Booth Updates

I haven’t shared my booth since December when I shared it for the first time. You can see that post here. So today I thought it would be fun to share a few pics since then. These are all iPhone pics, so bear with me!

Back in December my space looked something like this:


But then I shared this pic showing what had sold:


My space is actually two spaces which I love because I have plenty of room to spread out, but it also takes a lot more inventory to keep it filled.

I filled the space back up pretty quickly, including this pretty farmhouse hutch:

My booth at the Virginia Beach Antique Mall

I loved that hutch! I saved it from the back of a shed.

booth at the Virginia Beach Antique Mall

Most of that sold. Then I brought in this beautiful estate sale dressing table and several other smaller pieces:

My booth at the Virginia Beach Antique Mall

The dressing table soon moved out and this Paris Table for Two moved in. I really missed having something taller in that corner!

My booth at the Virginia Beach Antique Mall

I stopped by after a busy weekend and it looked like this (You can see a peek of my mason jar blue headboard bench where that waterfall dresser used to be!):


That’s when I simultaneously do a happy dance and panic because yay! I sold stuff, but oh crap now I need to fill it again!

Since I needed to fill that space in ASAP,  I finished up this pretty white hutch and added several other things:

My booth at the Virginia Beach Antique Mall


My booth at the Virginia Beach Antique Mall

The hutch sold the last day of June, so in came this Fabric inlaid dresser and matching night table:

My booth at the Virginia Beach Antique Mall

It’s easier to share by talking about the larger pieces that have come and gone, but as you can see, lots of pieces come and go.

My booth at the Virginia Beach Antique Mall

A few have hung around longer than I’d like as well.

My booth at the Virginia Beach Antique Mall

Just after I snapped this pic the other day, the blue mirror and cabinet on the back wall sold…yay! and oh crap!

I love seeing other people’s booth spaces, maybe because I have one myself. Hope you enjoyed seeing mine! And if you are every in Virginia Beach, I am located at the Virginia Beach Antique Mall, so be sure to come by and visit! 🙂

UPDATE: If you’d like to see more of my booth, check out the latest update HERE!



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  1. If you were in Oregon I would be redoing my decor!!

  2. Such a lovely booth, you set it up so well…very eye catching the way you display all those beautiful pieces! I am so happy for your success!

  3. Hi Christy¡¡, Definitively I love with your style … he would buy everything from your booth.. I see that you have incorporated the blues …that wonderful blue ¡¡ ( antique beauty) … so pretty … can you say to me which is the blue colour you use please? You gave it dark wax? … thank you very much and congratulations for your success.

  4. Sue Farmer says

    Congrats!!! I totally understand why your things sell so fast. If I lived near you, I would shop there all the time!!!

  5. I’m so glad you are doing well selling. Thanks for sharing this as its is a great time for me. I am now selling my things in a booth. I’ve been looking for ideas for staging. My space has no walls and its a narrow space so it’s been a little tricky to set up. Overall I did good last month. Hope you’re enjoying your summer!

    • That’s awesome! Are you selling at Three Little Blackbirds? I feel like even when business isn’t great, that it is still feeding my blog and vice versa. 🙂

  6. Barb Bradford says

    Your booth looks wonderful! You have a good eye in your choices. Interesting that you have mainly white and some turquoise. It appears that white is a great seller for you! Best of
    UK on continued sales.

  7. Janice Sexton says

    I love seeing your booth! Thank you so much fir sharing. I just opened a booth in Nirth Carolina and would like to know how you decide on pricing your items. That is is hardest part for me.

    • Thanks, Janice! That is hard for me too! When I first started out, my things were selling really quickly so that’s when I knew I needed to up my prices a bit. So sometimes I start high knowing I can come down if need be. You will get to know what your customers are willing to pay for things over time. Good luck with your booth!

  8. It’s no wonder your things sell so fast; they are all wonderful. I would be interested in knowing what doesn’t sell, mainly because I’d like to know what the buying public is not interested in. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks, Pat! As for what doesn’t sell…it’s not a particular type of item, but rather a few specific pieces that I’ve had hanging around longer than I’d like. Just need the right buyer I guess. That’s why I stick to such
      a simple color palette for the most part.

  9. Every shot looks great Christy! Glad things are selling well for you. I had a booth at a local antique mall – things went very well the first several months but then dropped off severely in March. I ended up giving my notice end of June and moved everything out end of July. You should see my garage! It was so much fun and I know what you mean about being so happy when something sells but then that feeling of what to fill the space with! Something always comes along doesn’t it?! I too love seeing others’ booth and how they’ve set it up. I have a board on Pinterest of ‘booth displays’. Anyway, Keep up the awesome work! You’re a great inspiration!

    • Thank you, Celia! The market is so unpredictable…June was my best month ever and then July was my worst month ever. Go figure! Sometimes just going in and totally rearranging does wonders, and sometimes you just have to have what people are looking for at the time I guess. 🙂

  10. You are amazing! Your booth looks awesome! xo

  11. I’m so impressed! Both with your booth and how quickly stuff is sold. And your furniture and accessories look beautiful. So charming!

  12. Everything is gorgeous…I can definitely see why you had all that empty space in that one picture. What a beautiful collection and the way you have everything presented adds perfectly to the charm.

  13. It’s fun to see all your beautiful pieces together in your shop, and you have a visual memory of all your hard work! I am not surprised things fly out of your space, I wish I lived close by!

  14. Looks like your running a very successful and well-travelled booth Christy – kudos to you! It’s laid out beautifully and easy on the eyes to see everything unlike many over- crowded and overwhelming booths I’ve seen.

  15. Love, love, love your way of transforming furniture. I am helping my son furnish his first home. I found a couple of pieces at Good Will for him and painted them up with ASCP. I was wondering though whether what paint you use and if you make your own. We have 2 dressers, dining room table and bookshelves that need painted and it’s getting expensive to use the ASCP especially when mixing colors.

  16. Your booth is beautiful. I used to have four booths so I know what you mean by yay oh crap, haha!
    You do such beautiful work and if ever I am in your neck of the woods again I will definitely stop in to see your booth.

  17. I was so thrilled to see this post come up! Im doing my first show next month and I needed to be “booth inspired”! Done and done! You’re stuff is lovely!

  18. Christy,

    Thanks so much for sharing your photos over the months. What struck me is that you seem to have been consistent in the colors you paint your furniture, etc.–and it obviously is working by how much has move on out of there!!! That is something I have been struggling with deciding on for my booth. My question is: was that a marketing decision you made? Any advice for a fellow booth owner who loves to paint furniture also?
    Thanks in advance, Norma Dickerson, Odessa MO

    • Hi Norma! Instead of painting what others might want, I tend to paint what I like. If it looks like it came straight out of a beach cottage, I love it! That’s why I have that very simple color palette as well. Sticking with the same simple colors also gives my booth a more cohesive feel. I guess it works? We are all just trying to figure out the magic, right? Good luck with your booth!

  19. Cathy Farmer says

    Love your space especially the louvered doors for a wall.

  20. You are such an inspiration! Can you shore how much you ask for some of the pieces? Wich pieces sold slower then others and the quickest? Can you do anything to the floor to make it look better or is that against store rules. Do you think it matters about the floor. The idea I would do is paint a checker board pattern on the tile. Do you have any advice for someone starting out. I Live in the country so I am looking to start a booth as well. The store has a consignment section I can place my pieces in until I get a booth.

    • Thanks, Shelly! The prices of pieces range, but the white china cabinet I sold recently went for $425. The round pedestal table that was next to it went for $125. The simpler, the better. Plainly painted pieces don’t always make for an exciting blog post, but they sell the quickest. I stick with the few colors you see because those sell the best, and they are my favorites to use in my own home. We are not allowed to change the floor, but it has not impact on my sales. Good luck getting a booth!

  21. I so much enjoyed getting a peak at your booth and seeing what sold from month to month. Having a double space is great but has to be stressful at times to keep full.

  22. Your booth looks beautiful, I can’t believe how quickly your stiff sells! I wish mine sold that fast. I just opened my booth in March.


    • Thanks, Tania! I think it has a lot to do with the fact that there isn’t a lot of competition in our area. We have two main antique malls that each have a handful of booths that sell refurbished pieces and just a couple of stores and we live in a very populated area. I feel like on months that don’t do so well, that at least its feeding my blog. 🙂

  23. Hello Christy,
    I love seeing all the items you come across and give a new life. It’s great to see your booth too. i hope to someday have a booth too, but it will need to wait until I retire. Just a few more years to go. I do have an Etsy shop where I sell vintage items, however I have some bigger items I would like to sell and I don’t want to sell on Etsy due to packing and shipping. Thanks for giving us some insight into selling and i can see why your items sell so quickly . . . your prices are very reasonable. Not too high and not too low. Hope to see more of your projects!

    • Thanks, MaryJean! I considered an etsy shop, but a lot of what I sell is too large as well. Having a booth is great…just load it in and let them do the rest! 🙂