all over the world that I otherwise never would have known! I’m so glad you’re one of those people…you are always so sweet 🙂

  5. Happy Blogiversary Christy! I had fun reading your very first post! Hope this next year far exceeds your wishes and dreams 🙂
    xx Cindy

  6. Congrats and happy anniversary!!!

  7. Happy Blog Anniversary! And many more….. Thank you for your wonderful inspiration. I am proud of you and you should be proud of yourself. Blessings

  8. Yaaay!!! Always look forward to your posts! Congrats to your one year!!

  9. so happy for you. I wouldn’t even know how to start a blog. So I salute you. Carry on

  10. Cute and hilarious! We have a similar faux-fruit and veggie eating bandit around here. Happy Blogiversary!! Congrats on an amazing year- I love your blog!!

    • Thanks so much, Krista! I’ve learned so much this year, but I feel like there’s still so much to know about this crazy bloggy business! As for loving my blog, the feeling is totally mutual 🙂 XO XO

  11. That is so funny!!!! But gross. I am always amazed at what toddlers will continue to put in their mouths. You know the first one didn’t taste good, but he thought he would give it 10 more chances! Happy Blogoversary! Only one year old? You are so old and wise already!

    • I know, right? He didn’t stop until he had tasted every last one! I’ve only been blogging for a year, but DIYing forever, so maybe that helps. I still have much to learn about this bloggy business 🙂

  12. Happy belated Blogiversary!! I’m so happy I found you!



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