DIY Bow Holder

I’ve got a sweet project to share with you today! My adorable little niece, Eva just turned one this past week. Her Mom asked me last week if I could make her a bow holder to match her bedroom. Of course I jumped at the chance to make something for that sweet baby’s room! They live about eight hours away and since we planned to drive down for her birthday party, I hurried up and put one together for her before we went.

Here’s what I came up with:

DIY Bow Holder from a Shadow Box

Yep, blue. If you’ve been following me since last year, you may remember that my niece’s bedroom is not pink or lavender, it’s blue, but it really is cute in person. Here is her crib bedding:


This set offers the option to purchase the fabrics that were used in the bedding, so for my SIL and brother’s shower, I ordered some of the fabric. I used some of it to make this:


It hangs on the end of the crib to hold shoes and what not.

I also used it to line these baskets:


I had just a few scraps left, so I used some of it here.

DIY Bow Holder from a Shadow Box

This started out as an aqua shadow box I picked up at Hobby Lobby:


The tag that says, “Eva” was that tag in the middle there. I also found that at Hobby Lobby.

This was super simple to make using this shadow box frame.

  • First I took the frame apart until I just had the frame. That got a couple of coats of Rustoleum Satin White.
  • This insert that held the glass to the front, was removable. I gave that a coat of paint I picked up to match the ribbon. I also painted the little tag shaped piece in the blue:


  • I wrapped the glass in the fabric and secured with hot glue. Then I put it behind the insert instead, and reattached the back.
  • Then I screwed in the cup hooks to the wood insert at the top:

DIY Bow Holder from a Shadow Box

These are to hold headbands. It is the perfect size now, but I probably should have gone for something a bit more rectangular for down the road.

  • I used my silhouette cameo to create a stencil and spray painted in the letters. (Or you could use this method to add the letters.)

I added a very simple bow.

DIY Bow Holder from a Shadow Box

I’ll tell ya, I was really trying to restrain myself. I wanted to bling that thing up. In the end I kept it simple though.

I covered the back in pretty polka dot paper and added small "d" rings to either side for hanging.

  • I added the ribbon for hanging bows to the bottom with hot glue.

I covered the back in pretty polka dot paper and added small "d" rings to either side for hanging.

  • To finish it off I covered the back in pretty polka dot paper and added small “d” rings to either side for hanging.

DIY Bow Holder from a Shadow Box

My SIL loved it!

Here is my sweet little niece in a fun pictogram my SIL created for  her party:

Isn’t she a doll?

You might also like this super easy quilt I made her for her shower:

Super easy baby quilt!

You can find the step-by-step for this simple to make quilt here. (Christmas isn’t too far away! )

I hope you enjoyed something a little different today! It was fun getting crafty!

I’ll be back to my regular gig on Thursday sharing what I did with this dressing table. 🙂



UPDATE: See how this dressing table turned out HERE now!



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  1. Sue Farmer says

    Your niece is adorable!!!! And so is the bow holder!!!

  2. Hi Christy, what a clever way to use a shadow box. I don’t have any little ones, but this idea could be adjusted for so many different items, like jewelry. I really like what your SIL made, is that hard to do? Do you need a special app?

  3. This is so cute.. and I love it that your nieces bedroom is not the usual pink… Simply gorgeous!!! PS when I made a present for my baby niece I on purpose stayed away from ALL pink and created pink/white/cream and sage quilt 🙂

    • Thanks, Evija! At first I wasn’t completely on board with the blue, probably because I have two boys and was ready for pink! I loved it when I saw the room though. 🙂

  4. Julie Squillante says

    My daughter’s birthday is also October 13! This is really cute and creative. Wouldn’t have thought to use the glass too!

  5. This is so adorably pretty Christy! Wow, you are the talented DIY auntie that every sibling wishes they had for their child. Beautiful additions to your niece’s nursery (and what a gorgeous nursery it is). She’s adorable! Chuckled over the “also known as a Diva” on the pictogram.

  6. So cute!