Sectional Slip Cover Reveal

Hi sweet Friends! Today I'm sharing how my attempt at a sectional slip cover turned out. We bought this sectional when my husband and I combined households to replace his bachelor black sofa and my girly patterned sofa. Mine was much better than his (ahem, of course), but I didn't want to force my more feminine style on him. This sectional was neutral ground...very neutral, but I tired of the brown very quickly. With two boys, it has saved a lot of headaches though since it is the basically … [Read more...]

Garage Sale Chair Makeover

  This is the story of four neglected, filthy, rickety dining room chairs.  I don't know what possessed me to buy them except they were super cheap. Do you do that? Do you buy things sometimes just because they're a super good price? I read somewhere that if you wouldn't be willing to pay $100 for something, you shouldn't buy it because it means you don't love it enough. In other words, only purchase things that you love enough that you would pay good money for them (not that those … [Read more...]