Accidental Kitchen Organization

Really, organizing almost my entire kitchen was not the plan when I installed my new spice cabinet.  But one thing led to another and to another. You get the idea.

I promised I would show you what I did with the rest of the spices plus all the awesome organization that followed.

So here it is!

I built and installed this really cool spice cabinet which I shared with you last time. (Can a spice cabinet be cool? Why not.)

Cool Spice Cabinet

All of my spices unfortunately did not fit so the rest ended up in what was my old spice cabinet. (Remember we were the idiots that had his and hers spice cabinets before.)

Here was mine before:

Spice cabinet before

I completely reconciled all of our spices to the new cabinet and this cabinet.

Here it is now:

Organized cabinet


So much better! I love these coated wire racks. I also used these little inexpensive (nicer word for cheap) baskets to hold odd sized things and  like items.

Bins for odd shaped items


Because there was a big void in my husband’s spice cabinet now, I had to reorganize that.

This is what it looked like before:


 All those baking items on the top left are what ended up in those cheap pull out bins.  The spices were moved also so that just left the miscillaneous stuff  on the bottom left to deal with.  I decided to clear out this cabinet completely.

…And use it for plastics!


 I never thought to store them above the stove. Now I can see exactly what I have. This ended up being plenty of space for them, who needs more containers than this anyway?

I used one of those coated wire racks turned upside down to hold the lids.



These came from a pack of three for $8.96 at Walmart.



I already had them in these cabinets, too…seriously I love them.





So what did I do with all of those bottles and such that were above the stove?

I love this the most. I have one of those lazy susan corner cabinets that I have a love/hate relationship with. I love that it holds a lot in an otherwise unusable corner of my kitchen, but I hate that things are constantly flying off the side when it spins around, trapping who knows what behind it.

This is where I had all of my plastics:


But now it holds all those bottles…and lots of them!!


The bottles have more weight to them so they don’t fly off the side like the lightweight plastics did.

I’m sure I am not the first person to use this cabinet for this purpose  but I just always thought these were for bulkier items, like pots and pans and whatnot.

I love how much this holds now.


It also allowed me to clear all of these bottles off of the top of the fridge:


Now it holds my Vitamix and a basket with extra paper towels. So much neater!

paper towel storage

That left an open lazy susan that was up there so it also found a new home:

lazy susan in fridge

In the fridge! Woot woot!

  (Those Activia yogurt are expired, by the way, because they were stuck at the back of the fridge. I kept them for the photo! But hopefully this will stop that from happening next time.)

And…because my vitamix found a new home, I had a place for another basket to store my coupon box and inserts!


I found these baskets at Michaels when they were BOGO free. They were supposed to be for a laundry room project but I like them in here!

See how one thing led to another and another?

Brennan was even motivated to do a few chores:


He’s mowing the carpet. And as you can see, he already swept the floor:)

So that’s my story of how one little cabinet spiraled into total kitchen organization!

Feeling motivated?  Maybe if you build the cabinet, it will come:)



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  1. It spiraled in a good way, Christy! Great job! I have one of those corner lazy susan cabinets, too, and they are holding our plastics. : )

  2. Great organization! Cluttered refrigerator tops are a pet peeve of mine, I literally cringed when I saw your “before” picture, BUT the “after” was SO much better! And I LOVE the idea of the lazy susan in the frig! So handy and practical, great job!

  3. Accidental? 😛 You really got me at the title of this post. Well, keep it up. Random organizer! Heehee.
    Ed of