Fabric Inlaid Dresser

Hi Friends!! It’s time for another thrifty makeover today!

Last week we decided to take our boys and my nephew to Ocean City, MD for the Holiday weekend.

Ocean City

It was such a blast…we were total tourists ya’ll and it was so fun! But when I got back and checked on my booth, it was very sad. I mean that in a good way…I had sold several furniture pieces including a huge hutch that left a big empty space:


It looked more like this before I left:

Booth photos from Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer

See more of my booth HERE.

I needed to find a couple of big pieces to fill it back up, so I stopped by one of my favorite thrift stores and spied this brown beauty:


Actually I didn’t think it was beautiful at all, but I was in need and this was in great working condition. The insides of the drawers were immaculate and had no musty odor. That’s not easy to find on these older pieces.

I knew I had my work cut out for me, but if you’ve followed me long, you know exactly what I wanted to do with those drawer panels…

add fabric!

This thrifty dresser got a whole new look with some paint and fabric!

Ooh la la! What brown dresser? I am SO thrilled with how this turned out! You just never know how things will go when you start imagining what you want to do to a piece.

I’ve included a few affiliate links so you can find the products I love too.

I know I use this fabric A LOT, but I love it for its sophistication, for its stain-hiding power, and because it is still pretty neutral.  I found it Hancock Fabrics. (So sad they went out of business. 🙁 )

This thrifty dresser got a whole new look with some paint and fabric!

The paint is my go-to DIY chalk paint, using Behr’s Cottage White. I sanded the edges and added a coat of Annie Sloan’s clear wax, with two coats on top.

I reused the original hardware:

Update hardware with satin spray paint. This is Rustoleum's Heirloom White.

It turned out really pretty. All the hardware was updated using Rustoleum Spray Paint in Heirloom White.

Update hardware with satin spray paint. This is Rustoleum's Heirloom White.

Lightly sanding them as well brings out the pretty details.

This thrifty dresser got a whole new look with some paint and fabric!



Adding the fabric is pretty straight-forward.

I prepped the drawers by painting, sanding, and waxing first. Then I cut the panels using my rotary cutter and cutting mat. Be careful not to handle the fabric too much to help prevent the edges from fraying.

To attach the fabric to the drawer fronts, I use matte Mod Podge


I just paint it on with a decent brush and then lay the fabric right on top…

Use matte Mod Podge to attach fabric to drawer fronts for a whole new look.

I used to add another coat on top, but not any more. It alters the color a bit and I don’t think it’s necessary.

Use matte Mod Podge to attach fabric to drawer fronts for a whole new look.

If you mess it up, just pull it off and reposition it.

Use matte Mod Podge to attach fabric to drawer fronts for a whole new look.

I gave a dresser a very similar treatment a couple of years ago:

Dresser with Fabric Inlay

Dresser with Fabric Inlay


This thrifty dresser got a whole new look with some paint and fabric!


Dresser makeover with fabric inlaid drawers from confessionsofaserialdiyer.com

After I was just about finished painting this dresser, I realized that I had this night stand with very similar lines:


So I redid that to match. I’ll share that soon.

Update: Actually you can see it here now! 🙂

But first…there’s more!

Today I’m teaming up with two of my favorite thrifty bloggers to bring you even more thrifty makeover goodness!

11695019_10153512802753833_2096039034014508994_n (2)

Here is what they are transforming today…click on each image to see their fabulous makeovers!


Artsy Chicks Rule                                                Girl in the Garage

(Apparently there was a theme that I wasn’t aware of. 🙂 )

Wasn’t that fun? Three for the price of one!




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  1. ColleenB. ~ Texas says

    I like the looks of the fabric on the drawers. A person would never know that it was the same dresser; It’s stunning and with it being neutral, it should work in almost anyone’s home. It will be a quick seller that’s for sure.
    Have an enjoyable day.

  2. Ha! Quick, add a rooster! 😉 I am in LOVE with this dresser! I never cease to be amazed by how paint brings out details. It looks like a different piece. Loving the fabric idea too, and pinning for future reference! 🙂

  3. You worked your magic on that dresser! It’s beautiful!! And what, no roosters?? 😉
    So funny!
    See ya soon!! 🙂

  4. Gorgeous! Love the dresser, love the paint colour, love the fabric – what a beauty!!!

  5. This turned out so beautifully, Christy! I would have never thought of adding fabric to those drawers, but wow! So stunning! Your little boys are precious too. 🙂 Glad y’all had a great holiday weekend!

  6. Glenda W. says

    I love your blog and your furniture makeovers! I was wondering if you can tell me the name of the fabric you used on this dresser. I would like to buy some but don’t have a Hancock’s nearby so I would like to find it online. Thanks!

  7. Christy,
    What a beautiful re love of this dresser. It is gorgeous.

  8. I wouldn’t expect any other than your signature fabric Christy! What a difference between the before and after – very pretty. Love the hard that came with this piece too. You do realize that big empty void you are replacing this with in your booth will be empty again real soon right?

  9. I absolutely love it Christy! Fabulous! xo

  10. What a unique idea! I love it!

  11. Love, love it! By chance have you ever tried to remove the fabric from a piece once it’s been mod podged on for awhile? Is it like super glued or removable with a little residue?

    • I had never actually tried to remove the fabric after it had been on there a while, so I just tried to pull it off in one of the corners of my entry table and it appears to come off very easily, but will probably leave a bit of residue and lint from the fabric. 🙂

  12. Chris Savage says

    I haven’t had good luck doing this, mostly bad frayed edges of fabric. Dis you really wax the drawer fronts first before adhering fabric?

    • Oh no! I think the key for me is cutting with a rotary cutter and straight edge and handling it very minimally. I did wax the drawers first, but mostly just the outer edges that would be seen, not so much on the panels that would be covered in fabric.

  13. Chris Savage says

    Will try the rotary cutter tip! Love your blog and all your ideas! Such inspiration to this DIYer! Thank you!

  14. Just beautiful, I am yet to not love one of your makeovers! You have such an eye for detail.

  15. Love your idea for this dresser. I have several that I bought back from Germany (military housing) now I have some idea what to do with them (end tables, buffet servers) thanks

  16. Christy: I am so lucky to be able to see your beautiful work in person at the Virginia Beach Antique Mall (I have a tiny booth there but we won’t even discuss that disaster). I could just live happily ever after in your booth!

    I actually ran into you today – you are more beautiful in person and as nice as you look! I can’t believe that you have time to do all the quality gorgeous pieces you do with work and kids and a hubby. You are truly an inspiration!

    • You are so sweet, Ree and I’m so glad you stopped me. It was really fun for me to run into someone who follows my blog…you guys totally keep me motivated!! I’ll see you around, right? XOXO

  17. Your piece looks great! The fabric inlay is a wonderful way to update it, and it looks so much better than before. You really increased the value on such a versatile piece. Great job!

    • Thank you, Kim! I bought it because it was in excellent condition inside with no musty odor that accompanies a lot of older pieces. I’m so glad I was able to make the outside pretty too! XO

  18. Wow! amazing transformation. I’ve got a dresser I’ve wanted to do this too but didn’t know how to get started. Thanks so much for the tips!


  19. This is just gorgeous! Love the fabric inlay!!

  20. Girl, I am featuring this fabulous dresser this weekend at the DIY Sunday Showcase party!

  21. Amazing make-over!!!! Thank you for sharing with us all your tips and tricks! :)Do you use the spray gun or the brush? Thank you!!!!

  22. Christy, I have the perfect fabric for something like this…just need to find a dresser. Lovely!

  23. It looks awesome. The fabric is gorgeous.


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