Ready for Move-in Day: House Progress so far

Hello amazing Friends, and thank you SO much for all the well-wishes on our new home! We feel so blessed! If you missed it, I shared the grand tour on Tuesday. (See it HERE.) We didn’t waste any time getting in there and getting started. I thought I’d stop by today and share what we were able to get finished before the big move.

The first thing on the list was to remove the living room carpet. My Hubby started removing the carpet and padding on Saturday morning:

Jack went behind him and removed the tack strips and random staples…

While they were working in the living room, I got started painting the master bedroom. I figured if we could get the master bedroom and the living room at least painted before move-in day, that would be awesome since the bulkiest furniture is in those two spaces.

I gave all the trim a fresh coat of Behr’s Ultra Pure White to freshen it up. The original white trim was quite dull in comparison. That took most of Saturday because there was so much trim!

My sister came to help and did all the cutting in for me:

She’ll love that I shared that picture. 🙂

Then I rolled on the new paint color. We finished on Sunday.

Here is the master before:

And here it is all painted and ready for furniture:

The color I chose is Behr’s Campfire Ash. I chose a few colors and had samples mixed to try them before I made my decision. I painted a couple of pieces of foam core with the sample colors and took them all over the house to see them in all lights:

Paint a piece of poster board or foam core and try it in several locations to make sure you like it in all lights.

I thought for sure Silver Ash would be the one, but it was too green for me. Campfire Ash was perfect!

My sister and I moved onto the living room next and she stayed late Sunday to help me get it done (Actually she made me stay and get it done!), so I could start laying my floors on Monday.

I wanted to use the same floors I used in my current home, but Lowes no longer sells the same color, so I went with a darker shade this time.

This is the Barrel Hickory color by Style Selections from Lowes (found HERE), and they are engineered hardwood. I was able to get them finished by Tuesday. I love the contrast of the dark floors and the color on the walls. They actually don’t look quite this dark brown in person. They look more like they do in that link I shared. I’ll be installing these same floors in my office and the dining room eventually as well to keep it cohesive.

I took pictures along the way to share how easy it is to install a floating floor yourself since I got several questions about my last floor install. I’ll share that soon. I didn’t share the process the fist time around, but you can see the chaos I did share HERE.

Here’s a reminder of how this room started:

I have my white slip-covered sectional going into this room, so there will be a lot of light elements. I think the dark floors will help ground the space.

Here’s a closer look at the paint color:

It is very soft and subtle, just what I wanted to keep the space light and airy.

We still are undecided about whether we want to hang our TV above the fireplace or not. Any thoughts?? I’d love to hear them!

We had lots of helpers over the weekend. My hubby’s brother and his wife helped move our entire garage over. It looks something like this now:

Lot’s to sort through, but I was dreading that job, so I am SO very grateful!!

My Dad hung all of our shades for us:

Now we can do whatever we want and the new neighbors can’t see! He hung 16 of them without stopping. That was a huge help!

The shades I chose are these cellular shades by Allen & Roth from Lowes. I like that they look almost like nothing when they are pushed up. We’ll see how I like them over time.

My Mom worked like crazy scrubbing out bathrooms, wiping down cabinets, and vacuuming and sweeping the floors…

Thank you, Mom!!

Jack has unloaded countless car and truckloads as well…and Brennan? He has broken in all the closets in the house:

I am so grateful to all who helped get the new house ready for the big day. We officially move in tomorrow. My hubby has been bringing truckloads of boxes over every day after work and the boys and I have emptied out all of our closets and made several trips with lots of loose items, so the movers can get all the big stuff moved as quickly as possible.

My hubby also got the pool looking much better…just about good enough to share:

Still not nearly swim-ready, but at least it doesn’t look like a swamp anymore. My sister and I skimmed out as many baby frogs as we could find before he shocked it, but sadly there were still many casualties. Sorry, frog babies.

Yesterday I was able to get all the drawers and cabinets in the kitchen lined and ready to be filled. Today I will be taking beds apart, removing the legs from the dining room table, moving all the pantry items over, and whatever other last minute things need to be done before the movers get here.

We have a busy busy weekend ahead!

I’ll be back on Tuesday sharing what I did with this desk for Trash-to-Treasure Tuesday:

Ya’ll better get out and do something fun this weekend for me! 🙂

UPDATE: Check out how this hotel-esque desk turned into a beautiful dressing table HERE!



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  1. Mary Kaiser says

    I Love the darker color of the flooring, I think it is beautiful. Can’t wait to see your pretty things in the home. Have fun decorating your new home, it is so fun to decorate once every thing is moved.

    • Thank you, Mary! I was disappointed to learn that the floor color I used in my last home had been discontinued, but I think these are a beautiful alternative. Lots to do, it’s hard to know where to start ha ha! XOXO

  2. Have y’all ever been busy. Moving is such a huge job. I love the floors and paint colors. I knew when you got your personal touch to the house it would look great.

    • Thank you, Janice! We sure have been busy bees around here…still going at it today, but making good progress! 🙂

  3. Wow you have done such a lot !!! It’s great that you had the house before you moved. My daughter & son in law painted all the walls of their new 3 storey house in 3 days before they moved. Now a year on their neighbors with all white walls wish they had done that. You were blessed to have so much family help as well.,
    Good luck tomorrow- how lovely it will be to wake up in your lovely new home Saturday morning.

    • It was so nice waking up in our new house yesterday! We really did get a lot done before the move, and yes it was great having access to the house before leaving our old house. If only we had two more weeks to get the whole house painted. Your daughter and her hubby were smart! My family was a huge help to us! 🙂

  4. Christina in FL says

    SSQQQQUEEEEEEE!!!! What a fabulous home and helpers! Love the living room floor and the paint colors are perfect. HUGE hugs to you and all your helpers.
    Yay Christy and family!!! :)))))

  5. Love your new home. Love the colors you picked. Can’t wait to see the finished move….then you can rest!

    • Thank you, Lori! Contemplating whether to stat painting the other rooms or unpack! It will be nice to see it all fall into place! XO

  6. Sherry Stuifbergen says

    I love the dark floors. It will make all your light-colored upholstery pieces pop! Thank goodness for family…they did so much. I like plain windows (your shades.) Shades are a functional item…not decorative,,should be discreet, out of sight. (my opinion.) I know you will make this home tasteful as your other house. I will enjoy all your future work. This is a whole new “canvas” for your imagination and creativity. So happy for you!

    • Thank you, Sherry! I was bummed when I learned they had discontinued the color of flooring I used in my last home, but I think you are right…these will be a nice contrast to the white furniture! My family was such a blessing for sure. And I agree about the shades; I prefer them for function only. I love these so far. Can’t wait to start personalizing each space and sharing it all with you guys! XOXO

  7. I love to decorate my mantle so I would never hang a tv over it. To me, it looks tacky (sorry!) and would be a waste of one of the few decorating spaces I have that the cat doesn’t touch 🙂 I also like to place my tv in a spot where there is no window glare because that drives me bonkers!
    I love your new house and look forward to seeing what else you do here.

    • Thanks, Rachel! Me too! I think that is one reason I am having such a hard time with hanging the TV above the fireplace, but I will have all the built-ins to decorate. The problem now that we are in here is that the room is wider than it is deep and the sofa looks crammed on the window wall. May have no choice boooo. XOXO

  8. So exciting Christy! I love your new floors. 😉

  9. Marcie Lovett says

    How nice to have such a handy family! Renovating seems to run through the generations. The house is looking great already and will continue to reflect who you are. Don’t try to do too much, especially right after you move. You need some time to relax around that pool. Remember that it took time to get your old house where it was and enjoy the process. Nobody’s expecting you to live in a magazine set (although your “after” photos in front of those magnificent glass doors sort of look like you did ????).

    • It really is nice to have a handy family, Marcie, they were a huge help. I am trying to heed that advice and not try to do too much, but it is hard ha ha. I just want it all done as soon as possible, but I am taking my time with my choices. It will get there. And I know…what will I do without those beautiful doors?? Need to find a new backdrop! 🙂 XOXO

  10. Yay for family willing to help! Where would we be without them? The two rooms look great but I’m trying to figure out the ceiling (sorry, not being critical just curious). Love the color you chose. As for the baby frogs, had they been in a pond, a lot would have gotten eaten by fish so try not to feel bad. It’s looking good! As for the tv, guess it depends on if you want to be able to decorate the mantle and if you have a good alternative spot. Good luck with the move!

    • Thank you, Cecilia! My family was a huge help! The ceiling has a swirled pattern just like the walls. It looks a little 3D the way the light is hitting it. Thanks for making me feel better about the baby frogs lol. XOXO

  11. Love the flooring you chose! I really want to rip up the carpeting in my living and dining room but my basement is unfinished and cold. I am not sure I want to take on flooring and insulating!

  12. Sherry Darlington says

    I can’t wait to see the ” Christy touch” on the new house! You are blessed to have all these great helpers. I dont know that i could leave your beautiful garden at the current house.

    • Aww thanks, Sherry! I am truly blessed that my family was so willing to come help! And it was hard to leave my gardens behind for sure, but what you couldn’t see or hear was the 55mph roadway that was behind our home. We enjoyed breakfast on the deck this morning at our new home listening to the crickets and the birds and we could actually hear each other! XOXO

  13. Thank you so much for sharing your big move. The house is just gorgeous and I’m looking forward to seeing how you make it your own 🙂

  14. I can hardly believe all the progress you’ve made. WOW! Your floor looks great. I also chose a dark Hickory stain floor and light walls. I want to weigh in on your TV above the fireplace. I have had it in both places in my home. Sometimes,aesthetically, it seems better over the fireplace. ( and you do see this type of installation everywhere) However, ergonomically, it is so much better to have it closer to your sitting eye level. This becomes really evident for anybody with bifocals. Looking up all the time is quite unatural for the neck and back. I would try hard to keep it lower.

    • Thanks, Cori! We are all moved in now and are still trucking along. I too love the contrast of the dark floors with the light walls. I am trying hard to keep the TV off the mantel, but not sure our sofa is going to work under the window…fingers crossed we can work it out! Thanks for the input! XOXO

  15. Christy it’s looking so much better already! Those floors are gorgeous and I love the color you picked for your bedroom! You all should be BBQing and swimming before the end of the summer for sure! Thank God for family! They’re always there when you need them the most! Keep posting, this is very exciting seeing it from the very beginning!

    • Thanks, Amy! If only we had unlimited time to get the whole house painted before we moved in. Probably going to carry that same color to through most of the house. And yes! My family has been a huge blessing!! Will share more updates soon! XOXO

  16. Oh how fun! Even all the moving part!! 😉 I can’t wait to do it too!! lol AND I can’t wait to come over and see that pretty house in person!! xoxo

    • Ha ha moving is exciting for sure, but girl I forgot how much work it is!! Can’t wait for you to see the house in person!! XOXO

  17. I say hang a gorgeous vintage mirror or pretty piece of artwork above the fireplace. 🙂

  18. I am searching for flooring for a spare bedroom. Can you give me your pros and cons of the flooring you picked, does it hold up good? Lovin your house already and so glad you have so much help in moving in.

    • Thanks, Tammy! I used this same flooring in my other home and over the past two years, it has held up beautifully! 🙂

  19. So excited for you and your family! Great to see family helping too! I’m sure you will have everything looking beautiful soon. God bless!

  20. I say,”NO!” to the TV above the fireplace. A nice picture above it with the TV on the bookshelf beside the fireplace is a better placement.

    • I am with you, Linda! We may have no choice if we can’t figure out the furniture layout, but I vote no too! XO

  21. Kimmylouwho says

    My vote is no! No,no, no, TV above the fireplace! First of all it is too high and you’ll get a crick in your neck. Second of all, you need something beautiful about the fireplace to bring color into the room and to enjoy each day!

    • Thanks for your input on the TV, Kimmylouwho! I agree with you! We are struggling with the sofa layout, so we will see how it ends up! XO

  22. Gina Keysor says

    Can I just say…I’m TIRED for you!! I admire your energy, no joke. Thanks for sharing this exciting new start in your new home. I look forward to seeing it all come together over time, with all you talent and imagination I’m sure it will be inspiring. What wonderful support from your family too. Congratulations, many happy times and new memories are waiting.

    • Ha ha thank you, Gina! I AM tired, but it is a good tired. Our home is one hot mess, but we have made progress and I know we’ll get there eventually! Thank goodness for family! XOXO

  23. Julie Briones says

    Love it all, Christy! The paint color looks lovely. I’m going to go check it out for my place. I was thinking about Burnished Clay, but maybe cutting it by 50%. But your color looks great, too! Looking forward to all the fun things you will have to share! Make sure to rest!

    • Julie Briones says

      Regarding the question about the TV over the mantle… Have you seen what Yvonne at StoneGable has done with hers? It’s definitely an option. 🙂 Kinda like it. Take a look at her post today. She makes mention of it.

      • Oh yes that is a great idea…love how she styled her shelves too! Our TV is huge so it won’t fit on one of the sides. I think it may end up over the fireplace but I figure I will still have all those built-ins to make it pretty! XOXO

    • Thanks, Julie! Even after living with that color for a week, I still love it! I will probably carry that through the rest of the downstairs. Try a sample pot and see how you like it. Rest? Ha ha I know I know…will try. 😉 XOXO

  24. Rose Arroyo says

    Christy, you have a great family to help you like they have, you’re very blessed. The house looks amazing and I want to wish you and your family best wishes in your new journey.

  25. Debbie in TX says

    Loving all the updates you have made so far! You are very fortunate to have so many wonderful helpers in your family. Loved the photo of your son in the closet!! The swimming pool is truly fabulous. As far as hanging the TV over the fireplace, I am against it because #1 it’s a fad that seems to be passing, and #2 it’s too high up and might make your neck hurt if you’re watching for any length of time from down on a sofa. A benefit of putting it over the fireplace is that you could see it easily while you’re in the kitchen. Only you guys can decide what you like best!

    • Thank you, Debbie! My family has been such a blessing for sure. Thanks for weighing in on the TV. We currently have it on a TV stand in there and I can’t see it from the kitchen. I think it will end up over the fireplace even though I’d rather it not be the focal point. Hopefully I can keep it pretty in there by styling the built-ins! XOXO

  26. It all has come together quite nicely! I am glad the pool is perfect now for enjoying hot summer days!

    • Thank you, Rose! So far so good! The pool has had a few issues…hoping to get to try it out soon! XOXO

  27. Oh girl! It’s BEAUTIFUL! I wish I was still full of the energy you have. Age has a way of changing that. I say hang the tv, it will be up out of the way and save on space. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the dark floors. They look very rich, classy and welcoming. Perfection!

    • Aww thank you, Jackie!! I am getting a lot of work done, but I feel it so much more at the end of the day these days ha ha. I think the TV will end up over the fireplace after all. I agree it will be out of the way, and it will give me another wall to decorate! SO glad you like the floors!! XOXO

  28. Constance Colvin says

    Nice family! 😀

  29. Christy, I greatly enjoy your blog and have learned a lot from you. Your new home looks like it has lots of possibilities, BUT you need a mantle!!!!!!!!! Please tell me you have plans for a mantle!

    • Thank you, Sharon! I’m so glad you have enjoyed visiting my blog! I agree I NEED and desperately WANT a mantle, but our sofa doesn’t look right under the window and I may have no choice but to hang the TV above the fireplace (boo hoo) because of the sofa placement. I am hoping I can still make it pretty in there by styling the built-ins! XOXO

  30. All the best with your move tomorrow. Wow, you guys are truck’n along quite nicely and you sound very organized, Christy. I’m green (like those frogs) with envy over that lovely pool – your boys are going to love it.

    • I am late at responding, but thank you, Marie…our move went very smoothly thank goodness! Our house is a bit chaotic at the moment, but we are getting there! We are so excited about the pool! The pump is having issues so we haven’t been able to enjoy it yet but hopefully soon! XOXO

  31. Suzanne Walters says

    Moving – ugh, but all worth it in the end. You are making GREAT progress. I love the gray you picked and the white trim is great with it. That dark wood floor looks fabulous. Nice to have so many great helpers, too!

    • Thank you, Suzanne! I am so glad we were able to get done what we did before the big move. My family was such a huge help! So glad you like the color/flooring choices! XOXO

  32. Wow Christy, what a beautiful home and so much space. This is the first time I have seen it and I am so happy for you and your family and speaking of family, girl how lucky are you, wonderful.
    I love your new floors they are gorgeous, and I personally chose not to have the tv mounted on the fireplace, #1 it would have made it to high and #2 I like to decorate my mantle, I almost forgot I really love the paint colors so very pretty.
    Your new home will be a showstopper by the time you put your special magic on it and I can’t wait to see it.

    • Aww thank you, Patty! Yes I am truly blessed to have such a helpful family for sure. Thanks for weighing in on the fireplace. I am trying really hard not to hang it on the mantle, but the way the room is shaped, the sofa is looking a bit cramped under the window, so we may have no choice. I’ll still have the built-ins to decorate though and I am looking forward to that. 🙂 XO

  33. Bonnie Hipps says

    So very happy for you and family, can’t wait to watch as you make it your own. Blessings for wonderful memories there.

  34. Pam Grove says

    Christy, Are the ceilings in the living room swirled plaster? It looks like it from the picture. I’m pretty sure my dad invented that style (at least here in Pennsylvania) He was a primo plastering contractor back in the day. Most of the ceilings in my house are swirled, because I think he used to “practice” at our house (which, in case you don’t know, I’ve lived in the same house my whole life) Never had to go thru moving crap from one place to another. Hopefully the next time I’m in Va. Beach Christa and I can come see your new house. Love, Pam Grove (Christa’s MaMa)

    • Hi Pam!! 🙂 The ceilings do have a swirled texture, but they are flat and the same texture is on the walls as well. I love them! You are so fortunate to have been able to stay in the same home. I can only imagine all the memories you have there. I’d love for you to come for a visit next time you’re in town! Take care!! XOXO

      • Christa Peachy says

        My mom just told me tonight about your progress and her comments to you so I just had to take a few minutes to read your post! So very happy for you! And I can’t wait to visit in person. Xoxoxo

        • Aww thank you!! I spent most of the day at the other house cleaning yesterday and I am getting ready to head over there to paint this morning. Then I can focus more on getting this house in order! Can’t wait for you to see it in person! Love ya!! XOXO

  35. Man Oh Man – so busy and you are still replying to all of your e-mails even! You Rock! Do Not reply to this one – save the time to keep on working your magic – just want to say – amazing so far – you go girl 🙂

    • Thank you, Holly!! You are so sweet! I couldn’t not respond…I appreciate you taking the time to cheer me on! XOXO

  36. I find any tv above a fireplace is not comfortable for viewing when sitting. If that was my house I would retrofit the bookshelves right above the cabinets to accommodate the tv. I would still use a wall bracket if the tv needs to swivel for everyone to see or just have it sit on the cabinet. Even though it would take some carpentry and moving of wires – to me it would be worth it. I have seen some pictures on Pinterest.

    Recently discovered your blog and really enjoy your makeovers.

    • Thanks for your thoughts on the TV, Debbie! We are still undecided but I like your idea! XO

  37. Christy, sit in a chair where your sofa will be and look above the mantle. If you have to move your head up, then I would find an alternative. We had to move our tv from above the mantle because looking up was straining my neck – it is now at eye level. I placed it on the wall next to the built ins and it goes flat against the wall(or you can recess it) And then I can pull it out or angle it any way I want.

    • Thanks for the advice, Amy! We are still weighing our options. Our TV is quite large, so we shall see! XOXO

  38. JudyCinNC says

    Just wanting to thank you for your inspiration on the window coverings. We went right out and got six for our 60″ wide windows. OH what a difference they make in our cottage home. When we bought the house in a new development, we all favored the wooden slat pull-ups for the craftsman style, however, they made it dark.

    My question now is how do I (5′ 2″) ever reach the top to pull down the shade and put it back up? Looking for a solution now. We can but handles, but still need to be over 5’2″ to reach it. Thanks for your help.

    • Oh fantastic! I love mine so far as well! How about leaving them pulled down about a foot at the top so you can reach them? I’ve had to do that with one room since my windows are high in there. They still look great from the outside as long as they are all even. 🙂

      • Yeah!!! For them being even. Still too high with the shades down a foot or so, so I just carry around my little stool to make adjustments. The best solution for a problem is sometimes the oldest solution for the same problem. We put linen/poly panels (from Target) on each side and truly love our new windows. JudyC

  39. I vote no to the TV above the fireplace. The center of the TV should be about 42 inches above the floor and couch distance from the screen depends on the size of your TV. Crutchfield has a great explanation for optimal TV placement: Can you tell my husband is a little bit obsessed with this kind of thing and therefore I now know all about it??? Ha! Ha!

    • Thanks for your input, Jennifer! That is good information. It isn’t looking good as the living room is wider than it is deep and the furniture placement isn’t optimal with the sofa under the window, so we my have no choice. We shall see! XO

  40. Just my opinion but I hate the tv over the fireplace look. Of course in our house that we built from our own plans we have a separate den and the tv is there (I’m a huge sports fan so the den can stay “comfy” even when guests come over in the living room). The main rooms are not huge so our large flat screen would have overwhelmed the l. r. and the cabinet that would have “hidden” it wouldn’t have – it would have just said look at me I’m hiding a huge tv 🙂 I wanted to be able to entertain in a room that was for conversation, not tv watching. But most people I know do have one in the l. r. (and the bedroom which I don’t do either). One concern is a gate around your pool. I used to work for a pool company and at least here in AZ they were pretty much a legal requirement, so please check into that for safety purposes. Your house looks wonderful and how great to have family time while you’re working so hard!

  41. You have the best family! I can just see them all at your house (once you’re all settled and decorated) around the dining table, enjoying a good meal and a good visit. Love the floor…big, huge, enormous improvement over carpet.