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A few of my blog friends decided to get together to share something patriotic in honor of 4th of July just around the corner.  I was excited to join in the fun, but didn’t want to spend very much. I immediately thought of my crazy stash of drop cloth.  My out-of-pocket for this project was $1.99 for one American flag. Those are my kind of projects!

Here’s my contribution to this tour:

Patriotic pillow from drop cloth and a $1.99 flag


Patriotic Pillow 13

Here’s what I used to get started:

Patriotic Pillow 1A (Thanks to my dear reader, Terrie for pointing out the error in the measurement of the front piece! All fixed!)

This drop cloth was left over from my armless chair slip covers. Your measurements may vary, I made my own pillow form. (As seen here.) If you prefer to stuff with polyfil, you’ll need one back piece the same size as the front.

I decided to tea-dye my flag to age it a bit by adding a cup or so of boiling of boiling water to a glass dish, steeping a tea bag for a few minutes, then soaking my flag for about 15 minutes.

Patriotic Pillow 2

Then I tossed it in the dryer.

When dry, pin it face down to the front pillow piece:

Patriotic Pillow 3

Sew in place:

Patriotic Pillow 4

Turn over and cut out the drop cloth to create a “window” over the flag:

Patriotic Pillow 5


Patriotic Pillow 6

To make the back of the pillow, sew a nice edge on each of the long pieces:

Patriotic Pillow 7

Attach with pins to the front like so:

Patriotic Pillow 8

Sew in place then run a zigzag stitch around the outer edge to seal the drop cloth, so it won’t fray like crazy when washed.

Patriotic Pillow 9

Turn right-side-out and fray the edges of the “window” by pulling the fibers:

Patriotic Pillow 11

Here’s the form  I made from a spare bed pillow; really easy to do (and free):

Patriotic Pillow 10 I added the pillow form and voila:

Patriotic pillow made from drop-cloth and a $1.99 flag

Pretty cute for $1.99 :)

Patriotic pillow from drop cloth and a $1.99 flag

Remember my desk  that I made over in the back ground? It used to be black and was like a big dark hole on that side of the room.

Patriotic pillow made from drop-cloth and a $1.99 flag

I need to make another for the other chair to this set!

Patriotic pillow from drop cloth and a $1.99 flag


Patriotic Pillow 19


Patriotic pillow from drop cloth and a $1.99 flag


Patriotic pillow from drop cloth and a $1.99 flag


How a bout you, do you decorate for Patriotic holidays? Do you have a crazy stash of drop cloth in your garage??

I hope you’ll visit my friends and see their projects too! Four new projects will be added Monday-Thursday!



P.S.  I finished my last project in my kitchen. I shared a peek of that on my Facebook page today. Just have a bit of trim left to go up and I’m done done done!!! Can’t wait to share!

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  1. That pillow is VERY cute for $1.99! Great tutorial!
    ~ Ashley

  2. I love patriotic decor! I think I’d use this pillow all summer for decorating.

    Sewing the flag face down and then cutting out around it is such a good idea. I like how the frayed edges make a window for the flag.

    Great project!

  3. Love this Christy! Awesome job and price!

  4. Love this pillow! You put together the coolest tutorials :) I think I’ll have to pull out some drop cloth nd get to work on a new project!

  5. This is super cute and creative! Love it!

  6. Beautiful job, Christy! Your pillow is so detailed and a piece of perfection. SO happy to have you on the tour this week! PInned and Stumbled.
    Make it a great week!

  7. Such a great idea! I never would have thought to sew the flag on the back side and then cut a window for it. The frayed edges are perfect! This pillow looks like something from Pottery Barn. :) So classy. Thanks for joining the tour Christy!

  8. Christy, Thanks for the tutorial. Do you think I could do this the no sew way? I’m not much on sewing these days, lol. Your pillow looks very expensive. I love it!!

    • Thanks, Kathy! I’m sure you could do this no sew with all the clever tools out there. The window around the flag would be perfect hand stitched with crochet thread too!

  9. That’s perfect Christy!! I love it…so creative. The fringed edges are great!
    (and looks way more than $1.99!!)

  10. What a great idea,Christy. Love it! laurie

  11. Very clever,Christy. Thanks for sharing the idea.

  12. This is such a cute idea Christy! I would make one for myself if I only had a sewing machine… or knew how to use one :( Until then I will just admire yours!

  13. LOVE your patriotic pillow! And the cost can’ be beat!! Don’t you love it when you can re-purpose something and have it turn out so well??

    Also loved how you aged the flag with tea… that’s what today’s post was about on Sondra Lyn at Home!
    Have a great week!

  14. You’ve created such a crisp and clean look pairing the flag with the drop cloth, and for $1.99 at that!! What a gorgeous way to bring out the patriot in all of us. This pillow would look great in a coastal, country or city home. Love!!

  15. Hi Christy! This is such a great July 4th project and the pillow looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing and pinning – hope you have a wonderful week!

  16. I love your pillow. What a great way to use one of those little flags. :)

  17. Talk about creative!!! I absolutely love this idea! Can’t wait to make one for the beach house!!! Shared, stumbled and pinned! XXOO Christy

  18. Christy, what a great idea! It’s beautiful and I especially like the price to make it – my kind of project!

  19. SEW so cute Christy!! The cut out window and tea dyed flag add the perfect touch to this project!!

  20. Wendy Quinn says:

    Love this!! What material is the flag made out of? Where did you buy it? I am having trouble locating one !!! May have missed this info in your post. HOpe its not a dumb question…. Thanks

    • It’s one of those cheapie flags you can probably find just about anywhere. This one came form Michaels. You can see the before of the flag in the post, third picture down, I believe. :)

  21. Amazing for $1.99!! It’s been so hot here an indoor project would be perfect…I’m thinking this would be so cute on my bench on the front porch. Thanks, Christy!

  22. Christy, this is the best!! Our friends at Awesome Things Tuesday need to see your amazing pillow. If you have time, would you post at Thanks and welcome!! jen

  23. Hi Christy! This is a Friday Favorites feature this week! Thanks for linking up! And, please link up this week! laura

  24. This is super cute! Pinning. :)

  25. I love how you used a regular flag within the pillow case. Brilliant! I was trying to figure out what fabrics I have in my stash to piece together to make this adorable pillow, but your way is so much faster! Great job & TFS.

  26. I was ready to make the pillow, but I was confused about the measurements. Your picture on the measurement page shows 18″ x 18″ for the front, but your pillow looks to be rectangular in shape in all the pictures. The back is reading 9″ x 18″, but this will not give an overlap for the envelope opening. Am I misreading this? Please help!! Thanks, as I am ready to cut out the fabric….

  27. Hi Christy! I love your pillow. I made one recently too. I really like your method with the opening. Thanks so much for sharing.

  28. I love your pillow! Another great idea using a drop cloth!

  29. Christy, This is so fun and festive. Thanks for linking up to Best of the Weekend. I’m featuring this post at our party this weekend. Have a great weekend!!

  30. I love your pillows!! I have everything I need to make them, but you didn’t say whether you washed and bleached the drop cloth!! I can’t wait to put these out on my front porch!!

    • Thanks, Bon! I used left over drop cloth from a slip cover tutorial I recently shared. It had already been washed and bleached. I think just washing them without bleaching would still work fantastically! SO glad to hear you are inspired to make some too! :)

  31. LOVE this creative and fun patriotic pillow! LOVE the way you made a window for the flag! Thanks for sharing at THE SCOOP. Pinning and featuring it on fb!

  32. I love everything about this project! Thanks for sharing at Project Inspire{d}, it;’s featured this week!

  33. I really like how you let the edges of the drop cloth fray around the flag. I think it adds character. Thanks for sharing.

  34. This is such a fun project! Love it, Christy! Thank you bunches for linking up and partying with us!


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