Old Fence Pickets to Pretty Tray

Hello beautiful friends. Would you like to see a fun upcycle today? Of course you would!  I'm almost a bit embarrassed to show you the part of this project that was collected from the side of the road. Although I was able to repurpose it in a cool way. This is my new tray upcycled from old fence pickets and a thrift store frame: Swanky, eh? (Or is it just the graphics...they sure can make a photo look fancy!) It really is pretty though, especially when you compare it to this … [Read more...]

Old Shelf Saved

I have  a fun little makeover to share with you today. This shelf was purchased dusty and neglected for $5. It has a funky top shelf that I imagine held silverware at one time, but would not be very useful today: So I wacked it out and replaced that piece with a regular shelf: Then I gave it a wainscot backing and a coat of Annie Sloan's Duck Egg Blue chalk paint... I love this color. Much better... now it's functional again. I'm really pleased with how it … [Read more...]

Get Your DIY on Week #2

   Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you for making our first week a success! We are so grateful for you linking up all your fantastic  "blue" projects! It was awesome to see so many familiar faces and meet many new faces.  We hope you're all having fun with these themes so far and hope you'll continue to share with us  and keep us inspired! On that note, the party was filled with so many amazing "blue" projects.  I had the hardest time ever narrowing my favorites down to just … [Read more...]

Fall Wreath

Can't get more creative than that for a title, eh? Fall wreath, the end. That's right, today I am sharing my new fall wreath.  Maybe by hanging this on my front door, I can miraculously make this heat wave disappear?  Go away heat, my wreath says it's fall! Okay enough jibber jabber, let's get to the good stuff!  We are coming up on week #2 of our Get Your DIY on Fall Party Challenge and guess what our theme is? Fall wreaths! I really love all the fresh new ideas in wreaths that are … [Read more...]

Yard Sale Drop Leaf Table

It's no secret that I love a good yard sale!  My hubby loves them too.  You heard that right, aren't I lucky?  No, he loves them because on Saturday mornings, I get up early and take the kids with me and he gets to sleep in...in a totally quiet house! (Then he can't complain when I come home with all my junk treasures!) A couple of weeks ago I had a stellar yard sale day. This is the cell photo I shared on Facebook: I added the prices to show how I got all these goodies for $28! Not … [Read more...]

Get Your DIY on Fall Party Challenge Week #1

Welcome! Welcome!  We are so excited to start our 16 week themed party challenge.   We can't wait to see what you're going to link up this week.  We are just getting into the holiday season and are thrilled to be celebrating each week with a different theme. Our first week's theme is The Color Blue.  We want to see any project you have made to represent that beautiful color.  Old or new... it doesn't matter.  We want to see it.  If you have a batch of blue cookies, or a blue painted wall, or … [Read more...]

Reupholstered Foot Stool

  I am so excited to reveal my BLUE project!! What? What am I talking about?!  I'm only talking about the BEST link party project ever! Okay, really I mean the BEST link party ever...mine! Or I should say, OURS! This isn't your run of the mill link party, folks! This is only here for a limited time. Starting this Sunday, September 8th at 7pm EST through December 22nd, we'll be hosting our Get our DIY on, a Sixteen Week Fall Party Challenge! Every week has a different theme! I'm teaming … [Read more...]

Harlequin Side Table

On Thursday I shared a play-by-play in real-time on my Facebook page as I was making over this sweet side table. It was fun having everyone weigh in during the process. If you missed it, I found this table at my favorite thrift store. I should take a picture of this place. It is so packed and the aisles are so narrow, you can hardly pass someone without frisking them. It's my favorite because I always find something there, and the merchandise is priced to sell. This is the little beauty … [Read more...]

Fun Laundry Room Sign

  With my family, I never seem to have a perfect laundry day. That's what my mom calls a laundry day that ends with all perfectly matched socks.  My laundry day is more like laundry week, anyway! I saw this cute saying on a sign in a gift shop a while back and I thought  it was funny, but the sign itself wasn't really my style.  So, I  decided to make one myself! This was a scrap piece of wood I found at an estate sale. An estate sale? It's true. The next time you happen upon one, … [Read more...]

Cabinet Door to Organizer

Today I'm sharing a super easy way to upcycle an old cabinet door. This project is easy and cheap!  And what's better than cheap and easy?  I mean, when you're talking DIY, of course.  :) A few weeks ago, my mom and I came upon a yard sale where the homeowner was selling a pantry cabinet for $10. It had been part of his built-in kitchen cabinets so it was configured a bit weird on one side. We really wanted the doors, but not the cabinet. So we sweet talked the guy into taking the doors … [Read more...]