From Bumper Pad to Pillow

I’ve got something really cute to share with you.

See this sweet-as-can-be pillow?

Pillow from Bumper Pad

I made it out of the bumper pad that was in Brennan’s crib!

{Cute story}:

We transitioned him to a big boy bed a couple of weeks ago (he’s two and a half). His crib was still up in his room because really, I think we just didn’t want to let go!  Well, the other night I put him down in his big boy bed and said my good nights.  When I went to check on him after he was asleep, he was not in his his bed!!  I was scanning his dimly night-light-lit room and guess where I found him?  IN his crib sound asleep!  Awe…he missed his crib. WAIT, what?! How did he get in there???

So it was time. Time to say good-bye and down the crib went.

I was folding his bumper pads and thinking that they were so cute and how time has passed so quickly. They served their purpose and now its time to say good-bye to them too.

Good-bye little monkey hanging from the coconut tree.

Good-bye pirate ship.

Good-bye tiny checked whale.

Wait, he’s kinda cute…

That’s when I had a revelation.

I can make tiny checked whale into a cute little pillow!

So, that’s what I did! (Besides, I needed an excuse to use my new sewing cabinet!)

Here is the bumper pad before:

Bumper pad

 This is how I did it:

{If you already have skills in the sewing department and don’t need this how-to, scroll to the bottom for a bonus before and after!}

I took it apart using my seam ripper to reveal the front, the back, and a layer of batting.

Three layers to bumper pad

Next, I cut the front to the size I wanted using my rotary cutter.


 I cut the back piece into two pieces, each  about 1/3 wider than the front. This way they will overlap and create a flap in which to insert the filler.

Then I ironed each piece and removed any loose threads.


To remove loose threads, use a lint roller.

I have to pick out at least one seam that I messed up on during every sewing project!  A lint roller does some of the dirty work for you!

lint roller

 I sewed the batting to the front. I wanted the pillow to be smooth from the front just like the bumper pad.

Sew the batting to the front

 Next, I sewed a finished edge along one side of each of my back pieces.

Then, I sewed all three layers together.  The front and two back pieces (finished edges overlapping one another to line up with the size of the front piece) right sides together.


 Then I clipped the corners and sealed the edges using a zigzag stitch. (So it doesn’t come unraveled in the wash.)

I turned it right-side out and stuffed it with the remaining batting.

I love it!

Pillow from Bumper Pad

 Welcome to your new life Mr. Tiny Checked Whale…make yourself at home on Brennan’s big boy bed!

Mr. Tiny Checked Whale invited a friend

 Oh, I see you’ve invited a friend:)

I can’t think of a better way to preserve a little piece of baby’s first bedding! Turn your baby's old bumper pad onto a sweet pillow. A great way to hang on to those memories!

I now have a {BONUS} before and after to share with you!

Here is the big boy bed sleepin’ star of this post, Brennan…before: SONY DSC

And after:  Many tears shed, lollipop fed, he got a big boy haircut to go with his big boy bed!


It was time!!

This was the best “after” I could get. This boy doesn’t sit still for a second!






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  1. What a great idea and you don’t have to redecorate to make a big boy room. I’m co-hosting my first linky party tonight @ 7:00 I would like for you to link up.

  2. Awesome idea! I removed my son’s bumpers when I read they were a suffocation hazard and have just hung onto them. They are made of really cute fabric, I will have to do this with them! Thanks so much for sharing.
    P.S. Love the before and after pictures, what a cutie you have!

  3. Christy you are a genius!! What a fantastic way to transform such a sentimental piece. I only wish I would have done that, but I do have their favorite baby blankets still. Thanks for the great idea.
    Leslie (Gwen Moss)

    • Thanks, Leslie! I wish I would have thought of it when my first had outgrown his crib, but I have his fav baby blanket,too, ( he actually still sleeps with it at 10:)

  4. What a great idea! Your pillow turned out great! (visiting from the Girl in the Garage link party).