Weathered Grey Caddy

Hi friends! It's day #9 in my March Madness series woohoo!! Thanks so much for following along so far! I appreciate you guys so much for visiting and especially for leaving such sweet comments! If you're just joining us, I am sharing 31 thrifty makeovers in 31 days. Some are small, some are not so small, but they are all reimagined thrift store, yard sale, and estate sale junk treasures. For today's thrifty makeover, I'm sharing an estate sale oddball. The day I found this item, I was … [Read more...]

How a Girl Built a Gate

It's true! I built our gate all by myself.  I've been asked several questions about my gate, so I thought I would share how I made it. My husband and I had just finished building the fence. (I give him credit for all the labor-intensive work there. I just held fence pickets.)  Unfortunately, we weren't able to get the gate built before our weekend was over. My husband is very busy with work during the summer and I was growing a bit impatient. I really wanted to get going on our gate. We … [Read more...]