How to Add Piping to Dining Room Chairs

When I revealed my dining room table makeover, I promised I would share how to add piping to dining room chairs, so here it is! Piping is a small detail that makes a huge impact.  I sewed mine but you don't have to. I am going to show you both ways, both super easy! Before we can get to the piping, you need to cover your chair pads. There are a billion and one (probably more) tutorials on how to cover your chair pads so here's just a quickie recap: Cut fabric to size leaving enough … [Read more...]

Dining Table Makeover, Take One

Alrighty folks, the post you've been anxiously awaiting (in my mind you've been on the edge of your seats) is finally here! I finished my dining set!!  Okay so I realize that some of you have never even heard of said dining set, so allow me to catch you up to speed. You see, I bought this dining set at a local thrift store a couple of weeks ago: Ain't she a beauty? SUPER fabulouuuus!  Love love loved it and had to have it, called hubby and convinced him why I we had to have it.  Hello, … [Read more...]

DIY Fabric Framed Mirror

Hello friends, thanks for stopping by! Today I'm sharing how I made this ho-hum mirror fabulous with just a few easy steps.  This is the mirror as I found it: It was originally $50 from Kirklands according to the tag on the back, but I only paid $3 at the thrift store. (I actually do shop at other places besides the thrift store you know, I promise!) I started by spray painting the frame black:   Then I purchased a piece of plywood and had my own personal wood cutters … [Read more...]

Magnetic Message Board

Hello my lovelies! As I confessed the other day, my dining table has been on a bit of an, er delay. Yes that's what we'll call it. I am now regrouping and have plan B all set to go. I found a fabulous fabric for the chairs that I shared on facebook, so I'm excited to get working on those this weekend as well! Today I'm sharing a couple more easy frame upcycles. I put these together a few weeks ago when I was trying to gather some things to photograph for my application to the Christmas Market … [Read more...]

Dining Table Drama

Hi friends,  remember me?  I'm still here! I've been busy with a bigger than usual project. If you follow me on facebook, you may have seen what I've been up to.  If you missed it, it went something like this... Hey guys, what do you think of this dining table and chairs?? "Ooh ah... yes!!"  That's all I needed to hear... This dining set was at a thrift store across the street from my son's Tae kwon do class. I was just taking a quick walk through when I spotted this. It was … [Read more...]

Fun Drawer Upcycle

Remember when we sawed off the awkward hump on Brennan's changing table?  Feel free to see the madness for yourself here. We had this drawer left over. Of course my husband claimed it as trash and I could feel myself in slow motion saying, "Nnnoooo.." as he was headed out the door to toss it. I saved that drawer's life, you know. Here it is in it's beautiful new life: Oh but you need to see the before... B.O.R.I.N.G.! I found the legs at a yard sale for a dollar for all … [Read more...]

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A New Life for Omi’s Sewing Box

I have a fun little makeover to share today. You see there was this very special lady we called Omi.  She felt like a grandmother to me although she was actually my sister's husband's grandmother.  She was at all of the family celebrations my sister hosted.  She is resting in heaven now, but I aquired something special of hers, her sewing box.  I love to sew, so a sewing box is a very personal thing to me. Nobody but you ever sees what you have stashed in your sewing box, right? I thought … [Read more...]

Step Table Makeover

Have you heard that rule that if you've worn it before, you can't wear it again when the style comes back around? Or something like that. Something my mom says. She also says, "Just because it's in style, doesn't mean it looks good on you!" She means that in the most I'm-gonna-keep-you-from-embarassing-yourself-and-because-I-love-you, sort of way. (Good advice, in my opinion.) My point is, is it the same way with furniture? I have this thing with step end tables lately. As a child of … [Read more...]

Outdoor Cushion Inspiration {As Seen on Hometalk}

Are you looking for some inspiration for your outdoor cushions? On a budget?  Money's no object? (We wish, right?!) You've come to the right place! After sharing my Sew Easy Outdoor Cushion tutorial on Hometalk, I was invited to curate a board to highlight some other ideas for cushions to spruce up your outdoor space. Hometalk is a huge online community where regular folks like you and me, as well as professionals, can share their home and garden-related projects, questions, you name it!  … [Read more...]