Front Landscaping Progress

Hello lovelies!

I’m back today to share some progress on our landscaping! Here is a reminder of what our house looked like the day we closed on it:

Everything was overgrown. See more in my previous post HERE if you missed it.

Unfortunately we were unable to keep most of the existing landscape because some things had become so overgrown that it caused the smaller bushes beside them (Yes there are many small bushes in there that you can’t even see!) to die off in places from lack of sunlight. We did keep the Japanese maple on the corner here:

But it really needed a good trim:

Ah better!

This house did not have gutters when we moved in, so we had those added in May. You can see in that photo above how the gutter down the side has sent a river of water down our yard every time we got a hard rain, and it washed out our grass pretty badly. My hubby installed a drain to carry the rain away so hopefully that fixed our issue and we can fix that patch of grass. The August heat has really taken its toll on our entire lawn…just about time to aerate and seed anyway!

Here you can see we pretty much had a blank canvas to work with:

Those red, orange, and yellow dashes in the grass are where we had our utilities marked…very important if you plan to dig!

Once the shrubs were gone, I cleaned up any remaining weeds and then turned and leveled the soil.

I also went all along the edge of the beds with this tool:

It’s called a half moon edger and it helped create a nice dip at the start of the garden beds which will helped define the edges more clearly, and will also help hold in the mulch.

And here the beds are all ready for planting!


I told you on Tuesday that I had visited our local nursery to get an idea of what was available for our new landscape.  I took a ton of photos so that when I got home, I could look each one up to get an idea of how each will grow, and in what conditions, etc and then I started plugging them into my drawing:

Sketch a to-scale version of your existing landscape to see what might fit in plant-wise.

I measured our garden beds and then used graph paper to make a to-scale sketch of them. Each square = one square foot.

I had made a photocopy of the original so I could draw all over this one.

Because this drawing is to scale, I can get an idea of what will fit where when it reaches maturity.

I was also able to create a list to take with me to the nursery so I would know exactly what I needed to buy. That made our shopping trip SO easy.

I enlisted the help of my sister and her husband’s truck and we each brought a kiddo to put to work as well.

Here is our haul at the nursery:

Lots of greenery there! Everything I bought for this house is evergreen to give our landscape structure year-round.

It was my lucky day too because when we showed up, everything was buy two, get one free!! I ended up purchasing 36 plants/shrubs in all so 12 were free!

And here’s a sneaky peek after laying my new plant babies out:

Would you believe my sister and I got about 70% of what we bought in the ground that same day? She was such a HUGE help!

It was a scorcher and we were a dirty mess!

(Who gardens in flip flops anyway??)

But how rewarding to see our new landscape come to life, and it is almost complete!

Just a little more of this to go and we’ll be able to cross another project off the list:

It will be ready to share next Thursday for sure!

Meet me back here for Trash-to-Treasure Tuesday to see what I did with this metal toolbox I picked up at the thrift store:

UPDATE: See how this tool box got a whole new purpose HERE now! And you can skip ahead to our big landscape reveal HERE!

Have a fantastic weekend! 😀



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  1. Mary Kaiser says

    Wow, what a difference!! I love it, so amazing. Looking forward to seeing the bark in place with the plants. I am so glad that you showed me a picture of your feet so dirty, I thought that I was the only one that gardened in flip flops. My pedicure girl just loves it (I tip big-she earns it)!! LOL can’t wait to see the toolbox, I can’t even imagine what you will do with it!

    • Thank you, Mary! It really does look so much better! And you know there really isn’t much I won’t do in flip flops LOL. I’d wear them all year if I could get away with it! See you Tuesday, my friend! XOXO

  2. Christina in SW FL says

    Way to go Christy and sister! 🙂 You did some amazing planning and it paid off handsomely. Love the sale! 🙂
    Do you have gutter guards or are leaves not a problem there?
    Your yard is going to fill in and be so amazing. Congratulations on a job well done!!

    • Thank you, my friend! My sister was such a huge help… I couldn’t have done it without her! We do not have any trees near our house other than the two smaller ones by the curb, so luckily we didn’t need gutter guards. Have a great weekend! XOXO

  3. Susan Williams says

    Thank you for sharing your Landscape project as I need to do the same but the heat has kept me indoors. I had to laugh at your dirty feet as I also garden in flip flops and get the same dirty feet! I am anxious to see your tool box as I inherited a similar one when I moved to my home a few years ago.

    • This really has been such a hot summer, hasn’t it? We were hoping to tackle this in the spring, but it just didn’t happen. I do just about everything in my flip-flops…I don’t even know what shoes I should be wearing to garden in lol! XO

  4. HI Christy! I garden in flip flops all the time!!!! Your house is “looking good”!

  5. Hi Christie – just wanted to say I think your articles are great, I have similar projects and this gives me great ideas as well as confirming things I want to to do but were cautious about. I have only one gripe – maybe it’s me, but your website is really slow on my computers. Ads and pop up videos seem to weigh it down. I give up after a few minutes. Wondering if this is something others have chimed in about. Maybe your host provider can improve performance. Thanks for listening and hope all is well.

  6. I garden in bare feet sometimes so flip flops is a step above in my book!

  7. My MIL gave us many of the pots in her tea pot collection when she moved into assisted living. We do love them but not the dusting and space they take up. So seeing your cute tea pot water feature made me think ours would be better used in the garden where they would certainly be enjoyed by many while outside. We have a chandelier hanging over a glass topped table with twinkle lights surrounding our outside dining. Just next to this is a green area with a small pond and is all enclosed to keep the deer out and my little dear grandson in. A chorus of tea pot features would look so cute here but we live in Florida near the coast and must plan for hurricanes. Can your tea pot feature be taken down quickly then reset later after the winds subside? I can’t wait to see your new front yard. I really enjoyed looking at the pictures of your old garden – it was a joy.

    • Thank you, Mary! I bet your MIL would love to know her teapots were being enjoyed in such a way! And yes, absolutely…the teapot has a copper elbow attached to the bottom and that piece sits right in top of the copper post, so it can easily be taken back off to store safely! XO

  8. Beautifully done! You are such a hard worker- and your sister is the best anyone could ever ask for! Be proud, be VERY proud!!!!!

    • Aww thank you, Joan!! I definitely couldn’t have done this without my sister’s help… She is the best! XOXO

  9. The pic of your feet gave me a laugh Christy! I garden in flip flops too… I do everything in flip flops! Your landscaping is looking great. And aren’t the sisters the BEST! XO

    • Girl, I would wear for flops the whole year if weather permitted! I do everything in them LOL. I don’t even know what shoes you should wear it to garden in ha ha. Thank you, and my sister is awesome!! XOXO

  10. Vicki Wright says

    Girl, you are a workaholic!! Love everything you do!! Can’t wait to see the finished landscape. Your kitchen turned out awesome!!!!
    …..And I’m looking forward to see your toolbox transformation, your blog is always my first to read. Have a good day 🙂

    • Aww yay!! Thank you, Vicki!! I really do love a project. My husband and I made a list of what we’d like to accomplish in the house and it’s been on the fridge since January. Nothing like a list to get things accomplished ha ha! See you Tuesday! XOXO

  11. Kristina Austin says

    Looking good! I love gardening so much and its always fun for me to see how other folks go about their process. By the way I always garden in flip flops to! 🙂

  12. Your beds are looking great. I can’t wait to see the finished results. I am trying to decide on plants for my front beds that only gets hot midday sun in Atlanta. Could you post a list of the plants you used and the type of mulch?The mulch looks very dark in the picture and I like that look.

    • Thank you, Jan! I sure will post the plants that I used when I share the reveal. The mulch we purchased in bulk from our local nursery. It is dyed chestnut. XOXO

  13. I garden in flip-flops! LOL I can’t stand having shoes on especially when it’s hot! So as long as there no danger of me cutting a toe off I prefer flip-flops. I bet your landscaping is going to turn out just great. You really did accomplish a lot in just one day!

    • Oh I love me some flip flops…anything else is too hot for me too! Thanks, Mary Jean! Thanks goodness for my sister helping me! XO XO

  14. Michelle B. says

    Heck, I wear flip flops when I garden! So much easier to shake out the dirt than close-toed shoes.

  15. Nice on the feet!!!! You did like I do….get excited, dig right in and don’t think about changing my shoes or clothes….until it’s too late!!!! WOW!!! nice job on the maple tree. Glad you were able to save it . Can’t wait to see the finish.
    So, this is the first time I’ve seen the whole front of your home…’s a beauty but……Ouch when you have to replace that roof. Better start saving now….all those angles…$$$$$.
    BUT OF COURSE….we just may see you up there replacing it at 60/70 yrs. old!!!!!!
    …..wouldn’t be surprised!!!!
    Have a good weekend 😉 xoxo Addie

    • You are so funny, Addie!! If you see me on the roof, call the funny farm to come get me! Have a great weekend too!! XOXO

  16. I pleased to read that so many others garden in flip flops and I’m not crazy. I won’t send you a picture of my feet because I’ve got at least 15 ant bites healing. Ouch! I’m reworking a backyard garden and was contemplating “winging it” but after seeing your plan, I may rethink it. . . Nah, I’m not that organized. Great job though!

  17. ME! ME!! I garden in flip-flops too! Haha! Yep, my feet look just like that when I’m done! I love my edger too! And gardening with my sisters! : )
    Wow, what a difference all ready! Your neighbors must be really enjoying the show. I know I’D be out there on pretending to sip lemonade and read a book but watching the transformation take place if I were a neighbor! : ) My husband says I’m snoopy, I say I’m enjoying my neighbor’s triumphs along with them. (Besides we only have 1 neighbor we can sort of see a smidgen of …if the leaves are off the trees. I’m not exactly getting behind in my housework watching them, haha!)
    Can’t WAIT for Thursday now!!!

    • Oh ha ha! Is there any other way than flip flops?? I know my neighbors are enjoying seeing it come to life. One of the moms at the bus stop yesterday morning said that in the five years she’s lived in this neighborhood, she’s never even seen a single thing decorating the front porch. I’m so excited we are able to give this house the love it deserves! You are so funny! I’m a nosy neighbor too lol!! XOXO

  18. Cynthia Morianti says

    Hi Christy, love watching your creations. I think its great how you are working on your make over on your yard. When I got to your picture of your feet wareing sandles I gasp,!
    As a seasoned Master Gardener I seriously suggest you put on a better shoe to protect your feet. When using the edger , it’s much easier on the arch of your foot to have on a solid soled shoe. All the special dirt that your digging in to amend the soil carries all kinds of little creatures????. I also buy the special package of garden gloves at Costco for the protection of my hands. When I get a bunch dirty, I throw them into the wash machine and lay them on my deck to dry. Good luck on your project, looking forward to your pictures.

    • Thank you, Cynthia! I do always wear gloves to protect my hands, but I may need to invest in some garden-appropriate footwear lol.