How to Fake a Flawless Bedskirt

Do you have anything stashed underneath your bed that you want to hide? No? Maybe just a big dust bowl under there? Seven layers of cat fur?

My toddler has a set of bunk beds that we have set up as a single bed. (They used to be his big brother’s.)   I keep the second mattress under the bed.  It is really unsightly.  I have always wished I could add a bed skirt to hide it. Because his bed has slats going across to hold the mattress, a bedskirt is not an option.

Or is it?

YES! I done figured out how to make it work!! Check it out:

Bedskirt hanging neatly


This  is a bed skirt that I found at the thrift store for $1.99.  After a good washing, I cut it up!

I measured and cut the long sides, then the short ends.



I cut small squares of my favorite velcro. (Yes I did just use favorite and velcro in the same sentence…I am a DIY nerd!)

This is industrial strength velcro. You can find it in the craft section at Walmart for about $18 for a huge role. I could do an entire post on the many ways I have used this around my house!

The best velcro


The velcro has an adhesive back. I cut these pieces with the back and front together. Then I peeled off the tape on both sides and a attached them to the inside of the bed rails.



After sewing a neat seam across the top of my cut piece, I attached it to the velcro.

(I sewed this nice neat edge for you, my blog friends! Otherwise, it would have made for an ugly picture, and we can’t have that. Notice I didn’t show you the long edge wink wink.)



And Voila:

How to make a bedskirt sit neatly


It sits perfectly!

From this:



To this:

 Cute boys bedding


You can use this idea for any bed. That super sweet whale pillow was part of Brennan’s bumper pad set. You can see how I made it here.



*** If you need to access items from under the bed frequently, I recommend adding a stitch to the velcro that attaches to the bedskirt.  I added a large “X” stitch by hand to the pieces along the front.

Now that Brennan has moved to his big boy bed and the crib has been dismantled, I have a few projects I want to work on in his room.

One is a furniture hack, which is like furniture surgery.  I’m hoping to share that project next (if it works!).

Update: It did! See how  we sawed the ugly hump off my son’s changing table here!







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  1. Great idea! Especially for a kids bedroom!

  2. This is a great idea! I love the quilt though 🙂 Where did you find it? We would like something similar in our kids room since quilts seem last MUCH longer than comforters, at least in our house anyway.

    • Hi Georgia! I found the quilt at Marshalls, but have also seen it at TJ Maxx before. It has been a while, but the tag says, “Authentic Kids”. Maybe it can be found online? Good luck! 🙂