Bunny Crossing Sign from Fence Pickets


I found yet another use for my old fence pickets stash, a whimsical sign perfect for Spring. (See how much we love you, Spring? We made a sign for you and everything.) It’s also sweet for Easter, but I can keep it in my garden all season!

Bunny Crossing Sign from old Fence Pickets

This project was free. Those are my favorite!

I started with two pieces of fencing I had stashed in my garage.

Bunny Crossing Sign 1

I painted them with Country Chic paint in Elegance since I had it on hand and it’s a perfect Springtime color.

Bunny Crossing Sign 2

Then as I do for all my graphics, I printed the words I chose in the reverse.

Bunny Crossing Sign 3

Positioned them and penciled across the back of each letter.

Bunny Crossing Sign 4

Leaving a transfer of my letters behind…

How to transfer letters.

Then I painted them in with acrylic paint using a script liner brush.

Bunny Crossing Sign 6

I cut them to size and touched the ends up with paint, followed by a little sanding. I sealed them with a spray sealer.

Bunny Crossing Sign with Old Fence Pickets

For the very sophisticated bunny head, I drew out a pattern and traced it onto my wood.

Bunny Crossing Sign 8

I trimmed it (the rain was stopping me from cutting my wood first), then sanded and sealed as well. All three pieces got screwed to a post I saved from an old yard sale sign I used last summer. It already had the tip cut in to a point so it was perfect. I just gave it a quick coat of white paint.

Bunny Crossing Sign

I kinda like the signs a bit wonky like this.  I was lucky to get a tiny break from the rain this weekend so I could snap these pictures. I was hoping for a sunshine and flower filled backdrop, but no luck. It was freezing today…this is more like it:

Freezing Bunny

I know Mr. Bunnypants was freezing his ears off.

No sunshine, but I do actually have a couple (two exactly) flowers blooming…

My beautiful Brunnera is always the first to appear:

Bunny Crossing Sign 5

And this lone Iris:

Bunny Crossing Sign 6

Many more to come and I can’t wait!! This is my front garden in late Spring (this is the same tree that the bunny sign is standing in front of.):

Front Yard Garden

And looking from the other side:

Front Yard Garden

(Front Yard Makeover, One Year Later)

Our new bunny friend will be surrounded by life in no time!

Bunny Crossing Sign

Bunny Crossing Sign from Old Fence Pickets

If you’re looking for more Spring and Easter inspiration, you’re in luck! Several of my friends (20 of us in all) have joined in on the fun too, and all week they’ll be adding their projects below:

Hope you’re having a sunshine day where you are. πŸ™‚





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  1. Super cute! I’ll have to do some digging in my wood pile and ‘copy cat’ you on this πŸ˜‰

  2. What a cute Easter project!! Still snow here. Can’t wait for the tulips to start popping up.

    • Thanks, Linda! I shouldn’t have the nerve to complain about cold weather when so many still have snow on the ground! Spring is on it’s way…I’m sure of it πŸ™‚

  3. Very cute Christy! Exactly what kind of spray sealer do you use? I had a look at the hardware store last week and the warnings on the cans put me off. Do you wear a respirator of some sort? Thanks Christy!!

    • Thanks, Celia! I use clear spray acrylic sealer in a matte finish by Plaid. It is a bit stinky, but I spray outside and it’s fine. I don’t usually wear a mask. Plaid also makes a brush-on clear sealer sold where the acrylic paints are sold and it isn’t nearly as stinky.

      • Thanks Christy – wow, you’re quick with your replies!! The piece I want to put an image on is our built-in hall cupboard so I can’t take it outside to spray. Also, wouldn’t the brush on sealers or wax smear the image? That has been my experience with Annie Sloan wax over an image I transferred with printing onto freezer paper. Thanks again for any tips you may have:)

        • I double checked my stash and the brush-on I have is actually by Delta Ceramcoat. It’s called “Satin Interior Varnish” and it has a slight odor, but very little compared to the spray. I have used it over painted pieces before and have had no issues with the images smearing. You can always test it first. I painted my image on, so I’m not sure if that made a difference? You might also consider a wipe-on polyurethane? Good luck πŸ™‚

  4. Sherri S. says

    I love it! It is so cute and perfectly “springy”!

    Hope your week is very blessed!


  5. love it! and your garden is inspiring!

  6. This is SO stink in adorable Christy! I love it!!

  7. What an adorable Easter sign! I love that it was free…the best! The scarf on a cold day made me giggle. So typical of our southern yo-yo weather! ~Christy

  8. That is adorable!! Perfect for Easter! And the scarf was perfect for yesterday!! πŸ˜‰ Thank goodness (and hopefully) it’s the last day it will be needed!
    Pretty flowers!!

  9. Christy, Darling little bunny sign! I have a stash of fence boards too. You’ve got me motivated to make your cute bunny sign for my front, and very bare, yard:)

  10. Aww! I love your bunny crossing sign! And that you have it up all year. Classic & cute! Plus I like signs iwonky πŸ˜‰ like that too!

  11. This is darling Christy! I am going to have to try that pencil transfer method. You always have such cute ideas!

  12. Seriously could this be any cuter? OMG!! Adorable!

  13. LOVE IT! That’s picture with the scarf is hilarious! Pinning! ~Jeanette

  14. What an adorable sign for your yard. You were smart to save that wood for another use. I’ll bet with the warm temperatures that we will have this week that you’ll see lots of growth in your flowerbeds.

  15. That is the cutest dang thing I’ve ever seen. Especially with the scarf. πŸ˜› Do you ever sit down? I picture you as the Tazmanian Devil of DIY. =D


  16. Super cute sign! I also really love the shade of blue you used. Pinning and sharing on The Love Nerds FB page tomorrow.

  17. Christy,
    Your bunny crossing sign is too cute. I love your scarf around the sign because that poor little rascal sure could use it this year. Your yard looks so nicely done, it will be fun to watch more blooms as the weather warms. Yippie!
    Enjoy the Season,
    Karen Marie Kedzuch
    Dragonfly & Lily Pads

    • My poor bunny really needed something to warm him up, but wouldn’t you know the next day was full of sunshine?! And yes, I can’t wait to see everything come back in my garden, thanks so much for stopping by! πŸ™‚

  18. Your bunny sign is just too cute for words! Love it!!

  19. Hi Christy,
    My little girls love your bunny sign and want me to make one for our yard!!! Thanks for the tutorial. If only our weather would be springlike too, so our yard would begin to bloom as beautifully as yours! Bunny definitely still needs a scarf in Chicagoland.

    • Oh my goodness, I feel for you guys up there!! My sister lives in Kenosha, WI and she has just about had it with all the snow this year. Hope you thaw out soon! So glad you’re girls love the bunny. πŸ™‚

  20. Christy, this is so cute! You are going to have to let me know how to print things in reverse though. What a great idea. I may have to use that stencil method on my new pallet dog bed…check it out next week on my blog. You will love it! Thanks for sharing!

  21. So adorable Christy! I love the scarf:)

  22. I’ve always wanted to do something similar but wasn’t sure how to go about painting on the letters. What you’ve done with the pencil is genius! How on earth did you figure that out? I’m your newest follower πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Jen! So thrilled to have you following along! This came up out of necessity one night while trying to make a sign and I had no graphite paper. It worked like a charm! πŸ™‚

  23. Seriously adorable and I love that he’s sporting a scarf for the colder weather ~ pretty soon you’ll need to put some shades on him (hopefully!).

  24. So, so cute, Christy!! LOVE it! Thanks for sharing at Work it Wednesday!

  25. Wow – I love this and the colors of the boards really make it pop.
    thanks for sharing


  26. lOVE THIS! WOULD love for you to link to Friday Favorites which goes live tonight! Love the tutorial on the pencil transfer! So easy! laura

  27. That’s sooo cute! I love the little face. I especially love it wearing the scarf – that’s what it would be doing here, it’s still snowing!

    I’m hosting a series right now all about yarn projects. I’d love for you to come link up anything you’ve made using yarn or twine or the like to the link party!
    Yarn it All! Link Party on Bugaboo Blog


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