Curbside Drawer to Back-to-School Organizer

Hello Friends! I’m sharing another curbside find turned into something useful (and pretty) today!

To be honest, I rarely actually find things curbside, except when I’m yard saling. I pulled up to my very first sale of the day a few weeks ago and spotted a dresser that was smashed to pieces on the curb, along with these perfectly good drawers:


The owners were happy to have me haul them away for them! I was thinking at the very least I could salvage the hardware. Then when my insanely talented friend Wendi from H20 Bungalow announced this month’s Tool challenge was to create something for back-to-school, using a jigsaw, I knew exactly what I would do!

My pants are so on fire!

I had absolutely NO clue what on earth I could create for back-to-school that required a jigsaw. After begging myself to come up with an idea already, I decided to pair these two up:


To create this:

Pair an old drawer front and a thrift store frame to create a simple hanging rack!

And for the back-to-school portion of this assignment…it will be used to hold my kids’ back packs!

Pair an old drawer front and a thrift store frame to create a simple hanging rack!

I have it hanging in my bedroom for photos, but it will live in my laundry room.

Pair an old drawer front and a thrift store frame to create a simple hanging rack!

My laundry room is a deep dark hole and the photos wouldn’t be nearly as pretty. 🙂

My kids’ backpacks, lunches, etc etc all land here in the kitchen during the school year:


And the clutter drives me bonkers!

This wall in my laundry room will be their new home…


Pretend I’m not sharing a photo of where my cat does her business. It’s all about that wall. 🙂

I think this will be perfect there.

Pair an old drawer front and a thrift store frame to create a simple hanging rack!

Now for the jig saw part…the only thing I had to cut for this project was the beadboard to go inside the frame.

If you are not a huge DIYer, but you want to be able to cut a few things here and there easily, a jig saw is a great option. It is especially perfect for cutting something that will be framed like the hardboard for making chalkboards or like this beadboard backing I framed, since it is a bit more difficult to get perfectly crisp straight cuts.

It is simple to use as well:


After I cut my beadboard, I removed the rest of the drawer from the drawer front, and removed the picture and glass from the frame.

I removed the hardware from the drawer front and patched the holes using this:


When the filler was dry, I sanded the surface smooth. Then I painted all three pieces with my go-to chalk paint in Cottage White (by Behr). It took three coats for solid coverage on the drawer front, and two coats for the other two pieces. I sanded all three pieces and sealed with Annie Sloan’s clear wax.

I numbered this image of the back (I would totally cover the back in pretty paper if I were selling it, but for me, why bother?) to show how I put it together:


  1. I used a point driver like this one (affiliate link) to add these “points” around the outer edge to hold the beadboard in place. It looks a bit like a staple gun. I use it ALL the time!
  2. I secured the drawer front to the beadboard from back with small screws.
  3. I added D-ring hanging hardware, being sure to screw into the drawer front.

The last piece of this puzzle was adding the hanging hooks I found at Hobby Lobby on sale for $3 each, to the front. But first I spray painted them with Rustoleum’s Heirloom White:


A little sand paper to chip them a bit and they were ready to hang. I screwed them right into the drawer front.

These hooks form Hobby Lobby are perfect for hanging jackets, back packs, etc.

And that’s how a curbside drawer and a $5 thrift store frame became a landing spot for my kids’ back packs!

Pair an old drawer front and a thrift store frame to create a simple hanging rack!


Pair an old drawer front and a thrift store frame to create a simple hanging rack!


Pair an old drawer front and a thrift store frame to create a simple hanging rack!

Although it will more likely end up looking like this:


Hey! Where did my pretty organizer go??

Pair an old drawer front and a thrift store frame to create a simple hanging rack!

Want to see what else you can make with a jigsaw? The rest of our Power Tool Challenge Team has several more fun ideas to share with you!







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  1. FANTASTIC!! I’m all about functional repurposing and this is an awesome project, Christy! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. You never ceaseto amaze me with your ability to put together something from nothing my friend! Love this project, and I know you’ll be much happier come school time with the “dump zone” moved to the laundry room!

  3. Love it! I’m horrified at the price of coat hangers like this at the stores, so I’ve made my own before….but not as cute as this one! The layers to it are such a great idea! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Very clever Christy!

  5. Sue Farmer says

    Love it Christy!! My daughter needs one of these. Her boys backpacks land in the kitchen too!!

  6. Love this! I You are truly amazing at creating something beautiful from nothing. Repurposing is a passion for me too! I am always very excited to see a new post from you to see what you have created.

  7. Such a great combination!! Love the way it is put together, the beadboard back, and especially the finish! Fabulous project!!

  8. I adore the look of beadboard…how do I not have any in my stash yet? And now I want a point driver. I’ll just add that to my list of “I need that”. The way you think outside the box is very inspirational.

  9. I think this is shy of super aewsome! I LOVE it! I have a picture frame about the same size and now I know what to do with it!

  10. Love it!!!!! And the Clemson hat makes me love it even more!! Go Tigers! 🙂

  11. Found your site several weeks ago and fell in love with it. Can’t wait to read your new post to see what amazing projects you have created.

  12. Yep, totally putting this on my “TO MAKE” list! We stick our kids’ backpacks in the pantry closet! HA! 🙂 Totally not cool…..with this, we won’t have to! Thanks for sharing!

  13. You my friend, can rock the picture frame upcycles like no other. Love this idea!

  14. What brand of jig saw did you use?

  15. Christy, this is simply beautiful! You are so creative! Looking at the finished piece you’d never guess its humble beginnings!

  16. Christy, you always do a fantastic job of marrying two unrelated items together and this time is no exception! I love it and sure it will help you gain more sanity with the backpacks!

  17. Gorgeous and practical – just like you! I love it Christy!

  18. I love it!! And I’m sure you will love the less clutter filled kitchen! What a fun collection of projects and a neat idea for a series of posts – power tools are AWESOME! Here’s to a great school year, now I’m off to buy a point driver! 😉


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