There’s a fake-pumpkin-eating bandit on the loose!

Someone has been up to no good around my house!  It’s just before Thanksgiving and since I am hosting it this year,  I don’t feel like I can get out my Christmas flare…just yet. So, I still have my little fake pumpkins here and there.

What you don’t see may surprise you. See these cute little fake pumpkins? 


They have all been assaulted by my two year old, he’s the  fake-pumpkin-eating bandit!

   He just loves apples and he still hasn’t gotten the message that these are NOT apples and they are certainly not edible! (And yes, I’m still using them to decorate but my guests would never know hee hee…it will be our little secret!)

Just thought I’d share a funny:)


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  1. Ok, Christy… is this your very first post? I wanted to start from the beginning, and it doesn’t look like you have and ‘older/newer’ arrow selection for going back and forth. 🙂

    • Yep lol. This was my very first! I don’t have the arrow to go from page to page because it is an add-on, and every add-on you add to your site slows it down a bit more and a bit more. I decided that was one I could live without. You can navigate easier by looking at my posts month by month through my archives which are on the right sidebar. I’ve come a long way lol! 🙂