Fancy Chalkboards

March Madness: 31 Days of Thrifty Makeovers

Hi friends! Welcome to day two of March Madness! Today I’m sharing some pretty fancy chalkboards.

Here is how they started:


Ooh gold is pretty fancy, right? I picked these up at an estate sale for $10 for all three!!! Two of them had paintings in them when I bought them. The prices were SO cheap!

I decided to paint them and add chalk boards to them.

Here they are all dressed up and ready to go to market:


Fancy Chalkboards
Not quite as fancy as the gold, but still pretty fancy for chalkboards!

I love the gold showing through though:

Fancy Chalkboards

I made the little bags out of scrap fabric to hold a couple of pieces of chalk…

Don't forget to include chalk when you sell that chalkboard!

I tried to get these done quickly to get them in my booth before Christmas. Funny that all three sold the week after Christmas!

Fancy Chalkboards

I used hardboard (like pegboard but without the holes), and Rustoleum spray chalkboard paint to create the chalkboard panels. I also seasoned them by rubbing the entire surface with chalk and wiping away, although they look pretty clean in the photos.

You can see how I make my chalkboards in this post.

Fancy Chalkboards from lucky estate sale finds

Hope you enjoyed this quick redo!

This is only day two of 31 days of thrifty goodness, so we have a ways to go! Here’s what’s being made over on Day #3:


Check out how I updated this basket HERE!





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  1. Love these Christy, such acute simple idea and the colours you chose are perfect!

  2. Debra Aubin says

    LOVE the chalkboard frames. My question is what else can be used to paint the chalkboard on instead of the hard board? I have wanted to make one of these for the longest time but I am looking for another source for the chalkboard. Do you have any suggestions? Much appreciated.
    Thank you

    • Thanks, Debra! I’ve seen where some people paint the glass that comes with the frame, but I am afraid of breakage. You can also buy chalkboard already to go at Home Depot from what I hear. I have never looked for it. If so, they will cut it to the size you need. Hope this helps. 🙂

      • Christina says

        There is also chalkboard liner… like shelf liner only it is chalkboard. 🙂 I’ve used that with great success. Check Amazon (or local stores may have a better price) for: Con-Tact Brand Self-Adhesive Multi-Purpose Chalkboard Liner, 18-Inches by 6-Feet

  3. Sue Farmer says

    Love them!! I MUST try this!!!

  4. Oh, I love those! If only I could find a great frame like those…

  5. What kind of paint did you use on the frames and how did you get the gold to peek through? These are beautiful!

    • Hi Dayle,
      I used latex paint, but had the weather been nicer that day, I probably would have just spray painted them. I sanded the raised areas a bit to get the gold to show through. If they weren’t already gold underneath, dry brushing with gold paint would work or using a little gold rub-n-buff would be perfect (goes on like a cream).

  6. I can see why these sold quickly in your shop. Adding chalk in the pretty bag is a great touch. You’ll have to make more of these for spring sales.

    • Thanks, Paula! I make a lot of chalkboards because they sell so well. I rarely share them on the blog because they are just frames with chalkboard in them, but these were too pretty not to share. 🙂

  7. Your chalkboards are gorgeous Christy! Love the detailed work on the frames, and the way that you distressed them. Your little burlap bag is a cute way to store the chalk.

  8. Such a cute idea – love the bag with the chalk. Nice touch

  9. What a sweet added touch with those cute little chalk bags tied with jute. The frames are beautiful and yes they certainly are fancy chalkboards. I bet these go fast in your booth.

  10. These look great, Christy! I have a huge frame I’ve wanted to do this to. I looked at the ready made chalk panels and they would be fine for smaller frames but too thin and flimsy for what I need. I was wondering how you got the hardboard attached to the frame – wood glue, nails, what? Thanks!

    • Thanks, Cora!I have a tool that looks a bit like a staple gun, but it shoots these metal thingys into the insides of the frame to keep the board in place. (Got it at Hobby Lobby.) Before I had one of these I just used nails and hammered them parallel to the hardboard into the insides of the frame all the way around. It worked just as well. I’ve never looked for the ready-made chalkboard at Home Depot, but glad to know I’m not missing out by creating my own. XO

  11. Linda Petersen says

    Gorgeous!! You really scored~~~you never disappoint!

    • Thanks, Linda! I was so giddy when I came across them! The rest of the house was pretty much picked clean by the time I got there, but these were all hanging in the dining room. With those prices, I scooped them ALL up. 🙂

  12. Christina says

    Love these Christy! I would like to try this and leave one of them gold. :)))

  13. Heather J says

    These are really pretty. Love the frames….gorgeous…and the burlap chalk sacks are adorable! Great project! Have a great day!

  14. Darling chalk boards Christy. Thanx for all the inspiring ideas! Jo

  15. maybe a personal question but ….what price did you sell them for? I love them! I’d like to make one for myself and try to sell one also!

    • I don’t mind answering that at all! I sold them for $25, $35, and $45. I think adding the little bags with chalk make it seem like they’re getting more too. 🙂

  16. Your chalkboards are just gorgeous! Love your idea for adding the little chalk bag. No wonder they sold quickly!

  17. Oh, very nice! You painted the frames very nicely and the overall look is beautiful, but adding that cute little bag of chalk, sets it apart. Sometimes, it IS the little things. 😉

    • Thanks, Julie! The little bags cost me practically nothing since they were scraps, but they really add a little something extra. Hope your week is off to a great start! XO

  18. What a score, Christy! Love the distressed look! Your makeovers are always amazing!

  19. These turned out beautiful.

  20. These chalkboards and frames are fantastic! I really like how they look and they could be practical, too.

  21. Ohh those frames with all the detailing…I am dying over them!! I love the gold peeking through…gorgeous!! Please come link up to my party CPW (Centerpiece Wednesday) and share this post with us!

  22. The frames are real find to be honest. Moreover, the renovated chalkboard looks more attractive. Great work.

  23. I love these! And I love your little chalk bags. 🙂 Okay, my busy friend…I’m off to play catch-up because SOME people decided to post every day in March… 😛


  24. Great job, I have done several of these and it is hard to find the decorative frames…you did good! A new follower.

  25. Beautiful Chalkboards! Just wondering what color is the blueish/green one?


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